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 It's no wonder people from the other side has popped up suddenly, not that I blame them.

Those people 'from the other side' are CCP stooges planted in. That's how totalitarian regimes quash opposition. Remember O'Brian from '1984'.

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'Love hotel'? So they decided to die together? Why did this Romeo and Juliet do this thing? Can someone fill me in, I don't quite get it.

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I remember an episode on 'Mork and Mindy' where Mork's spaceship outfit had 'smart' sensors on it. TV can become reality in stranger ways than you think.

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Justice not doing its job (a level of softness never known...) while police is understress because of past yellow vests events.

Prison are a joke where inmates make and broadcast youtube videos.

Result of immigration.

Is that a prejudice? Are you saying that Algerian or Libyan immigrants are to blame for crimes like this?

I don't know much about the 'yellow vest' rioting business going on in Paris but whatever the case, this is the case of a single jerk killing waiter over something stupid. And obviously stupidity is everywhere, not just in America.

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I will further add that legal marriages younger than 16 occur and that STILL is not proof of pedophilia and being legal, is not a violation of the law either.

I know that in some states the legal age to marry is 16 but that don't make it ethical or right. 16 years old isn't old or wise enough for much of anything of such a magnitude as marriage, or sex. There are a zillion things morally/socially/ethically wrong in American society, especially since some people who think they're the leaders haven't evolved or grown up yet themselves.

It's time for all of America, every state to begin growing up and entering the modern era.

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Toasted HereticAug. 18 09:22 am JSTOh yes. Reckon a country song would in particular would have sounded fantastic.

Love the Elvis Country - I'm 10,000 Years Old album. One of his latter greats.

He's got a huge discography. The remasters are the tops of course. The ones to avoid are the ones where his vocals are mixed with modern studio work - incl. synthesizer and drum machine programming! And those disgusting 'duet' CDs too. All those 'modern' releases are crapola to the max. There's plenty of terrific compilations that appeared in the 80s and since. You need to shop around and do your homework first in order to get the best stuff from this guy.

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ishelAug. 18 10:01 pm JSTIt seems to be this movie:

This is a trailer:

As an ex-idol going it alone, I did not have high hopes for her, but this movie may be a turning point.

Don't knock it. You never know.

A pretty face doesn't guarantee talent, at least in the West. Still, if she's smarter than any of the Spice Girls she may have a future. Good luck to her.

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JimizoAug. 16 03:09 pm JSTElvis was always cool but I always think the sequined jump suit isn’t how I’d like to see him remembered. Elvis in the black leather suit for the comeback special was the business. I remember seeing a repeat of that as a kid and thinking I wanted to look like that.

His legacy lives on. That's the iconic image for me, too. A few years later that image would be called

'P-U-N-K' . Add Elvis' famous sneer and rebel image and you get Billy Idol, a major Elvis fan. Bruce Springsteen was greatly inspired by him too. So was John Mellencamp. I've seen these 3 artists and there's others who are influenced by him.

Elvis Lives.

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Posted in: California leads latest lawsuit over Trump immigration rule See in context

California must continue to resist the racist policies of the mumbling Mussolini who told them they need to rake more. Trump is a modern day Hitler, period and America IS NOT bound to obey his illegal orders.

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mmwkdwAug. 17 10:54 pm JSTNow following on the above... why would the Rich & Powerful be associating with such a man in the first place


If he had the reputation for always having the freshest/youngest Hookers in Parties, then those claims made by the women should surely be dismissed as they were clearly selling themselves for sex.

A lot of people wonder about these Rich folks parties, but for us common folk, Swinger related parties are quite common, and its not all couples being involved. is/was a site where you could partake in such events quite easily without age verification

If these hookers were 18+ then it's the age of consent. Anything less is pedophilia. Nonetheless, sex-trafficking of females (adult or not) is a serious criminal offense and Epstein committed these crimes. Now we need to punish all the others who have taken part of the trafficking be it Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, businessman Les Wexner, whoever, ALL.

