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Posted in: Space telescope spies neutron star in the debris of famous supernova See in context

I remember when this event happened in 1987. As an amateur astronomer I would've loved to have seen this but it's only visible to Southern Hemisphere observers. I was in California. Rats!

A supernova is one occurrence that I have yet to ever see.

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Posted in: Japanese sweets shop specializes in beautiful flower-shaped 'ohagi' rice cakes See in context

I think they're kinda cute. A lot of good effort goes into this. Who says cooking or baking can't be an art?

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Posted in: What’s behind the astonishing rise in LGBTQ+ romance literature? See in context

Gays by their natural genetic/biological makeup will always be a minority. Homosexuality exists in a few animal species too - again, a natural small percentage.

At that, every 'category' or classification or whatever of people need something cultural to identity with or align with. That's OK, it just makes sense.

For instance, a Joan Jett concert is the very first concert for many little girls and teen girls now, because JJ is a woman who ROCKS. Not a gyrating lip-synching autotuned sex robot, the Real Deal. Jett is also a Girls Night Out, replacing with Tupperware parties used to do. Jett also has a very strong lesbian fan base. How do I know? Of all the three times I've seen Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, I've noticed all these things.

Everybody needs entertainment made just for them, whether it's intentional or not.

MoonrakerToday  11:49 am JST

Win-win. Nobody can complain. Nobody is being forced to buy it.

The LGBTQ+ book section is small and secluded in most bookstores. Just like the Black American lit, the feminism lit, Jewish lit, etc. If that's what you are, have at it. Dig in. There's no shame in it. Sexual orientation doesn't make a person good or bad, it's what you do with it.

And for those homophobic screaming loudmouth gay-bashers: you ain't cool. And to quote a 1991 hit from the funk-metal band Extreme:

'....If you don't like what you see here

(If you don't like what you see here)

Get the funk out

(Get the funk out, get the funk out, get the funk out)

We won't try to force feed you

Get the... funk out....!!!!


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Posted in: Art collective WE announces project with Axiom Space See in context


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Posted in: Private lander touches down on the moon but sending weak signal See in context

History has been made again today. A milestone. And to think, this week in 1862 the late John Glenn (RIP) became the third man in space, orbiting planet Earth three times.

I think he's smiling at this, watching from the afterlife.

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Posted in: Ransomware group LockBit disrupted by global police operation that includes 2 arrests See in context

Good. The more cyberpunks nailed, the better.

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Posted in: Children are expensive – not just for parents, but the environment − so how many is too many? See in context

Panic button. The sky is falling again. I remember this dumb movie in the 8th grade with a 'dead in' at the end )before that term even existed). Then there was that STAR TREK episode with that 'overpopulated' planet Gideon. Now some fascist pig will use this as an excuse to promote hatred.

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Posted in: Resort park in Japan offers special love confession plans with 6 million lights See in context

mikeylikesitToday  12:19 am JST

Now that this Grand Love Confession Plan is publicly known, is it going to lead to a lot of disappointment and fewer visitors to the park?

Who would ever go there if the very invitation signaled the chance of an unwanted confession?

And then you feel like a geek. This jive is all on those reality TV 'Bachelor' shows for everyone to see. And then follow ups are made and it's usually not a 'Happy Ever After'.

As for me it should be just between two people in any old place. It ain't anybody else's doggone business.

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Posted in: McCartney reunited with his missing 'Beatlemania' bass guitar See in context

bass4funk The Hofner bass is nowhere near anything like that on a build level, but because of who played it, it has definitely become a collectible instrument to just have more than anything else.

Sometimes that's all that matters. I remember seeing on MTV the video for Daryl Hall's solo hit 'Foolish Pride' and he had a custom made guitar in it, one of only three models.

And may I mention the mighty Prince with his famous white 'cloud' guitar used in 'Purple Rain'. Only three of those were ever made. Three!

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Posted in: McCartney reunited with his missing 'Beatlemania' bass guitar See in context

Elvis is hereFeb. 20  03:36 pm JST

I think it lay in the attic forgotten about. Remember readers, in the olden days, before the web, pictures of our favorite stars and their equipment were very few and far between. It is quite possible that the bass was put away a long time ago and simply forgotten about.

It's that way with everything. The Strand (a pre-Sex Pistols band) stole David Bowie's gear. And Bon Scott's bagpipes were placed backstage before an AC/DC concert. Somebody snitched them and they were never recovered.

