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Posted in: The U.S. has always had ‘big government’ – even in the colonial era See in context

bass4funkMay 28  09:30 am JST

Americans have the right to welfare when they qualify.

according to whom? The Constitution?

'Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'. It's in there.

bass4funkMay 28  09:14 pm JST

Yes in less than 300 years look at the negative impact the USA has had on the world

Not something to be proud of

I vehemently beg to differ, although not perfect, I think we have made a lot of positive impacts and a lot to be very proud of.

We certainly have, until trump disgraced the US with his fascistic uncouth undiplomatic delusional and deranged persona. He brought SHAME upon America that's going to take decades to heal from, if we ever can. He raped America, and nothing or nobody is the same after that occurs.

> albaleoMay 28  09:24 pm JST

Yes in less than 300 years look at the negative impact the USA has had on the world

Not something to be proud of

But many positive impacts too, especially in the fields of science and technology.

And culture and ideas too. The US doesn't hold a monopoly on that but still there's no denying the tremendously positive impact it has made on planet Earth and all its people.

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Posted in: Check out one of Japan’s top 100 mountains reflected on Imori Pond See in context

Looks worth the while.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim doubles down on satellite ambitions following failed launch See in context

JohnMay 29  07:14 pm JST

If at first you don’t succeed, fail fail again, fat boi.

A bunch of screaming hysterical nutcases in America (did somebody say, 'Faux News'?) will make a hysteria about this to their loyal sheep, and maybe Kimmy himself will lie about it to the NK people. As for the rest of the world, and people with common sense - next page!

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Posted in: Thailand to indict influential former PM Thaksin over royal insult See in context

kurisupisuMay 29  03:20 pm JST

The new Thai king has few fans in the LOS according to the Thais that I have met recently.

The lese-majeste are an anachronism and often used by the Thai establishment to rid itself of foes.

So who really is in power in Thailand? And didn't Thaskin make his 'insult' outside of Thailand? He should've never returned there, that 'government' is just using this bogus crap as an excuse. It's a sham and a crime in itself.

Remember the comic strip 'Wizard of Id' from the 70s, 80s? I'll just say it now and let's see what the 'King Tut the Butt' of Thailand has to say about this:

'The King is a FINK'. Now smoke that, you royal poobah.

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Posted in: Finland's wizards making food out of thin air See in context

Livestock farming is one of the main culprits in greenhouse gas emissions, the primary cause of global warming.

That's bull.

Still, making this meat and eggs and such is a great idea. It would be essential and easy for astronauts on space stations and colonies on other planets. And don't push this vegan lie on me, we as humans NEED protein from animals. We are evolved enough to be omnivores. Fact.

MoonrakerMay 29  07:37 am JST

Great. Plates of solein for the meat-eaters. Win-win all round.

Gene HennighMay 29  08:15 am JST

Solein is not a science project. Wait. . .it IS a science project. This sounds like a good idea but people will have to slowly transcend into it. It should be a gradual process, one that will develop more and more with each generation. Some meat should stay around

For sure. And if we can 'create' our food in a quicker way than before, all the better.

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Posted in: Richard Dreyfuss comments about women, LGBTQ+ people and diversity lead venue to apologize See in context

Jonathan PrinMay 29  12:00 pm JST

If he can't speak his opinions, don't invite him.

If you don't invite him because of his own general opinions, don't pretend to be inclusive.

He wasn 't invited to give a speech on the soapbox. As for the women/gay/whatever 'issues', why is he sassing off the mouth about it all now? He's had to work with all such people throughout his career whether he knows it or not.

There are some good women actors as well as good 'nonwhite' (a nebulous definition) and gay actors out there. Either you got the talent for the job, or you don't.

'Jaws' is certainly a classic but look at its sequels. Trash!

And look at the industry today. How about complaining about Hollywood's completely vapid lack of originality/creativity/inspiration instead? The well of inspiration has completely run DRY.

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Posted in: The Beach Boys, going into the sunset, look back on years of harmony and heartache in documentary See in context

TokyoLivingToday  12:42 am JST


Far from it. They are as essential as the Rolling Stones, Ramones, Motorhead, Kraftwerk, U2 (I've seen all these acts, incl. the Beach Boys) as well as Roxy Music, David Bowie, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Beatles and Prince.

