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Stacy Ann Augustine Scott comments

Posted in: Canadian YouTuber explains why she quit working on Japanese TV See in context

I can't imagine talent agencies book tv appearances and don't receive payment themselves? Why in the world wasn't she being paid?

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Posted in: Japanese men share what they can put up with in a girlfriend, but would be marriage deal-breakers See in context

So kind and friendly to everyone that she can’t turn down invitations from other men (17 percent)

Only 17% wouldn't be okay with their wife accepting invitations from other men? Scandalous! :-D

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Posted in: Erica the android can have 'natural' conversations See in context

@hackney Um, isn't Erica talking and responding to questions in the video?

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Posted in: 12 awesome features of Japanese bathrooms you won’t find in the West See in context

These are all thing I have never seen, and they are all neat and make a lot of sense. Especially having the toilet in a separate room - you could soak in the tub without someone having to come in to go!

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

I am curious, in the US there is a celebration at Disney World called Gay Day. You don't have that in Japan?

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Posted in: Five things girls do in winter that Japanese men find adorable See in context

If articles like this must be written, please consistently use the word "women." Men of that age finding "girls" cute in this matter is beyond creepy.

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Posted in: Snow story See in context


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Posted in: Getting hitched See in context

@Maria - Well, the important thing is... his bride looks really happy !!! JK, they both look beautiful and I wish them congratulations.

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Posted in: Keeping fit See in context

That looks so fun! How nice to have so many people to do yoga with on a beautiful day.

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