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Posted in: China to hold military parade to 'frighten Japan' See in context

China want to become world power. China want to devour all neighbor countries. China have bad relation with Japan, South Korea , Vietnam , Philippines , India , Malaysia, Indonesia etc. China have territorial dispute with these countries. China also illegal controled Tibet since decades. Dalai Lama is one of the great man on planet at this time but china declared him as a terrorist. South Africa rejected his visa because China threatened to South Africa. Pop Francis denied to meet Dalai Lama out of china concern. Now Southeast Asia is most dangerous zone cause of china.

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Posted in: In view of the hostage crisis, what do you think of Japan's decision to provide $200 million in non-military humanitarian aid for those displaced by conflict in the Middle East? See in context

Japan shouldn't provide aid in Middle East. If japan want help to poor countries then help to Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, Thai etc. there children dying cause of poverty.

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Posted in: Japan awaits news of hostages as deadline passes See in context

Here also some users are terror ideology and they defending ISIS. If someone comment against of ISIS then they will unlike. Your ideology will destroy yourself rather than others

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Posted in: Latest Charlie Hebdo cover continues to upset Muslim world See in context

JTDanManKilling someone it's mention in Quran verses 8.12 8.399.29They are following their holy book and doing their job to killing someone and speaking lies according Al Taquiya. Read yourself. All Islamic countries didn't condemned Paris atack unlike they are condemning Israel on Gaza isues. Most of Muslim world blaming on French magazine for insult Islam instead condemning terrorist. First read Quran to know Islamic ideology after judge that Islam is a peaceful or not

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Posted in: Latest Charlie Hebdo cover continues to upset Muslim world See in context

Whatever you guys hv views about of this French magazine but it's far better than Quran's ideology. This French magazine never say to kill people but Quran ? Yes do

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Posted in: Line-up held in Indian jail over Japanese tourist gang rape See in context

I requesting to Indian govt. as soon as hang them

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Posted in: Charlie Hebdo suspects, accomplice, 4 hostages killed See in context

Islam is not a peaceful religion. Quran teaching terror ideology. First you have to read Quran then you will knows. ISIS leader have PhD in Islamic studies and 100% practicing Muslims

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