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you also have a pretty uninformed world view if you think a black man can go to any country, especially Japan, and magically succeed just by reading a couple of books. American whites have a hard enough time getting respect in this country, how do you think the Japanese view African blacks?

@HumanTarget I think you are the one that isn't well informed for making such a remark. I recognize you made that comment about 5 years ago but things haven't changed that much now. I came to Japan with only a B.Eng degree and no Japanese language skills and 6 years later, after my doctorate, i started teaching in one of the top unis here. I am Nigerian by the way and I have a couple of black African colleagues who came here with only bachelors and are now either working in notable Japanese companies or unis after studying for two or five years here. Yes, a black man can go to any country, especially Japan, and succeed just by studying. At work places, a well set record beats all stereotypes.

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