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Posted in: Do you agree with Sony Pictures' decision to cancel the Dec 25 U.S. release of the film "The Interview" after threats from a hackers' group? See in context

Wasn't even that bad of a movie. Wasn't like "OMG!" good, but it wasn't that bad. As for releasing it, why bother listening to some crazy people about releasing a movie? It got hacked and that's that. In my personal opinion, no matter what the situation is, people still saw it (including me), and quite frankly, I don't think anyone would have seen it save some people here and there without this controversy, mainly due to desire to see it.

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Posted in: Looking for a job in Japan? Try a convenience store See in context

@cracaphat, You'd be amazed at what people would choose for work to get a little extra money when they are strapped for cash, Native English speaking or not.

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Posted in: 4 things women are banned from doing in Japan See in context

So on the counter balance, if these changes happen, does that mean the geisha culture will start accepting any man that wants to be a geisha? Not that I want to be a geisha (nor could I anyway because I'm not even of Japanese descent), but would you change it so the bare minimum men would be allowed to run or work in a geisha house as a geisha if they wanted to? I can see maybe allowing a separate professional female sumo wrestling competition (it's worked fine for UFC and mixed martial arts), and I can see allowing women to stay in capsule hotels (more money, duh), and sushi chefs sure, but if you want to present an equal state and demand to be entering a male only monastery/shrine, then change the rules about entering a female only shrine/monastery. Otherwise, this is nothing more than hypocrisy, especially since I'm not hearing the same thing about male rights to enter a female only school because it's the closest place to study what he wanted to major in (story ring a bell?).

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Posted in: Man killed by train while trying to crawl under it See in context

And this is how all those stupid signs and warning labels come into existence. I mean, come on, wouldn't common sense click in on this?

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Posted in: Japan protests over banner of Korean assassin at Asian Games See in context

Wow... That's the only word I have for this right now...

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Posted in: Volcano erupts in central Japan; 7 unconscious, 250 stranded See in context

Let's hope the other 250 are ok.

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Posted in: What do you think is the best way for the global community to deal with the Islamic State? See in context

Ultimately, it's up to the Middle Eastern countries to figure this out. However, the world should start doing something. ISIS is more global than people realize. To say the world shouldn't act is completely naive, considering that there's approximately 15,000 foreign fighters from all over the world, some of which are from the US. So, yes, this is the world's problem too. On top of that, civilians from other nations are being beheaded or are currently being held hostage. Why shouldn't a nation defend it's people?

With that being said, freezing bank accounts is a great place to start. If you cut off the finances, you cut off the supplies. Start with the main money bank accounts, then go for the donations. After that, freeze anyone's account who is in support of ISIS (or any terror threat for that matter). This will cause some backlash from insurgencies, so be prepared to defend and react quickly. Target the leaders. Make them run. Make their money men run too. Deny propaganda from ever being displayed, period. Work with your allies and build an alliance (which is being done). You don't need to send an army, but it doesn't hurt to have one on standby. This is the only way to stop an insurgency.

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

Okay, it's one thing to take pictures of people's private parts. Got it. It's wrong. It's another to start taking pictures of people being people. It's not offensive. It doesn't violate you. Unless the person is actively stalking you, there's no malicious intent. While maybe they could have asked, they weren't trying to peep at something. And even just scrolling by without intention of taking a picture of you at all? What if they were just taking a "selfie"? What if someone was walking by when you snapped the picture? And even with this logic, that would mean all those places with security cameras would be breaking the law too. All someone would have to say is "The camera on the street corner is making me feel uncomfortable" according to this law. How is it any different than someone with a cell phone making a video of their experience or everyday life? Because it provides security? Look at the bombings in Boston. It wasn't a security photo that ID'd the brothers. It was a recording from a cell phone. Maybe this law needs to start being a little more specific, like lewd and photos completely violating basic human rights, not everyday photography.

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Posted in: Special English zones proposed as part of Cool Japan tourism initiative See in context

I'm sorry, but if I'm traveling abroad, I don't want to be around people who speak my language. I want to see the country, not an imitation of my country.

