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Posted in: Actress Yoshiko Mita’s son gets suspended sentence after 4th arrest for using stimulant drugs See in context

Drug addiction is an illness, so I beleive the penaltry fits the crime here. Well done Judges.


What about everyone else doing PRISON TIME for the same offence? Japan just can't get things right.

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Posted in: What are some suggestions to avoid overeating or getting too drunk during the Christmas-New Year party season? See in context

Who wants to avoid either of those?

Just keep your hands to yourself and don't vomit noodles all over the place.

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Posted in: 3 men use stun gun in ¥500,000 robbery See in context


I knew someone who worked for a jewelry shop, boss was carrying a bag full of jewels on the shinkansen he 'fell asleep' and he woke up it was gone.

Everyone believes the whole thing was planned.

This sounds like a similar play.

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Posted in: Court rejects Ghosn's appeal to end detention See in context

I don't care if Ghosn is guilty in the end but...

Note to Japan: Huwei exec released on bail.

See how civilised countries do it? Oh...I forgot...corruption.

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Posted in: Art and cash-filled Rio apartment the new battleground for Nissan, Ghosn See in context


So Nissan have been in the apartment, attempted to open the safes, and then they come out with

'the home could contain evidence of financial misconduct'.

It's a pretty picture...but it needs a FRAME!!

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Posted in: Fried chicken-cooking robot to start working at Japanese convenience store See in context

Oh great. So instead of just handing over money and the staff handing me my snack we now have to do a whole little routine.

They've missed a step though, there should be a form to fill in.

Hey Lawson, Do we get paid for working there?

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Posted in: Ghosn admits he signed papers on post-retirement pay; Saikawa also questioned See in context

'so why isn't Saikawa in jail if he did the exact same thing?'

Because he is Japanese, and needs to remain free to manipulate, influence and fabricate.

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Posted in: SoftBank mobile services disrupted ahead of IPO See in context

It's not weird at all. Someone in a position to profit stood to cash in from a drop in share price.

Hi, softbank, I'm guessing I won't have to call you for a discount on next months bill....right?

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors say they will detain Ghosn as long as needed See in context


So he's essentially been kidnapped.

I guess they're just hoping he will die in there so they can avoid the massive law suit I'm sure someone like him can afford to put on them!

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Posted in: Gov't considers paying people ¥3 million to move out of Tokyo See in context

Oh good! They found something useless to do with my Tax Money!!

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Electric unit rigged data on rubber parts used in train cars See in context


O.k. so it's time to ask......

Does anyone know...is there even ONE Japanese company, one, that operates a clean business?

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Posted in: 3 Keio University students arrested for sexual assaulting, robbing unconscious woman See in context

'. Better yet, just castrate him.'

If he is proven guilty of sexual assault I absolutely agree.

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Posted in: Women in Tokyo strongly back single-sex transport amid security fears: global poll See in context

I think you've all missed the obvious;

Women and Men only trains. Just like express and local, they alternate. Yes we have to adjust acceptable arrival time to work to compensate,(but we can do that. Very few jobs are actually arrival time critical.)

Of course it would only last about 24 hours until the scumbags start disguising themselves as women.

You would need some kind of bio metric scan upon entry to a train to ensure you were gender specific, but it's probably the only answer in a world that is only going to become ever more overpopulated.

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Posted in: Cybersecurity minister contradicts comment he 'has never used a computer' See in context

LOL. I think it's pretty obvious this guy has a Television confused with a Computer. Probably one of his assistants told him it could double as a monitor, and he get all discombobulated.

It's obvious he's just WASTING my taxes though.

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Posted in: IAEA urges rapid decision on treated water at Fukushima See in context

Where can I place a bet that pretty soon there will be an 'unfortunate and unavoidable accident' where all the water somehow 'escapes' containment and is released into the sea all at once?

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Posted in: 'Ababis' and 'Star Wnrs': Knockoffs thrive in China e-commerce See in context


Where can I get a bottle of Intoxicated Dreamland to chase down my Jack David!!?

