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Posted in: McGregor return to 'Star Wars' inspired by love for 'difficult' prequels See in context

snowymountainhellToday  12:47 pm JST

It’s painful, but agree with @TokyoLiving here. Fans of the original StarWars (and prequels, for some) should be tired of this. Stop giving your money toward Disney’s periodic “jingling of keys” and then, “bait & switch” of original Lucas characters with their own agenda warriors.

- @TokyoLiving 9:50am: Don't get fans tired of being milked and milked forever??..

The last STAR WARS movie I saw was shortly after the real Carrie Fisher died. There was very old Luke, a young Padme who slayed the 'new enemy of the week', a Snoke king. Just like that, she slew him. Where was the Force in action? Somehow, she just didn't behave like a Jedi Knight. Some rebel/whatever commander stayed on a starship bridge on a sui-mission to crash into an Imperial Star Destroyer, Leia got jettisoned out into space and then got 'revived again', and this boring shootout of two massive army fronts on a planet or asteroid or oh WTH.

Nothing was like the Force or anything within light-years of George Lucas' original visions. Disney has hosed it all up to the max. I can't keep up with all the names, places, people, etc. I don't care anymore. Like STAR TREK and other cool franchises, take it out of the originators' hands, you get Bastardization Maximus.

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Posted in: Gangs strangle Haiti's capital as deaths, kidnappings soar See in context

venzeToday  11:56 am JST

Gangs strangle Haiti's capital as deaths, kidnappings soar:

Ever since its tragic earthquake several years ago, exterminating some 280,000 people mainly at the capital, Haiti has never recovered.

The nation simply turned lawless & uncontrollable lately.

Would others lend a helping hand..?

There was a UN peacekeeping force there for several years but they left. They actually waged an urban war at the Cite de Soliel against a thug drug-and-gun gang. And back in 1994 the US invaded Haiti. And again in 2004. Obama sent Marines again to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Haiti needs to have a UN peacekeeping force again, and the US needs to stay out. America has enough problems with those scummy Trumpian terrorists who ain't mature enough to accept that their tin god is a sore juvenile loser.

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Posted in: Albanese sworn in as PM in Australia ahead of Tokyo Quad summit See in context

Bye-bye Scott Morrison. Now he can go vacationing in Hawaii again while his fellow Aussies are suffering from the pandemic, wildfires and more. He ain't got a job now, and he didn't do his while he had it.

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Posted in: How mass shooters pervert a universal desire to make a difference in the world See in context

It's all part of trends that have been going on for over 30 years. After the Cold War ended, there was no true 'enemy superpower' to speak of and a 'new one' was made. Advancements in communication gave us constant war on TV, safe to view at home. All the armchair generals loved it. And since US casualties in succeeding wars weren't as high as say Vietnam, it all became entertainment. Soldiers became the new gladiators. And since some (like Yugoslavia both times) were just air and sea wars for the USA, no sweat, right? Haiti? A TV cakewalk. We only lost one or two there. No big deal, right? We lost no one in Libya 2011. Fun fun fun, folks.

Not to mention, violence for no particular reason became fashionable. The head of the NRA keeps telling paranoid lies about 'so-and-so is gonna take your guns away'. Gun show billboards scream 'Get them before they're outlawed!'. The AM dial is clogged with morons who never matured past age 16 telling conspiracy theories, racist BS and lies. The ultraviolent 'Mortal Combat' video games were being hogged in the arcades because the action you can do to 'Finish him! (or her) was ultra-graphic to the max.

We had the 'Y2K' panic (remember?), militia scum doing terrorist acts like the OKC bombing, and in 2016 the rise of the fascist antichrist traitor who sold the nation and even HIMSELF out to Russia.

We've been building the perfect beast and it got released thanks to Russian collaboration and cyberhacking in 2016.

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Posted in: Japan to start 4th vaccine shots for elderly, at-risk groups from May 25 See in context

My local VA is giving a 4th vaccine for vets over 50 and at risk. I got mine today.

