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Posted in: Olympus executive in India dead in apparent suicide See in context

Was he silenced?

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Posted in: Child porn cases on the rise, NPA says See in context

The laws regarding child porn are too lenient in Japan. The maximum sentence for production (possession sale ) is five years in prison and or a 5 million yen fine.

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Posted in: U.S. safety regulators investigate Toyota cars over door fires See in context

This probably has to do with a faulty power window switch.

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Posted in: Marijuana users twice as likely to cause car crash, studies show See in context

If you care to drive, drive with care.

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Posted in: Man arrested for two hit-and-run violations while drunk See in context

If you drink and drive, your vehicle becomes a weapon. He should be charged with attempted murder.

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Posted in: Citigroup, UBS penalised for interest rate manipulation See in context


If a judge sentences you to two years in prison, does it matter when you start serving the sentence?

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Posted in: Diet debates circumstances of Japan's soccer loss to N Korea See in context

They lost because they were tired. The North Korean soldiers harassed them at the hotel keeping them up all night. They didn't get any sleep.

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Posted in: Prince Akishino says there needs to be discussion on retirement age for emperor See in context

"At that age one is thankful for any duties. I'll show myself out."

That's exactly the problem with the Emperor. He's too thankful. That's why he needs a rest.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for pachinko parlor arson-murders See in context

Japanese taxpayers are not only paying to feed and house the foreign criminals, but as an added extra, are even paying them wages for the work they perform in prison.


This equally applies to Japanese prisoners also.

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Posted in: Protesters in New York march on billionaires' homes See in context

Go back to your mother and fathers, get a job, get off the drugs, stop having sex with everybody, go to the library, hit the books, get a degree and eventually get a job. If you are really upset about your bleak economic future, don't blame the banks, don't blame the corporations. Many of them are saying entrepreneurs are making too much money so we have to soak the rich. All of you are using iphones, all of you are using ipods and ipads. Steve Jobs just recently died. He was one of the most dynamic creative entrepreneurs that America has ever seen. He made hundreds and hundres of millions of dollars. You are benefitting from the fruits of his entrepreneurism. If you impose what you want on Steve Jobs, there would be no iphones, there would be no ipods, there would be no ipads. This is what made America the wealtiest most prosperous, most poweful successful country in the world.This is the essence of the free enterprise system. If you want to soak the rich, if you want to tax their profits, confiscate their wealth and private property, what you end up having is North Korea, it's cuba, it's the old Soviet Union where everybody is poor. These idiots are all Obama's children.

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Posted in: Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant worker dies See in context

Just standing on a unnoticed small hot spot too long could be sufficient. Remember, radiation dose decreases square to the distance. His feet could have been irradiated enough to make some cells turn malignant, while the dosimeter at the chest registers only marginal dose (if turned on).

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Posted in: Japan says Russian military conducting drills near its airspace See in context

Although there was no actual intrusion of Japanese airspace by the strategic bombers, ASDF sent fighters to scramble on them. Fighters were also sent to scramble the Chinese Y8 reconnaissance aircraft that was flying close to Senkaku islands around noon yesterday.

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Posted in: Ten years on, do you believe al-Qaida was responsible for the events of 9/11? See in context

The building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it. That was the largest plane at the time. I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door -- this intense grid -- and the jet plane is just a pencil puncturing that screen netting. It really does nothing to the screen netting. (Frank A. Demartini, on-site construction manager for the World Trade Center, spoke of the resilience of the towers in an interview recorded on January 25, 2001.)

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Posted in: New justice minister won't OK executions in near future See in context

The Justice Minister should not have accepted the job if he cannot sign the execution (death) warrant.

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Posted in: New justice minister won't OK executions in near future See in context

I am against the death penalty. What I meant was that the laws on capital punishment most likely will not be repealed for now at least.

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Posted in: New justice minister won't OK executions in near future See in context


But the problem is 76.8% of Japanese support the death penalty according to the latest polls.

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Posted in: Noda says he, ministers will not visit Yasukuni while in office See in context

The seven Class A war criminals were hanged on Dec. 23, 1948. Their bodies were transported immediately to Yokohama for cremation and the ashes were all dumpted into Tokyo Bay by the US Military.

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Posted in: Noda says he, ministers will not visit Yasukuni while in office See in context

Since the enshrinements, there have been calls from some groups of people to remove the war criminals from Yasukuni Shrine. Shrine officials have stated that unlike traditional Shinto shrines, all enshrined kami are immediately combined and inseparable, and therefore impossible to "remove". There has been no move to separate the enshrinements. (Wikipedia)

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Posted in: Noda to become Japan's next prime minister See in context

Thank god crybaby Kaieda lost. If he won, the next prime minister after Kaieda would have been Ozawa in 2012.

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Posted in: Syria's Assad: 'I am not worried' about security See in context

Syria looks like a playground compared to Tripoli tonight.

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Posted in: Man arrested after barricading himself in home of Johnny's president See in context

"Heeeere's Johnny"

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Posted in: New nuclear safety agency to be set up under Environment Ministry See in context

If the world nuclear industry was serious about nuclear safety, only recognized industry critics would be allowed to staff regulatory agencies and only as long as they remain critical. Nuclear power is only competitive when it is allowed to roll the dice with safety (and our money). If the nuclear industry had to stand on it's own two feet it would fall flat on it's face. In Florida power companies are surcharging people for reactors that are not even built yet, and if they never get built the power companies get to keep the money. I've known people who claim they can drive intoxicated and their justification is that they've never had an accident or been arrested, they remind me of the nuclear industry's safety culture.

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Posted in: Japan ignored own radiation forecasts from very beginning See in context

The Japanese government has become so much alike the government in the US, where they try to accomplish the task of governing by talking. A sign of a bankrupt government, both fiscally and morally.

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Posted in: 30 U.S. special forces, 7 Afghans killed in copter crash See in context

A terribly sad event for the families of the troops involved in this crash and my sympathies to them.

Operating helicopters in high altitude terrain is very dangerous and it takes very brave men to fly these missions day after day in defense of freedom.

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Posted in: TEPCO seals off area of nuclear plant with high radiation level See in context

Watch OUT Japan! What TEPCO is N☢T telling YOU, ... is hazardous to your health!

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Posted in: Ichihashi appeals life sentence for killing British teacher See in context

No lay judges will take part in the appeals court.

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Posted in: Record high radiation reported at crippled Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

As usual, things are "surreal" with Tepco...

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Posted in: Japan welcomes last-minute U.S. debt deal See in context

The cuts will ultimately be made on the backs of the fast disappearing middle class in the US. The message: if you live within your means and pay your taxes and live by the rules you are screwed! and left without any social safety nets or retirement benefits.

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