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Posted in: Daryl Hall suing John Oates over plan to sell stake in joint venture See in context

So one of them wants to a maneater about it all. Is Aimee Oates a rich girl or does she want more? This ridiculous business crap isn't making many people's dreams come true.

I saw this duo before the lockdown, they're the most successful male duo in history. Another male duo, Tears For Fears was the opening act BTW.

I can't go for this. Can't believe that after over 50 years it would come down to this. No can do.

A possession obsession. How did relations get so bad to result in this? An article in Rolling Stone states: 'Sixteen years after Daryl Hall sold "significant interest" of duo's music to publishing firm Primary Wave, he's trying to prevent longtime partner John Oates from doing the same'. And Wikipedia has mentioned that at least one of their band members has quit earlier this year. And Daryl said in an interview, 'Things have changed'.

Where is the M-E-T-H-O-D O-F (brotherly) L-O-V-E in this? Some things are better left unsaid.

ISome people are feeling just like dying because something beautiful is dying. It's very sad to see a rock act that enriched so many lives while I was growing up end on such a sour and sickening note.

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Posted in: 56-year-old woman gets 13 years in prison for fatally abusing 5-year-old boy See in context

> Trader JonesToday  07:04 am JST

A five year old child - How do these people exist? If humans are considered civilized with this crazy crap and worse happening around the world, then maybe we need to reconsider the definition of civility

People just don't give a damn about their children.

falseflagsteveToday  07:12 am JST

Where I come from these people are called beasts and their time in prison wouldn’t be nice. Other people would seek out justice in a violent way for that poor little boy.

13 years isn't nearly enough for this (unprintable epithet). She is disgusting and abhorrent to the max.

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Posted in: Shows like 'Scandal' and 'Madam Secretary' inspire women to become involved in politics in real life See in context

Don't forget Kamala Harris, the first woman VP of the USA.

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Posted in: One of world's largest icebergs drifting beyond Antarctic waters See in context

And climate change is a myth, huh?

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Posted in: Brazilian who intervened in Dublin knife attack insists he's no hero See in context

TokyoLivingToday  06:33 am JST

The protest is against immigrants, and I'm an immigrant myself and I was the one to help out," 

The difference is that he is a immigrant of the good ones..

The bad ones must be deported..

At least he acted in the best manner about it and he's not basking in the limelight being a narcissistic jerk about it.

> bass4funkToday  07:58 am JST

The difference is that he is a immigrant of the good ones.. 

The bad ones must be deported.


trump needs to shut up and learn from this case. Most immigrants are just fleeing a bad scene and want to live a better life in peace. And this fellow is a vivid and clear example.

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Posted in: British troops patrol Kosovo-Serbia border as tensions remain high See in context

Desert TortoiseToday  10:05 am JST

Since the UN was formed in 1945, there was no change in borders by military force, until Kosovo was taken from Serbia by a bombing campaign in 1999.

A comment that conveniently ignores the war crimes by Serbian forces at Sarajevo and massacre at Srebrenica. Part of the UN charter is to stop the sorts of genocides the Serbs were committing against the Kosovars.

The dictator Milosevic was lying out the fanny about the Bosnian Muslims, Kosovars and others and then committed the genocidal crimes on them that he 'WAH' ed about. That's what fascist pigs always do. Look at trump in the USA for a more recent example.

a battle between the authorities and armed Serbs holed up in a monastery turned a quiet village in northern Kosovo into a war zone on Sept. 24.

And now some Serbs desecrated a house of worship by converting it into a battleground. A place of violence.

It's been over 20 years since NATO intervened. Kosovo is an independent nation now, with ethnic Albanians and ethnic Serbs and more. If these ethnic Serbs can't accept that then they should get the funk out and go to Serbia.

Kosovo is for the Kosovars.

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Posted in: Fill your holiday stocking with Cher, Ella Fitzgerald, Brandy, Andrea Bocelli and more See in context

So two ladies are offering themselves as Christmas presents here? That isn't really what Christmas is about.

Cher. Not on your life. And the only brandy I'll be near is when I eat Christmas pudding and mince pies.

Chicago. You gotta be kidding. To paraphrase Joe Strummer, I only have to look at their logo to feel sick.

The 1998 Chicago album was over commercialized, constructed and nauseating. Very unseasonable and ready for purchase at your corner Walmart. And the same goes for the one REO Speedwagon put out too. Steer your starship light-years away from those two.

Cher? Is it going to feature that wretched Autotune on it? I'm steering my starship to avoid that one like a black hole! You couldn't pay me to even listen to that CD.

TokyoLivingNov. 25  01:06 am JST

Extremely BORED..

