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Posted in: Trump unconcerned if cabinet picks disagree See in context

Looks like the Americans have voted a possible Russian deep agent into the White House...

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Posted in: Japan seeks way out of Trump's bad books on trade See in context

I think the Japanese need to calm down... There is no need to panic.... USA is no longer the omnipotent superpower... there are other big players around..

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Posted in: ANA reprimanded after aircraft prepares for take-off with passenger still standing See in context

I hate to say this... but Japan seems to be losing that fine shape edge... The care, watchfulness, diligence and the eye for details when the Japanese goes about their daily tasks...seems to be less so nowadays...

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Posted in: Couple in their 80s found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

A growing problem in a lot of Asian countries... We should all sit down and discuss peace ..so that we can spare resources for community support...instead of building weapons..

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

Wasabi is good for your health.....

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing landlord See in context

Tenant from Hell... I am not paying up.... u are going down....

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Posted in: 17-yr-old boy jumps to death in front of train in Saitama See in context

Stressful society.... even teenagers are killing themselves..

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Posted in: Motorbike rider, pursued by police car, killed after crashing into truck See in context

Why do the young always think that they are immortal...

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Posted in: Japan likely to scrap Monju fast-breeder nuclear reactor See in context

I don't think Japan should shut down all their nuclear plants.... what if there is a major conflict in the Middle East and oil supply is disrupted?

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Posted in: U.S. Marine jet crashes off Okinawa; pilot ejects safely See in context

Definitely due to aging equipment... didn't know that those dinosaurs are still flying...

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Posted in: Japan confronts disability stigma after silence over murder victims' names See in context

Another reason why there are so many Japanese who come to my country and never leave... Japan have a lot of Tech but the willingness to accept imperfection is really lacking in the society as a whole.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after severed body parts found in Chiba home See in context

scary stuff....

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Posted in: Gunma safari park worker killed in bear attack See in context

Bears are smart animals... they observe and learn... probably opened the door and attacked her.

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Posted in: Company president arrested for slamming employee's 6-year-old son's head on floor See in context

Wow.... wow... that guy needs angry management...

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Posted in: Japan defense paper expresses deep concern at Chinese coercion See in context

Japan will destroyed if they go to war again. Just my personal gut feeling....

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Posted in: False giant quake alert sent out; lightning may be cause See in context

My friend was in Tokyo and she was wondering what the hell is happening... phones going off... people running around like some berserk zombies.. She almost shit in her skirt when she found out the reason...

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Posted in: Japan to upgrade Patriot batteries for 2020 Olympics See in context

China and Russia is coming to the Global stage as major players.... and nothing can stop them... Certainly not the Japanese...

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Posted in: China detains Japanese man for endangering national security See in context

Spy vs Spy. The fate of any captured spy is their country will deny they existed. That is the cardinal rule of the game.

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Posted in: Critics question economic impact of Abe's maglev decision See in context

Maglev train systems throw out so much electromagnetic waves that China no longer consider it safe to build any more lines...

Japan should be careful of their effects on the population.

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Posted in: Turkey quashes coup; Erdogan vows 'heavy price' for plotters See in context

Turkey is a big mess... The worse is yet to come...

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcibly kissing woman admits to 10 similar crimes See in context

This guy needs help...

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics is looking for volunteers, but may have a hard time finding them See in context

This volunteer thing is going to turn very very messy....

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Posted in: Brexit shock more bad news for Abe See in context

Looks like the British people is still the smartest people around... They see an out of control EU train heading for the cliff and decides it is time to get off...

Just like they decided to join China as a founding member of the "NEW BANK".... regardless of what USA or Japan does and now it reaping the rewards of being able to influence China from within....

Basically, they really understand the Psyche of the Chinese... "$$$$"...

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Posted in: Missing boy case sparks discipline debate in Japan See in context

I have observed my Japanese friends and one thing i noticed is that they are still very traditional when it comes to interaction with their children... They have a no nonsense atitiude and it sux.... they express shock when i tell them to treat their children as their equal...

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Posted in: Suzuki Motor blames lack of resources for using wrong mileage tests See in context

Looks like VW is not alone in this scam....

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Posted in: Man shoves girlfriend into sea at Yokohama’s Yamashita Park See in context

Weird news.....

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Posted in: Missing 7-year-old boy left in mountains by parents as punishment See in context

LOL!!!!! With parents like these... who needs enemies....???

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Posted in: New photo of Japanese journalist missing in Syria appears with message plea for help See in context

The Japanese government better make a deal fast... .Paid the ransom, put this guy on the first plane back to Japan and then execute him.... The clock is ticking and i think this is definitely his last chance...

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Posted in: China says Nanjing more worthy of remembrance than Hiroshima See in context

Japan got nuked by the Americans and became a follower.... Everywhere i go in Japan, i see a shallow culture and a people cowed by the constant threat of another nuclear attack by USA. It is not spoken but whenever i mentioned a possibility of another nuclear attack by USA, everyone keeps quiet.

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Posted in: U.S. pressures Japan not to devalue yen See in context

Japan should devalue its currency as soon as possible... before their exports collapse

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