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Posted in: Cafe staffed by robots piloted by people with disabilities to open in Tokyo See in context

Rosie Robot, right out of the Jetsons. This could be very beneficial for many many people, in fact it will create more jobs - good jobs for those who build and program the droids.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

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Posted in: Pompeo calls for U.S. to boycott Beijing Olympics See in context

Pompeo the Pompous is still shooting off his stupid yap? After what his craphead boss tried to do 2 months ago, he has no cred, no right to say anything on these matters. He needs to shut up.

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Posted in: Myanmar police fire on protesters in ancient former capital See in context

Michael MachidaToday  01:17 pm JST

Why are all the Governments of the World so slow to do anything about this? Amazing. What has Japan done so far? We know that America has already stopped 1B USD from getting in the hands of the cowardly military.

And remember - Myanmar has been waging ethnic internal wars against people with the 'wrong' language like the Shan, Karin, etc. That's been happening since the early 60s. And Myanmar right now is committing genocide against Rohignya people too. Whatever regime by whatever name, it's the same old crap.

GoodlucktoyouToday  01:10 pm JST

Sanctions destroy ordinary people’s lives.

Sanctions can be effective. They were essential on ending apartheid in South Africa in a peaceful way. Sanctions were imposed on Ex-Yugoslavia during the violent breakup but Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic had to get his ass beat by NATO interventional military force, eventually.

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Posted in: Biden, Democrats prevail as Senate OKs $1.9 tril virus relief bill See in context

JeffLeeToday  06:59 am JST

Bravo! The best thing to happen to the US economy- and working people's livelihoods - for a long time.

Biden prevails!

Democrats in Congress prevail!

Sanity prevails!


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Posted in: A look beneath the waves 10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake See in context

not only are the underwater scenes beautiful here but it's a great opportunity for research to minimize the impact of future quakes.

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Posted in: Why repressive Saudi Arabia remains a U.S. ally See in context

expatToday  09:47 am JST

The US wants oil, and to sell weapons systems, aircraft, ships, munitions, surveillance systems, etc. The Saudis want kickbacks from the US military industrial complex so they can make payouts to the princelings and their families. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is saddled with massive repression, gender inequality, poverty, unemployment and a particularly nasty strain of homegrown Islam, and a known murderer, the son of the king, at the head of their military.

The Saudi regime is totalitarian, and as fanatical and theocratic as Iran is. Saudi Arabia ranks with China, Myanmar, Eritrea as amongst having the worst human rights record in the world. They are not worth American military defense or soldiers' blood. The Saudi regime is more oppressive than Iraq under Saddam Hussein (and he was a jerk too). That's why I opposed Desert Storm 30 years ago. As a Cold War veteran, I felt the USA shouldn't be so eager for war, esp. since we had Panama in 1989 - 1990. The 1991 Gulf War only led to further trouble for everybody, it solved nothing. The Saudi government isn't worth two drops of camel snot.

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Posted in: 33 years later, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall return to Zamunda See in context

Haaa NemuiToday  09:43 am JST

The original Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis is much better and is a masterpiece. I recommend watching that. I think he admired Jerry Lewis but didn't want to do one exactly like that.

Yeah I’ve seen the original and it is brilliant. The Murphy version though should be entirely erased from any storage media anywhere. It should never see the light of day again.

Agreed. It sucked royally. Still I wonder if this sequel can capture the magic of the first 'Coming'.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian says body-shamers 'really broke me' during pregnancy See in context

GdTokyoToday  01:46 pm JST

No sympathy at all. None. She's famous for being famous and was perfectly happy to throw herself out there as a sexualized piece of meet. NOW that she's nearing her mild expectation date, suddenly she's been wronged. Nope.

She's also like Madonna is now. More of a construct than a woman.

No sympathy.

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Posted in: 33 years later, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall return to Zamunda See in context

garymalmgrenMar. 5  07:59 pm JST

Along with a few good ens he has made some real duds.


