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Posted in: Man gets 30 years for killing wife, 2 children See in context

This one is just a liar.

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Posted in: 'Everything is at stake' for reproductive rights in 2024, Harris says as Biden-Trump debate nears See in context

This one about to close. Well dodged fellas

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Posted in: So long plastic air pillows: Amazon shifting to recycled paper filling for packages in North America See in context

Didn’t read the article again. This one is the gift that keeps on giving haha.

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Posted in: Christian studio eyes 'culture wars' challenge to Hollywood See in context

How many of your movies have made $250 million?


Take your pick champ.

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Posted in: The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law See in context

Nearly everyone wants young people to get sex education. In fact, over 90% of parents support sex education in both middle and high school. The vast majority of parents, including both Democrats and Republicans, want this education to include topics like birth control, healthy relationships, abstinence, and sexual orientation. So, sex education should be a non-issue in this country.

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Posted in: The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law See in context


Do you even read what you post.

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Posted in: CNN rules for first U.S. presidential debate: No props, muted microphones See in context


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Posted in: After backlash, Trump pulls social media post with reference to 'unified Reich' See in context

I thought the whole point of this platform was for free speech. The coward doesn’t even have the nuts to stand by his post.

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Posted in: Graffiti found at mausoleum of Emperor Meiji See in context

It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know it 

Rocket scientist perhaps you meant to say


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Posted in: Spring has come early: February likely warmest on record amid climate change See in context

The forecast over the next 7 days in Fukuoka is for 4 days to be below "normal," 3 days above "normal" and 1 day spot on "normal." Oh, the humanity!


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Posted in: Belief in the myth of outlaw heroes partly explains Donald Trump’s die-hard support See in context

An Anti-Robin Hood.

Yes, exactly!!!!


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Posted in: Putin praises Biden for calling him a 'crazy SOB' See in context

it's good that my president is not Biden

It’s not like you were able to choose.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly groping girl on Nagoya subway See in context

That poor woman.

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Posted in: Shutdowns are a uniquely American drama − in the UK, it's just not Parliament's cup of tea See in context


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Posted in: Shutdowns are a uniquely American drama − in the UK, it's just not Parliament's cup of tea See in context

Do you know who is? Obama.

8 years is more than 4 years and there was the huge mess to clean up from the previous administration.

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Posted in: Russian missile strike on Ukrainian market kills 17 as Blinken announces new $1 bil aid package See in context

Waiting for the pro-Putin types to say that it was a military market.

Didn't take long for the POS to turn up with that very excuse.

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Posted in: Japan says seawater radioactivity below detectable limits near Fukushima See in context

"china bad, japan good."

"people who don't agree with the official covid-19/vaccine narrative are all conspiracy theorists/science deniers" 

"free and beautiful ukraine is going to defeat fascist russia in just TWO MORE WEEKS!"

Funny that you chose only one side of the political spectrum as examples.

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Posted in: No anomalies detected in fish samples after Fukushima water release See in context

Best to maintain a PMS (Positive Mental Attitude) and get on with living a happy and fulfilling life

Could not have put it better. Change of life for the better.

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Posted in: Donald Trump's bond set at $200,000 in Georgia case over efforts to overturn 2020 election See in context

Yes just another way that “Justice” treats one man and anyone around him “differently” than everyone one else. 

Kinda like two tiers.

That’s a joke right. Any normal person commuting the multiple crimes of this “person” would be in jail long before now.

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Posted in: Which summer-themed songs or movies are particularly nostalgic for you? See in context

Wedding cake island by Midnight Oil.

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Posted in: From upsets to record attendance, these are the trends that have emerged at the Women's World Cup See in context

Love to see any of those women’s teams play Palace.

That “might” give them a chance to win something.

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Posted in: William Friedkin, Oscar-winning director of 'The Exorcist' and 'The French Connection,' dies at 87 See in context

Seriously, just tell them it’s sarcasm.

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Posted in: Yellow cards for confronting referees part of tougher sanctions for English soccer season See in context

No fouls allowed? 


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Posted in: Number of hotel guests in June exceeds pre-pandemic levels in Japan See in context

Very annoying and prices have gone up, damn and blast.

Luckily me next few trips are Tokushima, Nagoya and Sapporo.Sapporo is fine as we stay with my partners mummy and my partner has her own self contained flat on the premises you see. The first two places seem to still have decent prices after the end of August. 

Too many tourists lately I’m afraid, hopefully the JR Pass price hikes soon will deter many of them.

Basically you’re a tourist,right?

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Posted in: Musk unveils his new AI startup with a team of top researchers but a vague mission See in context


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Posted in: Wildfires 'off the charts' in Canada as temperatures climb See in context

Here is a good article with a graph showing that the majority of wildfires are starred by humans.

Nothing in the article about intentional starting of fires or climate activists.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits MLB-best 25th homer; goes back-to-back with Trout, but Díaz rallies Rockies past Angels See in context

It means he’s leading the league. Wow.

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Posted in: Australia gives Twitter 28 days to clean up 'toxicity and hate' See in context

don't have Twitter and I laugh when people I know get their panties in a twist because someone they don't even know wrote something that upset or offended their poor little sensitive feelings.


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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand honor war dead in Anzac Day dawn services See in context

I wouldn't fight for Australia - I already left the country with no intention of returning.

what, no nads?

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