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Posted in: Red star rising: With global capitalism on ropes, communism gains in Japan See in context

I lived only seven years in communism, but that was already enough for me. And what I heard from my family (who lived under communist terror for 45 years), made me hate it even more. If you want Christmas to be forbidden, if you want to get picked up by a black car at night (like my grandfather), just because you said you don't agree with the regime, or simply want to go to a concentration camp, then hell yeah, communism is what you need. Oh, and the black car doesn't take you to Disneyland, but to a political correction centre. Does who turn to communism, are either stupid or simply didn't experience communism in it's full "glory".

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Posted in: Plan to cut convenience store hours 'playing with fire' See in context

Before trying to control the conbini, they should rather regulate the companies which force overtime work, or skycrapers with lights turned on almost all night long, although they are all empty, or the misuse of airconditioners, and the list goes on and on and on...

And I totally agree with the people who talk about working overtime almost every day. Walking in the same shoes...

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Reminds me of the old communist times, when the soviets kissed each other on the lips. Of course men... Lol, this is just a funny coincidence I guess, but for those who have lived in one of the Soviet occupied countries, the States seem like the Soviet Union of the present era. Exactly the same policy, propaganda, reasoning, media... and now this, they even kiss:D:D

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Posted in: Teacher, 38, arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 11-year-old girl in Ibaraki See in context

I don't give a damn how kid's bodies mature, or how they feel responsibility or not. They are CHILDREN! And since we are the adults, who SHOULD feel responsibility, and feel disgusted just by hearing about any such thing. That man just needed a slight chance, and he already took advantage of it. He is working with children!! I work with children too, I teach them how to swim. And I would rip off the arms of any bastard who dares to take advantage of them.

People who try to reason about the responsibility of the little girl: 38 years - 11 years. Do you really think, the 11years old one should be more responsible? Those who think like this, are not less sick-minded than the guy who did this.

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Posted in: TV announcer Ako Kawada found dead in car in apparent suicide See in context

Comitting suicide is a way of running away from responsibility, hardships, and so on.

Do they never think about the people they leave behind? The sadness and pain they cause?

People who commit suicide with a "normal" background, should visit places where there really are hardships. They would never ever think about suicide again.

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Posted in: Hydrogen sulfide gas suicides raise specter of terrorist attacks See in context

I wonder when they finally stop treating the "symptoms", and get down to the roots of things. I mean... show me another country, where people read a manual for suicide methods on the internet, and start mass-suicide...

Getting components of bombs and gases can't be stopped. Try to maky the people think a healthier way... not to dive into any suicide-manual or murder-handbook they find...

And... the sign of absolute stupidity: 1: We are afraid of somebody using these materials in crowded places, although nobody did it so far --> 2: we publish a report/ an article in the media, HOW TO do what we are afraid of, when already mentioned, the main source of our fear are ideas spreading on the internet...


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Posted in: Man dies after being hit by truck, several cars in Ibaraki See in context

"arrested and CHARGED with NEGLIGENCE" ... no comment

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Seeing them go? Not all of the Denny's restaurants are going to be closed. My girlfriend works at a Denny's, and from Thursday to Sunday, it is so crowded, people fill up the space in front of the cashier, the hall and even the terrace outside, while waiting to get a free table. I have been there this week, and we had to wait at least half an hour to get a table for four. And not because people took long to leave, but because there were so many waiting. So I don't think the situation so dark. Okay, if they want to close every fourth restaurant, there must be problems, but it's not the end. Maybe not every subway ant train station is going to have a Denny's, a Jonathan's, etc., only one of them, or maybe non sometimes. Whooo, have to travel two stations to get to one. This article is way too pessimistic. They write about these restaurants as if all of them would be closed down forever. 570/140 will be closed, according to plan. That's not even half of the restaurants... and some people talk as if it would be the end of the family restaurants.

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Besides the basic problems, like getting on the train while people are still getting off, there are things that really blow my mind. People can try to push me, with my nearly 2 meters I am way above the Japanese average, have to bow everywhere not to hit my head, but when I get off the train, nobody tries to get on... so it has it's good sides. BUT!

My fiancee is pregnant, "only" in the third month yet, but she has the badge on her bag. Clearly visible.

1: We stand in front of the seats meant for elderly people, people with kids, health problems. Her "onaka ni akachan ga imasu" badge is right in front of the face of the people sitting there. (mostly business guys of course) Noone moves an inch...

2: This didn't happen on the train, but I think it is only a question of time: We were at the ward office, for some paperwork. We are standing in the hallway, nobody around, lots of space all around us. All of a sudden, a suit-guy rushes past us, bouncing VERY STRONG into my fiancee. I mean... what the?! There was soooo much space around us! No kidding, the office was almost empty...

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