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Posted in: Yoko Ono to receive Edward MacDowell Medal for lifetime achievement See in context

wallaceApr. 23  03:15 pm JST

Yoko Ono is an artist in her own right.

She has not been bedridden since 1969 when with Lennon they held their bed peace-ins.

She does need the use of a wheelchair to move around.

Yoko Ono claims she takes 4-mile walks — despite being ‘wheelchair-bound’

Hello Kitty 321Apr. 23  04:58 pm JST


She is an accomplished artist, not a groupie.

She already was an acclaimed and celebrated artist with the Greenwich Village circles before she met John. And she is not a groupie. All the other Beatles have said so. Ringo said in 1981 (after John's murder) that Yoko (and Linda McCartney) have had to take a lot of undue (Scheisse) from the press and even fans for the Beatles breakup. And Yoko still does.

robert maesToday  02:20 am JST

Without her marrying John Lennon she would be long forgotten and never receive any reward.

she messed up a lot of John Lennon and the Yoko Ono bands songs with her howling like a wolf which some here would like to call artistic singing maybe ?

'Skating on Thin Ice', yeeeccchhh. Who wants to hear somebody urp in a studio? Not me. But the Lennon posthumous 1984 CD 'Milk and Honey' is pretty food and it shows that Yoko can make a listenable song when she wants to. Give it a listen.

She inspired Cyndi Lauper's newspaper dress for the 'True Colors' video. That's something.

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Posted in: Mary J. Blige, Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, A Tribe Called Quest and Foreigner get into Rock Hall See in context

JimizoApr. 23  10:19 pm JST

Wow! Anybody can get in these days!

I can’t. Been playing guitar for over 40 years. Reasonably competent.

My dad was far better. He got overlooked as well.

The whole thing is a farce.

It's not totally hopeless. The MC5 finally got in. Kool and the Gang too. I caught them playing in 2019 before the lockdown and they were as good, professional and solid as they ever were. Since then the Grim Reaper has reduced their ranks and if they still exist as a band, it won't be for much longer. They deserve the honors.

There had been a starry push to get Foreigner — with the hits “Urgent” and Hot Blooded" — into the hall, with Mark Ronson, Jack Black, Slash, Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney all publicly backing the move. Ronson's stepfather is Mick Jones, Foreigner's founding member, songwriter and lead guitarist.

Family ties in effect here. And Mick Jones himself met the Beatles in France, that inspired him to form a band. He's the prime driver of Foreigner. I saw them in 1985, my very first show. Again in 2015 opening for Def Leppard but by that point Lou Gramm had long developed an ego, got 'born again' and now sasses off Mick saying that HE is Foreigner and the original 'Juke Box Hero'. Yes, he's a jerk but the band I saw in 2015 was more like a 'Foreigner Mach II' perhaps. A cover tribute band. Not as good.

Cher is a POP star, a media sensation for National Enquirer. That's it. A Tribe Called Quest members play their instruments on stage and in the studio, just like the original 'old skool' rappers in the beginning of hip-hop. That I like, that's what I'd want to see. See them work. That's not too much to ask, is it? I figured Mariah would be a shoo-in to satisfy the 'PC' popster/yuppie crowd. Then again, she is the one that made the word 'diva' an ugly pejorative word so I guess she can go to a corner, toss her Marx Party Supplies tiara to the floor, throw a hissy-fit and sulk. Wah.

Ozzy now has Parkinson's, and I was hoping he would perform 'Bark at the Moon' onstage during this month's total solar eclipse like he did in 2017. I guess he couldn't but it's nice that he's still alive to get this honor. Now I hope he doesn't pepper his acceptance speech with F-bombs galore.

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  03:33 am JST

Of all the acts they could put in the Hall, Foreigner; a detergent clean and rather mediocre band.

Uncalled for. If the likes of Billie Eyelash are considered music these days, the saccharine bands from the olden days are just as worthy.

That stuff has too much negativity, 'I Quit' and waaaahhhhh attitude to it. Rock is supposed to be about resistance and fighting for what you know is right. Not giving up or giving in to a sucky stupid hypocritical society (you hear that, CCP? You'd BETTER! ). It played a role in toppling the Iron Curtain in 1989.

