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So this is what Japanese technology is reduced to .

I often hear the phrase "Japanese pride" concerning their 'superior" culture and technology

Gambatte Nippon .. you bloody need it chums

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Hi Japan

Sorry but Russia is now renegated to the same status as North Korea

We are sorry for your economic losses but eat it up like all the decent nations of the world have done

Start being actual members of the free world and not just when it benefits you economically


The entire world except Russia China the Taliban and a few African dictatorships

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Two faced connected to the Japanese?

It's never happened before...

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Respect their culture

If I go to yasakuni shrine and tell the crowd their I protest their divination of convted and tried war criminals they will probably attack me.

Respect the Malaysian people and culrture

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He's a great qualifier but hasn't got the balls to compete with western riders in the races

The last great Japanese riders who were aggressive enough were Haga and Izutsu and that was 20 years ago...

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Micro aggression is the Japanese people's second instinct /right of passage.

They just live for it...

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Japan is still technically at war with Russia but they will sell their soul and international reputation for some LPG

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Every other free nation has sacrificed billions of dollars in lost assets in Russia due to the invasion but only Japan is two faced enough to try to justify clinging onto projects that enrich the Russians

Also those nations don't complain they understand what compassion and sacrifice for the better good is

Japan is not one of us anymore...

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How about the Nagasaki blues?

Only sold as a "45' record..

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This is Japan

Your life is worth maybe 200000 yen profit (for a group of 24 or so)

Less if a dirty foreigner

Nothing will change and it will get worse

Yet their weird culture thinks apologizing will solve everything

Corrupt people corrupt culture...

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This is WW3.

Russia and China vs the west west

Wonder what way India will sway..

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Beautiful photograph

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Russia has shown to be a pathetic nation ..

You can see all their troops are spotty conscripts and their equipment is horrific early 80s tanks etc. But nato is laughing as they have exhausted all their missiles etc without any gains.i used to think Russia was a powerful nation but after this I can see it was all smoke and mirrors..China is next........

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Please don't forget Japan is maybe the only county that has had to surrender fully to a foreign nation due to carpiculation

They are lucky they did not end up like North Korea

If a us citizen wants to be transferred home for humanitarian reasons do it. Don't forget your debt to us western nations Japan:)

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Well I for one will fight for Taiwan (193cm tall Kiwi)

have known many Taiwanese over the years and they are awesome kind people,and all have a distain for the mainland communist drones

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