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Posted in: Foreign workers who don't pay their social insurance premiums may be kicked out of the country. See in context

The rule in general is fine especially with the caveat of 'may be'.

But what about companies that dodge their social responsibilities?

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Posted in: Hitachi Chemical finds improper testing of 30 more products See in context

"I wish to deeply apologise for causing trouble for many people,"

....He went on to say the issues were probably caused by misunderstanding of the unique method of counting used in Japan, where you ignore unfavorable results and just use made up numbers to support your product claims.

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

ROFLMAO at you America!

Go ahead; become that country that executes people at its borders while blindly following an orange clown!!

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Posted in: 13 arrested for groping, theft after Shibuya Halloween chaos See in context

@ gogogo,

What are you talking about? What's wrong with a parade? What levels??

Everybody loves a parade!

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Posted in: 10,000 or 1,0000? Japanese schools are starting to move commas on big numbers, but why? See in context

"Why confuse the rest of the world?"

The rest of the world isn't confused, Japan is.

I guess it helps them claim 'misunderstanding' when companies get busted for falsifying data?

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Posted in: AI robots may lend hand in Japan's English classes See in context

@ Reckless,

It's actually the Dadaist Utopia to automate all jobs, thus freeing mankind to pursue artistic goals.

We just need to get past the idea of 'money' and wait for the technology to develop.

The classroom robots are just a supplement. There are far worse elements (IMO) of the MEXT plans for English education being implemented in the next few years...

but I think the after school Eikawa's are going to see an upturn in business

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Posted in: Is a common Japanese phrase for 'goodbye' the reason for Japan’s crazy overtime hours? See in context

"I just get up and leave."

Hahaha, me too. They got used it...after about 2 and a half years!

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Posted in: Lawson launches first self-service convenience store in Tokyo See in context

Ooohhh, buy 1 get 1 free Kurage-Kun, great idea!!

although the thrill dissapears once you realize your snack has probably been previously handled by someone who dosen't wash their hands....

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Posted in: Lindsey Buckingham sues Fleetwood Mac after being axed from tour See in context

Absolutely agree Serrano.

Lindsay is one the best guitar artists there has ever been (Regardless of subjective taste values, there is simply no denying his talent.)

Fleetwood Mac have always been foolish, but if Lindsay was keen to tour, they have really screwed up this time.

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Posted in: Police officer loses loaded gun while guarding Abe's motorcade See in context

Just for some posters above....

These aren't regular cops. They are the whatever you call diplomatic security guys; they wear suits and sunglasses, that kind of thing.

We saw 5 cars roar down Yamate Dori a month or so ago, maybe rehearsing, or taking someone somewhere?

Cops hanging out of all three passenger windows of 5 cars, basically waving arms, shouting out creating a fuss, at speed, for no good reason.

If they just passed by with the regular flow of traffic no one would have noticed them, LOLOL.

I'm not surprised to hear one lost control of his weapon.

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Posted in: X Japan leader Yoshiki says he will never stop trying to crack U.S. market See in context

'Seriously talented artist'

absolutely Dee.

I like him, beautifully androgynous Japanese weird rock'nroll guy!!

Oh, and veejay, maybe for you makeup went out in the 80's, I'm almost 50 and still roll with eyeliner whenever possible! Hahaha!

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Posted in: WTA calls for equal treatment of players, on-court coaching See in context

'The first violation given to Williams was for coaching, which isn't allowed during any men's matches but is permitted on the women's tour except in Grand Slam tournaments.'

Serena says it didn't happen, Coach says he does it all the time....awkward.

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Posted in: The day after See in context

Well done Naomi!

She completely mentally destroyed Serena. That is what Tennis is all about; it's one of the most phsychologically intense sports and when you lose hard like Serena just has, it's a long road back!

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Posted in: Trump wants Justice Dept to unmask author of New York Times opinion piece See in context

Someone tell him it was me!

I could do with my 5 minutes of fame, and I could write a follow up for the deal! (with truth not being truth and alternative facts, why not me??).


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