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Posted in: Fukushima wants to host Olympic events in 2020 See in context

In Theory: "Why Not"?

The Prefecture of Fukushima is huge and many Places have normal Amounts of Radioactivity, Visitors and Olympians cant get any harm of it.

The Flight NY-NAR-NY gives you a Dosage like ca. 60 Days in Fukushima-Ku

But my Concern is that Fukushima need more than just a few Soccer Games, they need a Long Term Project!

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Posted in: E-cigarettes contain up to 10 times carcinogens: Japan researchers See in context

Actually the Study it self said something different: http://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/11/11/11192/htm

The Article is biased but the Study is neutral, ergo: go with Science instead of the Journalism of today!

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Posted in: Bank employee, Tokyo district court clerk held for groping same woman in train See in context

Afaik there is a still valid Law for not boarding a full Train?

So this Woman was careless and the "Incident" was self-inflicted, she should get a Penalty for using a packed Train!

Poor Guys, how do they get back their former Life? I would use a good Lawyer and sue her until Eternity!

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Posted in: 4 Fukushima workers to sue TEPCO for danger pay See in context

The Time for "Sub-Contractors" in Nuclear Facilities and other dangerous industrial Environments is over, a Alternative is a dedicated Company who is educated enough to protect the Employees.

The "Nuclear Gypsies" are a Relict of the early Days but do not belong in to our Period.

Topic: i doubt that they will be successful because Tepco is protected by the signed Contracts, but i am very surprised about the International Response, alone yesterday i counted up to 4.500 Articles about this Case.

The Problem is a different one, Daiichi it self!

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Posted in: As millions vape, e-cigarette researchers count puffs, scour Facebook See in context

Actually E-Cigarettes are used in China since more than 10 Years, (see Historical Timeline) i started to use them since the Explosions in F'Shima.

I was a very heavy Smoker (Peace 24mg/ 20 Cigarettes a Day) and had serious Side Effects by the Tar, all this is gone.

Since 3/11 i smoked 5 Cigarettes only, for me to Vaporize is pure "Harm Reduction"!

Actually i use ca. 5ml with 16mg of Nicotine/ Day (80mg/ Day)

I see potential Danger for Kids because the Liquid is lethal when consumed per-oral.

Yes, we need a Safty-Regulation for the Mass-Market but we do not need Taxes!

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Posted in: Gov't to ease strict dancing laws for clubs, other establishments See in context

Just a few Days ago i spoke about this Law with a Friend, i told him that there are no Dancing Clubs left in Tokyo and she could not believe it!

Think about the coming Olympics and no Dancing allowed, Rofl!

But i need to agree, many People i know who love to Dance are at least a bit "Strange" and i love strange People!

Do Abe is dancing too? After Curfew?

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Posted in: Independence of Japan's nuclear regulator questioned after shakeup See in context

Prime Abe was elected by the majority of the Japanese People and everyone knew what he want to do!

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Posted in: WHO urged not to snuff out e-cigarettes See in context

I started to Vaporize after 3/11 to reduce the negative Health Impact, since that Day i smoked less than 5 Cigarettes and i was a very heave Smoker of Peace one Pack a Day!

Now i can climb Mountains again without getting out of Breath, my Wife like to kiss me again and i do not need to change my Clothes twice a Day.

We need some Regulations for the Liquids because they are very dangerous for Infants but we do not need Taxes and Bans!

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator OKs plan to build underground ice wall at Fukushima plant See in context

Imo this Ice Wall is wrong "but" a Way to solve the Problem!

I hope they do not forget to create a Switch for every single Group of this "Ice Rods".

I doubt a sinking of the Reactors, this is imo only Fear-mongering.

Stupid is only the Price and the waste of Energy!

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Posted in: Families of children who died in tsunami sue school, Miyagi Prefecture gov't See in context

This was a natural Disaster and unimaginable, in the Aftermath we are all sooooooo smart but at the moment of Happening we are clueless!

This Parents suffer, like all the other countless People who lost loved Ones!

I doubt that they are successful but i understand their Pain.

I hope that all this People, living and dead, find Peace!

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Posted in: Water decontamination system down again at Fukushima plant See in context

Actually this System (ALPS) is still in a Mode of Testing, it was never planned that it work properly at this Time!

Tepco still use two other Systems as well.

Please read the provided Info and revalue your Panic Mode!

Zushi-Kaigan: 0.075mcSv/ Hour on the Ground

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Posted in: Nosebleeds, food, and fear: How a manga became center of a debate on Fukushima See in context


the main difference is that when we stop to use Coal now the last People die because of the use of Coal in ca. 25-50 Years, but with nuclear Energy and Waste we need to think in other Dimensions like 1.000- 250.000 Years and more!

Both Forms of Energy are deadly and introduce (Invite?) a bleeding Nose!

