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Commercial greed overriding public safety... Where is the health and safety rules on the maximum number allowed in the pool at the same time??? No wonder we always hear about e-coli infection outbreaks during summer in Japan....

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I use this train from Nakano each morning, and on the platform in question there is only 1 type of train which is used. Like Probie said, why not do the easy ones regardless, and that means even installing on some platforms, not all, in a station. I imagine the people in charge are on the black and white decision making, "If we can't do all platforms in a station, then let's move on to another station".... I think the barriers should be legally mandatory on any platform that allows express trains to pass through the station.

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Unfortunately it's a he said / she said situtation. But so often I have heard that Japanese women use this kind of tactic to force more out of a divorce settlement. I'm not saying it didn't happen, but unfortunately there appears to be no evidence and so I ask why should he be arrested without evidence???

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The Chronic Suicide is the cowards way out. No matter how bad the problem is ... always a way out ....

Unfortunately, unless you have been in that awful downward spiraling of depression it's hard to say suicide is a cowards way out, because in most cases you are so depressed you see suicide as the only positive thing you can do for yourself. At least that is how it felt for me, but I was lucky that I had someone watching over me and they dragged me out of that pit of depression, and it took 4 years to get close to where I used to be....

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Disillusioned, you're right that barriers only treat results not the cause. However if they have a barrier of say 4 foot to climb over to jump in front of a train, I think someone might see them first. And maybe I'm being naive in thinking that this someone would stop them...

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Funny how the death of 1 kid caused a total ban on all revolving doors in Tokyo, yet with all the suicides by train there has been no call for barriers between platform and track at every station.... It's sickening how little is being done to prevent these senseless deaths and even more sickening that they feel the need to report on how many trains or commuters were affected.

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Like alot of things in Japan, the rules are there but they are rarely enforced strongly enough. All that is needed is a few members of the platform staff to press criminal assault charges against these guys, and one or two of them to get convicted... After that the number of incidents would drop...

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