The inductee list here is better than it has been, but it still needs improvements. Jimmy Buffett is an iconic artist alright. We need more original artists with imagery in their music and personae, like George Clinton, Adam Ant and ZZ Top. I'm not a Parrot Head but I certainly don't hate his music either. I remember many of my fellow college cohorts wearing tour shirts saying he's 'Caribbean Soul' which he is not, that's what reggae is. A local reviewer labeled his music as 'cruise ship crap styled for The Love Boat' and I strongly disagree with that. Let's just call him a 'Florida-flavored soft rocker'. Easy, and he does have an original imagery. That's one uniqur thing about him. It would've been nice if he were here to see this.

One last thing. Narrator, why did you place the wrong picture in this article?

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Posted in: AI begins to make waves at China sex toy expo See in context

"Although we make sex toys, we're trying to change the mindset of our community and make (the focus) less pornographic,"

This is still pornographic no matter how you slice it. It's an object, not a person. This is as bad as bestiality in my book. It's just plain sick and wrong.

yoshisan88Apr. 23  09:50 am JST

I am kinda surprised cause pornography is banned in China.

And these things probably are banned there because they would go against CCP 'revolutionary' principals and ideas. But they wouldn't mind if YOU - a foreigner bought one.

Realistic sex robots, meanwhile, seemed a long way off -- the few on display moved jerkily, with limited and badly synced speech.

No they're not. With AI and memory chips (which are limited in memory anyway), they just have to 'respond' to certain 'pressures' from actions the customer gives it. The words it 'speaks' are spoken by a woman (or man) and recorded for the memory chip. Programmers and engineers handle the rest.

Still, this is no substitute for a real woman, it's not for me. No intelligence, no soul, no go.

If she's not real, it's no deal for me.

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Posted in: Australian PM calls Musk arrogant billionaire; Musk hits back after court orders X to hide church stabbing posts See in context

Billionaire Musk, who bought X in 2022 with a declared mission to save free speech, posted a meme on the platform that showed X stood for "free speech and truth" while other social media platforms represented "censorship and propaganda".

Yeah, and he restored the account of Antichrist trump so he sass off his hateful violent and threatening screeds again.

"Don't take my word for it, just ask the Australian PM!" he wrote alongside the post.

Now Muskrat's screaming like his messiah Diaper-Stinking Trashtrump. Note how he's screaming like a brat, 'Mo-oooom! Anthony is making faces at me and calling me names! Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!'.

Yet he allows posts by traitortrump, neo-Nazis and other violent trash. Why is that?

And of course, it's 'OK' and 'fashionable' to badmouth Jews again like Muskrat has been doing too.

He's not a human being, he has a child with an unhumanly name. He likes to stir up crap in the pot, make a zillion dollars, and is a greedy whiny crybaby. And he needs to shutitip!!!!!

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Posted in: Cluster of earthquakes shakes Taiwan See in context

RedemptionApr. 23  01:52 pm JST

The Chinese dragon is rumbling?

Not funny.

> nandakandamandaApr. 23  06:50 pm JST

I know people say these earthquake series are not connected but Taiwan and Shikoku are both adjacent to the Philippines plate.

They often are, geologists know better about them now.

Fighto!Apr. 23  09:56 pm JST

Pray for Taiwan.

Yes. The last one was bad enough.

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Posted in: All-you-can-drink Starbucks and amazing views part of Tokyo’s new 170 meter-high sky lounge See in context

Gene HennighApr. 23  08:32 am JST

This place is a place for me. A great view and I could drink 100 cups of Starbuck's coffee and never get tired doing it

Sounds great and you get a terrific view of the world's largest city to boot. As for all those free Starbucks, I hope there's a restroom on that floor.

zibalaApr. 23  09:10 am JST

Headed there this weekend!

I've been on the observation deck of the Sears / Willis Tower in Chicago and at nighttime it's stellar. At the CN Tower in Toronto, which is even taller you get a wonderful panorama of the entire city and beyond. Only minus for that one is that you have 30 minutes tops to dig it all.

