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Posted in: Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' DVD rakes in Y1.6 billion in one day See in context

Marygboham: Thank you!! It is amazing (or is it disgusting?) how many people continue to perpetuate the horrid lies spewed by the tabloids and media, particularly on this board, especially when the truth can be found with a little bit of research and common sense, for example the court documents and not one single person who has ever worked with Michael has anything negative to say about him as a person. I am not even going to try to refute all the stupid ignorant things people say, but for those who are even half listening, I just want to point out that This Is It is not just the title of Michael’s concert referring to his final curtain call. It is also referring to the strong environmental message he had intended in the concert, which is, our mismanagement of the planet is not only destroying this precious world in every way, but that the destruction is irreversible. If each and every one of us doesn’t act responsibly and start making changes, this is it for the planet. This is it for the future of our children. If you in your ignorance, wish This Is It, is really it without understanding the message, then it is a truly a sad reflection of who you are. I for one do not wish this will be it for our world and the generations to come.

For those who keep saying MJ is weird, if you start working at 11, performing until past three in the morning, never having a normal bed time and no wonder his constant insomnia, becoming a millionaire while still a kid, and mobbed everywhere you go, I do wonder how UN-weird you would be.

I do not go gaga over Michael like a lot of fans do, but I love Michael because I find him inspiring ways (especially in the arts, his humility, and humanitarian work). If I can use MJ's songs such as Earth Song for discussion classes and students come back after a few days and say, wow, I've never thought about this or didn't know that before, but now I want to learn more, then I think the song (& Michael) has done its work. So for the haters out there, if you are unwilling to look at a person with the eyes of your heart, then fine. But let the rest of us who are inspired be inspired and make the world a better place without saying all the negative things just for the sake of saying it or to put someone down.

Peace & blessings.

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Posted in: Philandering and drinking issues persist for Ebizo Ichikawa See in context


Does anybody, really, give a fig about this? Two irrelevancies will marry and fail. News? No.

Philandering and drinking, definitely personal issues, but Ebizo Ichikawa is NOT an irrelevancy. I've seen him at his shumei Kabuki show a few years back and he is a phenomonal kabuki actor for someone so young and he's toured a lot in Europe for his art/craft. If one has done any performing arts in any way, one would appreciate the skill and craft and beauty that is kabuki.

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Posted in: 'This Is It' tops box office with $101 mil worldwide See in context

I felt hurt to the point of feeling pain in my gut and tears in my eyes at some of the hatred people spew on this and similar threads to the point of wanting to scream. I felt a need to defend a movie which provided me and many others with inspiration to be more passionate in what we do and to be better people in life in general.

Upon some reflection, it dawned on me that people who look for hate will spew hate, that people who appoint themselves the moral police will always judge, that people who are open will always want to learn, that people who have genuine love and kindness in their hearts will look for the same in others and are compassionate to those who are not.

I also remember that it must take a person with profound insight of his surroundings and reflection of himself and passion for life to write poignant songs like Man in the Mirror (as oppose to oh look what YOU haven’t done), Earth Song (as oppose to oh global warming doesn’t exist), and Heal the World (as oppose to judge, hate, discriminate, and character assassinate), all of which were in this movie.

Furthermore, I am comforted by the reality that kindness, courtesy, respect, humility, compassion, love, and caring for other human beings and our environment (all of which I saw and felt from the movie) are divine and timeless qualities which don’t need to be defended, for they speak for themselves.

Peace and blessings to all. I am going to go have a good look in that mirror now.

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Posted in: Divorced, separated Japanese fathers also fight to see children See in context

johnshiomi: Thank you for sharing your story. We need more people like you in this world. Blessings to you, daughter, and ex-wife.

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Posted in: Israel fires on Lebanon after rocket strike See in context


I seldom comment on anything unless I feel it is of paramount importance. Why were the links I posted this morning from the Guardian and Independent removed? You tell me it is "off topic" How is presenting the other side of this conflict (articles written by award-winning journalists and an Israeli) which posters are discussing "off topic", yet posters can write "Palestinians love their misery" is not off topic? Your article talks about and I quote:

>The Palestinian Red Crescent said in a statement that one of its ambulance drivers was shot by Israeli soldiers during the lull. The Israeli military said it had no knowledge of the incident.

The links I posted addresse this issue where the Israeli miltary often claims they have no knowledge of their shooting incidents. How is that off topic?

This is just one example.

Did you really remove the links because those articles actually give a more accurate picture of what is really going on with the Gaza crisis? That they explain (one article by an Israeli who was once a solider himself) why Hamas does what it does?

I am not for terror in any form, but when the slaughtering of human life, the human condition, which we all share, takes place, is it wrong to question it? And is it wrong to post the links of thought provoking articles written by award winning journalists and professors on this crisis so that we have a clearer view of the situation or at least get a different perspective? Or is the slightest questioning of what Israel does branded anit-semitic? If you actually read the articles, you would see that they tie in very well with your article and are very ON topic.

Moderator: As we have repeatedly said, the purpose of the discussion board is for readers to provide their opinions on the story, not post links to sites featuring other people giving their opinions. Too often, readers post links to propaganda sites or to columnists - award-winning or otherwise - who are biased or have their own agenda. For example, some readers have felt compelled to post links to sites discussing the biblical history of the area, others think it is relevant to post what Albert Einstein thought of the conflict, and so on. We prefer to keep this discussion board for our readers' points of view.

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