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Sushisake and Bababoey,

This is the most successful Japanese WC team ever and people are crying about it. Glass half empty/full.

And other people who think that Japan should have been satisfied finished in this big 16 round,

I don't understand why don't you just appreciate what the team has done in the World Cup 2010. Instead of saying "this is not a soccer country anyway", or "Finished in the 16th place is way more than they deserve" or whatever, why don't you just appreciate their hard work, their efforts, the time and sweat they have spent on this biggest match of the world. I am admiring how the USA team did in this world cup, they did more than I thought they could, they played way better than the "big" teams that already have been more popular, like Italy, France, England, and so did Japan team.

And Bababooey,

I switched off the game at half-time because it was so boring. I can't wait for the real football - American football - to get going so I can see players start using their hands and see refs' blown calls overturned by replay.

I feel sorry for you, it sounds that you have never belonged to the real "football" euphoria, here in Asia, and Europe (you should understand what the real "football" terminology is, if you understand what I mean. Certainly not American football). With all respects to American football, we are talking about the "foot ball" here.

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With all respects to Komano, he shouldn't have belonged to the execution group, because he's a defender. Don't cry, Yuichi, you've done your best.

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