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For those in the comments complaining about privacy and how hypocritical both companies are, I’d like to clarify something. This tracing solution was Apple’s initiative, they started it and privacy was a core component in its development, which they shared with Google. For several years Apple has talked about privacy and is one of a few which has espoused end-to-end encryption in messaging, and was the first to introduce fast and accurate biometric sensors to safeguard people’s security and privacy. 

Every time I hear people confuse both companies I remind them that there’s an obvious way to tell who will respect your privacy and who won’t. Look at each company’s business model; how do they make money? Apple makes money through selling consumer electronics, at sometimes exorbitant prices. No matter what you think of Apple, they do have a higher brand prestige in the market than any other computer or software brand. Most of this earned, some not. They’ve recently expanded their own line of services which include monthly subscriptions to shows, video games, music, etc. But Apple does not make money knowing your data. They in fact do their utmost to remove all identifying data about you. They do not sell your data to advertisers; in fact the only relationship that Apple has with advertisers is through the Apple’s News app and some Appstore information (but never identifying information revealing who you are). 

Google makes money knowing as much about you as they can. They’re nothing but a glorified advertising company meaning that whatever Android device you use (or Chrome), say sayonara to whatever privacy you thought you had. They invented (arguably stole IP but definitely stole the design language from the iPhone) and licensed Android to manufacturers around the world where many are just getting by on slim margins so they were more than willing to make that Faustian bargain with Google to compete with Apple. There's perhaps one group I can think of that's worse than Google in protecting your privacy -- Chinese companies…

Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

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Agreed - in terms of common sense.

But it coinicides with a perfect marketing opportunity for a major Japanese electronics company having lost the ability to make anything innovative as of late (last 5-6 years) to actually get some publicity.

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Damn I hate those buggy Android phones. And those over-sized screens like Samsucks Galaxy. I thought the whole point of a phone was to be able to fit it snugly in your pocket not by bigger clothes to accomodate it. And it's difficult to access anything on those screens at 4 inches plus with one thumb. Kind of defeats the purpose of a 'mobile' phone - should call them mini tablets.

In terms of cellular reception, yes Docomo is better but a recent test has shown that download speeds are comparable across the board and Softbank holds its own in that department.

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