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Posted in: Native American student told to remove feather at graduation See in context

Desert TortoiseToday  11:39 am JST

Considering the barbaric circumstances under which much of the Native American population of Oklahoma came to live there those school officials were as arrogant and barbaric as the US Cavalry that marched the Native Americans from their traditional homes to Oklahoma. Shame on the adults who did this! Absolutely disgusting.

A native of this land who gets fed BS tacist education while growing up and then isn't permitted to express her cultural/racial identity.

Another slap in the face. These racist cretins owe her an apology, right now!

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Posted in: Social media yanking shooting videos faster - if not by much See in context

Desert TortoiseMay 17  11:58 pm JST

Do you honestly expect big business to donate millions without a payoff? They want cheap labor and consumers and thus large scale immigration

My wife and step daughter are immigrants. My grandparents and one of my uncles are immigrants. I don't have anything nice to say to people who run down immigrants. They are the backbone of America, not the miserable anglo saxon garbage who ran my grandparents down and called them names, or the filth who make fun of my wife's ethnicity, treat her bad because of her accent never mind she has a BSEE and is a real live rocket scientists. And then some tosser shows up on J-T to run immigrants down some more. Maybe if you had some first hand experience you might say the things you say. Immigrants work harder, commit less crime and are far more family oriented than native born Americans. They start businesses at a far higher proportion than native born Americans. You wonder why so many shops and gas stations are und by immigrants? It's because they have hustle. Where I work our contractors need US Citizens who do not do drugs. They can't get people because everyone pops positive on the drug test and/or lacks education. The natives just want to slide by with Cs and party. My wife busted her butt raising a daughter and working her way through to BSEE, and my family worked equally hard to build wealth and make something of themselves while snooty anglo saxons made fun of us and said our religion made us disloyal to the US. So spare me your xenophobia. I'm tired of it.

When I was stationed in California I saw migrant workers, Latinos working the vineyards and the orchards. They work hard out there in the sun, they're industrious. Most of them come here for a better life.

And the same goes for the war refugees from Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. Some of them now run small get-go stores and gas stations, that's not 'sucking up the milk and honey'. There's been so many lies about these non-WASP immigrants and I am totally sick of it. It's absolute BS and it's a LIE. And these lies always lead to violence.

In the Navy I knew quite a number of Filipinos that are in it and I got along well with most of them. And immigrants from a few other nations too and we were all treated the same there.

There are no free rides in America. Nobody said it was easy.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't to fly in baby formula on military contracted planes See in context

JeffLeeToday  11:51 am JST

so proud of this very competent administration! can't wait for 2024

Yes, indeed, Biden is having to fix a disaster caused by the private sector, from the product recalls to the supply chain foul ups leading to retailers' shelves. This is one reason we have governments - to step in when private business messes things up and poses dangers to society.

> RecklessToday  12:52 pm JST

If you got a tit full of milk, pop it out.

some babies have collock and need formula. Breast milk isn't good enough.

As for using military planes to transport the stuff, at least that's a better use for them as opposed to some idiotic war or the vainglorious exercises that what Joe refers to as 'my predecessor' did, such as dropping gas bombs at migrants at the border in violation of foreign sovereign airspace.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

Now you didn't really think he would give all that moolah back? Did ya? C'mon man!!!!!

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Posted in: WHO: China's COVID plan is 'unsustainable' due to Omicron See in context

MontyToday  10:05 am JST

Again for everyone to make notes, only ZeroCovid is good Covid!

I guess everyone agree with that,.. but impossible to reach.

It is not impossible to reach. We must all do what we need to do, which is get vaxxed and be careful about where you go and who you're around with. And how distant.

America hasn't been very good at this, first it was that lying denying fascist traitor - now it's local governments and individuals being irresponsible and more media loudmouths telling fibs. Joe put the flags at half-staff this week because America leads the world in CoVid deaths - one million. It's very sad.

But China should've known better than to host those Winter Olympic Games this year. At least Japan delayed theirs by a year. But no no no no no , the CCP had to host the Games and promote their pretense about that Great Communist Utopia they have to the world, courtesy of the Foul Murderous Mao.

