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Posted in: Unknown Lennon recording to be auctioned in Denmark See in context

Nothing like the 'Toot and a Snort' recording you did with Paul, Stevie Wonder and others? No music? Turn the page.

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Posted in: Alanis Morissette blasts documentary 'Jagged' as 'salacious' See in context

I just don't like her or the hateful vengeful image she portrays in her videos. You get a bad partner, one who cheats? Don't wet your diddies, break away and find somebody better. Quit being such a sassybrat, girl.

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Posted in: Oyakodon: An easy traditional dish made with rice, chicken and egg See in context

Charlie SommersSep. 15  02:51 am JST

Simple and delicious. This and crab fried rice were my favorite meals when I was first in Japan.

I are some of of this at a Japanese restaurant shortly before the lockdown. It is GOOD.

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Desert TortoiseToday  08:40 am JST

I would rather have a refugee than a Republican of any income level as my next door neighbor.

These armchair warriors had better keep their mouths shut about this. Taking in foreign personnel who helped our troops in their TV entertainment wars is the least we can do for them, for all they did. Just like the Somali and Vietnamese immigrants.

DanielsanToday  10:30 am JST

The USA cannot even care for its own population of homeless, or properly care for senior citizens or the mentally ill. These Afghanis are in for a rude awakening when they discover that the American Dream is an outdated fantasy.

The American Dream is a lie for everyone. Still, these refugees will have a chance to make something for themselves. Contrary to popular myth, there are no free rides, not for refugees or immigrants. That's a Trumpian lie and we know he is unreliable.

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un's sister warns of 'destruction' of S Korean ties See in context

SkepticalToday  07:45 am JST

She must be lots of fun at a party.

To be clear, she said:

"If the president's reported slip of tongue is true, he would be quite foolish as president of a country. We express great regret over the president using the word provocation that reporters use thoughtlessly," Kim said.

What a sourpuss shrew she is. She's just sassing off the yap again, she's peeved because the new POTUS ain't gonna kiss up to her bro Mr. Marshmallow Head. So she's gotta look tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-TUFF.

She needs to just shut up and go away. Kim Yo Jong is acting like she's BAD but she looks totally pathetic.

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Mr KiplingSep. 11  07:27 pm JST

That dress screams "Look at my silicon breasts"

You just said the magic word, 'silicon'.

But tomorrow she will be saying " Don't treat me as a sex object".

That is all she has going for her.

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Posted in: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez make romance official in Venice See in context

gokai_wo_manekuSep. 11  05:23 pm JST

Women want men to stop viewing them merely as sex symbols, and yet they dress like this. (PS I'm totally gay so I'm not directly involved in this.)

Sex symbol status is fine as long as that star has some brains and talent. J-Lo has the looks but her music and films just plain suck. Total wankeroo.

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested for assaulting 87-year-old nursing home resident for ‘not going to sleep’ See in context

Harry_GattoToday  10:20 am JST

Sugita’s cell phone was later found to contain photos of him abusing the woman by covering her face with a blanket and pinching her nose.

The fact that he photographed himself abusing her is not going to help him. he needs putting away for long time.

he apparantly is getting his kicks from beating her if he photographs himself doing it. What a sickio. What's he even doing working at a place like that?

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Posted in: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez make romance official in Venice See in context

MatejToday  10:49 am JST

well who really cares at all...?


Oh really, J-Lo. How much did you pay for those botox injections and sculptings? It sure musta took a lotta money to look that good.

And that's she got going for her too. Her 'music' sucks and her movies are atrocious.

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Posted in: Mochi ice cream ramen: Noodles will never be the same again See in context


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Posted in: Ground zero: A selfie stop for some, a cemetery for others See in context

P. SmithToday  07:29 am JST

It was 20 years ago that Saudi Arabians gave Bush II and his conservative buddies an excuse to destroy Afghanistan and Iraq.

