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Posted in: Multiple S African strikes fan fears of new violence See in context

Wow, what an appalling statement. Exactly what part of this "Zimbabwe" phase are you referring to? Massive inflation, unemployment, beatings, land take overs, the complete crippling of the economy, please pray tell which of these will help stabilize SA?

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Posted in: Mandela's family gathers at his home See in context

Well put Elbuda just need to correct you on one thing, he is Xhosa, not Zulu. My thoughts are with you Madiba.

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Posted in: Obama hugger gets online beating See in context

I love how the out of context Fox soundbites of the "They did not build that" speech become fact. At least this registered Republican has the brain to understand what was actually said. Republican reading with critical thinking....take him down!

LOL, this is pure comedy, would be funnier if not for the fact that whoever controls this country wields immense power, enough to seriously hurt this world, very scary. Reminds me of the Roman Empire, I digress,

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Posted in: Russia and China again veto Syria resolution at U.N. See in context

@samwatters A far worse precedent already set is the UUN being OK with a sovereign nation being invaded and exploited without any repercussions to the aggressor. Heaven forbid if you are in a country that has resources they want.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy ship fires on boat off Dubai, killing 1 See in context

Yes and the US military machine has never lied....

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy stabs mother after she confiscates video game See in context

@NetNinja Watch the whole episode to give you some perspective, not conclusive but will make you think a little. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWr4htYp9dM

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Posted in: Obama addresses Arab world; urges Israel to go back to 1967 borders See in context


tkoind2: but during the Apartheid, nobody launched rockets or blown themselves in buses.

No but pipe bomb attacks at public bars and restaurants took place. I do recall an apartheid era song by the ANC military wing going along the lines of "1 bullet, 1 settler", not too different if you ask me.

Moderator: Readers, no further references to the ANC or South Africa please. That is not what this story is about.

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Posted in: Australia proposes tough cigarette packaging rules See in context

when are going to start putting images of mutulated bodies hit by drunken drivers on cans of beer. While we are at it, lets put images of fat that has been sucked out of peoples bodies on the wrappers on those yummy burgers we eat. As long as they are not pushing it on children these are adults making decisions on their own health, they know the risks and have to make up their own minds. If this was America this would be the big government that the conservatives are scared of.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of university student in Tokyo hotel See in context

alternative spins on this tragic murder may have been that: a) He did not have enough or any money and thought he could get away with it and she got hysterical and threatened to get him trouble resulting in his attempt to shut her up. b) She up'd the price and he did not have enough and she was about to fetch the goons to get the money out of him resulting in his attempt to prevent from doing so. c) he is completely nuts and wanted to kill something beautiful....and get some cash and belongings while he was at it.

Without speaking ill of the victim here I suspect that something set her off which spooked him, he panicked and did what he did, in no way justifying his actions but I know from personal experience how hysterical people can get, the respondant of the hysteria could easily snap, I know I almost did.

just speculation of course

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Posted in: New York Imam: Mosque fight about Muslim role in America See in context

firstly it is an Islamic Centre not a Mosque. There is in fact a mosque close by, in the same area that has been operating for years before 9/11 but know one seems to be talking about that?

try sticking to the facts, if you would be kind enough to show me proof that Imam Rouf is a radical who supports anti-west violence. The AMERICAN STATE DEPARTMENT sent him to the middle east to preach tolerance to them, not americans. Any clue why your own government would sponsor Imam Rouf is this so called radical? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Posted in: U.S. wasted billions in rebuilding Iraq: auditors See in context

nope, 1 administration wasted money on destroying a nation then the same administration gave lucrituve contracts to their buddies to rebuild the very same nation who also probably profited from the destruction too.

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Posted in: Saudi judge considers paralysis punishment See in context

@beezlebub, the same Hippocratic oath that allows doctors to reject treatment because patients can't pay?

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Posted in: Testimony leads to discovery of woman's remains in Shizuoka See in context

the police should be arrested as accomplises for the 2nd murder due to thier negligence

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Posted in: New breed of corporate head choppers set up errant workers for decapitation See in context

you can fire them legally, you just need to pay them severance, guess it is cheaper to blackmail and hire goons to do so than to pay the severance. I agree that this must only be for those small to medium sized domestic companies that do not budget for severance. Been involved in letting people go twice in Japan and it aint pretty but at least my company deals with responsibly and gives them a package good enough for them to survice while they look for another job. this blackmail method is just plain mean!

In the case of the 5 ladies, sexual harasement is dealt by HR but when it is the HR that is comitting the offense I can see where they got stuck.

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Posted in: Pottering about See in context

I think the 1st 5 rows are poternarians, the rest are not dressed up, probably pulled off the street for the photo so more like 49 excluding the poternarian on the potty.

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Posted in: JFA chief seeks vuvuzela ban at World Cup See in context

As a South African they annoy me too but the point is it is apart of the African soccer experience. It is like having the World Cup in England and telling them that no soccer hooligans are allowed in the stadium.

The whole point of moving the tournament around the world is to bring world class soccer to people that would not normally see and to for the host country to share their culture with the rest of the world. It is not like anyone is gaining an unfair advantage here because they cannot hear each other, they will all be in the same boat.

Watching the game on TV in Japan the constant droning noise get ignored by my brain pretty quickly and it did not detract from a really boring game.

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Posted in: Japanese hiker died of blunt force injuries after copter crash in New Mexico See in context

still no mention of her boyfriend who she was with???

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Posted in: 32 dead, 200,000 homeless in Brazil floods See in context

Looks like they did a sterling job saving lives. Not bad for a developing country, compare it to Catrina.... food for thought.

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Posted in: Man convicted of killing Japanese girlfriend in California See in context

@ seesaw... so this justifies being butchered by barbecue tongs?!?!?!

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Posted in: World's 1st official MLB restaurant to open in Tokyo See in context

I will have to walk past it everyday! Gonna miss the huge beers form the current restuarant.

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Posted in: Actress Ai Takabe becomes honorary police chief for a day See in context

Because it is more like a memory test and the only people who know the sequence are the driving school instructors.

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Posted in: Russian troops still entrenched in Georgia See in context

last I checked USA have been in Afghanistan for 7 years and it is still not under control and that is with the help of Afghan troops.

This "my dad is better than your dad" argument is getting really old, everybody get out of the sandbox and into your corner.

Everybody should stop defending their country as we are all just a number to them, little pawns in a game that we know nothing about.

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Posted in: Obama introduces running mate Biden See in context

Two interesting observations:

They go on about McCain being a POW in Vietnam, not sure if USA would like a commander in chief who was captured by a 3rd world country, not taking anything away from his bravery and patriotism.

Obama + Biden = O(s)ama Bi(n)(la)den = ironically close, rather amusing actually. try say Obama and Biden fast a few times and I am sure a few announcers could easily make the slip.

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