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Posted in: After COVID, WHO defines disease spread 'through air' See in context

StrangerlandApr. 19  10:14 pm JST

Did the WHO collude again with China in making this decision?

Ahh, this comment reminds me of those complete and utter morons who thought that the WHO should be political and that this would somehow further their mission to protect the health of the world. The same morons, bottom of the intelligence barrel, then went on about how the WHO was in China's back pocket.

I'm guessing most of those morons died of covid, since we don't see such comments very often anymore.

We still have some morons on podcasts babbling their whacko theories, and sheeple who believe them. And some of these morons later used Covid as an excuse to commit hate crimes against Chinese-Americans and ethnic Oriental/East Asian race people. And it's wrong.

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Posted in: Japan court denies salmon fishing rights to Ainu people See in context

Once again, the original Native Japanese get stepped on by a government.

All over the world it's the same - Native American peoples, Aussie Aborigines, Māori, Igorot, Laplanders, Eskimos, the first Madagascans, Dravidians, all. Original peoples getting the sham.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl falls to her death from balcony of high-rise apartment in Hiroshima See in context

Can't these architects do a better job of preventing accidents like this.

This seems to happen nearly every week and it's tragic.

'Thoughts and prayers' are not enough here. Something has to be done to stop repeats of these tragedies.

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Posted in: Tesla shares tumble below $150 per share, giving up all gains made over the past year See in context

opheliajadefeldtApr. 19  12:34 pm JST

Oh dear, what a shame for poor old Musky baby, does this mean he will not be getting his $56billion pay deal?.....I really hope so, it could not happen to a nicer man.

Po' widdle Muskrat. He acquires Twitter so his god TreasonTrump can sass off the hateful mouth again, he treats his employees poorly, has bashed Jews, posted lies about Covid, and nobody wikes him. He don' wanna pay taxes either. He wants it all but he cannot have it. Waaaahhhhhh.

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Posted in: Barcelona fined by UEFA for fans making Nazi salutes, monkey gestures at PSG game See in context

Bad sportsmanship and major uncool / uncouth behavior. To see the legacy of Francisco Franco still alive in Spain is appalling, sickening and disgusting.

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Posted in: Teen charged with terrorism over Sydney church stabbing See in context

If that bishop really did 'insult Islam' then it would be a violation of the Commandment 'Love thy neighbor'. IF. And if that were true, attacking him doesn't make it right. Islam has the 10 Commandments just like Christianity does.

plasticmonkeyApr. 19  08:25 pm JST

Beyond the barbarity of your hate crime, look at what you've done to your own community and faith. Stupid punk.

It's rotten enough that these cretin fanatics like ISIL, the Houthi hooligans, Hamas and the Iranian and Saudi dictatorships are giving Islam an ugly name but idiots like this guy are only making it worse for everyone concerned.

The Crusades were fanatical wars waged by greedy zealots that gave/give Christianity a disgusting name. This 'jihad' crap is no different. When is it going to stop?

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Posted in: Lebanon says Israeli agents likely killed Hezbollah-linked currency exchanger near Beirut See in context

zibalaApr. 18  11:02 am JST

Lebanon says Israeli agents likely killed Hezbollah-linked currency exchanger near Beirut

Israel is just the most incredibly impressive country.

Great work!

Hamas started this entire mess with the unwarranted, unprovoked and uncalled for terroristic actions they did on that October weekend. But the corrupt Nutty Yahoo is using this as a leverage for his own selfish ambitions and he is stepping way out of bounds. Murdering Gazan civilians with no concern, he wants the whole pie and he doesn't give a damn how he will get it.

And now this, intruding into Lebanese territory. All that sympathy for Israel is evaporating because of his actions, this isn't just self-defense anymore. It's an excuse for a greater power grab ambition.

And sad to say, it's yet another excuse for antisemitic attitudes and Jew-bashing around the world once again. Some dum-dums are always looking to cause trouble and an excuse to 'justify' it. Just for the hell of it.

