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Posted in: Leaders are meant to keep state secrets. Just not at home. See in context

When a politician vacates the office and/or Capitol, WH, etc. some hired hands sometimes tend to carry the wrong boxes out by mistake. Still, that's no excuse for the slip-ups that occur. They're potentially dangerous and can be wreckless at best. At least Joe and Pence have cooperated and haven't given any hissy-fits like Diaper Don. They haven't been shrieking 'wolf' ('witch hunt!') like the obviously criminal baby-man called Donald Trump the Fascist Chump.

And JT, why do you keep referring to that immature sassybrat as a 'leader'? He is NOTHING to look up to and deserves no respect or admiration whatsoever. He's not even worthy or qualified to 'lead' a trash dumpster.

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Posted in: Number of voice actresses in Japan hits record high, but is that a good thing? See in context

BlattamexiguusJan. 28  12:37 am JST

Mel Blanc.

And don't forget Jim Henson, Frank Oz and others who voice act for several 'characters' who are represented by those famous Muppets. Some of those voice actors do the work for many Muppet characters. And Frank Oz does the 'voice' for Yoda too. Hmmm.

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Posted in: The pros and cons of software running your car See in context

I remember seeing such a prediction on TV as a little kid. The detective crime drama show 'Kochack: the Night Stalker' featured a self-driving car if I remember correctly. Kochack himself was BLIND. He couldn't see but he 'drove' around NYC and solved crime cases. Some of them were really weird - for instance one episode had a headless motor biker and another had a Greek 'goddess' who seduced and murdered men (when her temple was destroyed, she froze into a statue).

And now there are special shades being made for blind people where they can 'see' images in their brains like Georgie LaForge of STAR TREK TNG. Self-driving vehicles can be beneficial at least for people like this. And maybe they could prevent some DUIs in the future too. Maybe.

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Posted in: Number of voice actresses in Japan hits record high, but is that a good thing? See in context

TokyoLivingToday  11:58 am JST

Voice actor is a great profession that requires a lot of preparation and talent, I hope that the guild of voice actors, manga and anime prosper and there are better working conditions for everyone..

Cartoon series and movies allow for great voice acting. It's fun to pick out familiar voices in animated movies. And it allows the voice actor to do excellent imitations. For instance, the voice of Bart Simpson is from a woman. And in a few films like 'Brother Bear' and 'Balto', the voices are from the musician Phil Collins who due to spinal injuries can do nothing but vocal work like singing and voice acting now.

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Posted in: Heavy snow continues across much of Japan as cold snap maintains grip See in context

Are these guys in the picture members of the Polar Bear Club, just plain crazy or what?

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Posted in: Junior high school principal arrested for soliciting underage girl for sex See in context

DaninthepanToday  11:27 am JST

She's going to need a lot of help. I hope she gets it but I wonder...

He's a callous lowlife. These kinds of people don't change, just regret getting caught.

60 years old. How many more has this pervert done it to? He is disgusting to the max.

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Posted in: Willie Nelson to celebrate 90th birthday at all-star concert See in context

HercolobusToday  08:47 am JST

Best wishes Willie. Keep on singing clean old music.

A real icon for sure.

> stormcrowToday  09:51 am JST

And he smokes pot every day?!

Maybe he's on to something!

Weed has its benefits. Not a miracle but not as bad as we've been told it is.

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Posted in: Lloyd Morrisett, who helped launch 'Sesame Street,' dies at 93 See in context

japancatJan. 26  11:14 am JST

Absolutely brilliant kids educational progam....grew up on 'Sesame strreet' ....Such a shame that over the past few years he allowed his pupputs to be used to promote that so called vaccine on kids who didnt need it !

CoVid is a real problem facing all of us and children need to know this, so they don't become muppets to these lippy motormouth cretins who keep on telling lies, ignorance, superstition and stupidity.

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Posted in: Microsoft scrambles to fix global outage See in context

WobotJan. 26  09:13 am JST

All this abdication of responsibility to tech companies won't end well

It caused me problems yesterday, I couldn't open my Hotmail until late in the evening.

