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Posted in: Do you think Nissan's sales will suffer as a result of former chairman Carlos Ghosn's prolonged detention in Japan? See in context

If they make a good vehicle then I'll buy it. It's as simple as that.

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Posted in: 3 areas in Japan to bid to host casinos; many others reluctant: survey See in context

I agree with the above posters that 6,000 yen entry for Japanese is too steep.

There's already gambling here with pachinko, dog and horse races, lotto, and mahjong.

Let those that want to enjoy playing some cards, dice or slots in style do so without putting them in the red to begin with.

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Posted in: S Korean navy top brass cancels visit to Japan amid strained ties See in context

Good. The South Korean admirals and commanders can sit at home. Don't need them here. They're never going to help "their ally" Japan anyway.

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Posted in: Kono urges Seoul to keep promises as historical flashpoints fray ties See in context

Kono, don't waste your breath. Neither of the Koreas keep the promises they make.

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Posted in: 3 areas in Japan to bid to host casinos; many others reluctant: survey See in context

My prefecture on Shikoku would do well applying for a casino resort.

The lack of jobs is causing most young adults to leave and thus has caused severe economic decline and a very warped demographic pyramid.

They've come up with a bunch of silly characters for every locale and product which doesn't really do anything.

They've promoted local history and the beautiful scenery and environment here, which is fine, but unfortunately it's not enough.

Casinos have been a godsend for many Indian reservations in the US, and for many, the resorts have revived the areas and have brought in tons of money.

Shikoku should get on board while they can before we all disappear.

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Posted in: Arashi's decision to suspend activities at end of 2020 shakes fans See in context

I was shaking a martini when I heard the news so yes some of us in Asia were shaking.

Glad to hear Satoshi Ono wants to see and do different things. Not much personal space or time in that Arashi Bubble.

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Posted in: War declared on world's growing e-waste crisis See in context

I've kept every cell/smartphone I've ever owned. Just 5. I use them until I absolutely have to get a new one.

They're in a little box in my closet. Once they figure out a good way to recycle these, I'll do that.

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Posted in: Amid tensions with Japan, S Korea to boost world awareness on wartime sex abuses See in context

Just drop it.

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Posted in: Tennis fans in Japan, Abe hail Naomi Osaka See in context

That was a tough game.

I'm surprised at the amount of unforced errors both players had. The world number one, if she wants to retain it, will have to cut down on that.

Also, Osaka doesn't run down balls that might be reachable but lets them go. Either that's a good strategy to expend less energy or she's just lazy.

'm curious to find out which citizenship she's going to keep later this year.

I'm stoked for Osaka. She's good and a real cutie, especially during interviews.

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Posted in: 'Fear' and 'favor' chill newsroom at Japan Times after 'forced WWII laborer,' 'comfort women' changes See in context

There's no way the Japan Times can survive in the online era with their prices.

It was 180 yen when I used to buy it daily 10 years ago which was about 90 yen more expensive than the Japanese papers.

If they had reduced prices from the savings they'd make if they were to go completely digital without having to cover costs to print and deliver paper, they might still have higher readership.

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Posted in: Man gets 16 years in prison for Osaka road rage murder in 2018 See in context

This scum "got angry" because he was passed by a motorcycle. I hate people like him on the road.

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Posted in: Japan's curb on porn magazines in convenience stores helps fight 'degrading' sex work See in context

Porno mags don't cause prostitution. Desperate necessity for money does.

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Posted in: With Venezuela convulsed by crisis, Trump's hawks take dramatic turn See in context

Another case of US support and pressure for a right-wing govt. takeover. Guatemala, Peru, Nicaragua, El Savador, ....

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Posted in: 'Roma,' 'The Favourite,' 'Black Panther' get most Oscar nominations See in context

Respect for the Academy has dropped even another notch.

Black Panther is not Oscar material.

In fact, it's a mediocre superhero movie - not very good.

Good choice for Roma. But looking at this list, there are so many racially themed movies. I'm burned out them.

The Academy is beholden to populism rather than cinematic excellence.

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Posted in: Osaka reaches Australian Open final, closing in on world No. 1 ranking See in context

She's got a vicious serve. It's tough beating someone with that kind of serve. Also, her volleys were a lot stronger and faster than Pliskova's.

Osaka made quite a few unforced errors. If she gets that under control she'll take the final.

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Posted in: Tokyo to turn former Tsukiji fish market to conference center See in context

A conference center? Good god, how boring. I just got sleepy reading this article. Come on boys, be ambitious!

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Posted in: Sponsor of Naomi Osaka retracts ad videos over skin color dispute See in context

That is NOT a picture of Naomi Osaka. Not even close.

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Posted in: Spotify releases feature to block specific artists See in context

I want to decide whether I want to listen R Kelly's MUSIC or not regardless of whatever he may or may not have done outside of music. Frankly, I don't care.

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Posted in: S Korea accuses Japanese patrol plane of threatening flight See in context

South K is really no ally.

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Posted in: Gov't cuts subsidies to Tokyo Medical University over unfair entrance exams See in context

I think a harsher punishment is called for.

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Posted in: Sony to shift European headquarters from UK to Netherlands to avoid Brexit disruption See in context

This is what the pro-Brexiters voted for. Keep the foreigners out of Jolly Old England. There you go.

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Posted in: American man gets 8 years for killing, dismembering body of woman See in context

8 years later he'll be 35 and will have a long life ahead of him, which is much more than the girl he killed got.

What exactly was his motive for strangling her?

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Posted in: Convenience stores to stop selling adult magazines by end of August See in context

Boooooooo. This is one of the the things that makes Japan, Japan. Bring back my "old Japan"!

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Posted in: Nishikori to face Djokovic in Australian Open quarterfinals See in context

Etiquette and class has left the game.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders another Japanese firm to pay for forced wartime labor See in context

Japan should demand all the money they paid back in '65.

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Posted in: Traffic light push button devices at pedestrian crossings vandalized at 11 places in Saitama Pref See in context

Saitama should get its own crime section on this site.

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Posted in: Jason Reitman to direct 'Ghostbusters' sequel for summer 2020 See in context

Writers really need to start writing some new material and Hollywood needs to stop recycling. It's not global warming.

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Posted in: Pacific trade deal spurs Canadian farm sales to Japan as U.S. watches See in context

The more detrimental to the US the better. As much as I feel sorry for the US workers/farmers, the more of them that see that Trump is a dummy playing around with their livelihoods, hopefully, the faster they'll show him the door.

I really hope the CCTPP succeeds for all member countries. I'd love to see a reduction in prices and an increase in the amount and variety of foods we have here in Japan.

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Posted in: N Korea tells Japan it may raise wartime labor issue See in context

Tell BOTH Koreas to go kiss themselves.

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