Tokyo, ca. 0.075-0.115mcSv/h

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Posted in: Nosebleeds, food, and fear: How a manga became center of a debate on Fukushima See in context

K. Idogawa must be really a strange Person, why he is unable to visit a Laboratory for a Check Up here in Tokyo?

He can visit this Clinic and pay his 16.000¥ like anyone else who truly want to know it.

Decontamination is possible but need Time but we are lucky that a wide Area is not "that" contaminated that Decontamination is needed.

A Manga should never spark such a big Discussion, the Politicians must inform the People after they spoke with their Consultants because they are elected to avoid Harm from their Citizens!

But it is also a good Sign because it show us that a Discussion about the. danger is needed and possible!

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Posted in: Kennedy inspects Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Tepco should not invest so much Time for VIPs in Fukushima Daiichi but need to increase the Quality of their Workers and their working Condition!

All this People like her (Caroline-Chan Chan) could show up once every 3 or 4 Months and make a Group Tour!

@edojin, the Level of Radioactivity in Daiichi, outside of the Reactor Buildings, is very low. (according to Tepcos official Homepage) There are much higher Levels in the surroundings of Fukushima Prefecture!

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Posted in: Abe says Japan will stick to peaceful path but security policy must change See in context

We should never ever accept this, there is no good coming from a change of the Constitution.

Abe and his Military Apparatus need to be stopped.

Abe and his Government need to solve more urgent Problems (Fukushima and the Tsunami Zone)

No more War, no more killing of the Innocent!

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Posted in: Experts question ice wall at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

@ Johndpugh,

it seams like you are not objective and not informed about the inside of Fukushima-Daiichi, since Day One international Companies, Universities and Institutes working on a Solution.

Also you are expecting to much in this short Time (like me, i want that this never happened) but there was much more urgent Problems to solve than organizing a Japanese Business Meeting for Foreigners!

Tepco is, from the Eyes of a Engineer, very good. And you cant exclude Tepcos Information when you want to understand the Problems inside of Daiichi.

The nuclear Engineers from Tepco are the first Choice on the global nuclear Market, in fact they have a Michelin Star!

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Posted in: Former Fukushima nuclear plant worker sues TEPCO over radiation exposure See in context

Doubtful that he succeed, because the Plant was already under a "declared State of nuclear Emergency"!

This means that "normal Working Laws" are not that valid anymore, but as i read this Worker don't sue Tepco because of Money but to improve the Situation of the Workers in Daiichi and this is very much needed!

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Posted in: Driver of car that hit woman in Tokyo was under influence of loophole drug, police say See in context

I hate it when People suffer because of a hedonistic Desire but we need to see the Problem: The War on Drugs lead to more dangerous Drugs as we can see with this synthetical mimicking THC!

There is no Way to fight the use of Drugs, we need Education in our Schools where the Kids learn to understand the Dangers!

Abusive Drug use is bad but the abuse of synthetical Drugs (Research Chemicals) is Horror!

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Posted in: Experts question ice wall at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

@ Johndpugh, Tepco got back a lot of Control after 3/11 and this is Amazing from the point of Engineering, you must be out of any Imagination of the Devastation from the Quake and Tsunami, which is logical because you was not in Japan!

Water is providing one of the best Protection against Radiation and is well used in the Spend Fuel Pools all around the Globe, a Wall of Ice must be not that different, but i doubt that we find there, inside of the Soil, that much Radioactivity!

But anyway, i know that you are not interested in Solutions, but us here in Japan need to find some, for Fukushima as a much needed Home, we will never give it up!

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Posted in: Experts question ice wall at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

@Johndpugh, you misunderstand the Plan, the Icewall is not there to keep the Radioactivity inside, it is a Protection to avoid the Contamination of the Groundwater with the inside Water from the Cores!

The Gas Analysis are readable at Tepcos Homepage but i forgot the exact name of the Files, maybe inside of the final Report, or somewhere!

They provide also the Plan for the Icewall, maybe you look for it too to erase your Misconceptions!

Fukushima is since Day One under a international Supervision (US, UK, France and one more) but the final Word belong to Tepco who are very experienced with NPS, they have/ had Problems but this happened everywhere, it js a huge Company who done great Work after the Tsunami, sadly your favorite Website do not mention all their sacrifices because it is against their Agenda!

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Posted in: Experts question ice wall at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

@ JohnDpugh, there is Zero Evidence that the Three Cores left the Containment but there is Evidence that they left the Reactor Pressure Vessel which is inside of the Containment/ Dry Well!

They can't be in the Ground because we would see a different Melange of Gases, the Core released different Chemicals while he passed through the Rods, RPV and hit the Ground, so we can analyze where he is but a Analysis is no Evidence.

We know that the Cores are not on Top of the Building, not on the left, not on the right and also not under the Containment, but all this is Offtopic!

M. Kaku already corrected his Statements he done directly after 3/11.

Icewall is still a Way to go but they need different approaches too, at least we have 3 molten Cores

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Posted in: Experts question ice wall at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

The Idea of a Ice Wall is actually not that bad but imho. to big and to far away!