Absolutely NO thanks..

I'll stick to my 'Peanuts' special soundtrack, John Denver and the Muppets and other modern chestnuts my Generation X grew up with and love. You can never go wrong with those!

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Posted in: Susan Sarandon, Melissa Barrera dropped from Hollywood companies after comments on Israel-Hamas war See in context

So many antisemites are using the projectionism rhetoric on Israel and Judaism itself. They accuse the state of Israel of the exact same thing and that is antisemitism.

Take Roger Waters, ex-Pink Floyd. He is constantly ranting about Israel being an 'apartheid' and 'fascist' state. That is certainly not true, not even close. He even claims that Israel and Jews control the US media and even control the dictator Donald Trump! He even implies that Israeli security proudly taught US cops like Derrick Chauvinist Pig how to arrest Black Americans with that infamous the 'George Floyd' manner.

And then there's Ye.

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” — a slogan seen as antisemitic because it suggests the eradication of Israel.

Israel is Israel. Palestine is the West Bank (and Gaza). Palestine does not include what is Israel. They are two different peoples, nations, entities.

Jews were put in concentration camps and exterminated - 6 million of them in the Holo8caust by the Nazis. Antisemites project that idea, claiming that Israeli is doing the same thing on Palestinians. But they ignore and/or deny the Holocaust altogether and push this projectionist lie on the Israelis and Judaism itself.

And it's antisemtism. Bullies and thugs and haters (like trump) use the exact same projectionism method on others.

There's NO excusing what Hamas is doing. But Israel is protecting itself, not committing a genocide.

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Posted in: Accuser sues Bill Cosby for alleged abuse dating to 1980s under expiring New York survivors law See in context

stormcrowNov. 23  10:01 am JST

It still hard to believe that Bill Cosby (America's Dad!) committed all of those many, many rapes. Cosby used to call comedians like Eddie Murphy and told them to clean up their comedy acts, but Cosby was the worst one of all.

All my life as a kid I remember him on PBS and in educational movies shown in school and 'Fat Albert'. And as an adult the charming 'Cosby Show' and of course his comedy act.

But when I read the Breaking News from MSNBC about his conviction the words about him getting disruptive and shouting 'Ahole!**' (twice) cut me like a Bowie knife. That tore me up, I didn't want to believe it!

But 63 women with the same allegations is no smear conspiracy. And he got convicted last year for trying to rape a teen over 40 years ago. He's a pervert too.

It's hard even now to realize what a monster he truly is. Things like this make you wonder if anything in your life, anything you've been told or taught is real at all.

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Posted in: Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose accused of sexual assault See in context

'Axl Rose' is not his original birth name. He legally changed it back in the mid 80s. Rearrange the letters. They spell 'oral sex'. He is a well known porn addict and loves S & M. His liaisons and stories from his past GFs are well-known and ugly.

I wouldn't put it past him to do something like this.

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Posted in: Woman alleges Jamie Foxx sexually assaulted her at New York bar; actor says it 'never happened' See in context

BlacklabelNov. 24  12:53 pm JST

And what happens when you pay? You get another accuser.

Like Bill Cosby. If there's other accusers that come up with similar stories then it'll be more obvious. If it's a fake accusation it won't fly.


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Posted in: Sean 'Diddy' Combs accused of sexual abuse by two more women See in context

RedemptionToday  10:23 am JST

Got to pay to play Diddy!

It's karma time, Diddy-O.

> Leo TToday  12:09 pm JST

Over 30 years ago....


Rape is a tool of fear, power, domination, EGO. And the evidence is piling up. Most victims are scared to come forth but when more come up, it's clear that all these allegations by people who don't know each other is no smear campaign.

64+ women on Bill Cosby, how many on Harvey Weinstein, R Kelly, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris, and Trump the Chump got convicted on one case.

And rapists never stop at one victim or incident. They get 'cocky' (no pun intended here) as they keep on doing it because they keep thinking they'll get away with it. They get conceited and sometimes boastful about it.

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Posted in: Decaying body of man found in closet of his apartment See in context

Wouldn't the smell be noticed by somebody?

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 11-year-old son at home for 3 days while she stayed with boyfriend See in context

owzerNov. 23  05:16 pm JST

While I think 11 years old is old enough to take care of one's self for a few days with enough preparation by the parents..

The gas in the apartment was turned off and police said the boy told them he had to take a cold bath.

THIS is not acceptable.

I've been at home alone at that age a few times but never for that long. And just giving him cups of ramen just doesn't cover it. What if he got hungry later and got into a situation where say, a cupboard or a fridge fell on him?

