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Posted in: Apple's tongue-tied Siri faces 'Singlish' rival See in context

@oberst OCT.29, 2011 - 04:18PM JST

that's easy to solve, just add " la " to end of every sentence uttered.

Hahaha...... this reminds me of a colleague I once had. He was from UK. We were both working for the same company in Singapore. He was so cute. He would consciously make it a point to emphasize the "lah" whenever he spoke, sometimes he would even drag on the "lah" making it sound so loud and funny that whoever heard him speak would laugh including our superior.

He did all this not to insult, but to make us all laugh..... It was fun having worked with him.

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context


Don't know whether you are aware or not - out of most of 700 in death row for drug related sentence, at least around 90% are foreigners. Why are there so many foreigners bringing drugs into Malaysia? Could it be because they, like you perhaps are ignorant enough to have under estimated the law enforcement agencies and the foreign embassies in Malaysia?

Has it never occured to you that when a foreigner is taken into custody, especially for such a serious crime as this, wouldn't their embassy be aware of it ? Even if the embassy had not read about it in the news, the embassy would have been notified accordingly by the relevant government agency of that country.

Therefore, as such, do you think that an embassy would not do all they can to see to the welfare of their nationals and protect their national's interests. Would it blindly allow their nationals be used as scapegoats or be setup by some corrupted Malaysian law enforcement agency and not know about it or do something about it? Wouldn't the embassy do all they can to help and protect their national if they deem there is a "set-up" or ........... not intervene should the detainee did really break the law?

Can "set-ups" and "scapegoats" be so easily done, as one can so easily hear about such stories and frighten one's life out of it? "Oh, I will not visit Malaysia......" etc etc

No doubt, as in all corners of the world, there may be some bad apples in government law enforcement agencies, but it does not mean that the whole barrel is bad. Just think, if you were the baddie, would you risk attracting investigation into your outlaw operation in such a high profile "scapegoat" or "set-up" sting, when you can do your lucrative dirty business quietly without drawing any attention?

Think !

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

Please people, do not bring in religion into this discussion. The discussion here is about the anti-drug law in Malaysia.

As I've posted above (Oct 26, 2011 12.35 am) , the reason why such a strict law is passed in Malaysia is very simple - Malaysia wants to protect it's people from being destroyed by drugs. Malaysia, is doing as much as it can in this regard. Passing such an anti-drug law is one of them. Malaysia is going in the right direction for its people. If the law in your own nation is different, it is your nation's perogative.

One more thing. It is sickening to keep reading some ignorant comments here blaming and condeming the Muslim religion in Malaysia. For those who condemns, it is obvious that you belong to some other religion or is a free thinker. This is alright and fine, nobody is saying your religion or you are bad. So please leave the Muslim religion alone. Only condemn when you are knowledgeable, understand or is a master of this religion and about the country of Malaysia.

For your info. I am not a Muslim. But I hate how ignorant fingers are pointed at this religion and Malaysia as the big bad boy in connection with this anti-drug law.

I have travelled some and lived some. Even been to, lived and worked in Malaysia for some time. You will have your minds and eyes opened if you were to go to Malaysia and live there for a spell, getting to know Malaysia. Your experience and learning process will expand your outlook about life. So, unless and until you do so and have had first hand knowledge about Malaysia and the Muslim religion, please keep quiet about what you think you know, but in reality do not know. It is not necessary to exhibit our ignorance.

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Posted in: Nozomi Sasaki's beauty secret - living without stress See in context

@The Munya Times

And then I tell them. "of course I laugh about stupid things, but I understand you are serious people you only laugh about serious things like when Othello kills Desdemona or you go down to the cemetery on a sunny Sunday afternoon to have a little giggle among the sepulchral mounds, yes?"

Oh Munya, this is so funny ! Hahahahaha,.........

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Posted in: Seeing Tokyo on foot See in context

To each his own.

As for me, the first thought that come to mind, is that the whole book is a piece of living art. Will make a good keepsake.

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context


I definitely do not feel sorry for the drug dealers who are found guilty and given the death penalty, and by whatever means they are removed for good before they do much more damage to society.

The same goes for those who are found guilty of henious crimes such as murder.

As for only misdemeanor ones...... would you? My answer is the same as yours.

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

@m6bob Oct. 26, 2011 - 10:17PM JT

@BlueWitch: It works that's why you are reading about such cases once in a while, instead of every 2days. Same goes for murders.

You are right on the dot !

It sure works. Would anyone here like to test yourself whether you are afraid of death or not?

Even drug dealers know that they are not immortal.

Everyone dies once, but once sure is more than enough.

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

I remember coming across this in a newspaper in Malaysia some years ago.

A senior law enforcement officer in an interview, once said that the death penalty was needed as a deterrent because drug dealers bring death and destruction to not only one life, but many lives (drug addicts), therefore they have to be discouraged from bringing drugs into the country.

