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The fact that spelling and grammar mistakes are not tolerable in schools is insane. Almost all English speakers don't even bother with correct spelling and grammar when writing (just look on the Internet and you'll see) so why should they be so criticized for mistakes? The English language is full of an amazing amount of slang and commonly incomplete sentences that any speaker would be able to comprehend (I can understand "that, get, me" as well as I understand "Get that for me"). I understand that in teaching someone a language you need to teach them the way it's properly said, but you're taking away the expierimental values that really teach you the language. It's not for no reason the phrase "learn from your mistakes" is widely used. Cut some slack on spelling and grammar mistakes, actually teach them based on their mistakes, and keep the mindset that even monolanguage English speakers are far from perfect. Don't even get me started on the amount of people that can't tell they're, their, and there or your and you're apart.

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