The thing is though, in the Get Back movie, the bass had stickers on it; "Bass man" and the set list of the Beatles last ever live performance. They seem to have been removed. Does the family still have them?

Just watch. Somebody on eBay will come up with that, now that you mentioned it. Almost any shill can get away with selling anything there. Remember the water (sealed in a special capsule) from a cup of shaved ice from a 1977 Elvis show? Or an EMI Studio toilet paper roll that the Beatles did not use because it was 'too rough for their bums'? Big bucks! And you know what PT Barnum said.

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Posted in: How Ziggy Marley helped bring the authenticity to ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ See in context

I have seen Ziggy with his siblings ('Melody Makers') four times live as well as just Ziggy solo. His shows are full of his songs, with every 4th one being one from Bob. He is always a delight and a thrill to see.

And I've seen and met Ky-Mani at a bookstore signing too. Charming dude.

Reggae Power!!!

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Posted in: McCartney reunited with his missing 'Beatlemania' bass guitar See in context

kohakuebisuToday  09:13 am JST

The lady in the photo is Slyvie Vartan and though not relevant, I must say I prefer this photo to just another one of a violin-shaped bass.

And Paul sure looks like a happy camper standing next to a goddess, doesn't he? ; )

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Posted in: McCartney reunited with his missing 'Beatlemania' bass guitar See in context

kohakuebisuToday  09:13 am JST

The lady in the photo is Slyvie Vartan and though not relevant, I must say I prefer this photo to just another one of a violin-shaped bass.

He's got plenty of other violin-shaped basses. It's almost iconic for him.

wallaceToday  02:01 pm JST

The woman who returned the guitar did not know it was stolen until she saw a news article.

"Now, single mother Cathy Guest has revealed to The Sun that she discovered the bass in her attic following the death of her husband, and believes that he had inherited it from his brother."

This oddly reminds me of the early 1990s film 'The Red Violin' which detailed the 'adventures' and misplacement of an old special violin. It's about 30 years old now, not a 'classic' cookie-cutter manufactured drama but a real good movie. Worth checking out.

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Posted in: Russia will not intimidate me, Estonian PM Kallas says See in context

stormcrowToday  09:06 am JST

She’s got more guts than America’s republicans. That’s for sure.

Russia has committed cyberhacking against nations around the world, and installed the puppet trump into the WH. Estonia is much closer to Russia and in the EU and NATO. Of course with NATO being a defense alliance, an attack on Estonia will unleash the wrath of all of NATO. Kaja don't take no sass.

> wallaceToday  09:56 am JST

Why is Putin afraid of her?

Because Estonia, along with other NATO members are next door and unlike the subservient Spanky Don, Kaja is strong and she won't take any lippy crap from Vlad. You Go, Girl.

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Posted in: French actor Depardieu faces new sex assault complaint See in context

The allegations keep piling up. The accusers don't know each other. This is no conspiracy or smear campaign.

R Kelly, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Randy Andy, Gerard Depardieu.  

It all adds up. Karma is calling.

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Posted in: Israel strikes across Gaza as U.S. says it will block another cease-fire resolution at U.N. See in context

wallaceToday  06:57 am JST

The destruction of Gaza is wrong.

Nutty Yahoo is so damn determined to obtain absolute power in Israel, even if he has to destroy Gaza to do it. It's Hamas who is to blame for starting this war but ne wants to annihilate Gaza, all of Gaza and slaughter innocents to get what he wants.

stanToday  07:46 am JST

The destruction of Gaza is wrong.

Talk to Hamas. They destroyed Gaza themselves

What's to talk about? Hamas started this but Nutty Yahoo sure ain't going to stop. He's set out to feed his appetite for destruction. He could just wipe out Hamas but he isn't stopping there. Killing Gazan mothers, fathers, children means nothing to him.

Israel must not stop until Hamas ceases to exist as a force. Israel's existence depends upon it.

I agree, Hamas is a terrorist thug gang that must be destroyed. But Israel needs a better and more sensible PM to wage this war.

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Posted in: What to stream this week: 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' 'Priscilla' and Dolly Parton's puppies See in context

Scrapings of the barrel again. We had a Priscilla TV miniseries in 1988 adapted straight out of her 1986 book. Leave that story be.

MGMT is an OK band, one of the few beacons of inspiration in the musical trash heap of 21st century pop/rock. That might be worth a listen.