Beach Boy harmonizing has made a huge impact on bands of various genres. Don't believe me? Listen to some of those YES records. Yes, even a prog band has been influenced by the Beach Boys!

And the Beach Boys influenced psychedelic rock and even punk. Their shows in California draw in the whole spectrum - every race/color/ethnicity/musical taste/style/genre fan/culture/you name it. That band IS California.

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Posted in: What to stream this week: Willie Nelson, Chip & Joanna Gaines, Jim Henson and Benedict Cumberbatch See in context

Now the group is preparing to release their debut full-length studio album, “Armageddon.” Lead single “Supernova” samples Afrika Bambaataa ’s ‘Planet Rock’ from 1982 and brings their electronic experiments even further into the future.

A phony group sampling a classic early hip-hop gem. 'Electronic experiments'? 'Future'? I saw the German synth band Kraftwerk live last week, they invented the 'future' and revolutionized rock'n'roll. They changed the world with original musical compositions on synthesizers - which ARE instruments BTW. And no lip-synching or wretched autotune either! 'Armageddon' alright, this is the Armageddon of good original music.

Willie Nelson makes yet another covers CD, but at least he's still working. And he is working, going on tour in North America w/ Neil Young and John Hoosier Mellencamp (his fellow Farm Aid benefit founders).

'Fixer Upper', another ego trip from a self-promoting couple who needs to just go away.

And now that the dirtbag OJ is dead, do we need to rehash the life story of the starstruck ex-wife that he murdered?

Grammy-, Tony- and Emmy-winner Ben Platt brings his Broadway-sized pop to a third studio album, “Honeymind.” It’s a cheery pop-rock record (produced by Dave Cobb, known for his work with country greats Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile and most recently, Zayn Malik), deeply informed by his own love story and Peter Gabriel melodies. It’s an ideal record for musical theater fans looking for a different change of pace

The cover art is certain to get some homophobes and religious fanatics hyper-in-the-diaper, AGAIN. As for me, it's just not very interesting. And as for 'Peter Gabriel melodies', I have several of his CDs (the new 'I/O' 2CD set is great!) and I've seen him in concert twice. I'll take the Real McCoy any day, Thank You Very Much.

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Posted in: Rapper Nicki Minaj says Dutch police told her they found pot in her bags See in context

Abe234May 26  11:01 am JST

Self entitled. Over hyped! Narcissistic women, oh loves to show us how she thinks shaking her fat is sexy. She wants to blame the police, and not herself. She made herself late. And the police just enforced the law. It’s not the police’s fault.

> lostrune2May 27  11:16 am JST

Marijuana is tolerated in the Netherlands (up to some grams)

The issue was taking it out of the country

Which is kinda weird since it's tolerated in the country, so taking it out of the country should be the destination's country's problem

To continue on this, what if the destination country has legalized marijuana

So you're going from the Netherlands where weed is tolerated, to another country where weed is legal

So there shouldn't be any issue if ya take the weed with you

That's why that Netherlands law is weird

Maybe it's a matter of taxation and duties. Alcohol has limits too.

No, it's not the cops' fault. But is weed legal in the UK yet? Also, when I smoked cannabis in Canada (legal all over there), I couldn't bring it back to the USA, not even to a state where it is legal. It's a matter of export laws I guess.

TaiwanIsNotChinaMay 26  05:44 pm JST

MiuraAnjinToday 05:29 pm JST

If the USA made exporting guns and ammo. illegal, the economy would crash.

The gun industry is 0.1% of US gdp which is not of a size that would cause the economy to crash. Anything else I can help you with?

Maybe so, but some of it goes to drug lords in Latin America and those rotten gangs that have overrun Haiti lately.

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Posted in: Toyota set to end massive Olympic sponsorship deal; unhappy over how IOC spent funds: report See in context

Toyota got egg on their faces from the last around with Covid and such. More people got sick than there should've been. They're embarrassed from it.

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Posted in: Biden says each generation has to 'earn' freedom, in solemn Memorial Day remarks See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  07:12 am JST

He's right, and we earn freedom and keep our troops safe today by defending our ally Ukraine.

That's more a NATO issue but NATO is a defense alliance, and we are obligated to it no matter what trumPutin says.

> bass4funkToday  07:18 am JST

The guy is just all over the place. Wish he would heed his own words and focus more on his own country that is falling apart.

We need to protect our nation from the rot within - the lies, hate, racism, scummy traitor militia trash.

