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Posted in: At NATO, Trump slams Germany as Russian 'captive' See in context

Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal but Germany did not

We should all remember that. When/If Iran is responsible for a nuke getting into the hands of anyone, we know who is partially responsible.

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Posted in: Man stabbed on subway in Tokyo See in context

I guess we are all glad Japan has no guns. Assuming this was an intentional act and not an accident of some kind.

why be glad if there was a possible physical attack, just because one inanimate object was used instead of another?

bringing up guns is irrelevant here.

why not mention how many could have died if sarin gas was used?

no political points to be gained by mentioning using sarin, which would be illegal, so instead focus on using a gun, which would also be illegal...neither of which had anything to do with this story.

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