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Posted in: 31 of 53 teen girls at polygamist ranch are pregnant or had baby See in context

Be carefull when you see statements from what is considered the worst of the child protective services departments of any of the 50 states. These are Texans speaking, and that says a great deal.

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The positive moral views of Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow are unchallengeable. If the authors knowledge in other areas matches his knowledge of these psychologist the credibility of the author is seriously in doubt. Of course you could read them and judge for yourself.

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Posted in: Victims finally learning to speak out against Japan’s outdated rape laws See in context

The address of the man against whom "Jane" won the civil suit is easily found by using white pages for the USA. The first name (unusual), and the middle initial belong to a person in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USa A phone number is included.

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