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Posted in: Turkey says Sweden complicit in hate crime, NATO talks pointless See in context

 it turns out he has Swedish citizenship. He has a right to protest in his country and the Swedish authorities have no right under their constitution to prevent him. The real fault lies with Turiye. They do not acknowledge the right to protest against the policies of the AKP and their leadership. It is Turkiye that is incompatible with NATO.

What he did is uncalled for, offensive, provocative and more than a little stupid but as a Swedish citizen he has that right to explicitly show the world what an idiot he is. He can protest all he wants if the action is peaceful. Nonetheless, burning a Quran in public is a bit DUMB. Rasmus Paludan has shown what a dum-dum boy he truly is.

UChosePoorlyToday  10:05 am JST

Gintonic - what would you have the Swedish government do? In democracies, peaceful protest is allowed and I don't think we want to give that up.

And in a democracy that's guaranteed. Others don't have to like it, but at worst Rasmus Paludan has portrayed himself to be a cretin.

The problem lies with the Turkish PM. If Islam is so predominant in their government then how about following the Ten Commandments which are embodied within the Quran itself?

One Commandment says: No other gods. That implies Ataturk and his personality cult in Turkey.

Another Commandment says: Do not take the Name of the LORD in vain. Do not use God as a tool for a selfish hateful agenda.

Another Commandment says: Love your neighbor as yourself. Don't go bashing somebody because he's different from you.

Erdogan has a lot of nerve talking trash over issues like this. Is Turkey truly a NATO ally or not? He needs to shut up and look at himself. He has plenty of room to talk!

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Posted in: EU grapples with asylum reform as migrant entries surge See in context

RKLJan. 26  02:58 pm JST

starpunkToday  02:22 pm JST

Europe has had its history of fascism and they remember all too well the Iron curtain that fell in 1989. They're too jaded and smart to fall for that bullcrap. Besides, Europe has a long history of interactions and migrations with Arabic, Turkish, Persian, some African and even Mongol peoples. Read the history books.

You read the history:

Greece finishes wall on border with Turkey, amid fears of Afghan migrant crisis

That ain't gonna solve anything. Walls do not work in these times. Europe already has many migrants coming in from Libya and some Saharan Black African nations. And the ISIL genocides have certainly caused an exodus from the Middle East since 2014.

EastmanJan. 26  01:21 pm JST

why they are coming to Europe?

they may stay in any very next safe country.

say you are escaping from Syria-can stay in Turkey?

Turkey isn't so safe itself, putting down those Turkish Kurds like they do. Besides, Erdogan is an egghead.

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Posted in: Fighting intensifies in eastern Congo, displacing hundreds See in context

After the 1994 Genocide, the deposed Rwandan Hutu Power fascist pigs started up a chain reaction/domino effect of ethnic wars going on in central Africa to this day. The totalitarian Zaire regime was toppled but things didn't improve. There's been massacres and mass rapes in the area, in one week over 10000 Congolese/Zairians (all ages, both sexes) were raped. It's just plain unstable and horrible over there. And now there's the Congolese Tutsis of M23 causing this craziness.

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Posted in: Australian gov't minister says Kanye West could be denied entry See in context

"freedom of speech".

Nobody is suppressing Ye's freedom of speech, but it comes with a responsibility that Ye must bear the consequences of. Anti-Semitism is a complete hatred of the Judaism religion. It encourages violence against Jews because it views them as less than human. And singing Hitler's praises only amplifies that hate even further. Der Fuehrer Bastard and his policies murdered six million Jews in the Holocaust. And what did those Jews deserve to get that kind of treatment? What does any group or category of people deserve to be offed en masse like that? NOTHING.

Ye's hateful yapper has cost him a lot of sponsorships, support, friends, and his record contract. And if he were to visit the land Down Under, he could rally up neo-Nazis and other violent trash there too. And there are Aussie fascist scum, as well as Aussie Jews who have the right to live in peace and practice their Judaism peacefully and in a free environment.