Now the virus on the upswing again there and whole cities populated by millions are in lockdown. I ain't surprised.

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Posted in: What can reverse late-night TV's decline? See in context

blahblah222May 17  12:48 pm JST

Probably because late night "comedy" have pretty much just turned into liberal state-media and are close to 100% politically driven and have clear political agendas.

Jay Leno and Bill Clinton are friends and Jay poked fun at him all the time. In fact, most Presidents were lampooned on late night TV and they were all man enough to take a joke. Until a few years ago.

Starting in the early 90s there were infomercials, constant war coverage and other crap. by the turn of the century it just wasn't fun anymore.

Algernon LaCroixMay 17  11:25 am JST

Maybe get rid of the red woke "comedy" and instead get hosts who make fun of everything equally.

Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Dave Letterman. I watched those shows depending on who was the guest star, at least musically. But some other stars made it interesting as well. Now it's just a bunch of generic dumb talking heads. Never mind the ads, dear Lord. 'Ask your doctor about....... side effects may include 'blah blah blah' faster than the speed of light.

I'll take the NYC band Talking Heads over that anyday!

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Posted in: Why the world has a lot to learn about conservation from Indigenous societies See in context

Native Americans raised crops and animals and hunted so they could eat and live. As for the animals, that was for food, clothing, utensils, medicines, industrial uses. Nothing got wasted. The US Army knew that and that's how they 'tamed' the West, by slaughtering their biggest resources and letting them waste - animals, particularly bison.

And it's been that way with indigenous peoples on every continent except Antarctica.

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Posted in: Violent death in America stalks ordinary walks of daily life See in context

Mr KiplingMay 18  08:21 am JST

Thankfully they have that well written 2nd amendment that keeps everyone safe. *sarcasm emoji"

The 2nd Amendment is an excuse for these hate militias. There's that word - 'militia'. Thing is, in those days the Colonial militias became what we now refer to as the US Army, something these militia crud are not man enough to join. They use the 2nd Amendment as an excuse for racist and violent abuse. And Jan. 6, 2021 obviously showed the results.

And the AM mayhem blabbermouths who never matured beyond age 16 have been feeding Americans with paranoid LIES. Wayne LaPierre has been making moolah by doing the same. Guys like Quentin Tarantino have been making films glorifying sudden violence just for the hell of it (amongst other things).

kaimycahlMay 18  10:25 pm JST

So when African Americans kill one another its Oh thats how they are. When white people go on a shooting rampage and kill african american it becomes crickets in the news.

When blacks kill blacks, it's just 'another day'. When whites kill whites, ho-hum. When blacks kill whites, it's a circus on TV, oh yeah. And that factor determines who gets executed in America too. I learned that fact in a statistics class, BION. Kill a white, death penalty. Kill anyone else, it's just jail.

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Posted in: Jury sees photos of Heard's swollen face after fight with Depp See in context

finally richMay 17  12:20 pm JST

As the whole trial is being broadcast, people can see for themselves what happened in the courtroom.

This is one of the things it puts me off here, no cameras in courts, hearings etc the whole judicial system is secretly kept from the populace, daily reports on people "getting arrested" but no one knows or is interested in what happens next. Arrested = automatically guilty is common sense here

That's what happened with the OJ Simpson trial of 1994-95. I was in college at the time and the constant TV (and radio) sensation and exposure to the nauseatingly overload levels was disgusting. Americans were fixed on this crap, just like they were with the 1991 Gulf War - all day, all night. They acted like zombies watching and chattering about this stuff. Sickening!

Having the procedures of this 'new sensation' televised live is the last thing Americans need!

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Posted in: Get on your bike: Coldplay hopes to lead with a green tour See in context

TokyoLivingToday  11:17 am JST

I thought they were already retired, lol..

A noble effort but Willie Nelson has spearheading that for a long time. And Coldplay are dull insipid U2-wannabes at best. Even Bono has said so.

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Posted in: Kim slams North Korea pandemic response; deploys army See in context

egads man!May 16  03:24 pm JST

He is disconnected from reality if he thought he could wave his hand and make the pandemic under control and mobilize the response to a pandemic going from idle to full throttle in even less time.

