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Maybe i chose the wrong places to hitch a ride, or maybe i don't look very trustworthy for the Japanese to offer a lift. This was Nikko, near Kogen falls, and i had led my family the wrong way, away from Chuzenji lake. For over an hour, no car would stop by, even to offer us directions , let alone offer a ride! And it was too tiresome for us, on the winding hill-road.

Maybe that's just what one gets with being an Asian non-Japanese, in Japan. Another incident was at Shosenkyo gorge, when we missed the last bus back to Kofu station. We couldn't get a ride from any of the cars! Thankfully, an old lady at a restaurant took us in and telephoned a cab driver to come get us (from Kofu).

After travelling so much in Japan, the lesson i've learnt is to ALWAYS double-check the bus timings, and return to a bus-stop, from ANYWHERE, before 4 pm.

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