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Posted in: Frenchman's hunger strike over 'abducted' kids enters third week See in context

The ex-wife would rather see the father of her children dead than to let them meet with him. She must have mental problems to be so heartless.

"mental problems?"...doubtful.

Secure in the fact that she comes from a society that allows her to abduct children without repercussions?... definitely.


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Posted in: Badly beaten man dies after being left in hospital parking lot See in context

of no fixed occupation

Huh? That's a new one...


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Posted in: Man gets 27 years for killing woman, tossing her body from bridge into river See in context

Baseball bat... inside a car?


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Posted in: Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Nice pic...

What are those flowers made of? Iron?

She's holding them like they weigh 20kg...


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Posted in: Kono says local gov'ts need to slow down vaccinations due to supply crunch See in context



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Posted in: Man admits killing and injuring over 100 cats See in context

As a cat lover, I only have this to say...

... neuter him!!


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Posted in: Man arrested for organizing rally of 200 motorcycle riders, motorists See in context

a self-professed construction worker

What does that even mean?


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Posted in: Prosecutors drop case against all 100 recipients of ex-minister's bribes See in context

Blue blood has its privileges.


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Posted in: Top court says laws requiring married couples to have same surname constitutional See in context

Do you expect anything less in a country that is governed by male centenarians? I think not.


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Posted in: Wakayama man stealing uniform from school caught by mysterious man in restroom in middle of night See in context

Some people just like their privacy when doing their business. This guy (the guy in the toilet) just likes it at a whole different level.


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Posted in: Child welfare worker fined for indecent behavior with junior high school girl See in context

Believe me, if it was my 14 year old daughter, justice would be swift and permanent. I'll leave the "permanent" part up to everyone's imagination.


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Posted in: Woman, baby die in suspected murder-suicide after fall from bridge See in context

What can one say after reading about tragedies like this...?

Selfishness, despair, hopelessness, innocence, loss, grief...

Mixed feelings indeed.


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Posted in: Uber Eats deliverer arrested for exposing himself inside convenience store See in context

Just imagine what he may have done to the food he delivered. \^O^/

Me thinks I won't be ordering from Uber Eats anytime soon.


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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested over hotel stabbing that left woman dead, man injured See in context

I do appreciate the comparatively low crime rate here, but when people do flip out, man, they really don’t do half measures.

This is to be expected in a predominantly introverted society. A lot of pent up anxiety and anguish just waiting to be let go.


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Posted in: Japan rejects South Korean protest over Olympics map See in context

Umm... a picture of a map with said island would be nice...just sayin.


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Posted in: Dangerously trending: driverless Tesla videos on social media See in context

Every time I read this sort of thing, it makes me wonder when the machines will start designing and manufacturing themselves, at which point, what will they decide to do with us?

Hey! That would make a great premise for a movie. Oh... wait...


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Posted in: Advocacy groups ask gov't to rethink harsher anti-cannabis law See in context

Speaking as a Canadian (sweet leaf is legal)... Can't we just all get a bong?

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Posted in: Court rules restrictions on transgender official's use of women's toilet legal See in context

After reading the majority of these posts, it seems that transphobia is alive and well.

We as foreigners living in Japan should be able to empathize with people that are being discriminated and segregated against. Jumping on the band wagon of intolerance and ignorance seems to be easy option.

Can't we just have to each their own and just move on?


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Posted in: Record low number of pregnancies reported in Japan in 2020 See in context

With the "baby boomer" generation dying off, the world population is just resetting itself to pre baby boom norms. And we all know what caused the baby boom in the first place. Imagine what the population would look like now if we didn't have those two world wars in the first place. I guess we'll know soon enough.


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Posted in: Jomon Era sites set to be added to World Heritage list See in context

Some pics would be nice...


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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan adds five teriyaki items to the menu, including fries and a spicy new burger See in context

I don't know about the The Kurokosho Teriyaki (“Black Pepper Teriyaki”).

I tend to have difficulty eating something that looks like it could taste me back.

That's one tired looking burger. Either that or it is just being rude.


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Posted in: Cashboxes containing ¥42 mil, 10 expensive watches stolen from hotel room See in context

he obviously did not trust the hotel staff to allow his goods to be placed in the safe.

It looks like his distrust was spot on. Or so it would seem. I guess he became complacent during his long stay.

Lesson learned. Punishment forthcoming.


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Posted in: Police, local residents mark 2nd anniversary of traffic accident that left 2 children dead See in context

My deepest condolences to the family.

However, if you have lived in Japan long enough (a couple of days would be sufficient) you know that turning right well after the light has turned RED is a common practice. Day after day, I am witness to this blatant disregard for life. But we, the driving public, are not fully to blame. Blame also lies on the government and the police for their complacency and lack of enforcement of laws that are designed to protect.

The majority of these accidents are would be avoidable if the powers that be get off their asses and do their jobs.


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Posted in: Man, son accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan challenge U.S. extradition case See in context

"Miss Me When I'm Ghosn"

"Days Ghosn By"

"Around the World in 100 Days"


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Posted in: Ruling bloc to urge gov't to retain April start for academic year See in context

As long as the 'blue bloods' are running the show here, there is little chance to none that progressive thinking will overcome traditional. But at least people are talking about it...and talking...and talking...and...


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Posted in: Coronavirus crisis sparks calls for revamping Japan's school year See in context

As long as the 'blue bloods' are running the show here, there is little chance to none that progressive thinking will overcome traditional. But at least people are talking about it...and talking...and talking...and...


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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in swimming club parking area See in context

Charging the driver when she didn't even see the small child!?

How about charging the parent of the child with negligence instead!?

Police... the driver committed no crime! Don't you think she feels bad enough?


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Posted in: Man beats fast food worker because one chicken nugget was missing from his combo meal See in context

He ought to have his nuggets kicked.

Or to wake up one day and find one of his own nuggets missing.


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Posted in: Kawasaki enacts Japan's 1st bill punishing hate speech See in context

I just hope it gets onto the statute books and is upheld by officials.

LMAO!! Maybe in an alternate reality. But here's to hoping!


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Posted in: What are your best money saving tips when it comes to grocery shopping in Japan? See in context



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