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Posted in: Macron calls far-right rise an 'ill wind' for Europe See in context

You can what you want about Macron but he's right and we know it. He won an election against the trumpish Le Pen last year.

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Posted in: Ukraine gets more air defense missiles from Spain to fight Russian glide bombs See in context

Spain is a NATO member yet they can do this if they want to. As for Ukraine defending itself, the more weapons the better.

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Posted in: Canada pledges temporary visas for 5,000 Gaza residents related to Canadians See in context

Before anybody says anything on this with some anti-immigrant screed, I will mention this true story. Two people, Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust were allowed to settle in Canada and start again. They married and fathered a son in the Toronto area.

His name is Gary Lee Weinrib, better known as 'Geddy Lee'.

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Posted in: Netanyahu acknowledges 'tragic mistake' after Rafah strike kills at least 45 Palestinians See in context

'Tragic mistake' indeed. Major DUH City.

Israel has every single doggone right to defend itself. They didn't start this disgusting sick war, Hamas did. But Nutty Yahoo has been using this war as a leverage and an excuse to slaughter innocent men, women, children. Bombing hospitals in violation of the Geneva Convention, blocking food and medicine aid to Gazans - all war crimes.

The Christmas/Chanukah/Ramadan and Easter celebrations got nixed pretty much because of all this madness and mayhem. Again, it's not the fault of Israel that this crap happened but Nutty Yahoo is corrupt and he is the wrong man to be handling this horrid situation. Game point, nobody wins.

Benjamin Netanyahu, you are going way too far in this war. You are endangering the lives of your fellow Israelis in this conflict, yet you just don't give a damn.

Resign! Step down **immediately and get your dirty ass out of the Israeli government NOW! **

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Posted in: Enjoy the great outdoors in the shadow of Mount Fuji at Lake Yamanaka See in context

SpeedMay 26  11:22 am JST

Just make sure not to have too many people standing together taking pictures or else they'll build a blocker barricade.

That just recently was a 'problem' according to some journalist.

> Seesaw7May 27  08:41 am JST

My favourite spot

Iconic of Japan. This neighbor I grew up with joined the Marine Corps. and volunteered to go to Okinawa. However, he spent most of his time and money on booze and frequenting flophouses. He even snuck back a porno videotape (in violation of international law) and showed it to me and a few others after his discharge (the movie was nauseating). He did have a photo Mt. Fuji to show us as well. He should've taken more advantage of the unique cultural and historical aspects of Tokyo. I sure would've.

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Posted in: Godiva Japan’s new canned cakes are works of art filled with luxuriously rich chocolate See in context

Gene HennighMay 27  07:07 am JST

Cake is not a science project. But these look good, probably taste good and are unique. I would really like to try them. 

I have seen (and eaten) deserts like this and they're good. I don't really care what someone else may think, if it looks good, I might try it.

zibalaMay 27  10:17 pm JST

I would use the word jar instead of can.

Waiting for someone to research some evidence of antiquated or unique use of the term "canned" that would apply here.

That's all a matter of definition and interpretation. Just like the question 'Is it a car or is it an auto?'.

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Posted in: More than 2,000 buried alive in Papua New Guinea landslide See in context

This is truly the stuff of nightmares. In the 70s when disaster movies were t5he rage on TV, I remember one called 'Avalanche'. This couple was in the act of committing adultery (you saw a man's pants hitting the floor and heard a woman giggling) and then all of a sudden a HUGE mass of snow engulfs them all in the act. When you're about 9 or 10 years old as I was this kind of stuff can give you the heebie jeebies.

SpitfireMay 27  04:21 pm JST


Horrible way to go.

And it all happened just like that. Horrible, terrifying and scary.

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Posted in: New Caledonia closes airport, imposes curfew after violence See in context

New Caledonia President Louis Mapou was elected in 2021 as the first pro-independence indigenous Kanak leader.

There you have it. The Kanaks want to be free and self-governing. Why does France want to negotiate or increase its influencer in the Pacific? The French need to get the funk out.

Louis Mapou needs to tell them the Hannah-Barbera cartoon way: 'Get out! (boop!) and stay out!'.

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Posted in: Buddha's birthday: When is it and how is it celebrated in different countries? See in context

MoonrakerMay 14  06:49 pm JST

The Taliban were right, from both an Islamic and Buddhist point of view, to destroy the Buddhas at Bamiyan. Though, being neither Buddhist or Islamic, I think it was just an act of vandalism, almost as pointless as destroying the Sphinx or a Mayan temple.