As for everything else on this list, it stinks of unoriginality once again and is just not very interesting.

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Posted in: Two teenagers charged in Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting See in context

Dirtbags. Yet the free flow of guns and not registering them and letting these irresponsible turds gat a hold of them, this has got to stop! We've become a nation of comfortably dumb bunnies who let the screaming greedmeisters and violence-mongers take over.

'Everybody's down to their knees, listen like thieves' - INXS

Time to Stop The Madness.

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Posted in: Sudan's army investigating video purportedly showing troops carrying severed heads See in context

UChosePoorlyFeb. 17  02:24 pm JST

The military released a statement that denounced the “shocking content” of the video, 

I am glad they are taking this seriously, but videos of severed heads on the internet haven't been shocking since about 2001 and the days of Ogrish. Gotta be new and fresh if you want to keep shocking people.

The 'trophy skull' business. It's sick, deplorable and against the codes of military conduct in most nations' armed forces. There are museums in Cambodia and Rwanda full of skulls from victims of their genocides. This should be taken seriously and the world should be outraged. Wars have been so cleaned and sanitized for TV watching and entertainment, this is one factor that needs to be exposed if for no other reason - why wars should be avoided.

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Posted in: SDF to soften hairstyle rules as recruit shortage worsens See in context

Fighto!Feb. 17  04:45 pm JST

Small, but a good move.

60s style buzz cuts are very outdated in 2024 - and many women prefer longer hair too.

And many men do too. Welcome to 1970, SDF. Ever heard of the Beatles and Rolling Stones and the fashions they inspired?

As for tattoos, it's practically encouraged in the US Navy. I never got one for the fact I could never decide what design I would want. When I a boot camp commander with purple smudges of naked girlies on his arms I told myself NO. I don't want to look like that in 15 or 20 years.

As for beards, they come and go in the Navy and other branches. The US Marines always had buzzcuts 40 years ago, now they don't. Besides, hand-to-hand combat is rare if even happening at all. Technology has changed all that, everything is more advanced and electronic and remotely accomplished.

Look at the wars during the past 30 years and see. It's tanks and armored cars and the ground. Even urban guerilla wars are fought distantly with long range weapons. But more wars are fought even more distantly - air and sea such as the NATO inventions in ex-Yugoslavia, the Libya wars of 1986 and 2011, Ukraine, and the current war with the Houthi hooligans. Missiles and bombs and drones and cyberwar. Hand-to-hand combat? Again, this is 2024. Welcome.

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Posted in: Andean farmers use age-old technique amid climate change See in context

englisc aspyrgendFeb. 17  08:02 pm JST


The farmers are struggling to adapt to the climate change. However, it is impossible to adapt to the rapid warming up of the planet. The only thing to do is to stop the greenhouse process.

Wrong, yes we can adapt to climate change and will have to if we are to survive, but that is not mutually exclusive to working to stop our climate changing emissions and help the return to the natural balance.

There was a climate change in a small scale (a 'Little Ice Age') during the first millennium AD, as well as a bubonic plague endemic ravaging Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. That kept the Norsemen who already explored North America from making a bigger presence there. Not to mention, sailing around Greenland and through the Arctic Ocean is just plain tough, it still is even today.

Then about 1500 years later the non-hero Cristobol Colon sailed to the 'New World' and started spoiling the party with his greedy genocidal bullcrap. And he got credited and lauded for it all and we got spoon-fed in school about his 'heroism' and 'wit'. And yes, we were told that he was the first to postulate that the Earth is a round planet too, while the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, whoever of ancient times already knew that. More crap posing as 'history'.

englisc aspyrgendFeb. 17  08:04 pm JST

Starpunk, sounds like your teacher wasn’t fit to hold the position, luckily sounds like you have gone on to teach yourself far more than she could.

Middle school sucked, it was a hell for me for various reasons I won't list here. Whenever that teacher was sick and a substitute teacher announced it, that whole class cheered 'Yaaayyyy!!!!' and applauded. She was a loudmouth with a snooty/snotty bullying disposition, a female Donald trump.

When I entered the service after HS and college later on, it took me to a lot of fun, funny, funky places and I got to see and meet with all kinds of people. In the military and college you will anyway. I went out exploring and checking out cultural and historical sights and events because the opportunities were there. You can learn a lot from all that - you see, ask, witness, visit, experience, observe without even intending or trying to. That gives you strength through knowledge. Knowledge is Freedom.