Ahhhh, shucks! RATS!!!! Kimmy's pissed. He likes to think that he's the Big Badass Boss Man of his nation, controlling everything that happens there. Now there's a CoVid-19 that's out of his control and he can't handle that! If he ain't careful it could infect him too and he knows it.

Kobe White Bar OwnerToday  01:28 am JST

When your the manger or the leader the buck stops with you. May this cause the downfall of little Kim.

> YrralMay 16  10:18 pm JST

Reaping what you sowed Lil Kim

Donald Trump's gross denials, lies and mismanagement (and other crap) made the US have over a half million dead from the virus, more than any other nation - even China and India, And it might've been a factor in him losing the 2020 election too.

Take a good look, Kimmyboy. You may be next in line.

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Posted in: Social media yanking shooting videos faster - if not by much See in context

Desert TortoiseToday  02:35 am JST

Once again, its not the "Jews" its Wall Street.

Its nearly always Wall Street and their equivalents throughout the West. They run the show, not politicians.

It is neither. It is the people of America. It is who Americans vote into office and why Americans vote for them. Election after election Americans vote for politicians who they know going in are going to excuse any amount of gun violence, make it impossible to legislate any kind of limits on gun purchase, who will vote for legislation that punishes minorities and the poor while favoring one religion over all others. Americans will vote for openly racist candidates because they are themselves racist and desire racist government policies. What is going on in many states with voting restrictions is a prime example, as are moves to suppress the teaching of America's racist past, and present, fearing it might upset someone. Poor, tender souls. Did these same weaklings have as much consideration for the minorities they persecute? Americans vote these people in. Americans cannot later complain about the results. "Wall Street", whatever that is, has absolutely nothing to do with it. Not one little thing. The American people are violent, and often violently racist. That is the history of the US. Stop deflecting.

During the past 30 years or so, racist loudmouths have been allowed on AM talk radio, telling their lies and encouraging hate. That always leads to violence in the end. Violence has been glorified thru TV and films for so long too, with no accountability for the ones who do it. Quentin Tarantino movies with their 'violence and sadism for the hell of it' and having no protagonists to sympathize with is an example. And there's these racist cops (not a large percent of the police force) and the dummies who make up excuses for the abuses.

And religion? Too many people thought it was OK to kill 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. What did they ever do to deserve that? Nothing. But the antisemite lies continue. Same for Islam. When I was in college, Muslims were being exterminated the same way in the former Yugoslavia. A lot of people I thought were my friends (and Christians too) at the time chastised me for being 'concerned' about that. I don't give a rat's ass who it is or what - genocide and hate is WRONG. BAD IS BAD.

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Posted in: Eurovision win in hand, Ukraine band releases new war video See in context

Pukey2May 16  02:24 pm JST

Milking it for all it's worth.

The 70's and 80's were the golden era. From ABBA to miniskirt-ripping Bucks Fizz and Celine Dion. Went downhill when eastern Europe came into the mix.

>  getting misty eyed for the ‘golden era’ of Celine Dion, a Canadian, winning for representing Switzerland despite not being Swiss or European.

Having Celine Dion compete in this contest is more like where Eurovision would be 'going downhill', if it even has. When I visited Ottawa in 2019 I took a tour bus ride and the guide showed us the Notre Dame Basilica of Ottawa (different from the one in Montreal) where Celine made her 'singing' debut at age 10. That's where her career should've ended.

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Posted in: Elon Musk says Twitter deal 'temporarily on hold' See in context

The "libs" used by conservative pundits for progressive social issues? probably the latter but I doubt the people who use the term even realize what they are referring to.

So many words like that have been twisted up by Orwellian pukes into epithets for bullies to use. t's disgusting how our language gets so mangled. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Pink is blue.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving newborn baby in hotel room’s toilet bowl See in context

kaimycahlMay 11  09:37 pm JST

HERE WE GO AGAIN! I posted earlier about another mother dumping her baby in the trash and got some thumb downs. I don't get the logic of some of the people here. This lady as I said about the other one who dumped her baby in the trash. These women are SELFISH!! Here is the mindset "She was quoted as saying “I didn’t feel any affection [toward the baby] and didn’t intend to raise her. I didn’t really care if she died after leaving her in the toilet.”