I likwd the original tremendously. However in the 90s with 'Nutty Profeasor' and others he made some real stinkers in more ways than one. That's when fart jokes started passing off as being funny.

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Posted in: Pope urges Iraq to embrace its Christians on historic visit See in context

PTownsendToday  07:12 am JST

Since the 2003 U.S. invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, it has seen vicious sectarian violence between Shiites and Sunni Muslims, clashes and tensions between Arabs and Kurds, and militant atrocities against minorities like Christians and Yazidis.

The Bush/big oil/big defense invasion of Iraq made America's 1% richer. While millions suffered. Stop wars for oil, gas and their shipments. Stop burning so much oil and gas.

It was 30 years ago this week Desert Storm officially ended. Even though retreating Iraqi forces blew up all the Kuwaiti oil derrecks, spewing oil into the sea, sand and sky; even though the returning chicken Kuwaiti regime started persecuting their citizens for 'collaboration' crimes (real or not); even though the environmental catasphrophe got MANY veterans sick (and they are today); the media which showed the 'drama' 24/7 was spewing lies about how the 'desert climate didn't allow Iraqi chemi-weapons to function'; ads on TV and radio were jingoed up with 'U.S.A.' this and 'U.S.A.' that (like early 1986 with Libya); souvenirs ranging from t-shirts and coffee mugs celebrated the war; Whitney Houston's 'Star Spangled Banner' hit the Top 20; as did that awful Lee Greenwood song; a new Rolling Stones anti-Gulf War song wasn't played by radio due to 'hurting sensitivities'; and American armchair warriors were giddy and sick with nationalistic chauvanism to the max. The great Cold War victory was thrown away by a government, media and dumb public that loves war.

As a later Cold War veteran I was sickened and disgusted by all the ignorance, commercialism and outright censorship and glorification of it all. Look what's happened there since. ISIL is much worse than Saddam Hussein ever was, and where is the 'victory' now? There was no 'victory' in 1991 and it's an unholy mess now.

bass4funkToday  09:29 am JST

The wars were definitely a mistake now looking back in hindsight, it was a mistake with the one exception of getting Saddam out we should never send our men and women to fight and die for oil. Both parties have blood on their hands from Bush and the GOP to the Democrats that signed off on it, there’s enough blame to go around. We need to use the resources we already have to wean ourselves off of the Mideast once and for all and while we use our resources in the meantime, we need to create better, cleaner and more lasting fuel alternatives. These wars have given anger and pointed the finger to millions of Christians whose lives were unnecessarily lost because they were used as scapegoats to expand an Islamic Caliphate. The Washington elite didn’t do enough to protect the Christian minorities as well as other small religious minorities and just left them to their own demise. Millions fled, millions were rejected and millions died, we should never allow this to happen again and I hope Washington as well as some of the more moderate Muslim leaders can come together with the Pope and Christians and forge an new path of tolerance and acceptance.

You forget - these ISIL fanatical crazies have been committing genocide on regional Christians, Jews, Druze, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, moderate Muslims, everybody who wasn't on their side. And Trump refused to allow any of these refugees come to America because he is an anti-Arab racist.

Dr.Cajetan CoelhoToday  07:20 am JST

Pope Francis is a bridge-builder. "We cannot express our joy because this for sure is a historic event which we will keep remembering. All Iraqis are happy, not just the Christians. We hope it will be a blessed day for us and for all the Iraqi people” - Rafif Issa.

We need to hear his message of mercy. He was a resistor to and a victim of the fasciist regime in his native Argentina. He understands and has a lot of wisdom to share. He has criticized Trump's policies. He elevated a Black American bishop of the DC diocese to cardinal status around Christmastime. That new Cardinal openly spoke out against Trump's policies and his blasphemous display of narcisstic posing in front of two DC churches in the midst of the 2020 strife. Pope Francis knows fascism, he's seen it all before - in his youth.