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Posted in: In some countries, there is a ban on adults and children wearing religious clothing and symbols such as burqas, veils, head scarves, skullcaps, turbans and crucifixes in public places like schools, re See in context

If you want to teach tolerance, allow tolerance. This is pretty much saying "We don't tolerate you for who you are". Who are we to decide who wears what? It's not like they're showing up in no clothes. This is absolutely absurd.

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Posted in: Osaka police sergeant arrested for putting smartphone between woman's legs on train See in context

Dude, seriously? Is this becoming some past time among 40 year old men or something? Seriously, STOP. This is not cool. It's creepy. If they wanted their parts to have pictures taken of, they would be doing porn. This is getting ridiculous.

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Posted in: Osaka assemblyman in hot water for intimidating children via Line app See in context

Wait, why was he inviting junior high girls over in a chat room for tea in the first place? That just screams creepy.

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Posted in: SDF pilot arrested for taking photos up girl's skirt at train station See in context

I can see it now:

"I swear officer, I was just messing with the camera on my phone when I tripped into this woman, and I just happened to get a clear picture of everything underneath her skirt."

Yeah, ok. And he's the sexual harassment and assault guy. Good job.

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Posted in: China says Japan fighter jets shadowed its planes over disputed waters See in context

The plot thickens in the world front.... Although this would surprise me if the islands are the reason the world goes into chaos. Then again, WW1 was started by an assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, so I guess anything is possible.

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Posted in: Dozens of Pikachus make landfall in Yokohama See in context

Time to bust out the pokeballs.

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Posted in: Hundreds of mascots face chop with finance ministry budget cuts See in context

Can one be a mascot if there is no purpose?

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Posted in: Gov't calls on Tokyo council to clean itself up after sexist jeers See in context

I say she should be looking at the situation like this:

They knew she was right and got scared of her, so they did what everyone who is too afraid do: mocking and ridiculing. Now that the situation has worldwide attention, the ones who mocked her are backed into yet another corner and will be forced into doing the right thing. After all, the politicians only do something when everyone gets into their business anyway.

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Posted in: Japan starts review of wartime sex slave apology See in context

How long is this going to get dragged out? Just apologize, admit Japan made a mistake, and let it go already! It's been almost 80 years already! There's newer, bigger fish to fry right now!

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Posted in: Japanese WWII soldier who hid in Philippine jungle until 1974 dies See in context

3 decades of loyalty. That's impressive. Got to admire the Japanese spirit to fight.

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Posted in: Torrential rain hits Oshima; another typhoon on the way See in context

Is this considered unusual weather or is this normal?

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll rises to 29; more heavy rain forecast See in context

Dear, God, these people haven't suffered enough?

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Posted in: Izu Oshima mayor under fire for not issuing evacuation order See in context

I think this is bad, but the outcome could have been far worse. He was forced to choose between two evils. The question is now how will he fix the situation? Judging by what I'm reading, it sounds like he will make the right choice and immediately do everything in his power to clean up the devastation and help people not just move on but bring as much of their lives back as he can.

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Posted in: Japan calls for more than short-term fix to U.S. budget dispute See in context

When Japan fixes its own problems is when it can tell the US what to do.

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Posted in: Stalker hid in closet at girl's home before killing her See in context

This is why I don't do internet dating.

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Posted in: American casting for 'Hana Yori Dango' (Boys Over Flowers) TV series receives harsh Japanese criticism See in context

If it's on MTV or ABC Family, don't worry. Nobody will be watching.

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Posted in: SDF hopes people will answer call of duty (and cute anime girls) See in context

Well, that's one way to recruit people.... kinda genius if you ask me...

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Posted in: Robot Restaurant See in context

Is robot some sort of new key word?

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Posted in: Train hits bicycle left on tracks in Tama See in context


Derailment? From a bicycle. It would be like stepping on a cockroach and saying good thing he didnt trip.

Whoever left that bike whether by prank or accident should pay some sort of punishment for reckless endangerment.

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Posted in: Give us a hug See in context

Sis hug!

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