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Posted in: S Korea reports biggest rise in coronavirus cases since March See in context

see which country should learn from which country. Larr flint, do the math.

Oldman, you clearly can’t focus on topic?

look at these numbers and share what japan was focusing instead of containing the virus.

CHINA: 85,000 (total cases) 4,634 (death) 1.44 billion (approximate population)

JAPAN: 62,654  /  1,188  /  126 million

VIETNAM: 1,016  /  27  /  97 million

S.KOREA: 17,399  /  309  /  51 million

TAIWAN: 487  /  7  /  24 million

HONG KONG: 4683  /  77  /  7.5 million

SINGAPORE: 56.353  /  27  /  5.8 million

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners with resident visas: NHK See in context

“What gets me is when people say," In my home country or where I'm from..." Why do they have to be so timid in not saying where they're from? Just feels so damn untrustworthy being like that.”

This is the news site where you give your opinion. Unlike community forum where people share information.

All comment / opinion should equally viewed no matter who/where/race you are.

Unfortunately, not everyone is open minded.

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Posted in: #MeToo movement journalist sues lawmaker for liking defaming tweets See in context


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Posted in: What’s the top country people want to visit after the pandemic? Japan, survey says See in context

I’ve been to Hokkaido few times for ski trip and definitely will visit again during winter. I just can’t stand the humidity during summer months.

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Posted in: Umami-rich sea urchin sauce for veggies, pasta and more See in context

Love uni and Umami is my favorite taste.

I wish i can get this in NYC.

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Posted in: 'Crash Landing on You' star Son Ye Jin overwhelmed by popularity in Japan See in context

i also love this drama. Watched twice:)

It was quite funny too.

Highly recommend Mr. sunshine too. Its on Netflix.

few posted non-entertaining related review:

you need two hands to clap.

I saw group of japanese stepping on korean flags that were altered... cockroaches painted on all black lines of korean flag.

Korean tv channels do show japanese drama and animations. Mostly japanese animation.

Korea do embrace products and cultures from japan as well. 

i blame both sides of governments and media creating anti-korea/japan.

also, its not all korean or japanese hate each others. Just a small group from both sides.

ImNotAntiKorean #ImNotAntiJapan

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 339 more virus cases; 1,152 nationwide See in context

@El Rata

Sure, unlike others I'm not terrified of dying, not even about getting long term horrible sequels, there are clinics in Belgium and Switzerland that can fix that.

thats why you are being selfish.

its not about you.

Its about others.

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Posted in: YouTuber indicted for eating sashimi at supermarket before paying for it See in context

The most disturbing part is that he ate it with bare hand and he touched the screen with same hand... that’s disgusting.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 339 more virus cases; 1,152 nationwide See in context

Economy is important as well.

too many people have lost their job,

too many businesses are closing.

people with underlying health issues should stay home.

All healthy people need to continue with their life.


anyone against mask is simply stubborn, selfish, irresponsible, no common sense!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 339 more virus cases; 1,152 nationwide See in context

For those who keep mentioning, 

lack of testing, massive testing needed...

Do people get turned away from getting tasted? 

Are you expecting japan to perform random test like China?

Is japan not performing contact tracing?

I don’t see the importance of testing number. No need to test random people. Contact tracing is important.

I’m sure necessary people are getting tested. Japan is doing fine as long as death rate remain stable.

8/19: 865 cases and 13 deaths

8/18: 1,018 cases and 16 deaths

8/17: 953 cases and 11 deaths

8/16: 1,137 cases and 3 deaths

8/15: 1,360 cases and 12 deaths

8/14: 1,070 cases and 10 deaths

8/13: 937 cases and 4 deaths

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Posted in: Marriott to open new Luxury Collection hotel in Kyoto in November See in context

always love

modern + traditional architecture.

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Posted in: Japan criticized for weak response to bulk carrier fuel leak off Mauritius See in context


“So eager to blame everything on the Japanese government instead of a private company.”

Maybe you didn’t read the article. Almost all comments are already written in the article.