And that's why I don't now and never have listened to these media chumps and losers from the left or the right on AM mayhem radio or podcasts. What do any of them know? One example here.

When Rubbish Limberger died two years ago I read that he had been at his 'job' on the air since he was 16 years old. And he obviously never matured a day past that age. Do I need to say more?

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Posted in: Rod Stewart banks $100 million for song catalog: report See in context

Brian WhewayToday  02:39 am JST

And ex wives and girlfriends

He got a lovely lady (he always gets the foxey chicks - some guys DO get all the luck!) about my age preggers about 20 years ago, they got married and it looks like with that Sir Rod has quit his gigolo ways for good. They have stuck together and raised a daughter who is now grown up. As for before and beyond that, I dunno. He's had a very long stellar career and all this dough will provide a nest egg fershure.

If nothing else it should keep his legacy alive in the future. And with all the poppy puke on the stupid media, serious contenders in the music business can look back at and get inspired by the real stars like Sir Rodney and the others. My guestimate.

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Posted in: J.Lo uses first album in a decade to poke fun at her romantic past See in context

TokyoLivingFeb. 16  08:17 am JST

Overrated and pathetic, LOL !!..

Sexy lady but awful in music and film.

runner3Feb. 16  08:28 am JST

I think she's getting a little old to be playing these high school games.

So now she's taking the Swiftie route of badmouthing former exes in her songs? How mature and refined.

What's a J-Lo CD good for? Well you can pin up the cover art at your workplace or your college room den. If the CD doesn't have her picture on it then you can throw it away or use it as a frisbee for your dog to play with.

'She's Got The Look' as Roxette once said, but when it comes to talents it just ain't there.

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Posted in: Brian Wilson needs to be put in conservatorship after death of wife, court petition says See in context

Deeply revered and acclaimed as a member, producer, arranger and chief songwriter of the Beach Boys, Wilson struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues that upended his career in the 1960s.

He met Ledbetter when he was a customer at a car dealership where she was working in the mid-1980s. At the time, Wilson had for years been under the close supervision of psychologist Dr. Eugene Landy.

Ledbetter and others believed Landy was exploiting and mistreating Wilson, and feuded with Landy for years before he was barred in 1992 from any contact with Wilson.

Ledbetter died unexpectedly on Jan. 30, according to a Wilson spokesperson.

“Our five children and I are just in tears. We are lost,” Wilson said on his web site. “Melinda was more than my wife. She was my savior."

Wilson IS California. He influenced psychedelic rock, punk rock and even some bands like the prog YES make good use of harmonizing - another Beach Boys influence. And Beach Boys shows in California draw in fans from all over the musical spectrum. Brian Wilson is an icon there.

I got to see his 'solo' tour in 2019 and he struggled with physical and mental ailments at that show. But he stuck it out and didn't crap out. It was the second gig of his final tour, with dates in 2020. Needless to say Covid put that to a screeching halt, now he'll never get to finish the tour.

Eugene Landy was a charlatan and a rotten bastard crud. Melinda was the yin to his yang. And now he has dementia on top of that.

This is very sad news concerning one of the greatest, most creative, innovative and most influential geniuses in rock.

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Posted in: Rod Stewart banks $100 million for song catalog: report See in context

I don't understand all this, but if it keeps the legacy of Sir Rod, Bruce and the others alive then so be it.

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Posted in: 'You need to calm down': Swift-mania hits Australia See in context

bass4funkToday  02:32 am JST

There is nothing worse than listening to the types who “like the old Fleetwood Mac and Genesis”. 

It’s like listening to people with an encyclopedic knowledge of cars.

I think you have to be a musician to understand the genius and amazing writing and arrangements by both groups overall, I get it, it is subjective, but their music bad??? Wow.

The Mac had a few good songs but I never got into them very much. Their later 80s music had some nice synth touches to it, however. That and it gives me fond memories of when I was in Nevada in 1987. As for Genesis I love that band a lot. I got to see them for free by working at security for their show at my university stadium. I had to report earlier to work to get ready and we saw Phil, Mike and Tony set up, program and do testing on their gear. Lemme tell ya, folks. Genesis music is quite complicated and complex. Genesis finally packed it in last year, their music is not for jr. high 'basement' bands who play at the dances.