They were WRONG to destroy those Buddhas carved in the mountains. That's history and culture right there!

When I was in college, I learned that there are so many forms of Buddhism. Theravada, the original form has no deity and simply says if you're a good boy or girl you go to Nirvana/Heaven in the next life. Tiddy-boom.

Mahayana says that Siddhartha Gautama himself is a deity, and the Only One.

There's another form that has no deity but counts Siddhartha as a messiah, a 'Jesus Christ' figure.]

Lamaism says the Dalai Lama is the Buddha returned.

And on and on and on.

The truth is he didn't people to write what he said, the religion really started up after he died of botulism from eating a dish of bad pork about when he was 80.

In that regard, he is an 'Elvis' figure, with stories and tales centered around him. The man is larger than life. And make no mistake, he was a philosopher and a scholar. His logic is very important and useful in many Computer Sciences courses I took in college. Anything beyond that, is up to the individual.

And just like Jesus and other religious figures we don't know what the birthday is, our calendars weren't as accurate as they are now. April 8? Here in America this past April 8 I witnessed and observed a total solar eclipse and that was 3.5 minutes of darkness I will cherish forever!

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Posted in: Small Chinese EV called Seagull rattles U.S. auto industry See in context

Gareth MylesMay 14  09:00 am JST

@JeffLee China may describe itself as Marxist-Leninist, or in more illuminating moments as "Communism with a Chinese face", but that hides the reality of economic life in China. BYD is a good example of modern China. It is part-owned by Chinese investors and part-owned by Western venture capital funds. BYD shares are listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges. There is no Marxism in the history of this company! The reality of China is more accurately a single-party mixed-economy with a very healthy dose of free-market capitalism.

As long as it's controlled by the government. Any foreign company can come do business in China or any Communist nation as long as it's controlled by the government. That's how it was for Siemen's Electronics Corp. based in West Germany, they had ops in Communist East Germany too but once again, it was controlled by the government. The GDR, which is now extinct.

And so it is with China and its CCP. GM actually (sneakily) introduced a 'special' model of car actually made in Chinese factories a few years ago. It was a total bust and was discontinued the following year. Of course, as of 'Marxism', if Marx were to see a Communist nation he wouldn't recognize it. It's all an illusion, a Big Lie. Marx's theories and ideas have never really come to being but 'Leninism' sure has! It's the latter half of that term that makes 'Marxist-Leninism' as rotten as it is. And it is.

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Posted in: Woman in her 80s dies en route to hospital after ambulance takes wrong route See in context

wallaceMay 14  06:29 pm JST

Ambulances take too long from the time arriving at a scene to the time of leaving. I have seen them taking more than 30 minutes. Surprised more patients don't die.

One of my relatives had to suffer longer than she should because in her Kentucky town, medics can't enter a home until somebody inside lets them. Ridiculous.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift's tour arrives to shake up Europe See in context

The Original WingToday  10:04 am JST

I don’t get the bitterness about this from some

I'll try:

The bitterness from some people is certainly over the top, and making a pop singer the target of such hostility is odd.

But, for me at least, the dislike of her stems from the imbalance of love/worship/attention from fans and media vs. the actual quality of what she's producing. Her music is pretty run-of-the-mill fare. Some of the lyrics are interesting, but lots of them are bland and uninspired and even a bit immature. Her music could have been written or performed by dozens of other musicians of the recent generation. 

Bland, uninspired, generic, pedestrian and not very interesting.

Gene HennighToday  10:34 am JST

She is doing what The Beatles when they hit. She is addressing her music to her generation. Just as I loved The Beatles and my parents couldn't understand the world wide attention, if anyone over 30 doesn't like her their opinions don't count. I've listened to a few of her songs and find them trite and with music a lot like other performers around now.

Ah geez Louise. The Beatles (r)evolutionized rock. They changed the world in so many ways with their inspiration, talent and experimentations. Their influence is HUGE. Although if it weren't for them, somebody else would've done all that. TS is NO Beatles, and she is not 'Fab'. No way, Jose.

am a bit baffled about one thing. Why do all the female performers these days perform in swimsuits? 