In the above case, Imagine how many lives this 3.5 kg of drug could have potentially destroy if it had been unloaded onto the streets. This is what the law enforcement agencies would not want to see happen.

But yet, many greedy drug dealers and smugglers do not care for the laws of Malaysia. So when caught, and the death penalty is passed on them, they have no one to blame but themselves.

I personally do not see this death penalty as barbaric. Drug dealers are the barbarians, they are mass killers.

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Posted in: Australian authorities hunt great white shark after American diver killed See in context


(Don't tell me the ocean belongs to the sharks!)

I would like to take it that you are only joking here.

Otherwise, your human arrogance is unbelievable !

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Posted in: Protesters in New York march on billionaires' homes See in context

Like yesterday, someone said to me :

There was once, we had Bob Hope, Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash. Now, we have no Hope, no Jobs and no Cash....... What happened to the American Dream?

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Posted in: U.S. Senate weighs bill to punish China for undervaluing currency See in context

Almost half of the U.S. trade deficient is a direct result of U.S. companies manufacturing in China, such as Apple, HP, Intel, Walmart, etc. who wants to maximize the profits. Still, even without the U.S. companies, trade deficiet by Chinese companies alone is staggering. Something has to be done to make the playing field more balanced. Maybe a tariffs on all products entering U.S.

I think looking to find a solution at China's end would not work. Do not think that China will budge a yuan. US should try give up drawing water from an empty well.

A more likely solution would be for US"s own manufacturing giants who are currently operating from China, to move back to US. In doing so, they will play a big part in reviving the economy of US.

These manufacturing giants should look to become US's solution, rather than being part of the cause of US's economy woes. No doubt their profits might become lower but these manufacturing giants should consider their social and corporate responsibilities to their mother country and the masses in general.

The sky is the limit. How much profit does one want ?

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Posted in: Boeing warns of pilot shortfall in Asia See in context


These planes fly themselves for the most part. Just stick a few of those air-waitresses in the cockpit to handle the air traffic controllers.

Hahahahaa........ wait !....... I have not written my will yet.

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Posted in: Japanese girl delighted that her message in bottle found in Hawaii See in context


What happened was a beautiful and memorable thing. If you have nothing good to say about it, please keep quiet. No need to be a wet blanket. Jeez.....

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Posted in: Kan forced older nuclear plant workers to stay on duty after tsunami: report See in context

“There is no retreat when Japan’s existence is on the line,” Kan reportedly said, adding: “People aged 60 or older may as well go to the site.”

The report said he told the then president and chairman: “Prepare to meet your fate.”

Haha hehehe ....... I like how Kan told the clueless armchair warmers off.

These armchair warmers have Kan to thank for today. If Kan had not "shooed" them back to take care of this real nuclear disaster, would millions get to live to see the day now ? Probably not.

They are fated to have Kan as the PM at the right place and right time.

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Posted in: Industry minister resigns after 8 days over 'town of death' comment See in context

smithinjapan SEP. 11, 2011 - 11:42PM JST

It's disgusting, really. And here you have a man who pointed out a fact and why is he in trouble? because he pointed it out -- not because it's not true, just because people would feel more comfortable forgetting about the fact that it IS true.

Yes, I believe too that this is the REAL reason why Hachiro got into trouble. The other reasons/complaints against him are just "over speak" to deflect off the real reason. A kind of inherent subtle action - more so in a culture as proud as Japanese.

Smith, you've caught this subtle point in the culture. There is no doubt that you have lived in Japan for a long, long time. I am impressed !

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Posted in: Facebook and social interaction in Japan See in context

@Sasoriza SEP03. 2011 - 11:54AM JST

But I also think that FB itself was created based on the Western idea for friends and friends circles, while Japanese have somewhat different idea about friends-how close a friend is and what info you actually exchange with this friend.They have different levels of uchi and soto, as well as different levels of human relationships.

Yes, you've got it. It is just a cultural thing. Shouldn't pose a hindrance for integration and making friends once you understand it.

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Posted in: Japan’s crisis of ambivalence See in context

Great, meaningful article. Thank you, Eddie Landsberg and JT.

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Posted in: Asahi to buy New Zealand's Independent Liquor: report See in context

Yes, bring back Georgie Pie. Miss it, lots.

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Posted in: French writer files formal assault charge against Strauss-Kahn See in context


The knee-jerk was expected. I base that opinion on the comments we've had about DSK which are his nationality, wealth and political affiliation

Tell us, if the comments were not about DSK's nationality, wealth and political affiliation, what do you expect us or the general public to comment on considering this is the information we know and which that has been highlighted by the news media. Do you happen to have more information on DSK what are better than what we have been fed by the news media?

Spill it out, if you have so that we can have a fair picture and discussion on the topic. Otherwise, this knee-jerk stunt from you is not appreciated.

