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Posted in: A look back at 50 years of Kiss-tory as the legendary band prepares to take its final bow See in context

Haha, no hurt feelings runner3, just wanted to put some facts out there. It's true it was a long time ago, like them or not, in 1976-78 they were one of the biggest bands around. It's a fact.

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Posted in: A look back at 50 years of Kiss-tory as the legendary band prepares to take its final bow See in context

runner3Today 11:44 am JST

Hardly one of the biggest bands in the world.

LOL. Tell me you don't know anything about RocknRoll without telling me you don't know anything about RocknRoll. They were huge and lauded by all the Metal mags back in the day. I loved them as a kid growing up in Australia.

They simply were one of the Biggest bands in the world, and sold out Budokan 5 times, compared to the Beatles 4.

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Posted in: Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose accused of sexual assault See in context

Hmmm.....I guess if you've ever taken an opportunity to sleep with someone famous in your youth; you may as well try and get a payday from it.

This cynicism comes purely from the timing of the claim.

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Posted in: No ex-Johnny's singers in NHK year-end show 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' after sex scandal See in context

As others have noted above:

isn’t this just punishing the victims, and sweeping the story under the rug?

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Posted in: Japanese senior vice finance minister resigns over unpaid taxes See in context

...and faces heavy asset removal and/or jail time right? Righ!??

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Posted in: This year 'virtually certain' to be warmest in 125,000 years, EU scientists say See in context

Talk about claims with no proof.


I find this claim to be unproveable

Brought to you from the University of 'Trust me bro,'

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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan offers to set aside up to ¥10 bil in compensation fund See in context


The Unification Church’s Japanese branch announced plans Tuesday to set aside a fund up to 10 billion yen to cover possible compensation for those seeking damages they say were caused by the group’s manipulative fundraising tactics.

So to atone for fundraising tactics, they are going to raise more funds. LOL. Shut them down, shut them up. The politicians will survive without a few bribes.

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Posted in: Listen to last new Beatles song with John, Paul, George, Ringo and AI tech: 'Now and Then' See in context

The guys obviously all agreed this was O.K. But I don't like it. the dead are gone. let them be gone. Put out a new song with your remaining band sure...but don't dig up a corpse to make it dance. Just because we can, doesn't mean we should. Just my opinion.

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Posted in: Actor Robert De Niro's ex-top assistant cites his courtroom outburst as example of his abusive side See in context

Just going from this article Both appear guilty as charged.

Award her the 12 million, minus the 6 that he is asking, then have her return 5 for the abuse of flyer points.

She gets a total of a cool 1 million to pay her legal fees and they all walk away and get on with their lives.


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Posted in: Kishida unveils ¥17 trillion stimulus package as poll numbers slump See in context

Asiaman7Today 03:01 pm JST

The package will likely add to Japan's debt mountain, which stood at 261 percent of gross domestic product in 2022, one of the world's highest.

So we’re being billed for the stimulus. If you want to give us money, cut something to pay for it!

Don't say it loudly or people will freak out...massive, useless military budgets.

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Posted in: Security tight for Halloween in Shibuya See in context

It would be hilarious if no one went, and the mob just descended on the Tokyo station grounds instead.

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Posted in: The board of audit understands that there were times when such purchases were inevitable. See in context

Yeah. put boxes on the help desk at city halls, whoever wants them, can grab them,,,they've already been paid for.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context

I guess they were just too lazy to organize an event in that big space with the open air stage, where they hold Earth day etc.

food stalls from local shops, afequate space…could even be gated to control numbers and ticketed to make a buck.

oh well.

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

Solocals who need to work those days can just suck a lemon.

Visit Japan! But we prefer if you just leave an envelope of money at the airport. We don’t really want you running around disturbing the ‘wa’.

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Posted in: Gov't to offer shopping points to promote contactless delivery See in context

The people in my building always have out packages left outside our doors. Points reward sounds good to me!

But certainly it comes down to what neighborhood you live in as to whether this is viable or not.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s new solo-customer-only cafe is an all-inclusive, view-filled paradise for party of one See in context

Hmm….you’d need to down a light meal, knock off a bottle of wine, plus a few beers to chase it all down…in an hour you could probably break even.

I bet the staff get angry when you line up for sixth beer though.

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Posted in: Mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward again asks Halloween partygoers to stay away See in context

Most of the crowding and discomfort is caused by the bazillion Police all screaming in your ear with megaphones as you just want to get to the station.

why not actually ‘organize’ a street party and cut the cops by about 80%

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Posted in: Japan hometown tax changes mean donors face reductions in gift sizes See in context

Well…if the incentive to donate gets reduced, guess what happens to our donations?

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Posted in: U2 concert uses stunning visuals to open massive Sphere venue in Las Vegas See in context


About $400 for the cheapest ticket on the floor in December...having big think about just skipping out to Vegas

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Posted in: U2 concert uses stunning visuals to open massive Sphere venue in Las Vegas See in context

It Looks fantastic. Bram did a great job on the drums, but you can really here it's not Larry there. I think the second run of shows will the ones to be at, once the band and visual artists have tweaked what they're doing.

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Posted in: Verstappen easily wins F1 Japanese Grand Prix to edge closer to 2023 series title See in context

Another superb drive from Max. Great to see Mclaren having a bit of a revival.

The Perez lap to server his penalty was a good move by the team; at least he gets to start fresh at the next race without a penalty hanging over him....he really needs any kind of 'lift' he can get.

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Posted in: Vettel's Buzzin' Corner See in context

It is a real trudge on that train isn't it! Hahaha!

buuutt...the track is superb and we've always had a great time once we're there. The trick is to get drunk enough so the train back into the city is just a blur.

Great to Vettel moving ahead with his positive environmentalism!

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Posted in: Sex abuse-tainted Johnny's discussing talent agency name change See in context

Obviously changing the name is not sufficient.

Any and all management who knew or covered up the abuse must be removed.

It's no easy task, there must be a way the contracts can be unbound so the victims (the talent) can contract with clean agencies (if any exist).

Or...new ownership is another viable option?

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Posted in: All trips for public schools in Tokyo's Minato Ward to take place abroad See in context

''The ward has set aside 512 million yen for the project in its supplementary budget for this fiscal year.''

Is this 'City Tax' funds they've been hoarding? I think residents wouldn't be too thrilled about it.

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Posted in: Microsoft gambles big on Hollywood-esque 'Starfield' video game See in context

‘MPass, which costs $11 a month -- substantially less than the $70 price to buy the base version outright’’

-for the first 7 months. Hahaha!!

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Posted in: Japanese fishermen, locals seek halt to Fukushima water release See in context

Oh everyone needs to just calm down. We'll know if they (Tepco and J-Gov) were pranking us all in...what...5 to 10 years. Kishida ate the fish (before contamination) So I don't what everyone is worried about, it's a giant leap from that poor dude with shaking hands who drank a cup of Chernobyl reactor water long ago.

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Posted in: For travelers who want to avoid babies and kids, one airline will test an adults-only section See in context

I like the idea, good and common sense.

I don’t like the ‘hefty extra charge’ bit.

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Posted in: When you hear the word superfood, what food items do you think of? See in context

Doritos and Pizza Hut Super Supreme Pan Pizza.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant operator says released water samples within safe limits See in context

Oh TEPCO says that, well then...Ok no need to check further.

It's not like they said there were no Meltdowns at all.

Or negleted advice from experts on the position of generators.

I'm so relieved!

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Posted in: Hacker group attacks Japan nuclear websites over Fukushima water release plan See in context

I didn't know hackers still operated with Windows XP and x-cell!

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