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Steven GuyAug. 16 03:59 pm JSTNow let's get behind some Japanese talent!

Yes, and here's a few examples.

Shonen Knife - a 3 woman punk rock band from Osaka. Good fun.

Acid Mothers Temple - psychedelic/motorik/space rock. Their wonderful Pink Floyd-ish music is WILD AND CRAAAA-ZEE!!! 

Boris - Japanese experimental noise-rock band.

Japan rocks

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sourpussAug. 13 08:44 pm JSTCheck them out.

I think your enthusiasm is enough for the both of us...

There are some good 'K' and 'J' rock acts out there worth exploring. The Orient/East Asia scene isn't all just teen/kiddy idol pop.

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mmwkdwToday 10:29 pm JSTSecurity guards drugged, Security Camera switched off.. oh.. such fodder for a conspiracy theory... were SAS forces, acting upon direct instruction from the Queen of England to bump off this chap before he "told all" ?

Maybe Hollywood being fed up with having to make remakes of remakes, decided to create a situation that would for years, inspire conspiracy related blockbuster action films raking in Billions of $ ...

More fodder for 'Untold Stories' on late night TV, to spook ya. Or maybe the National Enquirer for 'enquiring minds who need to know'. People talked the same thing about the original Nazi Rudolf Hess when he hung himself in Spandau Prison in 1987. The scumbag killed himself.

This scumbag killed himself too. Bye bye, hateful garbage. Ain't nobody gonna miss ya.

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Posted in: 'Easy Rider' star, 1960s swashbuckler Peter Fonda dies at 79 See in context

Alfie NoakesToday 11:32 am JST"We wanna be free!" Fonda tells a preacher in the film. "We wanna be free to do what we wanna do. We wanna be free to ride. We wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by the man! And we wanna get loaded!"

RIP, dude.

I just recently went on a long vacation, which I hadn't done in years. At the hotel I stayed in Quebec City, as well as Portland, Maine there were bikers galore - men and women. Going thru PQ, in the gorgeous state of Maine, thruout New England I saw biker clubs out on Route 95. They were not outlaw gangs but diverse clubs with their affiliation on their backs - New York, New England, Harley-Davison etc. Multi-racial clubs, bikers riding with their women, veteran bikers, gay bikers, you name it. What was it all about? When I arrived in Boston there was a huge biker rally at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough to honor the 6 bikers who were killed by a DUI semi truck driver in New Hampshire. Those 5 biker men and one 'chopper chick' were riding free and were killed by an irresponsible truck driver with a record of several drunk driving offenses.

The biker culture lives on and the legacy continues. RIP PETER FONDA

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Posted in: Medical examiner confirms Epstein death a suicide by hanging See in context

Good riddance to rotten rubbish. Now let's tear down the whole pyramid of crimes and corruption!

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If you’re looking for someone that’ll be all that you need, that’s never going to be me.’

Then she never should've got married in the first place. As for being a 'homemaker in an apron', what decade/century are we living in anyway?

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JenniSchiebelToday 10:45 am JSTWow. We have just read all about Nagayama's sob story.

But not a word about the lives, activities, or dreams of his victims.

My goodness, their names aren't even included here. This report doesn't even have the decency to tell us. They've been totally de-humanized in the name of advancing a viewpoint.

It's too bad they never got a chance to establish a "legacy" that this multiple murderer has left, one that is now being glorified by a biased media outlet.

There is a possible chance that a convicted murderer can reform him/herself but some do not.

The gangster who founded the Crips in 1972 was known for writing children's books and Snoop Dogg petitioned for a commutation. The Crips founder was executed regardless.

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Toasted HereticToday 12:21 am JSTMarriages are meant to be worked out, for better or for worse.

But sometimes they can't. If there's domestic abuse, for example. Not saying that's what's going on in this particular situation, obviously.

Domestic abuse makes a marriage invalid, a sham. There's no justifying that - ever.

And her referring to herself as 'pansexual' sounds just too creepy.

Doesn't sound creepy at all. Sounds honest.