They should locate the broken Parts of the Fundament and try to fix it from the Inside, the Levels of Radiation, inside of the Basement, are not "that high" and working would be possible for a short Period of Time! (ca. 25-30min)

Tepco is fearing the public Opinion, which is saturated with wrong Information, (thanks to bad "Conspiracy Websites", wrong IAEA Messages and horrorible Public Relation Work from Tepco) they should instead go on even when there will be another massive Release of Radioactivity!

At the moment Japan lost already to much Time, with the result of unneeded Contamination!

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Posted in: Restart of two reactors at Oi nuclear plant to be delayed See in context

People who really understand the new Safety Law know that max. 10-12 Reactor are capable to be in Line with this Law, it will be not cheap at all and it is in a Way stupid to try it "but" Japan is in a very bad Position because we have no own Sources of Energy.

At the moment and for at least the next Decade we must have the Alternative of Nuclear Energy, we can keep them in a State of Cold Shutdown but we need it as a final Security!

We must chose the most safest NPS and i really doubt that it is Oi! Also we need to put Billions of Yen in our educational System because it is up to this Generation to find a safer Way to produce Energy, Nuclear Energy was a bad Choice but was very typical for the maniac State we was in the early Seventies!

Iwakuni: 0.145 micro-Sievert/ Hour on the Ground!

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Posted in: One filmmaker’s mission to show the world the real Fukushima, and how you can help See in context

Dear S. Anderson,

there is well known Fukushima related (Ene) website where they coordinate to ruin your idea, but please don't give up to show "your" Reality because only with information we get a conclusion!

Fukushima is a very nice Place which kept a lot of the old Japan i love so much.

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Posted in: Abe says he achieved 'historic' success with Obama See in context

Japan and the Japanese should never allow to change their Constitution, the Japanese SDF must stay as a pure Self Defence Force.

The US Americaños do not need Japan, even when they are under Attack!

We must never forgot all the killed Chilren all around the World, there was no War ever for the Benefit of the average People, NONE!

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Posted in: Kyushu town rallies for nuclear plant restart See in context


actually the majority of the Japanese People decided to return to the nuclear Japan with the last Election and i can understand them because they want the old Times back, the Bubble time was a immense success for many and i fear for Japan when i see the decreasing Quality of Life for the People here.

To go "new Ways" need Time and a Plan, Japan do not have any Resources and Russia is a very bad business Partner, Japan also do not have any Space for new Hydro-Dams as well as we cant lose more spoiled Soil like we see in F'Shima, what we need and what we must support is our intellectual Capacity, we need and we will find Alternatives soon but until this Days (i expect 10-20 years) we need to go the old Ways but under a much harder Supervision from the Apparatus!

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Posted in: Kyushu town rallies for nuclear plant restart See in context

@ Johndpugh,

Solar Energy do not come for free, as many People think, in fact their production is a highly toxic Process and very dangerous, but still much more harmless than Nuclear Waste!

We, as the Japanese Society are on a good way to be the champions in Energy Saving, We must continue to go this Way, let us ruin the price for Energy, let us be creative "and" responsible

We need a liberation of the energy market, the monopol (of Energy Production) is a Relict of the old Days but we are living in a global World where we must have a choice of the type of Energy we want to consume!

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Posted in: Kyushu town rallies for nuclear plant restart See in context

The illegal Drug economy as well as Drug Addicted People have many things in common with the Nuclear friendly Society, i mean it not in a bad way but i think their Arguments are very similar!

For a/the restart of nuclear Power Stations here in Japan we need a different Contract Model for the Worker, there should be no restart with "Nuclear Gypsies", we need educated People who know what is going on inside of this type of Plants!

Contractor who are able to get contracts from NPS must be responsible for their Workers, this means safety Training, Health-checks in a Long Terms and proper Supervision by the Plant Owner!

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Posted in: Japan approves energy plan reinstating nuclear power See in context


but smoking is a personal choice, Radioactivity to do not make a difference between the People who agree/ disagree! Smoking also do not force 150.000 People and more from their Home, their Soil, their Ancestors.

In Theory i agree with you, NPS are nice but at this moment we cant handle this Water-Boilers, we do not even have enough Worker for the Dismantling of 10 Reactors here in Japan and to think about the nuclear Waste make me nervous!

Post-Fukushima means: the next Accident will happen soon, Daiichi released "just" 2%. (two) of his Nuclear Inventar and i doubt that we have that much luck again!

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Posted in: Japan approves energy plan reinstating nuclear power See in context

Actually it was and is a democratic Decision, the People here had the choice at the last Election!

Personally i think that Japan got the big chance to be the World Leader in Energy Saving, Renewable Energy and alternative Models for our Society, sadly Japan/ Japanese Government do not want to take this Step, tooooo much Fear but Fear is a choice by the weak!

But when we are able to close down ca. 66% i am not "that angry"!

Tokyo, 0.095mcSv/h. (double than the Governmental Measurements!!!)

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