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Posted in: Seven Bank, Western Union to start overseas money transfer service See in context


How does sending money outside of Japan help Japan's economy? Seems this guy just said something for the sake of it.

I think what it means is that it will make it easier and convenient for foreign workers to send money home. This is an attractive point for foreign workers who are known to send money home to support their families.

Their cheap labour (plus, they are usually hardworking) are sought by many industries in order to be able to stay competitive in the market. Hence boosting the economy?

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Posted in: French writer files formal assault charge against Strauss-Kahn See in context


The majority of those of you refusing DSK's right ot innocence unitl proving guilty are working from the same handicap;

His nationality first (obviously), jealousy of his wealth second, and last him being a member of the hated Club Gauche Caviar.

Get over yourselves!

Ouch ! You sure are quick to judge us aren't you.

Please watch what you say. Your petty and childish attack like this is not cute. Jeeez !

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Posted in: Maki Horikita to play doctor in postwar drama See in context

@greatlegs Jul. 04, 2011 - 11:55AM JST

I have several very young doctors, and I like bothbkinds, so maybe I am lucky.

Don't get what you are trying to say.

You sound like either you own a private hospital that has several young doctors of both genders, OR that you are a terribly sicky person having to consult several doctors already OR you are a hypochondriac ?

Hope to hear that you own a private hospital ...... it gives a better ring.... don't you think so?

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Posted in: Ex-IMF boss Strauss-Kahn returns to NYC townhouse See in context


By the time the minions of Strauss-Kahn are done with her, she will be alleged to an alien from the Alpha Centari system who only looks human because she has been turned inside out!

Hahaha...... this is a good one.

Won't be surprised should it happen. Money, power and influence can work wonders.

Wonder how this case will really end up. Interesting.......

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Posted in: Hot commute See in context


What happened to all the electric fans they used to have in trains ? They don't consume that much electricity and are better than "nothing" !

Or the hand powered folded fan ?

An old fashion gadget, but very handy. Very portable. Can be snapped close or open fast. No need for electric power, only your own hand power is required. If you were to get the top of the class piece, you will only need to wave the fan to keep you cool. But if you are stingy and were to buy the cheapest one, then you will have to hold the fan rigidly in front of your face, while you move your head from left to right, and vice versa to keep cool.

Just a suggestion.

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Posted in: Hot commute See in context

We've got to roll with the punches guys ! I am sure this is not the first hot summers we've experienced in our life. Unless we are made of sugar and will melt in the heat, live with it. What choice have we got ? The whining and groaning will not help any, but make us feel worse.

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Posted in: Vietnamese protest against China amid rising tensions See in context

China = Big Bully Boy

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Posted in: Are people hired based on their looks? See in context

@IvanCoughalot 03:27 PM JST - 11th June

This certainly isn't an issue where I work. My office is about 90% female, and every last one of them is a late-thirties, unmarried, unmarriable, lipless, titless personality-bypass. The lack of physical appeal is matched only by the total lack of business acumen, and a bizarre belief that 27 degrees is cold. Seriously - in a room with 80 women in it, there not one worth a drunken lunge at. Whoever hires in this office has no interest whatsoever in good looks.

Hahahahaha.... wish I am working in your office. I sure would feel right at home. You've inspired me to give up my Marilyn Monroe poster. Do not need to worship it anymore.

BTW, would you like to have my MM poster? It will make up for what you lack in your office landscape.

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Posted in: What do you think of the idea of a grand coalition between the ruling DPJ and opposition parties? See in context

What I am going to say may draw some flak here, and also I may be wrong in my observation.

Could it be possible that we are actually witnessing history in the making? That is, the dying breath and decline of a great nation of modern times - in slow motion? And one day, when we look back, we will look in awe at the concrete remnants of it's glory and wondered what happened? How did a great glorious nation come to this state? Just like we wondered what happened to Machu Pichu or Ankor Wat? A scary thought.

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Posted in: Kurara Chibana looking for Mr Right See in context

Woooooo..... do I detect sounds of bitterness and envy from some thirty-somethings here? Mirror mirror on the wall, who is gonna fall?

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Posted in: A Geek in Japan See in context


Not only in Japan, where you need to think waaaay too much. It happens in every country in the world. This is normal. The only difference is, how their under-currents flow depend on their cultures, way of life, history, etc, etc. And how it affects our life, very much depends on whether we would prefer to close one eye and lead our life in bliss and full of surprises as our life flows along or pay attention and decide that we want some control over our own life. In my case, I am not an activist, but I do not live my life on automatic either. I live my life being aware of what is happening around me, so as to be mindful of how my life will be affected, and the course it takes.

Please do not take my above post seriously as to gauge the health of the nation. The post was written as a silly light-hearted banter, to liven up things here, that is all. The mood here on JT's board can sometimes be so serious that one can even cut through it with a knife.

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