Australia has its own issues and the last thing they need is a foreigner coming in with this disgusting sassymouth Jew-bashing attitude. It's the same for every nation, really. When you enter a foreign country, you are a guest and foreign governments can, should and do tell these criminals and hatemongers:


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Posted in: Toyota to replace Akio Toyoda as president and CEO See in context

hungryToday  10:24 am JST

I was surprised at the resignation of the president of a large company that represents Japan, but I hope that the company will continue to support Japan in the future.

I was wondering if Toyota's role in sponsoring the 2021 Tokyo Olympics had anything to do with it. Those Games left a lot of bad repercussions in Japan - leading to Abe's stepping down.

MarkToday  08:52 am JST

When you are # 1 any thing you do or say is the act or word of a Profit. Toyota has done way beyond anyone wildest dreams and continues to do so, Opening factories and assembly lines in many places around the world and helping others benefit and make a living is a NOBIL thing, while the rest of the world is fighting for an Ideology, Land or Greed.

Good Luck.

Maybe Koji Sato will turn things around for Toyota. One can hope.

'You asked for it, you got it!'

'Ohhhhhh, what a feeling to drive!'.

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Posted in: Australian gov't minister says Kanye West could be denied entry See in context

shogun36Today  09:50 am JST

Australian gov't minister says Kanye West could be denied entry

Haha. That fool shouldn't be allowed into any country. Including the USA.

He's got some criminal charges and allegations as well, such as that phony abusive 'Christian' school that he ran and his fake ministry. Also, his hateful sassing off about Jews can be costly. Let's see if any european country would let him in. Over 6 million Jews were slaughtered in Europe during the Holocaust, and Holocaust denial is a crime in many European nations. Neo-Naziism, fascism are now verboten in much of Europe.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton announces birth of first child See in context

SpeedJan. 25  10:17 pm JST

A child born from a woman with an infantile mind.

She became famous because of a grossly disgusting sex tape. She may know about sex but she knows nothing about motherhood. Oh yeah, and that 'music career'? Such a joke.

Just a dumb 41 year old woman going on 14 - trying to extend her Famous Fifteen Minutes some more.

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Posted in: EU grapples with asylum reform as migrant entries surge See in context

RKLToday  07:41 am JST

The Europeans can see the benefit of a wall.

kurisupisuToday  12:21 pm JST

There are just too many coming and the present infrastructure and society cannot cope!

Europe has had its history of fascism and they remember all too well the Iron curtain that fell in 1989. They're too jaded and smart to fall for that bullcrap. Besides, Europe has a long history of interactions and migrations with Arabic, Turkish, Persian, some African and even Mongol peoples. Read the history books.

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Posted in: Donald Trump reinstated to Facebook after 2-year ban See in context

There should be NO social media allowed for this fascist traitor criminal. He should be in solitary prison confinement for life, with NO internet access or contact with anyone from the outside world. Meta is abetting and giving comfort to a terrorist and an enemy of the United States. This in itself is a treasonous act and an outrage.

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Posted in: Lloyd Morrisett, who helped launch 'Sesame Street,' dies at 93 See in context

God Bless Floyd Morrisett. He and Jim Henson helped make learning SO much fun. My kindergarten teacher was a nitwit but watching this show after school made education an adventure for me and many others. In the succeeding grades we'd watch this show (and the 'Electric Company') on PBS while our teacher would be grading papers.

I've seen 'Sesame Street' in several languages on TV and it's essential to kids everywhere. 'Captain Kangaroo' was good, the 'violent' cartoons didn't make me a bad person (so those namby-pambies had better shut-it-up), 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' continues on with an animated series and one with puppets, and the term 'Romper Room' is a despairingly slang phrase because that show was marked awesome in its flat-out suckability. It was insulting to me even when I was that age.

RIP Floyd Morisette, and say hello to Jim Henson, Fred Rogers and Dr. Seuss for me!

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Posted in: North Korea locks down Pyongyang over 'respiratory illness' - report See in context

My doctor likewise had something that to her, in hindsight, also looked like Covid-19 the summer before the big outbreak in Wuhan. She was on a group tour in Thailand and the whole tour group came down with it. Nobody could figure it out. All the tests came back negative. But looking at the symptoms we had both of us would, today, immediately think it was Covid-19 but there were no tests for it when we were sick. There is also some evidence of Covid-19 in samples of waste water from Spain dating to March 2019. So I am not yet convinced anybody knows when or where Covid-19 originated.