Child neglect at the very least. Jail her ass now.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed at Yokohama music arena See in context

timeonNov. 24  04:59 pm JST

I've never been stabbed, but wouldn't you feel something if somebody stabs you in the stomach??

The woman was stabbed but wasn't aware of it until she felt pain as she was leaving the arena and saw a knife sticking into her stomach

They need better security. Every time I've been to an event in a large arena, in/outdoor I've had to empty my po8ckets, go through a metal detector and get scanned. Everyone does. Keys are OK of course but you put them in the pot. As for my very small Swiss Army knife, forget it. Verboten. They won't even allow noise makers (don't even think about bringing that vuvuzela in there!). That goes for football games, hockey games, concerts, etc.

That's to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time, as it should be.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spitting on woman on Osaka street See in context

Is this creep a misogynist or what? What a dirtbag, man.

shogun36Nov. 24  02:06 pm JST

Sounds like a winner.

someone get this fool a job.

spit shining shoes, preferably.

How about lick-shining a fellow prisoner's shoes, in a prison cell of course.

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Posted in: Two teenagers die after apparently jumping from apartment building roof See in context

Romeo and Juliet again, a reenactment of a Blue Oyster Cult hit. It happens over and over, time after time. In this modern but unhuman world many more youth are being overstressed or bullied for various reasons and are seeing no hope or any way out of their situation.

I have lost a GF to depression 7 years ago and her family still won't put a grave stone at her plot. They don't care. And I've lost many veteran friends this way who can't escape the horrors that wars cause while armchair generals are entertained.

The MASH theme song has lyrics not used on the TV show, it's titled 'Suicide is Painless'. That's a crock of bull.

Suicide is not an answer to anything. There is always a better way out.

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Posted in: Japan confirms object launched into space by N Korea orbiting Earth See in context

NK already has a satellite in orbit now, prior to this. It's probably a communications satellite so their TV can air that Commie BS propaganda to the NK public.

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Posted in: South African 'Blade Runner' Pistorius gets parole a decade after killing girlfriend See in context

In the mean-time, Mr. Pistorius, will need to find a sponsor who believes in him, should he wish to continue in his Sport (in some form or another), or to find some other form of employment in order to "Live" independently.

As for the Family, of his Girlfriend, this is going to be hard upon them, and I truly feel for them too.

Who's going to want him for a sport? He just might do something rotten again to get back into prison, where he should be anyway.

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Posted in: Hamas frees 24 hostages in exchange for 39 Palestinian prisoners as part of cease-fire swap See in context

itsonlyrocknrollToday  11:29 am JST

Wick's pencil, the war has left Northern Gaza infostructure devastated, its schools its hospitals, water, sanitation, power, the cost in lives of between 13000/17000 Palestinians.

When this so called ceasefire ends, what will remain of the south?

What endgame do you envisage?

For any conceivable future for Gaza, will take decades to realize. If at all.

Like I mentioned before, Gazans who have no affiliation with Hamas or any other thug groups are caught in the crossfire. And they're suffering from this the most.

There's no 'winners' here, no matter how it pans out. Everyone loses.

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Posted in: Netherlands' longtime ruling party says it won't join a new government following far-right's win See in context

I was surprised that supporters of Wilders on here completely avoided his description of ‘Moroccan scum’.

'Moroccan scum'? That sounds Trumpian already, racist trash talk.

I smell a rat in this Dutch cheese!

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Posted in: KitKat Japan’s holiday chocolate is here and we (and everyone else) can’t get enough of it See in context

Time to kick-start the Christmas season I see.

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Posted in: Survey of middle-aged wimps provide case studies in male inadequacy See in context

'Wimp' in itself is a misnomer. A sort of 'big word' used by juveniles who don't know the meaning.

Handicapped doesn't make you 'wimpy'. Nobody chooses that. Having a lot of money doesn't make you a better man either and it can't buy you love. And who needs a gold digger for a wife?

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Posted in: A ceasefire is far from lasting peace – a national security expert on the Israel-Hamas deal See in context

Hamas is a bunch of fanatical un-Islamic murderers and Nutty Yahoo is a power junkie. Nonetheless, Hamas started this ugly war, right after the Rosh Hashanah celebrations at that. Not a coincidence.

Nonetheless - Gazans, Palestinians, Israelis; there are no winners in this war.

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Posted in: 18-year-old married couple arrested for burying body of newborn baby See in context

falseflagsteveToday  06:41 am JST

Unbelievable! What is going on in this world?

Disgusting. Why don't they let someone adopt the baby instead?

> NOMINATIONToday  08:08 am JST

Losers. You are ready to marry at 18 but not ready for a baby?