Perhaps you can blame JT for posting?

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Posted in: Osaka burglar arrested because he couldn’t find a mask during shortage See in context

“It’s awful because the sales at restaurants are too low,” he told police, “probably because of the coronavirus.” He then added, “Who would have thought the coronavirus is an inconvenience, even when it came to stealing?”

I seriously can’t stop laughing.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 207 new coronavirus cases See in context

“Japan seems to have it under control compared to the USA.”

Every country is under control if you are comparing to the USA.

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Posted in: Schools restart across Japan after short summer vacation See in context

Kids are suffering all due to selfish irresponsible adults.

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Posted in: Thousands of S Korean church members quarantined over virus See in context

Simply stupid.

No common sense 

I have No respect towards these people as they do not respect others except for their gods.

No sympathy if anyone happen to die from Covid. You had your choice.

Do you really need to be at the place to continue believing what you believe? I’ve been wanting to ask but I don’t know anyone who’s super religious. We all have right to believe what we believe but i just don’t understand why they have to be at the place? Anyone know the answer to this?

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Posted in: Whale catch See in context

This is still happening?

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Posted in: Moon says he is always ready to talk with Japan over historical disputes See in context


Shinzo Abe denied women were forced into military brothels across Asia. He got criticized by his government and emperor. He was forced to apologies.

Is that an apology to you?

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Posted in: Moon says he is always ready to talk with Japan over historical disputes See in context

Apologies mean nothing if you don't acknowledge wrongdoing.

i think this will continue as long as Abe (revisionist) is in the office.

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Posted in: Wear to be seen See in context

So cute.

love how they keep their phone.

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Posted in: Japanese man rides 1,000 kilometers on stolen 'mamachari' bicycle to see Tokyo for first time See in context

“I wish they could let him off so he can fulfil his dream of seeing Tokyo.”

Please give him a tour of Tokyo. He can get charged after.

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Posted in: Japanese war orphans tell of pain, shame and recovery See in context

please don’t stop.

keep sharing.

keep writing.

your story will remain as true history of japan.

Unfortunately current japanese government won’t accept the truth.

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Posted in: Relatives commemorate victims of JAL crash on 35th anniversary See in context

“Erik Morales

Bless these wonderful Japanese victims and their beloved families. It is always sad when Japanese lives are lost in an accident. From the USA please accept my condolences.”

Yes PLUS, bless these wonderful 21 non-Japanese boarded the flight. 4 from Hong Kong, 2 from Italy, 2 United States, and 1 West Germany, and 1 United Kingdom. It is always sad when ANY lives are lost.

RIP to all, from NYC

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Posted in: A low-prep recipe for a delicious regional snack made from sweet potato See in context

i love simple recipes.

definitely will try and i’ll add some cheese to mine.

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Posted in: Gov't appeals court order to recognize 'black rain' victims See in context

@Mr Kipling

i don’t understand why you don’t understand.

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Posted in: How to turn Cup Noodle instant ramen into delicious Osaka-style dumplings See in context

i love takoyaki and instant cup noodles.

but I’ll pass.

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Posted in: Vegan Japanese barbecue 'meat' is now a thing See in context

I’m not a vegan but I actually don’t mind meatless meat. They’re quite tasty.

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Posted in: Abe says no need for another state of emergency over coronavirus See in context

I don’t think japan needs another SOE nor lock down. 

Daily increase seems a lot because we’re comparing to prior when japan did minimal testing.

Anyone with health issues / vulnerable should stay home. Everyone else should continue with extra caution. Wear mask! 

To many people have lost their jobs, homes, their savings. Small businesses are suffering. They’ve worked their entire life to build what they have and they are about to loose them. 

I do wish that night life businesses to close for two weeks or more. Employees (not employer) should get government support.

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Posted in: Gargling solution flies off shelves after Osaka governor touts anti-virus effect See in context

Hm... we have another Trump here.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivor keeps up fight for nuclear disarmament See in context

I hope he gets to continue a New York exhibition. I’d love to visit.

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