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Posted in: Woman strangled to death in Chiba home See in context

Looks to be police have contacted the poor woman’s immediate family already since she’s been named here.  

Would sure like to read the followup story here about what they had to say. 

Rest in peace, mum.

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Posted in: School vice principal arrested after miniature camera found in women’s toilet See in context

pillars of society : Teachers, School Principles, Police officers, Fire Fighters etc..... Cannot be trusted!

Cheers to BigP for the idea from mayhaps some errant typing.

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Posted in: School vice principal arrested after miniature camera found in women’s toilet See in context

A principal with no principles

but plenty of vices.

Keep him out of all schools before he starts after kids.

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Posted in: Taiwan's health minister contracts COVID See in context

Poor bloke. Get well soon, mate.

“The two Chens are not related.”  

Yeah, thought I was seeing a bit of double Chen there but seems they’ve set us straight.

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Posted in: No, you're not going crazy - package sizes are shrinking See in context

Better to buy fresh when you can, mates.

Too much unnecessary plastics and packaging taking up shelf space to squeeze their competitors out.

Joke is the big foods corps got you paying for all their games.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for putting newborn baby in coin locker See in context

retching to think it was there eight days. the other girl also early 20’s, leaving her newborn babe in a suitcase in mum’s cupboard at home.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested over murder of man whose body was found in ditch in Aichi Pref See in context

Poor bloke, probably agreed for payback and then took him at knifepoint to the countryside.  

Society doesn’t need his kind walkin about in another 10 years.  

Bury him away shirtless in a prison dank like that ditch and be done with him.

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Posted in: Survey suggests about half of Japanese companies has an 'old guy who does nothing' See in context

Both a waste of pay, the idle “old guy” and the idol “office flower”. Suspect Ass, she may have been specifically ‘recruited’ for other talents: pour the tea, laugh at stale jokes, always be on-call for “overtime”, the after-hours parties and to ride along for some periodic out-of-town, weekend “training conferences”.

AssToday  08:41 am JST

In my company it's a young girl. She does nothing and does it loudly, ensuring that the rest of us who have work to do are constantly encumbered.

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Posted in: Ballet competition in Moscow See in context

Derby, agree mate. It’s just “bad form” to smile away and put it here in everyone’s faces.

No offense to our boy Terada-san here

but mayhaps he should have sat this one out.

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Posted in: Ballet competition in Moscow See in context

Not a good look. Shows balls to support Moscow with any event there now.

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Posted in: Whaling season begins See in context

I could think of a few choice words. How’s about “Nothing scientific here”? It says “commercial” twice.

Japan doesn’t even pretend to disguise their whaling anymore as “for scientific research purposes

since their withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission and return to commercial whaling in July 2019.

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Posted in: Monkey business See in context

Monkey business indeed! Lunatics have taken over the asylum!

Don’t allow Fukushima Daiichi to dump the contaminated water in sea


Don’t force the other prefecture’s citizens to accept TEPCO’s contaminated soil and other waste.

You made the problem. Dig your own holes!

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Posted in: Gov't asks companies, households across Japan to save power See in context

Every common household should do their part to save power …

so it can be diverted to unnecessarily-oversized and air conditioned meeting halls like we see here.

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Posted in: U.S. naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash See in context

Jadyn mate, what’s the races of your fellow commentators here got to do with this crime and the poor victims?

We’re all just “people”, mate.

Best to ya.

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Posted in: Man gets 18-year prison term for 2017 expressway road rage deaths See in context

Draggin on long enough for those parentless girls. Damn, Japanese justice is slow.

He needs more time. Let him rot.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth 'humbled' by cheering Jubilee crowds See in context

God Save the Queen!

Long may she reign!

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of 65-year-old mother See in context

smh. Sorry for mum here but Japan’s overgrown boy babies are coddled to an excess.

Need to wean em off the teet and push em out that marital bed earlier. Ungrateful lot.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of 65-year-old mother See in context

You’re probably right, Mr. Kipling.

At 39 years, too well fed until he decided “he had been fed up”.

Lock him up with the bulls and see if he prefers living on that kinda dole.

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Posted in: Man saves woman in her 90s after she falls onto train tracks a minute before train’s arrival See in context

Well done, mate! JT needs more hero stories like this everyday stead of that nightly passing contest in “National”.

BTW, he’s not a victim so let’s have his name and we’ll line up to buy him some drinks!

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Posted in: Imitation octopus balls are Japan’s newest pseudo-gourmet recipe for boiled eggs See in context

Pseudo-gourmet? Ha! Too much sauce always used be to cover the smell of a bad dish. See what ya did there, Farmboy. On that topic, have you tried the smokey mountain oysters as substitute? Nothing imitation about those. And a bit of Greek with the word for octopus yesterday got deleted for reasons unknown.

Oh, well, no harm. Cheers, mates!

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Posted in: Where to buy good cheese in Japan See in context

Derby and Aly Rustom, we’re in accords, mates!

Costco is another Goat to place for cheese in Japan. Sometimes the commentary here says Costco’s a place for dullards but I thinks we’re quite Sharp, mate.

And Thanks JT, for another Goud article. Brie ing on more! Never Feta p with stories about good food! Plus, what’s havin a bit a fun without a pint and few cheesey puns, anyway?

Cheers, everyone!

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Posted in: Intruders steal ¥30 mil from elderly man’s safe at home See in context

Poor old bloke waken in the night but looks like it could be a “inside job”, ski masks and all with a broken window to divert bumbling police.

Nice they left old grandad uninjured and maybe, they’ll all return to work on Monday “shocked” at the news.

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Posted in: Depp-Heard trial: Advocates fear chilling effect on domestic violence victims See in context

Is it over? Santa’s Little Helper in that pic wishes he/she/they/it were elsewhere.

Or at least, “What’s for supper?”

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Posted in: Imitation octopus balls are Japan’s newest pseudo-gourmet recipe for boiled eggs See in context

Edamame for chickpeas, cheese for tofu and now, boiled eggs as “imitation”

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Posted in: Can we replace tofu with cheese in miso soup? See in context

So, now you’ve made a miso broth and added cheese cubes? Good for you, mate but it’s not misoshiru without the tofu.

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Posted in: Edamame hummus: The perfect healthy dip See in context

Replacing chickpeas with edamame? Fine if you like the green taste but it’s not “hummus”.

It’s a bean paste.

Like trying to refer to “Refried Beans” as “Mexican hummus”.

It’s just not “hummus”

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Posted in: Teenager sent to family court over 3-year-old sister’s death in Okinawa See in context

Oh, right Lamily. They’d want this puke home after he murdered the lil sis?

because the boy will not be allowed home

You’re too kind. My heart bleeds for the little one and the parents but this punk needs to be a permanent ward of the state IMO.

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Posted in: Teenager sent to family court over 3-year-old sister’s death in Okinawa See in context

The news stories in February said “teenage boy” but now we are being told “late teens”.

Family court?

Oh, so close. Wish they’d try this mangy vermin as an adult.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 77-year-old mother See in context

Poor mum. RIP.

He has so far given no motive for killing his mother, police said.

No really cares what excuse he claims.

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Posted in: Heard 'absolutely not' able to pay Depp $10.35 million in damages: lawyer See in context

her attorney Elaine Bredehoft said: "Oh no, absolutely not."

Have Heard walk the plank and keel haul her solicitors until she gives up every pee.

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