It's obvious she just wanted to trash this unwanted kid so she could get back to 'work'. Cold, selfish and not very human.

 am guessing that she is probably not very smart.


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Posted in: Okinawa marks 50 years of end to U.S. rule amid protests See in context

HonestDictatorToday  04:03 am JST

Terrible headline. The US does not "rule" Okinawa. US bases are still there, but they do not make the decisions for the islands government with exception to the presence of the base.

If I recall, if an American Marine commits a crime on Okinawa, he/she is subject to Japanese law, amiright? US military law for sure but as a foreigner in a Japanese prefect, you're subject to their laws.

I knew one Gyrene who was stationed there who bragged about attending cockfights there. I can't believe or imagine cockfighting being legal in Japan. If he were caught (he wasn't), his ass would've been grass. By the Japanese and US authorities.

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Posted in: In new album, Kendrick Lamar delivers introspection and biting social critique See in context

StrangerlandMay 15  11:27 pm JST

Lots of blame in those words, and a airplay jump for mentioning Trump. Hey, that rhymes. Maybe I should rap.

I love how people think it's so easy to rap. Ever see someone try to do it at Karaoke? It's a nightmare every single time.

I (barely) remember the early rappers from 1979 and the early 80s. I saw them on MTV and other networks, they had bands of musicians (no samplings), wore glammy outfits and at the time I just took them to be another form of soul or at least funk. Lyrical themes were about anything but they sure didn't glorify criminal activity or violence, and swearing was minimal. They were fun to listen to and watch, I liked them. Rapping also was/is an art form, made up on the spot with a certain meter and rhyming. In its best form, it's a discipline. In my own navy recruit training company we had about three rappers who'd make up raps about what we were doing.

All those aspects changed when 2 Live Cru put out their first album in late 1986. They go out of their way to be pornographic, offensive and sick. There's still a few that aren't that way. Ice-T uses dirty language and writes about city street gangs but he definitely doesn't glorify their actions, he condemns it. The movie 'Colors' shows that.

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Posted in: Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision See in context

englisc aspyrgendMay 15  09:18 am JST

Predictable if understandable.

It certainly is a show of support to Ukraine and a big razzberry to Russia. However, how many of these Eurovision winners truly get to be mega/superstars like ABBA did?

I hate to be a spoilsport but I'm not too surprised with this. It sounds like a heat of the moment' deal to me. Where will the Kalush Orchestra be in 5 years?

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Posted in: Ashley Judd talks about mental health after mother's death See in context

You end up with people bottling it up and putting on a brave face, then without warning they have killed themselves, or tried. Heck, Japan is no stranger to this; in a matter of six days we had Hiroyuki Watanabe and then Ryuhei Ueshima commit suicide, not to mention all the other celebrities that have also done so this year alone. And yet, we see the contrary to making it more acceptable to discuss suicide or people with suicidal thoughts, and seeking help. Need proof? Not a single article about either celebrity dying that I can find on his site, despite both being immensely popular, and the deaths of both being a shock. Ms. Judd is mentioned, I'm assuming, because it is not domestic and is therefore "safer" to talk about for the few that wish to offer an opinion.

You're probably right on that one. Hiroyuki Watanabe and Ryuhei Ueshima as far as I know are celebrities in Japan only where the Judds have had international fame and so have Soundgarden. And let's not forget Nirvana.

Big difference. The problem here in the US is that there'll be 'pity parties' and such and then some boorish ignorant cretins will blabber and sass off about these people being 'weak' or 'couldn't handle fame' or 'couldn't handle life' or some other arrogant crap. And the ignorance goes on and on.

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Posted in: Israel police to investigate conduct at journalist funeral See in context

RodneyMay 15  08:52 am JST

What do the police need to investigate? Probably about 7,000,000,000 people on earth know what happened, if the have a tv, internet, or can read a newspaper.

