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Posted in: Australian state rolls out mobile phone detection cameras See in context

I'm afraid I think this has nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with revenue collection.

Your State wants your money, any way it can get it.

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Posted in: Trump says he will 'seriously consider' testifying in impeachment inquiry See in context

I think I see what is going to happen.

Trump will be impeached, found guilty of criminal actions but will avoid jail time by claiming ill health, and disappear to one of his golf resorts.

Future generations will wonder what that clown President was all about.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits taking illegal drugs for over 10 years See in context

I'm not surprised she was using or got busted.

I'm surprised she is singing like a bird and confessing all.

I guess it's a cry for help, or a plea for leniency?

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Hahahaha!! We all knew this was their only solution.

I guess it's some kind of good news they won't go ahead with a 'planned accident'.

So we were all completely wrong about the dangers of radioactive isotopes.

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Posted in: What changes would you like to see in Japan's English education system? See in context

Lots of opinions, so I'll add mine.

Salaries must rise. The industry has been undercutting itself into extinction...so much so that MEXT has decided to have the Japanese teachers lead classes from next year. (We can just do it ourselves with our robots.)

Diversity needs to be recognized and accepted.

Teaching effort and skill needs to be valued above mere appearances and preference for certain accents.

The schools need freedom to Direct Hire teachers that they want to keep.

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Posted in: Symbolic night with 'goddess' to wrap up emperor's accession rites See in context

Good to see the Emperor is one us!

just last weekend one of my friends engaged in a similar ritual behind Kabukicho.

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Posted in: 7 taken to hospital after mini-truck plows into group of children in Tokyo See in context

Terrible accident. Just as a related aside,

Are parents aware their kids are being led around bust streets by these facilities? I'm often free during the day, and there's a constant parade of kids being led around the streets...shouldn't they just stay in the daycare building/grounds?

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Posted in: Japanese women fight for right to wear glasses to work See in context


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Posted in: September real wages rise for first time in nine months See in context

Where exactly do I claim this raise in my salary???

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Posted in: Hamilton clinches 6th F1 championship at U.S. Grand Prix See in context

Fantastic, well done Lewis.

The only unfortunate thing is that there is no one who can put consistent pressure on him (for whatever reasons.) the rest simply aren't consistent enough. Bottas is only good for a few wins here and there, Vettel/Ferrari can't put a full season together...LeClerk...next Gen...Title 7 is there for the taking.

That's no slight on Lewis though. Well done.

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Posted in: Crypto-currencies and criminality: myth or reality? See in context

Unlike currencies that have made anonymity a marketing feature, Facebook has repeatedly said in recent months that Libra will be transparent and comply with the authorities' requirements.

Lol. Given Facebook's reputation and history regarding data privacy I think Libra would be the last choice for criminal activities. But that's a good thing.

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Posted in: Kanye West claims he will be U.S. president one day See in context

Yeah, sure...why not?

The bar has been set so low by Trump it sounds totally reasnable.

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Posted in: New tech reproduces live performance of musicians See in context

Hahaha...I prefer expats method...it will you make you better. I don't think the photo put him off, I just think the program is BS.

This technology may have some use for hearing impaired people...?

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Posted in: Coppola backs Scorsese's comments on Marvel films See in context

It's fine that these artists express their opinions, and I totally agree with them, but i do enjoy a Marvel film as-well.

But on the other hand, the quote by Brie Larsen can apply here even though I'm quoting her out of context:

'Not everything is made for you.'

There's room for everything.

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Posted in: The day after See in context

Hahaha! Nathan, you could have taken, or bought a hat at the circuit. Or worn a shirt.

But I'm gonna guess from your avatar, you were topless and sculling Asahi beers.


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Posted in: Bottas wins Japanese GP; Mercedes clinch record constructors' title See in context

Well done Bottas, but a shame Ferrari just disintegrated on lap 1. Le Clerk is going to be a serious contender next year...if Ferrari get out of his way.

Congratulations to Hamilton...he crushed it in the latter stages. Hoping Ferrari learn...a LOT from the failed challenges over the last few years to mount a season long challenge in 2020.

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Posted in: Civilians flee Syrian border towns as Turkish warplanes, artillery begin offensive See in context

Something for the Trumpets to be proud of.

The US withdrawl is the Orange Buffoons attempt to take focus off his impeachment.

Utterly selfish.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers look for advice to battle heat next year See in context

'Tokyo Olympic organizers look for advice to battle heat next year'

O.K. I'm done. at some point during the last decade we slipped into an alternate dimension of STUPID.

I can't do this anymore. I can't read headlines like this. Just apply some common sense, please.

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Posted in: Trump says he will formally object to impeachment inquiry See in context

I think the Trumpets have been blindsided.

The bare admissions in the transcipt and interviews were viewed by one reporter as a dare, or an attempt to normalize unconstitutional behavior.

But I think Trump actually wants to be impeached, and messily. It's only way he will be remembered; we all know how vain he is. If this dosen't happen, he will just be remembered as an orange buffoon, 'Oh, THAT guy!'

Impeachment will give him notoriety and the assurance he will be remembered.

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Posted in: Trump seizes on unsubstantiated China claims against Biden See in context

Dosen't matter who else did what...(if criminal activity can be proven, good, and bring them to justice).

Nothing should distract anyone from the fact that Trump has been acting illegally, and nothing should prevent him from impeachment.

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Posted in: Australian opposition call for release of Trump transcript See in context

So Blacklabel, go and ask your representative to file for disclosure.

He or She will ask you why?

you will answer......something I guess. Eventually you might receive the transcripts.

That won't magically absolve Trump of his crimes.

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Posted in: Registers, rates and points: Tax hike woes for Japanese retailers See in context

My local alcohol shop closed yesterday, they couldn't justify the expense of new registers, and are pretty old anyway, so they said 'stuff it, let's just close down'.

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Posted in: 'Joker' not a hero, says studio, as Aurora families voice concern See in context

I actually respect the measured response of the Aurora families here; they are not calling for outrageous over reaction.

@ Norman Goodman, great post.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa resigns; new chief to face challenge of reviving profitability See in context

"He is packing it in and packing it up

And sneaking away and buggering up*

And chickening out and ***** off home,*

Yes, bravely he is throwing in the sponge..."*

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. is 'locked and loaded' for potential response to Saudi oil attack See in context

Donny the Orange Clown and Buffoon in chief needs to sit down and shut up while the adults deal with this.

America, please keep him out of it.

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Posted in: Test marathon gives Tokyo a taste of what to expect at 2020 Games See in context

Yeah, wait a minute...The Olympics have been moved to mid September??

As stated above, completely different weather conditions now!

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Posted in: In 'Hustlers,' Jennifer Lopez steals money, and the show See in context

'cloaks an empowering fem...'

I must admit, I stopped reading right there.

Bree Larson said it best...'Not everything is made for you.'

She's right, and that's fine.

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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

ALT's take note; your job just had one more task removed.

All good.

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Posted in: Japan eyes new defense unit to monitor space in fiscal 2020 See in context

@ garypen...it's perfect!

Great link, made my day.

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Posted in: Trump flip-flops on tax cuts, citing 'strong economy' See in context

Has Trump ever been tested for scopolamine in his system?

It would explain a lot if someone is slipping it into his drinks or air conditioning.

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