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Posted in: After record COVID-19 deaths, Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to stop 'whining' See in context

George TownesToday  07:46 am JST

"Enough fussing and whining. How much longer will the crying go on?" Bolsonaro told a crowd at an event. "How much longer will you stay at home and close everything? No one can stand it anymore. We regret the deaths, again, but we need a solution."

I say the solution is staring the people of Brazil right in the face. Vote this bozo out of office.

Step Number One: Get rid of this irresponsible contemptuous sassy-mouthed brat out of office because he sure don't give a ** about Brazil or its people. He is a Brazilian TrashTrump. A total ZERO**.

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Posted in: Johnson urges Britons to lose weight See in context

Bozo needs to take his own advice and shut up.

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Posted in: The most stylish Buddha in Japan gets a fashionable upgrade during sakura season See in context

Is Siddhartha Gautama getting 'hip' here? Is the state of Nirvana too bright to even imagine? He's looking pretty in pink.

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Posted in: New Zealanders return to homes after 3 quakes trigger small tsunami waves See in context

Richard GallagherToday  11:20 am JST

Ring of fire it may be so dubbed. But, there is no relation to be determined with phases of the moon or plate movement in Oregon with that in NZ. It is immensely complex. And it isn't astrology, it's science.

It is science. And the Marianas underwater fault, just like the San Mateo fault in california (I've seen it) is a part of it all. California gets tremors on a near weekly basis but usually they're so low nobody notices. And 'Japanquakes' occur every two years or so. However, all those scary movies I remember as a little kid, as well as Godzilla being awakened from the Marianas region is just Hollywood and sci-fy.

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Posted in: Burger King Japan dubs its Strong Magma Super One Pound Beef Burger the 'spiciest meat wall' See in context

MatejMar. 2  04:31 pm JST

finally something reminds me real hamburgers from Australia with REAL BEEF MEAT

Isn't Burger King known as 'Hungry Jack' in the land Down Under?

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Posted in: No evidence U.S. Capitol rioters belong to antifa movement, FBI chief Wray testifies See in context

zichiToday  09:26 am JST

300 arrests to date with leaders and senior members of QAnon, Proud Boys, and Oath Keepers.

And they are all TRAITORS.

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Posted in: Japanese chain launches all-you-can-eat 'silent yakiniku' for customers to shut up and eat See in context

If it's really good, you might want to slowly chew it to savor the flavor.

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Posted in: U.S. sanctions Russian officials over nerve-agent attack on Navalny See in context

Burning BushToday  06:44 am JST

Now he's in Russian custody... but oddly the Russians are unable to kill him even now.

Because the whole world is watching now, and Joe is taking a stand against them. Putin put in Trump, chewd him and spit him out and now here's Joe who won't coddle to Russia. Joe Biden is not a sputnik. No more licking of your boots, Vladimir.

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Posted in: U.S. will have enough vaccine supply for all adults by end May: Biden See in context

ulyssesToday  08:46 am JST

The earlier idiot President denied the virus, suggested Outlandish and dangerous cures, put uneducated,incompetent people in charge and brought the country to the brink.

And while he was doing all this, he secretly got the vaccine for himself.

Boy pathetic does not even cover a tenth of what donald was.

cleoToday  12:12 pm JST

Why did Trump need the vaccine? Didn't he tell us in October that after fighting the virus like a hero, he was immune?

He is not the 'Chosen One' messiah after all, is he? At least Joe is getting on the ball. And he isn't making any childish 'kung flu' jokes either. Joe may be the oldest POTUS yet but he's responsible and he ain't stupid.


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Posted in: Reggae great Bunny Wailer dead at 73 See in context

I remember Bob's passing as a teen and I remember when Peter Tosh was murdered. I loved reggae music even before it got 'hip' when I was in HS. I've seen Ziggy and his fellow kin a few times, they're great musicians in their own merit. And last year Toots put out an excellent CD but unfortunately it would be his last. And now another reggae great is gone. RIP BUNNY

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Posted in: Tina Turner documentary, lockdown films headline virtual Berlin fest See in context

LamillyMar. 1  07:06 pm JST

Great singer, have seen a film about her musical career before, it made for a gripping story, I'm looking forward to this one

That's why I asked. Another one?