Sex appeal sells. Ask Shania Twain about that. She's beautiful and very sexy but she can't sing/write/etc. to save her life. Her music is trash, it totally SUCKS whale butt. And like TS, she also has released her albums in 2 CD sets - one 'country' + 'pop' (+ 'Eastern') mixes together. Another album was released with cuter sexier pic on the cover and a different track list - the European edition. But when the Clash's first album was released in the 1977 UK version and the 1979 US version, it had substance.

And TS is following in Shania's footsteps as well in her mass marketing. But put the CD in your player w/o looking at the cover art and you hear 'Yeeeccchhh!!!'.

And there has been and are plenty of good and great female performers who did not/do not push the sexuality angle because they didn't 'need to'. Aretha Franklin, Go-Go's, Bangles, Joan Jett, Heart, Anita Baker, Marie Fredrickson of Roxette, Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders, Pat Benatar, and on and on and on....

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Posted in: Remastered Beatles movie 'Let It Be' gets long-awaited re-release See in context

Of all the Beatles movies this was the worst one and the least fun for all concerned. The Fabs were totally burned out, they thought the happy 'Yellow Submarine' fulfilled their movie contract.

As Sir Paul put it in the 'Anthology', this was an unhappy album and film for them all. It clearly shows how bands break up.

On the plus side, it set a precedent for what MTV did years later. I remember every weekend on MTV a feature show called 'Making of an Album' where you'd see the inside info and interviews from the artists. I saw such 30-minute episodes of albums by REO Speedwagon, Culture Club, Men at Work, Judas Priest, more.

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Posted in: Backstage artisans keep Moulin Rouge kicking See in context

There was a movie about this during the 00's. I hate to think of a 'nostalgia' for that insipid time.

Please don't resurrect it. Just don't.

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Posted in: Rap feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar explodes See in context

plasticmonkeyMay 7  07:29 am JST

wanting to be regarded as the best rapper ever

Two self-obsessed idiots.

Already a security personnel for Drake got shot. Just like Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., these two sassybrat juveniles are too chicken to meet face-to-face so they seen some goon to 'do the work' for them.

Pottymouths, sassymouths, big mouths, Big Dummies. Braggarts, bullies and cretins - both of them.

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Posted in: Coppola and Trump biopic lead star-packed Cannes film fest See in context

biopic of Donald Trump 

You have GOT to be kidding me! SMH. If you're going to do that, how about remaking that infamous Bob Guccione movie 'Caligula' but put it in a modern American setting? The original 1979 Roman Empire was sickening enough. That depicts trump to a 'T'.

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Posted in: Tax office investigator, arrested for theft, says he needed money to pay back debts See in context

Hervé L'EisaMay 8  05:17 pm JST

Cheap Trick said it right,

"Taxman, Mr. Heath

He's looking for a run-in, yeah

Taxman, he's a thief

He's looking for a run-in, a run-in yeah yeah"

Taxation is Theft!

You beat me to it. My old middle school shop teacher was a total jerk. After he retired from that he became a CPA, and on the Legacy page somebody wrote about 'he helped me with my taxes'. Yeah, stealing? 'Learning the ropes' also means you have the potential to break the law. And some do.

My shop teacher was an ass when I had him in school, we all despised that twat. Once a jerk, always.

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Posted in: 1 in 5 people aged 65 or older in Japan predicted to have dementia by 2060 See in context

obladiToday  07:15 am JST

Amazingly, we still don't know the cause of Alzheimer's disease. More research into the mechanism will hopefully open the door to new means of prevention.

I remember the 1984 State of the Union address where Reagan showed the early stages of Alzheimer's. It didn't have a name as of yet. And during his second term when the weasels Ollie North and Co. did that Iran-Contra crap, they were taking advantage of his condition. The San Francisco papers said that he was just 'senile'. Now we know. Reagan's memoirs confirm this, he remembered his younger days but it got spottier as time progressed. When it came to the period of glasnost with Gorby, he couldn't recall doodley squat.

And I have seen others since then with Alzheimer's and dementias. Dementia took the lives of two of my uncles, it's sad to see degeneration like that.

We don't know about these disorders but hopefully we will over time. More people are getting these disorders because we're living longer now and getting old enough to get them.

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Posted in: Amazon to invest $9 billion in Singapore See in context

Robert NToday  08:59 am JST

Easy place to do business

A dystopian totalitarian city-state with a gross human rights record and a personality cult for a government. Not a good idea.

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