Astonishingly boring people who probably quit playing guitar after having to work a little harder to get past the opening riff of Smoke on the Water or Purple Haze.

Anyway, good luck to Taylor Swift. Apparently, she’s a decent type.

She is definitely a great musical entrepreneur without a doubt.

Entrepreneur fershure. But her music has no substance to me. Style but no substance. And will she remembered and respected as important 20, 30 years from now? I doubt it.

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Posted in: Bradley Cooper laments lack of public awareness of Leonard Bernstein See in context

iradickleFeb. 16  10:55 am JST

*Bradley Cooper laments lack of public awareness of *Leonard Bernstein


We know him.

wallaceFeb. 16  04:52 pm JST


Cooper is an airhead who probably didn't know of Bernstein's existence until 24 hours after he received a screenplay to read

Bradley Cooper wrote the script with Josh Singer.

It was produced by Cooper, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger, Fred Berner and Amy Durning.

It is an excellent entertaining movie

I admit that I had first heard the name 'Leonard Bernstein' rattled off in a classic song by REM. I was just 21 then. But I learned soon enough about his importance and then you get these 'Eureka!' moments and put 2 and 2 together.

DcFeb. 16  10:51 pm JST

I seen the movie . it’s about his gay life very disappointing movie I thought it would be more historic.

If it's more about that then I don't wanna even bother. I like historical films of just about anybody important but if I wanted to see a film focusing on the romances alone - gay or not, I'd simply watch a TV soap opera.

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Posted in: Andean farmers use age-old technique amid climate change See in context

1glennToday  09:51 am JST

We don't give enough credit to so-called primitive peoples. I remember reading an article in Scientific American magazine about 50 years ago regarding techniques used by farmers in Northern Africa, along the Mediterranean coast, thousands of years ago, and the methods they used to conserve and use the little rainfall in the area.

When I was in school we were told that North America was a total wilderness full of dumbbutt primitive savages. I visited the Qallah Cherokee Reserve in North Carolina, in the Smoky Mts. You got to see the intricate trap devices used to snare bears for food and utility use. Another tourist asked about a log cabin at the sight - that's what the Cherokee lived it. I learned later about the huge confederations that spanned the continent and the sciences and agricultural innovations they had. The Anasazi, Paiutes and others build solar calendars and had extensive irrigation the SW desert areas. The Moundbuilders (Adena, Hopewell, Ft. Ancient) had extensive trade networks and the mound complexes were used for calendar purposes based on heavenly body alignments to provide agricultural timing and practices.

My 7th grade state history class was a joke. Our teacher was a screaming shrew who didn't like questions from students. She just said, 'Moundbuilders, duuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh....'

A huge calendar complex in my home state built by the Hopewell people just got designated as a World Heritage sight by UNESCO last year.

Gee, ma. These 'dumb (American) Indians/Native Americans' weren't so dumb after all! And that shrew 7th grade social studies 'teacher' who taught us our state history was just a loudmouth dummy too.

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Posted in: Is Japan the sick man of Asia? See in context

dagonToday  08:56 am JST

Take Japan for starters. News just out is a double whammy : The country is now officially in recession and Germany has overtaken Japan, leaving it as the fourth largest world economy. How the mighty have fallen.

"Sick man of Asia" was originally used to criticize early 20th century China but the similarity to 2024 Japan is that they are oppressed by a useless, parasitic mandarin class.

Don't say that. When the fascist imperial regime of Japan used that slogan on the Chinese Republic in 'Enter the Dragon', that gave Bruce Lee a justification/excuse to defend his national honor and put the wupazz to the Japanese diplomats.

Even though it's 2024, Japan is a free independent nation. China is a sad empire run by the CCP that promises a Marxian utopia but doesn't deliver one. The CCP lies, and their founder Mao was a murderous bastard who killed millions of his own Chinese. And the aftereffects still linger.

So who's the 'Sick Man' of (East) Asia, or even all of Asia? Certainly not Japan. Not by a long shot.

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Posted in: Godzilla, Oscar newbie, stomps into the Academy Awards See in context

TokyoLivingToday  06:15 am JST

Godzilla king of the monsters!!!...

Both times I've seen Blue Oyster Cult we get the introduction:

'This next song is about the greatest sci-fi movie monster in the wholw wide world. It's


And the guitarist plays 'Baum! Baum-baum baum-baum! Baum-baum baum-baum! .......'

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