No, we can't exactly tell the origin of the CoVid-19 virus. Viruses can develop anywhere, and they do. They often are labeled by where they are discovered and identified. In this case, it was identified in Wuhan, China. Just like it was with the Spanish flu of a century ago (which was worse than CoVid), the Hong Kong flu of the late 60's, the swine flu and the Russian flu of the mid 70's (that kept me out of school for a week). I had a bad flu in the spring of 2019, but it had none of the CoVid symptoms.

Designer 02Today  05:59 am JST

Hopefully not something new, or something of their own invention

Nobody can create a germ or virus. Germ warfare uses what already exists - like say, anthrax spores. As rotten as the Chinese CCP government is, and it is truly ROTTEN - they didn't create this. China has been suffering with this since late 2019. Yet some lunkheads have used it as an excuse to bash ethnic Chinese and even anyone of Oriental/East Asian and/or Pacific descent. That's indefensible and wrong. There's no one to blame for the CoVid-19 pandemic. It's everybody's fight.

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Posted in: North Korea locks down Pyongyang over 'respiratory illness' - report See in context

Elvis is hereJan. 25  03:36 pm JST

I would normally be concerned about reports citing an "unspecified respiratory illness"

Cute. Don't you know N Korea and what they are like? The article says that:

North Korea acknowledged its first COVID-19 outbreak last year, but by August had declared victory over the virus.

Big Brother on the Telescreen: 'ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! . Mass routings of the Corona Army! Even more defections and mass surrenders of the virus germs! War will soon be over, if you want it! *War is Peace! ***Victory! Victory! Victory!'**.

Walter Cronkite said, '1984 may not arrive on time but there's 1985'.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber sells music rights for $200 million See in context

YubaruToday  07:39 am JST

At only 28 years of age, he is one of a handful of defining artists....

(Cherry picked comment*)

He is one of a plethora of declining artists who wanted to cash in before he falls any further!

Justin Bieber is the Leif Garrett of the 21st Century. Nobody but t(w)een girlies even liked his crappy pop music. Now they've grown up and hopefully their tastes will have matured by now. Justin isn't honored or liked very well in his native Canada, he embarrassed them and himself with his moronic behavior.

He had his chances and his star has faded. Now he's taking the money and running with it. Hopefully he'll go away. His bubblegum music sucks. Canada is better represented by fun artists like Men Without Hats, Prizm, Triumph, Bryan Adams, and of course RUSH.

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Posted in: North Korea locks down Pyongyang over 'respiratory illness' - report See in context

Oh my my. Is KimmyBoy admitting that there's something he can't fully control in his hermetic KimboKingdom? Gee, I wonder what it is......

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Posted in: Finland says time-out needed in talks with Turkey over NATO bid See in context

stormcrowToday  10:49 am JST

Why is Turkey so dead set against Sweden and Finland joining NATO?

Are Sweden and Finland dangerous? No.

Are they invading their neighbors? No.

Do they have cooperative and friendly relations with brutal dictators? No.

Are they selling weapons to dictators? No.

Are they involved in war crimes or human rights abuses? No.

Quite the opposite, Sweden and Finland are at the forefront of goodwill and peace towards all. They seem to be like just the right kind of countries any peaceful organization would welcome into its fold.

Egghead Erdogan needs to shut it up. Sweden has a history of neutrality and Finland is next door to Russia. In the czarist era Finland was part of the Russian Empire. So both those nations should be more concerned now that Putin is throwing his weight around. And he's been waging cyberwar against those nations too.

They also have been taking in refugees fleeing the genocidal crap that ISIS stirred up, particularly since the usurper TrashTrump is a racist and wasn't man enough to allow into America refugees because of their ethnicity and language (it wasn't really a 'Muslim ban' because ISIS was killing Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Druze, Zoroastrians, anybody they could). What has Turkey been doing about ISIS all that time?

wallaceToday  08:25 am JST

NATO is a mutual defense pact between the member countries.

