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Posted in: Famous cherry-blossom lane in Osaka reopens after 2 years See in context

Too all the complainers about the crowds- There are a multitude places to see cherry blossoms that are uncrowded. Walk around almost any neighborhood any you’ll see blossoms without the crowds. Cemeteries are real good places. The often have great blossoms you can enjoy in a quiet peaceful atmosphere

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Posted in: Trump rebukes Japan over nontariff barriers against American cars See in context

Trump is absurd. There has been a steady increase in American cars in Japan recently. I've lived here a while and I see more and more American cars around here. Especially Jeeps. By the way, the Toyota Camry has more American made parts than any of the GM, Ford or Chrysler cars.

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Posted in: Body identified as 13-year-old girl; male classmate missing See in context

I live in the area where this murder took place. It is frightening. My feeling is there is a murderer out there. If you have a daughter it is scary. Come on Japan Police do something!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Is a penalty shootout the best way to determine the winner in the knockout stages of tournaments like the World Cup? See in context

Sorry. In Baseball you just keep playing until somebody wins. Basketball is the same. Even American football had sudden death. A 0-0 tie that is decided by penalty kicks is as exciting as watching paint dry. 3 out of four final 16 matches have been decided by penalty kicks. Mexico - Netherlands was by penalty kicks. Did you see the Stanley Cup finals. Any one of those games were immensely more exciting than even one of the Final 16 matches so far.

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Baker most famous quote: "What did the President know about Watergate and when did he know it?" He did so much for his country.

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Posted in: Osaka studies ways to deal with problem children in schools See in context

Got to laugh. It sounds more like The Breakfast Club to me.

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Posted in: McCartney concert cancellations leave promoters penniless See in context

When you are a promoter you get insurance to cover possible damages. I recommend Lloyds of London. They have a good reputation. Any losses the promoters took is their own fault not Paul's. What a weenie, cry baby attitude.

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