Thanks, Republicans!

JeffLeeToday  07:46 am JST

I exhort anyone to watch Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911" on this important day. Absolutely brilliant, in light of events that happened AFTER the movie came out. Moore must have a crystal ball. One of the very few (like myself) who could see the real situation as it was.

P. Smith

You should have added "wealthy and priviledged Al-Qeda Saudi Arabians" with a few Jordanians and Pakistanis thrown in. Naturally, that was the cue for Bush/Rumsfeld to target impoverished Taliban (!) in Afghanistan (!) and then Iraq, which committed to no terror against the US homeland.

I saw that film. I also remember on 9-11-01 Bush 43 saying that Saddam Hussein was the 'greatest danger' to the world, which was a total LIE. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Overthrowing that rotten bastard left a void which led to the rise of ISIS which is a menace.

But the GOP and its supporters made a profit from all of this and things led to the rise of the Antichrist Trump, who BTW is not a Republican but a fascist pig. And because of that, the greatest danger to the USA is not Iraq, not al-Qaida, not ISIS but the traitors within. The past few years and Jan. 6 of this year have shown that.

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Posted in: Dead climber on Wyoming mountain identified as Japanese man See in context

MarkSep. 8  07:50 am JST

RIP, Having a climbing partner could have saved his life, just bad luck.

The Grand Tetons are a beautiful resort area, I've visited there a few times. But this hiker should not have gone alone.

A question to ask is, were there any other hikers nearby at all? There are some racist cruds in the Idaho area who don't like this guy's kind.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for assaulting restaurant worker See in context

BoboSep. 7  06:02 pm JST

”I can’t recall” guess a policeman would know what to say ! Best way not to incriminate himself?

In the US military and police there is a period after duty time where they can't touch alcohol.

Desert TortoiseSep. 8  11:26 pm JST

That's about 8 beers for a 73kg male.

Eight beers in one evening is hammered.

And that doesn't excuse his behavior.

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Posted in: Man gets 9 years in prison for fatal assault of 9-month-old daughter See in context

JackoSep. 8  06:45 am JST

The poor child came into this world feeling nothing but pain, this monster deserves more than 9 years.

At least she's in Heaven now, away from thia abusive rotten creepola.

momocloSep. 8  07:09 am JST

"Kura sporadically beat the infant’s head with his fist." And all he got was 9 years?

He desrves 99 years for this crime!

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted rape of sleeping woman in her apartment See in context

ChottobakaToday  07:21 am JST

Ah, the good old "I couldn't resist" defense.

An excuse. What ever happened to 'Kissing Bandits' we used to see on TV? It only gets worse all the time. And this creep is old enough to know better. Put him away.

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Posted in: Ex-lawmaker found guilty of casino bribe says he was wrongly convicted See in context

Sounds like a crybaby, he needs to suck it up and take responsibility for his actions.

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Posted in: Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot raises serious concerns See in context

FarmboySep. 9  08:58 pm JST

We are more at risk from out-of-control humans in the world right now.

Robots can't do anything that people don't program or set them to do.

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Posted in: Facebook and Ray-Ban debut 'smart' shades See in context

SkepticalToday  09:09 am JST

I'd like to hear from one of our readers who is an optician or otherwise has a background in optometry, over the safety of these, and whether they are practical and functional.

I knew a blind WW2 vet who used shades like these. You tell who you are and he could 'see' your image.

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Posted in: NFL opens to full stadiums as COVID-19 surges See in context


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Posted in: Multiple people shot in southern Illinois; 3 suspects flee See in context

Wayne LaPierre, are you happy? All these years of lies and hysteria just to make some money. Are you giggling like a kid over this?

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Posted in: Main defendant in Paris attacks disrupts trial with new diatribe See in context

He reminds me of that Qanon poophead who whines that 'Trump set us up'. No honor among scumbags. a terrorist is a terrorist and is trash. And this one complains about his prison conditions but he sure didn't care about those Parisians, did he? Wah.