'Pan' refers to 'everything' 'Pantheism' is the idea that God is everything - the whole Universe and everyone in it, all of us. 'Pansexual' -- does that imply that Miley is sexually attracted to (or has a fetish for) everything? That would include things like necrophilia, bestiality, incest, etc. That's creepy!

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Posted in: K-pop superstars BTS to take 'long-term break' See in context

Playing in Saudi Arabia is a dumb move, guys. Don't do it.

Now that BTS has made its splash, how about focusing on some good K-rock acts? Recently I saw and met the K-rock/K-punk/K-noise duo (styled like the White Stripes) '57' (pronounced 'Oh chill'). They are outstanding, wicked! They awed everyone in the club and the whole joint erupted in wild applause after their 45 minute set. They had already sold out of CDs earlier during the tour, they're that good!

'K' standing for 'Korean' but for 57 it means 'kick ass'! Check them out.

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth to separate: media See in context

'Evolving'? Can't stay in a marriage, so you shuck it off like an old T-shirt. Marriages are meant to be worked out, for better or for worse. And her referring to herself as 'pansexual' sounds just too creepy. This marriage is totally bogus right from the start.

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Welcome to the club. Space exploration is for the benefit of all.

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u_s__reamerToday 11:53 am JSTThe “Woodstock Generation” has been a curse in American society and the world in general.

and, You can see it in the cultural decay that pervades America today.

As one of that generation I feel duty-bound to refute these two very emotional responses which, without a shred of evidence, constitute a cruel calumny against a generation of young men and women who paid with their blood for the real "curse in American society", the "military-industrial complex", which a prescient President Eisenhower warned in his valedictory speech to the nation posed a grave threat to the republic. Woodstock, a prominent symbol of America's 1960s' cultural revolution, still serves as a lightning rod for the raging culture wars which 50 years later continue to scar American society.

Stupid hypocritical sheep in America still like to be led around by the hand. Look at the Trumpsters of today. The 'Woodstock' generation isn't/wasn't about irresponsible sex, drugs and debauchery. Previous 'more moral' generations were that way - history, even the Bible and other religious texts describe it all.

The curse is that people are raised to believe in and swear allegiances to something that really isn't there and live for, work for and die for the modern 'military-industrial complex'/machine that governs our lives - and only an elite profits from. It's not a hippie thing, a punk thing or anything but common sense and yes, a moral thing.

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coskuriToday 04:02 pm JSTTiananmen was nothing compared to what they are probably considering. That be would be a real war like. I'd say Tibet, but Tibetans were not so reactive. Hong Kongers won't get tamed. So expect fights like in Korea or Vietnam wars. They will go ahead if Hong Kong does not get international support any time soon. I don't see it coming. Hello ?

 In the modern age, China won't be able to cover up their actions so easily.

They don't need to hide. Nobody reacts anyway "in the modern age".

It was easy for China to get away with conquering Tibet, look at the geography. I remember seeing the start of the Tiananmen Square massacres on TV. And the world turned its head. And now with the US not being a leader of the fee world, Hong Kongers can't rely on us. It does look like maybe they are starting to use guerilla tactics and this could lead to an exhaustive costly urban guerilla war for the Communist Chinese. That would become not an instant Tiananmen repeat (where 10000+ people were killed in a shorter duration) but a long drawn out affair.

Either way, Hong Kongers - stand up for your rights. Keep fighting! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

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Posted in: After #OscarsSoWhite, Hollywood trainees see progress on diversity See in context

There is talent in every race, color, ethnicity, etc. and Hollyweird needs to recognize and hire them. Just don't make them token or stereotypical characters, because most stereotypes I've been 'taught' in my life are not true

FizzBitAug. 10 07:35 am JSTRichard Crudo, a veteran Hollywood cinematographer whose credits include "American Pie,"

LOL, a movie that some High School talent could have done the cinematography for.

Well let’s just hope they reject the copy/paste and the social engineering direction of greedy Hollywood and make original movies again. and have no real basis.

