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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

I agree with most of what you said KC but there are many ways to help people without it being a hand out, facilities, services, medical help, jobs, just to name a few. No disrespect intended.

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

I have mixed emotions about this, who wouldn't want a free ticket? Boosting tourist revenue is great, but guess I'd sooner see this money spent for the direct benefit of the victims. I live in the U.S., I am a middle class single parent with two children. We haven't been back to Japan since 2005, a month long vacation set me back $13,000. At todays exchange rate that's $20,000, I work four months for that. I would rather buy my own ticket than think about how much good that money could have done in the right hands. By spring 2013 I hope to have enough saved up to go back. I really don't understand the hesitance on the part of tourists to go to Japan, based on short term exposure to elevated radiation levels. I certainly do understand the hesitance of the Japanese people to live with continuous exposure to elevated radiation levels. Or to believe what their government and Tepco are telling them.

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Posted in: Toyota adds first minicar to Japan lineup See in context

Kei's are where the U.S. needs to be right now, especially in the big cities. It may be true they are not as safe but the Smart Car proves that safety in a small structure is possible. I'm just not sure we can get past the car status symbol thing. maybe when gas hits $6.00/gal.

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Posted in: Filmmaker Moore demands Georgia boycott after execution See in context

Moore is actually a investigative journalist, he interviews people, it's what he does for a living, he may well be biased, but pretty sure he is well informed. There was reasonable doubt enough to have his sentence commuted to life imprisonment. It's a shame, I support the death penalty in the most extreme instances (not this time). Would you be this mans executioner, if you had to do it with your own hand.

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Posted in: FBI arrests suspect over Sony cyberattack See in context

Hackers are all kind of people, the same demographic as all of us. Some of them are even opinionated jerks! "The cyberattacks threatened to cause deep damage to Sony’s brand image" Love that quote, not that they deserve it at all. What about the damage done to their customers because they cut corners on security. Time after time this happens, banks, credit bureaus, credit cards. If you invest in security, you can achieve security.

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Posted in: Kyarypamyupamyu a big hit on YouTube See in context

Wy u haf to h8t so much? it's just fun, you forget about fun? Is so sad for you.

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Posted in: House approves debt bill; Senate rejects it See in context

Wow, The separation between the poor and rich is growing at an exponential rate in the US and you lame miserable greedy republicans continue to cry about taxes on "the Job creators" are not going to solve anything. While profits continue to rise, nobody has hired any body since bush flushed the economy down the toilet thanks to his tax breaks (statistically the most expensive single policy change contributing to the deficit in the first place, another brilliant republican idea). Oh and lets not forget the most reprehensible excuse for a war that this country has ever been involved in. You Dip sh#@s answer me this, with out those two outstanding republican innovations. Do you think we might be a little better off right now? You people just keep talking, I know you need to hear the sound of your own voice or you feel emasculated. but we are sick to death of you.

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Posted in: Norway horror: 91 die in camp shooting, 7 in blast See in context

You should all cool your jets, and stop your posturing. He could be any kind of nut case, religious or not. No one knows the story behind this monster yet. may he burn forever.

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Posted in: Tokyo fashion: A never-ending magnet for creativity See in context

Wow really talking out of your hats here, There's much more creativity and style in Japan than you see expressed in the street fashion. And regardless of the inspiration it is done with their own flair. Of course there's nothing new under the sun, art is nothing if not theft! It's really about the youth, the culture is vibrant and alive in most of the major cities across the globe, but don't sit there as old men and condemn the Japanese, because you don"t get it. that's why they do it in the first place. jokes on you!

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Posted in: How would you compare Korean all-girl groups such as KARA with their Japanese counterparts in terms of singing ability, appeal and performing styles? See in context

From a stage/video presentation point of view I like the Japanese groups more. The K-pop dancing is a bit more aggressive, more suggestive. Perhaps their target audience is young men more than young girls. But as a young man I prefer the more modest approach. Some of you say this is too cutesy, I suppose that can be the case with some of the groups mentioned. Musically I accept them all on a song by song basis. My favorite Japanese female singer however is still Anza! But I digress.

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