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Posted in: Yes, efforts to eliminate DEI programs are rooted in racism See in context

Following the deadly accident that destroyed the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, several Republican elected officials and candidates claimed — implausibly — that DEI policies were responsible. One conservative commentator reposted video footage of a news conference on the tragedy held by Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, who is Black, with the comment, “This is Baltimore’s DEI mayor commenting on the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge. It’s going to get so, so much worse. Prepare accordingly.”

I have heard this whining horsecrap my entire life from these booger-brained close minded racists, whining about 'everybody is against us' or 'blacks want to get back at us for slavery' or 'the elite (mostly white by chance) just gives a black man your job just to fill a 'quota' whether he's qualified or not', or 'invading immigrants get free housing and college and don't have to work for 7 years', 'nadda nadda nadda, waaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!'

These cretins never advanced a day since HS and never applied themselves beyond it and never matured a day since the Pollyanna 1950's. This is not a matter of 'conservative' or 'liberal' either, it's a case of common sense and facing the reality of things. It never was.

I am violently sick and tired of all these outrageous racist and xenophobic lies that these loudmouth lunkheads want to shove down our throats. And they scream, scream, scream like spoiled divas. They know nothing about what America is supposed to be, and they don't care. Then they kowtow to antichrist turds like Donny the Diaper-Stinker who never worked an honest day in his life.

In my primary education as a kid, and in every job in my adult life (incl. the military) there's been instructors, supervisors, etc. above me and I can tell you that they all were qualified for it and they worked their way to get it. None of them got anything handed to them, there are no free rides.

And people of all diversity have contributed in making America great but our US history in primary education was a joke. It's time to change that. We recently had a black POTUS but some sassybrats made up outrageous rumors and lies about him too. And they're too cowardly to admit that they don't like his color.

So we see who is living in and working to build a real America for the future, and who's got egg on their faces.

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Posted in: Sweet lessons: Taiwan urban beekeeping gets positive buzz See in context

starpunkApr. 11  11:29 pm JST

Somebody has to lead the way and set the precedent and standard.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you make America great again. Setting an example for all to look up, not by kowtowing to a blubbering hypocritical lying crying diaper-stinking dictator.

Pollution (of all kinds) is a major problem for humanity and this is oner step for a solution.

I remember in Sunday School we did a schlocky number about 'solution to pollution can be more than just a dream' but like most things there, it was lip service.

Action speaks louder than words.

And it is once again. I'm glad somebody is taking the initiative on hopefully saving bees from extinction. They are essential to our agriculture.

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Posted in: OJ Simpson, football player and actor brought down by his murder trial, dies at 76 See in context

“I’m not Black, I’m OJ,” he liked to tell friends.

No. I don't care if you're Black or White. Or any other race, OJ. You're a piece of garbage and I don't like your kind.

His trial captured America's attention on live TV. The case sparked debates on race, gender, domestic abuse, celebrity justice and police misconduct.

Lord did it ever! All the lippy white racists were flapping their big stupid yappers like Pac-Men. The TV and radio sure stoked up the 'race card' issue. Even worse there was the case of judge Lance Ito's ethnicity, he's a Japanese-American. You guessed it, chatterbox DJs were making racist jokes about him too, imitating Japanese/Oriental stereotypical 'accents' and making those mornoic 'ah so' and 'ching chong' jokes on the air, thinking they were being cute and funny. They weren't, not in the least.

And of course there was Rubbish Limberger and his ilk talking trash like the mental 8th graders that they were.

The Dumbing Down of America. Sad, very sad.

Bye-bye, trash!

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Posted in: OJ Simpson, football player and actor brought down by his murder trial, dies at 76 See in context

JohnApr. 12  07:11 am JST

I wish OJ a safe and speedy trip to Hell for butchering his wife and (as the TV stations say) “her friend”.

He got away with murder and then got to thumb his nose at the civil liability case against him.

He even had the gall to admit that at times he 'got physical' with her. And white racists galore in America were blabba-blabba-blabba over this sick sensationalistic issue. That revealed their true colors. But for most of us, race wasn't an issue. OJ murdered his ex-wife that he abused and he bought off the jury with his sports hero money. Simple as that.

