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Posted in: Typhoon may bring heavy rain to eastern Japan, disrupt transport See in context

None of the weather/storm sites I always check out even has a typhoon listed as being anywhere near Japan.

Only the Japanese media has reported that a typhoon is going by.

All we had yesterday in southern Japan was some moderate rainfall with hardly any wind.

I've lost a lot of faith in Japanese forecasters when it comes to actual speed/category/size of storms these past few years.

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Posted in: 'The Office' to leave Netflix as streaming battles heat up See in context

It's best to have just one streaming provider with a huge library than it is to have a lot of providers with a limited supply.

This sucks.

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Posted in: Osaka rolls out red carpet, not red-light district for G20 See in context

Too bad for the leaders and crew of this G-summit that the brothels have decided (coerced) to close for a few days. What a bummer.

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Posted in: Premiere of Chinese war film canceled in apparent censorship See in context

The PRC will go to any length to make themselves every thing and all things even at the expense of erasing the heroic sacrifice of their own Chinese people just because they happened to be Koumintang, which happened to be the government.

Regardless of which political affiliation they were, they were Chinese fighting a foreign power.

Can't wait till the PRC falls someday.

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Posted in: Big plastic user Japan fights waste ahead of G20 summit See in context

I just went and bought a small onigiri and they stuck it in a plastic bag with wet handwipes, wrapped in plastic of course, before I could refuse.

In the US, they ask you if you want a bag for three or less items. That'd help a lot if they'd do that here in Japan.

Back in the 70s I used to debate whether it was better to get a paper or plastic bag at the supermarket. I definitely now think paper is better to use since it's biodegradable.

Also Japan has a way too many sugi/cedar trees that cause millions terrible hay fever every year. You'd be able to kill two birds with one stone by going paper again.

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Posted in: 70% want 'noisy' rally restricted during Hiroshima A-bomb ceremony See in context

Although I agree with the protesters' messages, I don't like all the noise they make during the ceremony to honor those that died.

A short period of silence to honor them should be respected by all, including the demonstrators.

Have them raise hell afterwards to rally the people.

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Posted in: Osaka granny group releases English rap video to welcome G20 summit See in context

I never really found Osakans to be that much friendlier than Tokyoites after going back and forth between the two places for the last 30 years. I think it's a popular stereotype that just doesn't hold true (or at least not anymore).

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being hit by train on crossing See in context

Little toddlers wandering off is something that will always happen.

When I was two, I crawled out of our second story window and was walked around on the roof. My mom searched for me all over the house and yard but couldn't find me.

She finally went in and took a look out the window and there I was just sitting on the tiles taking in the scenery.

RIP to this unfortunate one. May peace someday come to these parents.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic tickets: Be prepared to be disappointed See in context

...hundreds of empty seats that are typically set aside for International Olympic Committee officials, corporate sponsors, and local dignitaries. Often they don't show up while angry fans line up outside without tickets.

Simple solution to this messed up situation. Don't give these ungrateful VIPs so many tickets.

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Posted in: Man indicted for dangerous driving over high-speed crash killing 4 See in context

Jesus, 145 kms/hour on a regular surface road. That video clearly shows this knucklehead driving recklessly.

The self-entitled perpetrator's a 58 year old company president driving a fancy white Mercedes. I see jerks like this on the road all the time and hate them with a passion.

If the law would tie speeding ticket rates to one's income level, these rich good for nothings wouldn't be so arrogant and flagrant about the law.

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Posted in: Airbus launches new A321 jet; Boeing apologizes for MAX crisis See in context

Boeing. You reap what you sow. Tried to cut corners with the 737 Max. Lives were lost. Now Airbus is going to sock it to you. I have no tolerance for corporate greed.

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Posted in: Netflix announces 2 more seasons of 'Queer Eye' See in context

That's such a gay show.