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Posted in: About 200 Westerners, including Americans, fly out of Kabul See in context

GOOD. I'm glad they were allowed to leave. Considering how the US military presence was untenuable, now let the Taliban and ISIS and whoever else duke it out.

To paraphrase those old time Hannah Barbera cartoons, we need to get out and stay out.

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Posted in: Japan’s oldest McDonald’s worker defies age barriers, inspires everyone at the age of 93 See in context

HBJSep. 9  09:44 am JST

On the surface this seems to be heartwarming and inspirational blah blah blah.

Actually it's an indictment on something that is horribly wrong in society.

If he's working because he needs the money to support himself, then that says a lot about the lack of support provided to the elderly.

As someone mentioned previously, many people don't know how to retire. They only know how to work.

Many people see working less as retiring.

Spending your twilight years working nightshifts at McDonalds means something, somewhere, has gone drastically wrong.

Some of my retired uncles and aunts have took the initiative and gone travelling, often in groups (guided if overseas) - they go to Branson, Great Smoky Mountains, St. Louis, California, Hawaii. They take jets to Rome, Berlin, Krakow, Medigorge (sp?). One of my aunts in Kentucky has the hobby of belly-dancing. She learns from an Arab immigrant woman instructor, and it's a good way to exercise (it has no sexual overtones whatsoever).

any of these things and more can be rewarding, enriching and good for you. Working and slaving at a McJob at 93 is just plain depressing to me. It's about as bad as watching the idiot box all day and grousing about how screwed up everything is.

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Posted in: China-to-Hong Kong travelers will no longer need quarantine See in context

Pukey2Sep. 8  10:28 am JST


You may be surprised to hear that quarantine-free travel between HK and the mainland was possible before the pandemic. It was even possible between US and Japan. Does that mean Japan was being integrated into USA? Please can you stop jumping on the bandwagon and using hatred for the CCP to criticize everything. I am not a fan of the CCP, but every other country recognizes HK as part of China, and travelling between the two is the norm.

Before the pandemic it wasn't a problem for anyone. Japan seemed to be doing ok until the Olympics. The USA had half a million dead last year because of an irresponsible lying fascist pig stirring up violence. The most casualties of any nation because of a loser. An additional 100000 since because of some people still being morons. But at least there are restrictions in America and other countries like Canada.

As for China and HK? The CCP just doesn't give a damn, that's all there is to it.

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Posted in: Suga says healthcare systems remain under severe strain See in context

factcheckerToday  07:22 am JST

Instead of caring about people's lives, you only gave a toss about money, Suga. It's a bit late to play the woe is me act.

Passing the yen, ain't we? You screwed up big time, man.

Aly RustomToday  07:42 am JST

Suga says healthcare systems remain under severe strain

Thanks to HIM and his refusal to postpone the Olympics

All that money ain't going to save your career or reputation now, Suga.

NumanToday  07:29 am JST

@Simian Lane

I’m so sick and tired of people removing my freedoms. Sometimes I wish the virus had just swept round the world unhindered and then much quickly afterwards we just got in with it

That means a large number of conservative right and conspiracy theorist would get infected and possibly pass away which is why many people are still dying, and the economy has been stagnant while placing stress on the medical industry and limiting people's lives.

Isn't that happening now?

We have those idiot AM radio and TV junkies, Trumpian disciplea and Faux News sheeple listening to the crap as well. They're out there in their 'freedumb' rallies and harassing medical college students. At least TWO AM mayhem radio anti-vaxx gurus recently got CoVid and died but these chumps just don't geddit. And you have these religious fanatics claiming that the virus was sent by God to rub out 'queers', 'infedels', 'Commies' and whatever. Never mind some state governors. CoVidiots!