I remember at my college there were huge TV screens set up so students could watch the verdict out in the grass and walkways. They all gazed and got manipulated like sheep by the pronouncement on the Big Telescreens. It was so '1984' I couldn't stand it, it made me SICK.

It had already occurred before with all the TV channels preempting to show Desert Storm 24/7. Yippy-yi-yay! Everybody gaze at the Boob Tube, get manipulated. Believe and eat up all the crap.

The obsession and sensation this created got people in America chattering like monkeys all the time. And every juvenile know-it-all-but-know-nothing on TV, radio, new internet was yapping yapping yapping about this crap crap crap.

OJ later did serve time, a few years for stealing. Now he's getting his eternal just deserts.

Before all this, I did not have a single negative notion, opinion, attitude, idea, inkling or anything whatsoever about OJ Simpson. Before all that he was a football star and actor.

Good riddance to rotten rancid rubbish!

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Posted in: Biden administration sets first-ever limits on 'forever chemicals' in drinking water See in context

Somebody has to lead the way and set the precedent and standard.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you make America great again. Setting an example for all to look up, not by kowtowing to a blubbering hypocritical lying crying diaper-stinking dictator.

Pollution (of all kinds) is a major problem for humanity and this is oner step for a solution.

I remember in Sunday School we did a schlocky number about 'solution to pollution can be more than just a dream' but like most things there, it was lip service.

Action speaks louder than words.

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Posted in: One killed, five wounded after shooters open fire on crowd in DC neighborhood See in context

Smith has pushed lawmakers to pass legislation that would strengthen penalties for gun offenses in the nation’s capital.

They need to try harder. Especially after what trump's turds did on J6. They left pipe bombs at certain locations in DC as well.

Wayne LaPierre, is that new yacht big enough for you? You sure rolled in a lot of dough over the decades with your shrieking hysterical Robiespearesque lies and you don't give a damn about how the fallout results from it.

Shame on you.

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Posted in: Total solar eclipse sweeps across North America See in context

Bad HaircutToday  09:58 am JST

Beautiful sight!

I observed this at a zoo in my hometown, with solar shades and filtered binoculars (I saw sunspots that way). There were various groups and types of humanity there - from all over the human spectrum. The temps dropped, the sun appeared to 'shrink', darkness came quickly and there it was!

People were shouting, screaming for joy, high-fiving, totally in awe. In my over 40 years of amateur astronomy as a hobby, I had seen a lot things incl. solar and lunar eclipses. That even includes the faraway planet Pluto. But I never had seen a total solar eclipse until now. Yeeeeeeeeraaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't stop there. The bright 'evening star' after sunset is the planet Jupiter and very close by is the Comet Pons-Brooks. My own 7X50 binoculars (solar filters off of course) revealed the comet right next to Jupiter, to the lower right. Aim up and see.

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

JohnToday  12:20 pm JST

Russia’s international policy has been extremely poor so far and not in good interest of Russian people. Taking entire world as a target is stupid. The only allies Russia has is China and North Korea, not the best allies you would want to have.

i think that Russian people are good people. I feel sorry for them having poor governments regularly.

It's that way with any nation. Arnold Schwarzeneggar sent a video message to the Russian people remembering the glasnost days and stating how good the people there really are. He also said that Putin is using and misguiding them now.

It's that way with any nation. Many of my uncles served in the Korean war and spoke of respect for Oriental people, esp. Koreans and Japanese and their cultures. No love for the NK or Chinese Communist regimes, however.

When I served in the Navy we had the 1986 Libya war and the Tanker war with Iran in 1987 - 1988. Do I hate Libyans, Iranians, Middle Eastern people, Persians or Arabs? Absolutely not. I have no love for Moammar or that totalitarian regime of Iran. And I don't like those Houthis causing a ruckus in the Red Sea either.

When you fight or go to war with a nation, you hate the enemy government but not the people.

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Posted in: China conducts 'combat patrols' as U.S. holds drills with allies in disputed waters See in context

Fighto!Apr. 8  07:02 am JST

More warlike and aggressive behaviour from Communist China. Acting like they own the South China Sea.