Yes. They stuck together in interviening against common menaces and enemies, like Serbia/Montenegro and Libya. And the more NATO members in the alliance the better.

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Posted in: The weaponization of the federal government has a long history See in context

YrralToday  05:31 am JST

They found classified docs at Pence resident

And you know the old adage. Before you remove the splinter from somebody's eye, get that plank offa yours. And Trump is the guiltiest in this case. He's got a whole carpentry shop in his eye!

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Posted in: Classified documents found at Mike Pence's home, lawyer says See in context

Biden and Pence did the honorable thing in turning themselves in. Trump decided to make a farce of himself.

And there's plenty of photographs that shows Trump's guilt. Scads of boxes, documents spread out all over the floor. Many of them 'Top Secret'. Never mind the secret closed meetings he had with his Master Vladimir. 'I can do what I waaaaaaant', Don the Con whined. Even now he's sneering, 'Witch hunt! All set up! Wah! Try to smear me! Bluuuuuuhhhhhhhhh.....!'. He just doesn't know how to shut up.

Say what you will about Biden and Pence but at least they're cooperating with the FBI and DOJ, not screaming like sassy brats like Traitor Trump always does.

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Posted in: Heavy snow warnings issued for parts of Japan; flights canceled See in context

Wintry weather is hitting North America big time too. Stay safe, everyone.

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Posted in: Japan’s ramen is too cheap; restaurants should raise their prices, famous soccer player says See in context

gintonicJan. 23  11:28 pm JST

Perhaps Honda would like to donate his multimillion dollar earnings to charity so the homeless could enjoy 730yen ramen before suggeeting price rises. Stick to kicking the ball.

He reminds me of these dumb athletes, Tik Tok, YouTube and reality TV 'stars' - listen to ME and you can be a star like MEEEEEEEEE........'. Remember that South Beach Diet that so many celebs swore by?

> kaimycahlJan. 23  11:33 pm JST

Perhaps he's had too many soccer balls deflected off of his head which is causing him to lose his mind!

Keisuke Honda is one of the biggest stars of the Japanese soccer world.

So why doesn't he go write a 'self-help' book and get on afternoon TV talk shows to belch this nonsense? There's plenty of noodle-heads in America who will listen to meatheads like him. The motivational speech circuit awaits him, zillions of dollars! Money for nothing......

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Posted in: Sean Penn Ukraine documentary to premiere at Berlin film festival See in context

K3POToday  09:49 am JST

If Sean believes in the war so much why is he not fighting on the front lines ?

Sean Penn's documentary may be more powerful than having another person firing a few more bullets around.

Sean Penn has matured and come a very long way since his days at 'Fast Times' and his marriage to the sex robot Madonna. In 1989 he did 'We're No Angels', it was a good film and he never looked back.

He has done documentaries not just in Ukraine but in Iraq and Haiti. He bravely and openly spoke out against that stupid wasteful Iraq War of 2003 - 2011 and he can say, 'Told you so'. He also spent over a year in humanitarian assistance after the horrible Haiti quake of 2010. He's been through and seen it all firsthand and his documentaries based on his experiences say a LOT. A lot more that the hyper-in-the-diaper hysteria that the American news media loves to spoon-feed to the public.

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Posted in: Tom Hanks nominated for three 'Razzies' See in context

Sheikh YerboabyToday  09:53 am JST

That character was really annoying in the film.

That's what Razzies are about. Worst supporting character 'award'.

Elvis is hereToday  07:11 am JST

Hanks' appearance as his exploitative manager Colonel Tom Parker was panned by many critics.

There is no such thing as a bad Elvis performance!

Well done Tom as the colonel. You're doing great.

Anyone with an iota of rock and roll history would know that.

I once saw on TV an early 80s film about Elvis. It was cheapo. The Elvis character looked like the King, white jumpsuit and all but he sounded like Sonny Crockett of 'Miami Vice'. That's because he was, the actor was Don Johnson. Now that's Razzie material!

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