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Posted in: NHK fee collector leaves threatening notes on people’s doorsteps See in context

LOL about the threat letters and some of the stories in here.

For the first time we had the NHK idiots hanging around our neighborhood a little while ago. I happened to have the day off, and was heading out when they rang on my downstairs neighbors door (Japanese guy), introduced themselves and he chewed them out extremely aggressively and finished with a door SLAM!

A few bumbling apologies to a closed door, and they were out of there! Hahaha...I so wish I'd heard what he said!

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Posted in: Abe mum on reports he nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize See in context

It's weird behavior.

If you did it...Own it.

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Posted in: Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on U.S. request: Asahi See in context

Total. Loss. Of. Face.

But it makes sense...that's how Japanese business rolls these days.

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Posted in: Trump makes his case for Nobel Peace Prize; says Abe nominated him for it See in context

BlacklabelToday 06:03 pm JST

he doesn’t deserve it - he won’t get it- he gets it- well it’s not important they gave it to Obama for doing nothing- look! Russia!

Wow. You've even gone so far as to mimicking how your leader speaks...with text.

That's pretty fanatical.

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Posted in: Calls mounting for JOC chief Takeda to resign amid scandal See in context


All I ask as a taxpayer, is this case gets examined, and if he has acted illegally with public money then kick his ass.

Don't let him resign and walk away free from any illegal activities.

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Posted in: Trump makes his case for Nobel Peace Prize; says Abe nominated him for it See in context

Is it actually possible to just beg for these type of things? Because II can do that......I probably won't get anything...Hahaha!

It would be awesome if Abe hasn't actually sent the letter to anyone else!

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Posted in: Japan to make unauthorized downloads of all copyrighted work illegal See in context


I actually like the way they are wording this.....AT THIS STAGE.

'But it sought a cautious approach in penalizing unauthorized downloads in view of adverse effects on people's lives and freedom of expression.'

'The report said only serious offenses should be punished, such as copying the whole work and repeating illegal downloads.'

'...perpetrators could be indicted only if criminal complaints are filed by victims.'

See that all seems reasonable enough as opposed to State Control over content.

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Posted in: In Japan, Valentine's Day gives women chance to treat themselves See in context

'.... tried to stealthily hand out some Ferrero Rocher in the office to the early arrivals, but each time they boomed out "A! Arigatou gozaimassu!", ''

lolol, kinda just kidding here; but in today's environment the poor guys were probably terrified of a sexual harrasment scenario. By shouting out they are kind of saying 'Nothing to see here! Let's all just move along and get on with our day!'


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Posted in: Harrison Ford attacks leaders who deny climate change See in context

No downvotes from me.

But the first 2 responses above make me sad.

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Posted in: Pocket pouch bag See in context


Sorry to be negative, but if you have to carry around all that crap, you should just use a bag. That's what a bag is for. This is just a bag with outer protective shell and useful shoulder straps removed. So all your crap can get rained on, bent, broken dropped and stolen.

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Posted in: Ghosn ready to repay cost of Versailles wedding: lawyer See in context

I'm still highly critical of Japan's detention system...

"He thought it was free,"

...But that is just ridiculous. Maybe they mistranslated, 'He thought it was a gift.'

But if your Lawyers are allowing thier communications to be lost in translation...no wonder they couldn't make a case for bail?

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Posted in: Trump, not especially vigilant on diet, declared 'in very good health' See in context

108kgs...lol. Japanese Health Check clinics would freak out!

Cognitive assessment of normal, LOL, if Trump is the new normal.....well the species has really regressed.

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Posted in: Renault probes gift from Versailles chateau linked to Ghosn's wedding See in context

O.K. I have to admit I no loner understand what all the Ghosn investigations are about.

I suppose that's kind of the point.

So, here he basically used company money (again without knowledge or consent from accounting) to help Versailles rennovate, then they threw gifted party for him? Do Renault and Nissan just keep piles of cash in the CEO's office for....whatever?

Is that right? Dosen't that kind of thing happen all the time?

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Posted in: Cockroaches found in chicken bowl at Yoshinoya restaurant See in context

'What else can be as cringy as people calling Yoshinoya "garbage"?'

Hmmm....let me think.