GuruMickApr. 8  08:46 am JST

The sea area is not "disputed "

There is no 'dispute'. The open seas are for all nations for free navigation. That's why the US is at war right now with those Houthi hooligans. The Red Sea is for everyone and so is the South China Sea. Suck it up, CCP.

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Posted in: Solar eclipse playlist: 20 songs to rock out to on your cosmic adventure See in context

YrralToday  04:11 am JST

The eclipse were anti climatic in my city,lots of people bought glasses,but realized that their was a 4 minute of totality, but miss it

How could anybody 'miss' the sudden darkness and temperature drop, let alone animals going to sleep and birds stop singing because they went to roost? We had animal science students from my university come to the city zoo where I witnessed the eclipse. Everybody could notice a 'change'. It came gradually then during the last two minutes of daylight the sun 'shrank' and then the eclipse totality.

Other songs:

At the zoo a DJ played 'Soak Up the Sun' by Sheryl Crow

'Here Comes the Sun' by the Beatles (which really should've been played after totality)

'Mr. Blue Sky' by ELO (huh? How about 'Ticket to the Moon'?)

'Moonlight Feels Right' by Starbuck

'Blister in the Sun' by Violent Femmes

and visibly missing was 'Black Hole Sun' by Soundgarden. So was 'Sun is Shining' by Bob Marley.

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Posted in: Solar eclipse playlist: 20 songs to rock out to on your cosmic adventure See in context

YrralToday  03:53 pm JST

Total eclipse of the mind ,is my recommendation

I hate that pompous Bonnie Tyler song, I hate everything Jim Steinman has ever written and/or produced. He's the Antichrist of Rock'n'Roll, the reason why we needed the punk/new wave/glam revolution.

The video for that song is creepy too; with teacher-student romance, a scene right out of a bad LSD trip , a partial lunar eclipse and that student lip-synching that vocal at the end sounding like a bawling calf.

How about 'New Moon on Monday' by Duran Duran (that's what is happening today)

'It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by REM

'Bark at the Moon' by Ozzy (he played it as the 2017 solar eclipse happened)

'Between Sun and Moon' by RUSH

''The Fly' by U2 (mentions a solar eclipse in the lyrics)

'Under the Big Black Sun' by X (title track to the 1982 album)

'Sun City' by Artists United Against Apartheid

of course 'Eclipse' by Pink Floyd

and more.

'Celebrate!' by Kool and the Gang, maybe : )

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Posted in: Happy ABBA-versary! Fans mark 50 years since 'Waterloo' took the world by storm See in context

zibalaToday  03:23 pm JST

ABBA is great. And STP was a fan of theirs and built on their musical influences; STP in their music and lyrics went beyond the depth of any Beatles song too.

Who is 'STP'? There was a band called STP = Stone Temple Pilots.

Lemmy Kilmeister of Motorhead was a HUGE fan of ABBA. He also dug the Bee Gees, Everley Brothers, Little Richard, and more - 'any f'n thing'. He always said that you shouldn't let anyone dictate to you your musical tastes, as long as you like it. When the band was going there was a blog where you could 'chat' with him. Someone asked him who his favorite composers were, he replied 'Lennon and McCartney'.

The 70s had a lot of garbage nobody wants to remember. ABBA was a guilty pleasure for us boys in the class of 1984. They stand up. Does anybody want to remember Captain + Tenille, the late Melanie, Starland Vocal Band, disco duck and all that crap from the mid 70s pre-punk era? NO!

ABBA stands out, they made their impact. Even the harder-edged Roxette was influenced by them and I have always loved Roxette and always will.

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Posted in: Happy ABBA-versary! Fans mark 50 years since 'Waterloo' took the world by storm See in context

factcheckerToday  08:45 am JST

Completely overhyped trash. Always was, always will be. Anyone who was alive in the 80s will remember that no one dared to say they loved this insipid band. That's how it should have stayed.

WRONG. ABBA was a 'guilty pleasure' for us boys in the class of 1994. Of course seeing two Swedish chicks - one blonde and one redhead on video adds to the catchy songs. And they are catchy, unlike the rubbish of today.

