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Stan Dingback comments

Posted in: Volcanic eruption creates new island south of Japan See in context

Xinhua is already working on a hundreds of years old map including the islet as indisputable evidence of China's historical possession of the newly surfaced lava blob. 「Snark」

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Posted in: Japan reports weaker August factory data ahead of tax hike decision See in context

Someone should tell Abe the honeymoon's over. His abenomics is about to go down in flames, right along with obambanomics. Profligacy recapitulates idiocity.

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Posted in: 'Star Trek' fans will either laugh or flip out after watching Japanese Spock sell anti-rust spray See in context

I giggled when I saw this. One of the best-ever ads in my book!

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Posted in: U.S. government on brink of shutdown over Obamacare See in context

Both sides are too entrenched believing their own rhetoric. Equal blame on both D's and R's.

Since only the D's voted FOR Obamneycare, it should come as little or no surprise that R's would fight it every possible step.

I personally think ACA may be the last straw for the economy. First, it was loudly declared by its supporters as not being a tax. And then the scurrilous SCOTUS deemed it constitutional as a TAX.

As most should agree, the power to tax is the power to kill. I don't see this ending well either way; it's a lose-lose.

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Posted in: Ukrainian woman dies during lovemaking on railway tracks See in context

Maybe it was one of those new-fangled hybrid-electric trains that sneak up on people who are too busy sexting...

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Posted in: Miss Philippines crowned Miss World amid Muslim anger in Bali See in context

One very good thing is that we're reading about who won and not some suicide bombing tragedy. Congrats to Ms Philippines/Ms World.

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Posted in: House votes to fund gov't, delay Obamacare See in context

Well, the ball is in Reid's court now.

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Posted in: Japanese woman shot during robbery in Cambodia See in context

In other countries, situational awareness becomes paramount. Hope this lady recovers quickly.

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Posted in: House votes to fund gov't, delay Obamacare See in context

Mr plastic monkey, in your comment,

"It is not perfect, but it works well, as does the government-run system in Canada…"

there's a mighty big error right there. You've obviously never tried to get an appointment with a specialist in Kanaduh. Good luck with your stuffed up system about to be imposed on the good people of US of A. It'll sting at first, and then the pain will really set in.

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