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Asiaman7Today  06:48 am JST

“Sanaenomics” — just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Did she take out a page from the book of 'Reaganomics'?

enolagayToday  07:31 am JST

Heavy metal fan huh ? Hey Sanae, name three heavy metal bands.

Well, Japoan has Loudness which I remember from the 80s. They made some inroads in America, made it on MTV. Then there's the pervert's fantasy Babymetal which I just don't care for at all. Boris is considered to be 'metal' to some, I just think they're innovative, cool and whacky. That's three 4 ya. Japanese at that.

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Posted in: China-to-Hong Kong travelers will no longer need quarantine See in context

Another step towards HK's full integration into mainlain Communist China. Very sad indeed.

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Posted in: Japan’s oldest McDonald’s worker defies age barriers, inspires everyone at the age of 93 See in context

AddfwynSep. 7  10:08 am JST

I...find this more depressing than inspirational, honestly.

I get wanting to be active post-retirement, but to do so by working for a faceless conglomerate that can't possibly care about you seems like the ultimate picture of late-stage capitalism. I can think of at least a dozen things that would be a better way to stay active.

Speculative, but I can't help but feel this is one of those cases where Japan has so conditioned somebody to work every minute of their life that they don't know how to actually retire. Maybe I am wrong and he is truly passionate about this work, but I just find that hard to believe.

I find it very depressing indeed. Many retired folks go to college to get another degree in anythng just for kicks, or they join fraternal organizations or they do what I enjoy a lot -TRAVEL. Travelling, exploring - you can keep on learning all the time. It doesn't end at HS and it shouldn't.

Some of them pursue hobbies they didn't have time for before. Skiing, kung-fu, belly-dancing. Even Bingo could make a hell of a difference. I just can't imagine anyone being passionate about this work either, esp. after hearing from so many people I know who've done it. I've heard all about the speedy pace, the lippy sass from the supers, the Romper Room 'team talks' and other insults. Immigrants often get these jobs in America because most citizens don't want to bother. And don't get me started about Wally World (Walmart). I'd rather work for Satan than those chumps,

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing woman’s underwear from laundry See in context

gokai_wo_manekuSep. 6  12:22 pm JST

We live in a country where THIS makes the news. Nothing like the stuff you read about other countries. Did you see the news from the USA this morning?

In my hometown a few years ago this creep stalked little boys and took their socks off. The cops busted into his home and found a Christmas tree adorned with pairs of boys' socks hanging like ornaments.

RecklessSep. 6  02:56 pm JST

What the heck does a man need women's used underwear for? Filthy habit.

Remember that scene from '16 Candles' where that geek wanted to show Molly Ringwald's undies to some people outside to 'show off' and brag about something that he didn't do? Some people never grow out of that mentality.

lostrune2Sep. 6  06:57 pm JST

What a haul! What a haul!

Sounds like we have somebody with a serious case of the Arnold Layne Syndrome here.

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Posted in: 20 years of 'forever' wars have left a toll on U.S. veterans returning to the question: 'Did you kill?' See in context

Peter NeilToday  12:16 am JST

There was no real need for America to go to war against Iraq and Afghanistan. Nothing was achieved.

The defense industry has a poker face, putting out the mantra that this is serious business, young men in harms way, kill them over there before the kill us here, reform these countries into democracies, win the hearts and minds of the people, etc., but they're smiling inside.

They got the American people to not even think about the fact that they got $11 trillion (trillion, with a t) in taxpayer money since 9/11.

And this 'nation-building' biz has never worked either. Somalia waa a failure, Haiti in 1994 was a whitewashed urban guerilla war, Afghanistan was broadvast on TV like a football game, wars with Iraq settled nothing and made things only worse. Lives were lost, more were damaged and as rotten Saddam Hussein was - getting rid of him left a void that led to the rise of the even worse ISIS. And now Afghanistan is disunited, let the Taliban and ISIS-K duke it out. it's all been pointless, bin Laden is dead. It's past time to exit.

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