> JimizoToday  09:28 am JST

Anyone who was alive in the 80s will remember that no one dared to say they loved this insipid band

I was alive in the 80s. I remember types desperate to look cool and/or knowledgeable about music looking down on ABBA.

Most people grew out of this. Some obviously didn’t.

Great pop band. Knew how to craft catchy and memorable pop songs with the best of them. The way some talk, you’d think is easy.

Just because it's 'pop' doesn't always means it's bad. Erasure made an EP of ABBA covers,

bass4funkToday  01:28 pm JST

Completely overhyped trash. Always was, always will be. Anyone who was alive in the 80s will remember that no one dared to say they loved this insipid band. That's how it should have stayed.

ABBA had numerous hits throughout their career. While the exact number can vary depending on how one defines a "hit," they released many singles that charted highly around the world. Some of their most well-known hits include "Dancing Queen," "Mamma Mia," "Fernando," "Take a Chance on Me," "Waterloo," "The Winner Takes It All," and "Knowing Me, Knowing You," among others. Their music consistently charted in multiple countries and various music charts, contributing to their widespread popularity.

The Beatles made a lot of 'pop' music that changed the world and well known to all. Catchy melodies and just being fun - what's so wrong about that?

Even Bono from U2 was deeply influenced by the band as well as countless other musicians such as Madonna

Lady Gaga

Kylie Minogue


The Killers


Abba may not be everyone's cup of tea, but to dismiss them and their music as junk outright is just flat-out not dealing with reality.

I have always loved U2 and I always will. Oasis is cool too and Kylie is cute - I like her earlier stuff but not her later autotuned garbage.

ABBA, like Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, U2 and other bands have inspired a lot of terrific and terrible bands. That's the legacy of an iconic good band in itself and ABBA is one of them.

I remember 'Waterloo' as a kid fondly on my parents' car radio when we visited my grandparents in Indiana, along with hits by Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Kraftwerk, et al. That's what the best childhood memories are made of. As for being getting all geeky with this at wedding parties and such, ahhhhh - damn! SMH.

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Posted in: Song lyrics are getting simpler, more repetitive: study See in context

browny1Apr. 3  06:46 pm JST

I like how Billie Eish and her bros Finneas have stepped out of the box of mainstream and write, compose and play/sing original music themselves that is hard to really categorize.

Sounds simple but is layered with textures and verve.

Cool stuff.

I like the complexities in music like that. In 1992 at my university I got to see the members of Genesis set up and program their gear for the songs - drum machine rhythms laced by Phil's slamming the electric and acoustic drums, Tony Banks programming the layered synth textures, Mike Rutherford fooling with the guitar synth, etc.

Even on a newly re-remastered Japanese CD I bought via Amazon of the Rolling Stones CD 'Steel Wheels' (which was originally recorded and mixed digitally back in 1989) reveals details and layers via earplugs that I couldn't hear before; such as in one song Mick Jagger is in the background yelping 'Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! ' ad infinitum, another track he just snarls in the background and in another song I heard an acoustic guitar that I didn't know was there before.

That's what I like hearing, it shows that great time and effort was made for it.

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Posted in: Taiwan earthquake kills 9; 50 still missing, more than 800 injured See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  01:02 am JST

TokyoLivingApr. 3 10:48 pm JST

Pray for China's Taiwan province..

Pray for Free Taiwan.

Taiwan is Taiwan, not 'China' and not urn by the CCP. Taiwan is free of China. Taiwanese speak Chinese and are ethnically Chinese but that's all. Taiwan has been free since 1949 so Xi and the CCP can put that in their pipes and smoke it.

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Posted in: White House directs NASA to create time standard for the moon See in context

The Moon's rotation and its 'year' (orbit) are nearly synchronous and since we're going to establish permanent colonies there, we're going to have to find a way to 'synch' the 'days' and a calendar up for them. Each celestial body has its own time system and they don't follow what we have on Earth.

Mankind is progressing!

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Posted in: Taiwan earthquake kills 9; 50 still missing, more than 800 injured See in context

OssanAmericaToday  01:17 pm JST

It will take time to assess the full extent of the damage as well as fatalities and injuries.

Hopefully it will not be very many. We can hope.

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