She was an independent journalist and the Israeli army leaders knew damn well who she was and what she was doing. They'll probably make up some excuse to wash their hands of this, some alibi like 'She was interfering with our operations' or crap like that.

MickeliciousMay 15  02:25 pm JST

Is nothing sacred?

You have so many extremists of both sides there, lives don't mean anything. Remember last year when Nutty Yahoo started that idiotic 2 week missile war with Gaza? He was only concerned about his power, he didn't even care about his fellow Israelis.

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Posted in: N Korea reports 15 more COVID-19 deaths; hundreds of thousands of fever cases See in context

 It doesn’t play a role if you like or dislike the regime or the dictatorship there, because it’s a threat and potentially suicidal for the whole rest too, not only for North Korea. Is that worth all the stubbornness and denying fighting the viruses there? Switch on your calculators, you maximum stupid idiots, while you still can.

CoVid is everyone's fight right now. This is no time for any political;/ideological/ego cult BS. Maybe Kimmyboy has been denying it like Trumpy did in 2020 but the coronavirus doesn't care where or who you are.

This ain't no Communist Party.

This ain't no Communist elite ball.

This ain't no fooling around.

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Posted in: The changing face of 'papa-katsu' as coronavirus bites harder and longer See in context

es, some (usually younger and poorer) women have always sold themselves to some (usually older and richer) men, but the world does not get better by using jokey euphemisms for it.

No it don't. It just cheapens the whole purpose of it all. In America it's called the 'escort service' and it usually involves sex for money.

It's dehumanizing at best.

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Posted in: Russia's Pussy Riot on European tour to help Ukraine See in context

> StrangerlandMay 14  11:39 pm JST

I agree. Ukraine should be launching missiles deep into Russia to let the Russian people know they are part of a war.

That's been happening already.

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Posted in: Russia's Pussy Riot on European tour to help Ukraine See in context

tooheysnewToday  08:15 am JST

Good for them !

but beware the wrath of Putin - he has shown he will deal harshly with those who oppose him

And the same goes for the Svetlanas. They're a punk band popular in Russia. while on tour in Europe they were told not to return to Russia upon risking arrest on arrival. They don't like Putin either. I saw and met them a few years ago at a club. They are fierce speedy players and their singer Olga can truly sneer her angst in her lyrics. Offstage, however she's really a sweetheart and the others (all men) are pretty cool too.

socrateosToday  11:08 am JST

Go, girls!

Yes. Like the Svetlanas, we support you too! Just don't let Pudding Head send any strange agents your way. Keep your top eye open.

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Posted in: Cannes marks its 75th year in nostalgic form See in context

Fighto!Today  03:49 pm JST

Is Hollywood now so bereft of ideas that they have to resurrect Top Gun from almost 40 years ago? Please tell me a 60 year old Maverick is not still piloting fighter jets!

It's like I said before. To be a pilot you must fit certain physical standards and nobody does that for over 30 years. In fact nobody even has a military career that long. I'm a military veteran, that's how I know.

Yes, Hollywood IS bereft of ideas bigtime, badly. The original film was unrealistic and predictable in itself but that didn't bother me. But too many Americans have taken it to be gospel and ever since Desert Storm 24/7 became entertainment for the armchair general cheerleaders, the uses of the terms 'war' and 'warrior' have been cheapened by ballcap-wearing cretins - 'war on drugs', 'culture wars', even 'prayer warrior' and it makes me very disgusted.

And every true war America has had since Desert Storm - from Somalia to now has been reduced to cheapened evening news sensations and commercial rackets. I'm not like the other side - the pacifists who hate 'war toys' and all that. That's not me either.

But the ones who never served, the ones who never outgrew such sediments, the ones who never matured beyond the 80s are going to dig this unoriginal unrealistic unnecessary piece of junk. After all, Tom has to pay child support to Suri, and he wants to reup his tarnished image. So all the above mentioned uninitiated people I mentioned will get their kicks on the sequel to the film from eighty-six. And we will all know what and who they are.

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