Oh, I know! Maybe learning they were (unwittingly) serving up roaches? That's pretty cringy ;)

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Posted in: Nissan to freeze payments of unstated remuneration to Ghosn See in context

'Why would Nissan be putting it on their books now if they have no intention of paying it out?''

Maybe they are freeing up some 'make it all go away' money so the embarrased prosecutors can release him?

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Posted in: Nissan to freeze payments of unstated remuneration to Ghosn See in context

Lol. And sigh...we just need to wait until we can hear Goshn's side in court but I have a feeling that will hushed up like a nuclear launch code!

I think everyone who works here knows that contracts in Japan only mean something when the 'Company' has an issue or needs to alter the deal.

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Posted in: Russia to pull plug on nuclear arms pact after U.S. does same See in context

Welcome back to the good old 1980's everyone.

Trump and the Trumpettes give the future a big kiss: 'MWUA!'

(Making the World Unsafe Again.)

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO says no need for Takeda to resign See in context

This article is in 'Sports'.

'no need for another top Japanese official to resign'

'Mr Takeda is saying that he's completely innocent'

'giving Takeda the presumption of innocence'

'prosecutor's office has consistently refused comment and has declined to talk about details'

As others have said; it's basically just a massive Troll session on the G-man.

But i guess it must be noted it's the French prosecution office not the Japanese one going after this case which explains the different treatment.

Just btw, was the Tokyo Bid money was private funds, or was that our Tax money being thrown around?

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Posted in: Trump slams his 'naive' intelligence services; says they should go back to school See in context

''It's no secret that a Liar won't believe anyone else'

_U2/The Fly.

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Posted in: Police raid yakuza office in Tokyo over Kabukicho shooting See in context

"the Tokyo office of a yakuza gangster group"

I know, I know...but, How is this even a thing!??

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Posted in: Japan to survey 200 mil gadgets for cyber security See in context

...Oh, forgot to ask,

Does anyone know when this raid...erm, 'survey' will start?

Or is the announcement just a courtesy for something already underway??

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Posted in: Japan to survey 200 mil gadgets for cyber security See in context

Great post jpn_guy.

Password scams are exactly what will happen.

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Posted in: Japan to survey 200 mil gadgets for cyber security See in context

Unplug your wired PC's at home when the survey runs.

'The survey....without breaking into individual gadgets to view data stored inside, he added.'

Yeah, right. Just sayin'.

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Posted in: 3 areas in Japan to bid to host casinos; many others reluctant: survey See in context

ROFL....So, it's the weekend and 12,000 Yen will get a couple a very good meal (including drinks) at a good restaurant. Wow...it will be such a difficult choice whether to hit a Casino or not.

Free entry....we'd probably consider it for fun.

Such a weird strategy....seems destined to fail, but then again...host/hostess clubs are a thing here....

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Posted in: Nissan-Renault on smoother road but speed bumps loom, say analysts See in context

Hey Goodlucktoyou....I wonder if you could elaborate on that comment?

How does owning a car bind you to the management of that company?

You bought it, it's yours...change the brand labels to Ford...no one cares?

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Posted in: Trump agrees to end government shutdown without border wall money See in context

Wait...what are the words to that song?

'HOLD THE....'

Not sure. the bandleader has changed the tune. Trumpet's, singin' and winnin'.

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Posted in: Sony says Aibo robot dog will soon be able to remotely monitor family members See in context

Lol....yes Burning Bush, that was the very first thing I thought of!

cameras and internet connection.

'Aibo will soon be able to monitor family members.....for the Ministry.'

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Posted in: Sponsor of Naomi Osaka retracts ad videos over skin color dispute See in context

Opportunity wasted.

Imagine. You sponsor a young star, and screw up one of the most simple design choices available to you: represent your star accurately.

Nope. Oh well.

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Posted in: Djokovic through to Australian Open semifinals after Nishikori retires injured See in context

LOL Serrano.

Elite level sport puts strain on the body. Sometimes the body breaks down.

Different activities make different demands. You only need to look at McGregor's feeble attempt at Boxing to understand the difference. Which I'm sure you do.

It's not a question of toughness, which is what you seem to be alluding to.

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Posted in: Yakuza member arrested for having honest job, dishonest application See in context

LOL, sensei258. If you are a white foreigner, you are certainly not on their target list. So to you they'll just be pretty regular folk.

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