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Posted in: 'Spooky' AI tool brings dead relatives' photos to life See in context

Last year U.S. rapper Kanye West famously gifted his wife Kim Kardashian a hologram of her late father congratulating her on her birthday and on marrying "the most, most, most, most, most genius man in the whole world".

Kanye West made a hologram of Kim's father programmed to glorify himself. A hologram of a dead man singing the praises of Kayne! What a disgusting revolting (ab)use of ego.

Next thing you know, some idiot teacher will use a hologram of Adolf Hitler in a history class 'saying' that he LOVES Jews. This is nothing less than OBSCENE.

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Posted in: Sprinter Blake says he would rather miss Olympics than get COVID-19 vaccine See in context

3RENSHOMar. 1  06:46 pm JST

And so it begins...if only one athlete opts out, then why should not ALL 15,000 subsequently opt out of the national inoculation programme?

nobody should be exempt. nobody has the right to endanger others and be a potential carrier.

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Posted in: Burger King Japan dubs its Strong Magma Super One Pound Beef Burger the 'spiciest meat wall' See in context

Aly RustomToday  08:50 am JST

Now THAT I want to try!!

YES! Now that's more like it. This is Burger King, amiright? Not Veggie, meat!!!

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Posted in: U.S. urges Saudis to disband force behind Khashoggi killing See in context

No favorites. Syriia's leaders are scum, Iran's leaders are scum, Saddam Hussein was scum, the Saudi regime is scum. Don't ask, TELL THEM.

Don't sell anything to the Saudi scumbags until they clean up their act in human rights and leave Yemen alone.

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Posted in: At least 18 protesters killed in Myanmar in worst violence since coup See in context

kanki AsadaMar. 1  05:19 pm JST

Citizens of Myanmar are in danger!!

It started with taking citizens social media then their rights and now their Human Rights and most importantly right to live. Protesters are getting killed they are being bragged out of their houses at midnight. Its quite shocking how CCP got influence over Myanmar. Abolishing of the human rights can clearly define whom policy Myanmar is following. Myanmar must realize that CCP is not as trustworthy as they shows.

This is not the CCP at work here. It's the same scumbags who decided to depose their yeswoman puppet. They're terrorizing the people to show that they mean business. Nothing has really changed in Myanmar. There's a term referring to something same from another source but it's too obscene to write here.

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Posted in: Cuomo sends letter authorizing probe of sexual harassment claims See in context

u_s__reamerToday  10:15 am JST

Cuomo is a messed up individual...

just like that other more famous guy then who always gets a pass from his millions of minions?

we can't play double standards here. If Cuomo harassed those employees, he should quit. Period. On the other hand, what about that 'other guy' who talks lustfully about his daughter and brags about spying on and assaulting women and has a bad habit of body-shaming them openly? We can't let that be ignored, no matter who is it.

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Posted in: Trump hints he may run again in 2024, proposes new voting limits See in context

Donald, we hate you. Now will you go shed your skin someplace? Will you SHUT UP, MAN?

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Posted in: At least 18 protesters killed in Myanmar in worst violence since coup See in context

Bob FosseToday  09:26 am JST

It's 2021, the playbook for the Myanmar government is easy.

Label them as seditionists and insurrections and then claim justification in killing and arresting your own citizens

I think you should read more about what is happening in Myanmar before making such a ridiculous comparison.

ASSK has been collaborating with these scumpots, even denying outright the Rohignya genocide that Myanmar is committing. You can claim that the junta is marking a new era with this overthrow but it's the same crap the Union has had for 60 years. Nothing has really changed there last week.

'Minimal force', yeah right.

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