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Here is the scorecard of wars between the US and China. You be the judge about who is the bully.

Chinese military interventions or acts of agression against the US: Zero

US military interventions against China sine 1840.

US military forces sent to China after a clash between Americans and Chinese in Canton.

US military forces sent to China to protect American interests in and near Shanghai during Chinese civil strife.

US military forces sent to China to protect American interests in Shanghai.

Battle of the Barrier Forts. US joins the UK in its war to force China to import opium. "

US military forces sent to China for the protection of American interests in Shanghai.

US military forces sent to China to punish an assault on the American consul at Newchwang.

1894-95. US military forces sent to China march on Peking for protection purposes during the Sino-Japanese War.

1894-1895. US Naval vessel beached and used as a fort at Newchwang for protection of American nationals.

US invades China in 1899 to put down the Boxer rebellion.

1911-1941. US military forces occupied various parts of China ostensibly to “protect” American interests.

1945-1949. US occupied parts of China in Operation Beleaguer. Over nearly four years, US forces engaged in more than a dozen skirmishes with the Chinese communist forces.

1940s-1950s. The US waged a proxy war against China via the forces of Chiang Kai-shek.

1950-1953. During the Korean War, US General MacArthur threatened to destroy China unless it surrendered. He also wanted to nuke China. The US bombed Chinese territory just across the Yalu river.

The CIA tried to assassinate Chinese Premier Chou En Lai.

The US bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, killing 3 Chinese.

A US spy plane crash landed in China. The US has been conducting such spy missions for decades. China has conducted no such missions against the US.

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