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SquidBert comments

Posted in: Ministry of Defense worker arrested for stealing microbus See in context

Japanese guys have the weirdest midlife crises.

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Posted in: TEPCO aims for July restart of nuclear plant in Niigata See in context

If TEPCO are allowed to operate nuclear power plants in this country again, then I think I am done with Japan.

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Posted in: Electronics chain K’s Denki credits success to 'not working so hard' See in context


There is definitely a K's denki card as you say. I'm just not sure if it gathers points, or just gives you a flat rebate?

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Posted in: Developing robotics help stroke victims learn to walk again See in context

Asimo perhaps?

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Posted in: JR Hokkaido says track defects found in 170 more locations See in context

GW, You just might be right, NHK reports today that the defect count has now reached 260.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to offer more than Y1.4 tril in corporate tax cuts See in context

Only if people stop voting as they are told, and start voting with their heart, Kazuaki Shimazaki.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to offer more than Y1.4 tril in corporate tax cuts See in context

Is that really the economy Trickling down? The people say it smells a bit suspicious...

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Posted in: New battery uses microbes to turn sewage into energy See in context

I realize that this is most likely AFP's doing, but this paragraph does not make any sense at all.

The researchers said their new model is simple, yet efficient, and can harness about 30 percent of the potential energy in the wastewater -- about the same rate as commercially available solar panels.

To the best of my knowledge solar panels does not turn wastewater into energy.

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Posted in: Abe, Inose discuss how to make Tokyo more visitor-friendly See in context

Perhaps they could paint all the black vans pink for the duration?

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Posted in: TEPCO finds high radiation in Fukushima groundwater See in context

What they meant to assure you, was that the leaky flow of toxic information is completely under control.

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Posted in: TEPCO says 300 tons of contaminated water leaking from Fukushima tank See in context

It's like they're not even trying anymore.

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Posted in: What do you think of all those so-called energy drinks? See in context

A Coffee junkie myself. But in my teens I witnessed a girl overdosing on caffeine pills, it was a rather serious event, so there is certainly such a thing as too much caffeine.

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Posted in: Microsoft reboots with sweeping reorganization See in context

Reorganizing and bringing back Microsoft Bob, yeah that'll do it.

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Posted in: NHK’s 'Giant Squid' airs on BBC See in context

Never mess with the squids!

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Posted in: Japan says building nuclear safety culture will take a long time See in context

Japan’s nuclear regulator said on Thursday that elevating safety culture to international standards will “take a long time".

Then I hope they will wait an equally long time before allowing any restarts of nuclear reactors.

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Posted in: What do you think is the most famous song in the English language? See in context

Definitely http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

The internet has made sure of that.

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Posted in: Teacher tapes up mouth of girl, 7, to stop her spreading germs See in context

The Japanese solution will be to instate a rule that Teachers are from now on not allowed to tape up children's mouths with duct tape

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Posted in: Last two Japan nuclear reactors can stay online See in context

It is sad, I really was prepared to give this new NRA credit for at lest trying to be a credible regulatory agency. Guess I was wrong.

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Posted in: World's first floating wind turbine arrives in Fukushima See in context

Last year wind power produced 2.5 percent share of the total global electricity production and growing fast. While nuclear produced 13 percent with its share declining even faster.

Nuclear power doesn't make economic sense unless supported by the government, Wind power does.

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Posted in: Scientists seek permission for experiments with animal-human embryos See in context

The hope is that this stem cell will grow into a fully-functioning human organ—a kidney or a liver, for example—as the animal matures.

So we could have whales with human brains?

Or better yet, I guess we have to assume that it works the other way around as well. So we can have humans with hoofs, goat beards, elephant trunks, lobster claws and bullhorns? Sweet !

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Posted in: Which pop culture character do you think is the most recognizable on the planet? See in context

Might be some 1900 year old pop culture, but:

"jesus christ" 112,000,000 "Jesus Christ in africa" 63,300 results

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Posted in: Which pop culture character do you think is the most recognizable on the planet? See in context

Obvious missing option: The Invisible Man

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Posted in: Cheaper solar panels fuel rise in renewable energy See in context

Solar (PV) Energy Returned On Energy Invested (EROEI) is 6.8 according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_returned_on_energy_invested, meaning that for each kwh consumed during the entire production chain 6.8 kwh is produced by the unit. That puts it higher than tar sands, shale gas and many types of bio-fuel and at about a third of wind power. Other numbers I have seen says 3 years on average to recoup production for solar-pv power in the US, while large wind needs 6-7 months.

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Posted in: Abe's wife says she is anti-nuclear See in context

I think Japan should get a divorce from Abe

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Posted in: KISS to tour Japan as part of their 40th anniversary tour See in context

From what I hear, they sucked pretty bad on earlier gigs of this tour.

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Posted in: China, India, Pakistan boost nuclear arsenals See in context

The same India that refuses to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty? And the same India that Abe is more than happy to cut nuclear deals with, exchanging Japanese nuclear tech for Rupees? The same India that comes down heavy handily on the population that does not want any new nuclear power plants?

Well done Abe.

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Posted in: Gov't draws up 19-point plan to promote 'Cool Japan' See in context

Perhaps they could apply for some world heritage site, that ought to do it right?

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Posted in: Japan pledges to tighten nuclear safety measures See in context

Level 1 is the second on the scale, the first being 0. (There is also the 'Out of scale' events, but by definition that would not be part of the scale).

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Posted in: 700 watermelons worth Y350,000 stolen from greenhouse See in context


Everyone knows, that the real money is in spring onions.

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Posted in: Gov't considers setting clock ahead by two hours See in context

Well I don't know , you would have the problem in the evenings instead. LMT for Tokyo is 09:18, so the +09:00 UTC seems rather appropriate if you want to keep a single time zone for the whole nation.

Summer/Winter time is a whole other discussion.

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