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Posted in: Do you think a protest rally similar in scale to what happened in Hong Kong could ever happen in Japan? See in context

These days - no. Back in the 60s - yes.

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Posted in: FSA estimates couples need retirement savings of up to ¥30 mil See in context

Whether it's a 20 mil yen shortfall or 30 mil yen shortfall, those are pretty huge shortfalls! Or should I say longfalls?

Also, there's no clear base as to which kinds of people are going to experience how much of a shortfall. For example is this based on a single person with 50,000 yen monthly rent/mortgage? Or a couple with no rent or mortgage? The baseline is missing which is also causing a lot of angst and confusion among the populace.

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Posted in: 'Hunger Games' prequel book and film planned See in context

Good god another one? Four movies plus now these prequels will bring them to five, six, seven....movies. Does Hollywood have any writers anymore?

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Posted in: M6.7 quake strikes off northeast Japan; at least 26 injured See in context

papigiulio - You think those people walking around could hear the TV announcements? I'm sure some where unaware of the tsunami warnings. 

I don't think you understand. The tsunami alert and announcements to get to higher ground and away from the water was being blared non-stop through loudspeakers set up all around the ports. Everyone there was aware, trust me.

6.8 is not a small quake. ANYTIME there's a large earthquake, the first thing you do is get away from the ocean.

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Posted in: FSA estimates couples need retirement savings of up to ¥30 mil See in context

Maybe if they stopped building a few hundred extra bridges, tunnels, unnecessary tetrapods and seawalls, they'd easily be able to cover these expenses.

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Posted in: M6.7 quake strikes off northeast Japan; at least 26 injured See in context

As I was watching the TV and the announcers were repeatedly urging people to stay away from the ocean and rivers, you could see people driving and even walking around the ports even during the exact times of the expected tsunami.

Just like the Tohoku earthquake 8 years ago, people still haven't learnt their lesson; they ignore warnings and take huge risks of getting swept away.

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Posted in: Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers See in context

Good on Japan for demanding more info before they do anything rash. A bit surprised by this actually.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven stores struggling in face of labor shortage See in context

I bet if 7/11 gave the franchise owners enough of the profits to pay their workers at least 1,500 yen an hour, they wouldn't have any labor shortage. Those convenience store workers work really hard, especially with the all expanded services they provide compared to 30 years ago. Bill payments, takyubin, ticket sales, making & serving coffee, heating up food for you, etc.

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing at least 100 pet cats See in context

I saw on the news that he liked to torture and give the cats a slow death since them dying quickly was boring to him.

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Posted in: Japanese comedian baffles, amazes judges on 'America’s Got Talent' with weird dance, Japanese humor See in context

Walking walking walking supermarket.

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Posted in: Car hits preschool children, injuring two in Nishinomiya See in context

I'm curious like the above poster asked. Are accidents being reported more frequently these days? Because it seems that you can't read/see the news without an accident between vehicles and pedestrians being reported on without a day going by.

If so, is this a case of selective news sharing to push the government to implement stricter driving guidelines for the elderly?

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Posted in: K-pop's BTS gets coveted Recording Academy membership invite See in context

The Recording Academy is fascist and have nothing to do with good music. Just money.

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Posted in: Japan's detention center gives foreign media a look See in context

An inmate is anyone that's being held in a cell.

That's a nice looking private room. I'd rather to be held in one these rather than a US cell. It's not unlike a small 1K apartment.

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Posted in: What realistic measures can countries take to reduce plastic waste being dumped in oceans? See in context

Change the policy at convenience stores. Have the clerk ask the customer if they want a bag for 3 or less items bought instead of always automatically putting items in a bag even if someone's buying only one thing.

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer facing marijuana charge released on bail See in context


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Posted in: Madonna says she feels 'raped' by New York Times profile See in context

I feel 'raped' having read her stupid rant.

This word sure does get easily thrown around these days.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over attempted murder of 11-year-old son See in context

Pretty harsh mom.

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