Sex is a crapshoot but you'd be better be ready if you roll a 2, 3 or 12.

TokyoLivingToday  10:02 am JST

Contraceptive methods people!!!...

There's just no excuse for this behavior, no matter what. Now there's a child who'll never fall in love, will never go to school, ...

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Posted in: Hamas frees 24 hostages in exchange for 39 Palestinian prisoners as part of cease-fire swap See in context

Wick's pencilToday  08:09 am JST

Calling the Palestinians held by Israel "prisoners" gives the impression they committed a crime and deserved to be there. Most of the thousands held by Israel committed no crime; they are just as guilty as the "hostages" held by Hamas.

The only Gazans who are guilty of crimes is Hamas itself, not the civilians stuck in the midst of it all. And Nutty Yahoo is using this unprovoked war as a leverage and excuse to obtain the absolute political control over Israel that he wants.

Gazan, Palestinian, Israeli - nobody wins.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court says it is adopting code of ethics, but it has no means of enforcement See in context

MNov. 14  07:35 am JST



If this is not law bidding, this is not ethic by deontology. Deonthology is a work guideline that can suffer to be forgotten depending on the case. Ethic at Supreme Court level are part of the constitution and are law biding up to constitution level. Ethic is part of the science law of making laws. This is as flexible as math.

Lesse, the woman-harassing Clarence Thomas who has treasonous links, the blubbering Kavanaugh, the stooge for TreasonTrashtrump. Ethics but they're not binding.

Yeah yeah yeah. With chumps like these what good is a code of ethics, esp. since they ain't gonna enforce them or are bound by it in the first place?

Damn, what an insult this is. An utter joke.

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Posted in: Over 20 killed in Islamist militant attack on Congo village See in context

yipyipNov. 14  07:38 am JST

Another massacre committed by Islamic radicals.

Fanatics. Not true Muslims at all, but murderers and another 'M' word that I won't write here.

> Fighto!Nov. 14  02:30 pm JST

Another massacre committed by Islamic radicals.

There will be folks on here soon calling them "freedom fighters" and "heroes" - just as so many admire the Hamas death cult, Hezbollah and ISIS.

They are not 'freedom fighters' or 'heroes' of any sort. They are ZEROES. Terrorist trash.

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Posted in: North Korea criticizes G7 as 'remnant of the Cold War' See in context

isabelleNov. 14  02:02 pm JST

North Korea criticized the Group of Seven countries as a "remnant of the Cold War"

Along with Kimmy's hairstyle.

That makes us even in my book.

That dum-dum is still stuck at least 30 years back. The Berlin Wall got opened up 34 years ago last week. I remember that time very fondly.

> PaustovskyNov. 14  02:17 pm JST

Says the only remaining country which is genuinely a remnant of the Cold War.

Kim is just shooting off his motormouth again. Even though China's CCP is also a Cold War remnant, they're keeping a distance from this chump. And that's exactly what Kim is, a lippy chump. And he needs to shutitup, NOW.

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Posted in: Abortion rights victories show issue unlikely to fade in 2024 U.S. elections See in context

opheliajadefeldtNov. 14  02:32 pm JST

The voters are at long last showing their collective teeth and burying these anti-democratic despots. Long may it continue until after 2024 and beyond.

I hate abortion, wish we didn't have it or had to. But I remember the Communist dictatorship of Romania that banned abortion and there were a lot of dead fetuses, dead babies, dead mommies and coathanger jobs in the alleys. Is that what we want for America? NO!!!!

Since the Supreme Court pulled their stunt last year there have been more mass superspreader gatherings, more Covid exposures, and LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES about the issue from both sides of the fence. I am grossly sick of all that crap.

Sometimes it's a necessary evil. That 10 y/o girl who got raped would not have survived a childbirth and she is much too young for motherhood. And the same goes for some women who are raped too. Rape destroys a person, at least psychologically.

When I was in college I got to meet the grandson of Mohandas Gandhi. He said abortion is murder, taking of a life. It is. But before we can tackle that issue, how about addressing the issues of the born first?

Look at the world during the past few years. Would you want to raise a child to swear allegiance to live and work a life to serving a sassymouth puke like Putin, Kim, Trump the Chump? I wouldn't.

Funny thing is, the American public LOOOOVES war and violence. Nobody says a word about the rampant gun violence that the screaming Wayne LaPierre made possible through his lies and greed. And war is entertainment on TV. Has been since 1991. When I was in the service there was a war. I didn't kill anyone yet if I did that would be 'entertainment' for an armchair general public.

Yet they scream about babies. How about eliminating the hatred and violence that the living people face first?

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