Yes, to quote En Vogue they need to 'free their minds' and make good original movies again. And the rest will follow!

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Awww poor baby Donald. He slings hatred around, encourages violence and jokes with 'shoot 'em up!' at his rallies - and now he can't even take a satire (at best). He can't take any criticism, he's a bully and a crybaby!

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Toasted HereticToday 07:39 am JST"This is not a film by climate change deniers, this is a film by people who really care about the environment."

I hope so.

There's limited time left to find a solution to the reliance on fossil fuels.

Many CDs I own from the early 90s say 'we have 10 years to change the Earth'. The 1991 Gulf War resulted in lots of oil in the sea and sky. But nooooo, America just wanted to celebrate it's 'victory' over Iraq. Other oil accidents resulted, and in one instance the media coverage focused on berating Pres. Obama because he said a swear word referring to an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.

Will we ever learn?

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Posted in: Woodstock generation looks back, from varied vantage points See in context

Toasted HereticToday 08:41 am JSTYou can see it in the cultural decay that pervades America today.

What cultural decay did peace and love contribute to the US and how did it manifest?

30 years ago, 'peace and love' was really starting to sprout up as the Iron Curtain was falling down. Hungary and Poland had thrown off their Communist regimes peacefully and Czechoslovakia would soon follow. East Germany would soon allow people to emigrate to West Germany and the Berlin Wall was opened up in November. The U.S.S.R. was undergoing perestroika and in the Baltic republics there was the ethnic regional 'Singing Revolution'. Bulgaria's regime resigned from power. Romania's was overthrown violently.

As a musical indicator, Tears For Fears had a #2 hit with 'Sowing the Seeds of Love' and that summer the Moscow Peace Fest went on, featuring artists like Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Poison and more.

The Cold War ended by peaceful means at the end of the 80s decade. A new decade was coming, it was a time of hope.

I had just got out of the military the previous year and I was proud to have served during a time of glasnost and change. however, even as the USA and USSR buried the hatchet I knew that there would be other despots - like Gadhafi, Iran's ayatollahs and such who love to cause trouble to deal with. Still, the 2 main superpowers settling their differences without war - it was a great feeling! Even the Panama War of 1989-1990 couldn't spoil it.

In 1991 Americans got addicted to war when it was all over the TV and radio, and they loved it. Ate it up. Souvenir T-shirts, coffee mugs, junk were sold in the name of 'supporting the troops' who got neglected by our government and were now gladiators. It was sickening. And America itself is ruled by a hateful immature racist scumpot even worse than the Communist clods who were deposed in Eastern Europe 30 years ago. Very sad.

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tobolskiAug. 11 08:11 pm JSTNo one has ever called out Mardones for this ode to pedophilia.

Absolutely. And why oh why would an intelligent artist like Cyndi even want to 'lift' anything from this wretched Meat Loafish / Jim Steinman -ish bombastic piece of godawful wretched doomy sick garbage is beyond me. Ever see the video for that song? Horrible!

Cyndi Lauper has always been a more innovative, creative and yes, sunnier performer than Benny Mardones ever has been. She's made a better, more positive cultural impact overall in the first place - and to quote  Elvis or Sid, she did it her way.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't office switches to biomass source for 80% of electricity See in context

Cheaper and cleaner. Somebody has to lead the way if the USA won't. Bravo, Japan!

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Posted in: Democratic 2020 contenders slam Trump for spreading Epstein conspiracy theories See in context

lincolnmanToday 10:15 am JSTAnd once more the hypocrisy overflows from the Trumpers here....

When confronted with Donnie's many sexual escapades and other embarrassments

Not just 'sexual escapades', accusations and allegations of rape and assault. Not from one woman, many. And Donny himself boasts about his groping (to put it mildly), his body-shaming, his bragging about barging into women's dressing rooms, his lustful incestuous statements and actions with his daughter. Why do Trumpers think these things are alright? Why do they excuse these horrible attitudes?

'Embarrassments'? Yes, and downright sickening at that!

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