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starpunk comments

Posted in: Japan marks 29 years since Tokyo subway sarin gas attack See in context

Former members have continued under three different groupings with new names, such as Aleph.

And why are these people allowed to continue in these newer groups, so they can pull this stunt again? They are NOT a religion but a cult and a terrorist group. Real religions don't perform terrorist acts or kill.

smithinjapanMar. 20  07:41 pm JST

What day isn't an anniversary of something? Sorry, but making every single day a major remembrance of some disaster or another only lessens the importance of remembering it. I can see the 30th being a big one, or the 25th, etc., but these days they have "half anniversaries" or "half-coming of age days" for ten-year-olds, and wasn't it just the 8th annivesary of something else? Or was it the 13th? I forget.

That exact same year on April 19 in the US, Tim McVey pulled his terror act on a Federal building in OKC. There may be a reason for not wanting to remember the date. When I visited Lexington and Concord in 2019, I saw an entry sign stating the American Revolution 'officially' began there on April 19, 1775. Do the math. Tim McVey based his act on a neo-Nazi novel, 'The Turner Diaries'. He wanted to kickstart a Nazi revolution that thankfully didn't happen. On the 220th anniversary of Lexington and Concord. A sick coincidence? No.

FluteMar. 20  11:56 pm JST


At the bare minimum, Wikipedia is your friend. It was an apocalyptic totalitarian sect. It got a problem with anybody and everybody which was not a perfectly subservient member.

With the end of the millennium coming in 5 years there was a lot of sick crazy crap going on, all over the world. And look how things have been since. We must be diligent and never forget.

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Posted in: China begins process on whether to indict detained Japanese man See in context

WiseOneIn KansaiToday  08:53 am JST

Well, we know the detained man won't get a fair trial in the CCP-run kangaroo court!!

He has been detained for nearly a year and hasn't even been told on what charges.

If what I've seen from a certain scene from 'The Last Emperor', these thugs will tell him to 'fess up' without even giving a hint of what offense to fess up to. An excuse for physical abuse.

> SpeedToday  10:21 am JST

Confucious say, "Don't go and do business in China."

With the CCP in charge you can't even study his works. It's considered 'competition' or 'counter-revolutionary' in their totalitarian nonsense claptrap.

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Posted in: Princess Aiko graduates from Gakushuin University See in context

Congratulations! You have your future ahead. Good luck, best wishes, God bless.

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Posted in: Biden unveils almost $20 bil for Intel to boost U.S. chip production See in context

Desert TortoiseToday  07:42 am JST

The US is basically a totally socialist country with the Federal Government running a centrally planned economy and deciding which areas of the economy get investment and which don't.

The US economy is about as far from socialism as is possible. The US invests the taxpayers money in specific industries critical to national defense, and/or to keep those technologies from migrating to nations who would happily use US tech against the US.

This is very beneficial. It will involve Americans running it, operating it and Americans laboring in it. Bringing the US into the 21st century. This can only be good for America.

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Posted in: Ohtani's interpreter fired by Dodgers after allegations of illegal gambling, theft from star See in context

owzerToday  08:10 am JST

Moron. He had a sweet gig guaranteed for several years!

Backstabbing and major uncool.

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Posted in: United Steelworkers union endorses Biden, giving him more labor support in presidential race See in context

These guys are the backbone of American industry and they know Joe is the man on their side.

Not some squealing crying racist sassymouth ill-mannered thief who only thinks for himself.

Remember how trump sassed off Goodyear and he wouldn't bail out the GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio that shut down.

Workers in the tin industry should have nothing to do with an arrogant tin god.

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Posted in: Russian border region reels from sustained Ukrainian artillery and drone strikes See in context

Give em hell, Ukrainians! Strike back hard!

They keep this up, hopefully the Russians will get tired of this money/resources/lives sucking exercise and leave in defeat.

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Posted in: Bruce Springsteen returns to the stage in Phoenix after health issues postponed his 2023 world tour See in context


That ever familiar chant. FYI, a Canadian folk-rock singer with the last name of Cockburn gets the same greeting at his shows. I've seen both Bruces.

I've seen Springsteen four times, each time better than previous. His shows are unpredictable, the set lists are too. Of course that's the charm right there.

even ripping his shirt open near the end of the show.

Wow. For being 74 Bruce is still at it. Mick Jagger doesn't even do that anymore, he didn't when I saw the Rolling Stones last time in May 2015.

Last time I saw Bruce he did dance with his mom onstage for 'Dancing in the Dark' (instead of Courtney Cox). May she RIP. Also at that show some boy got to sing some lines from 'Growing Up' with him. The boy got the crowd laughing when he said innocently, 'Mommy's piiiiiiissssssed'. and I have the whole show on a special nugs.net CD set to prove it.

Man, what a thrill. Bruce is the toughest act to get tickets for, harder than U2 and even the Stones. If you can, you MUST catch Bruce in action. He's essential.

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Posted in: Trump says he would take 'appropriate action' over Prince Harry visa question See in context

HopeSpringsEternalMar. 20  02:47 pm JST

When the entire royal family turns the page on Harry, really all you need know, the rest just details, including Trump trying to exploit Harry's deeply flawed character.

Harry embarrassed himself bigtime with his book last year, he's not arrogant like trump is but still grossly immature and a bit on the 'ninny'/wussy side. That's one trait the two have in common.

trump exploits and uses anybody for his sick evil pleasures. The royal family is not wild about Harry, and they're gonna drop him like a rock. We all know Treasontrump will do the same because he's totally unreliable. His own playhouse of cards is tumbling on him.

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Posted in: Trump says he would take 'appropriate action' over Prince Harry visa question See in context

stormcrowToday  01:29 pm JST

Trump . . . Fraudster, rapist, liar, traitor, etc.

Does his legal opinion mean anything at all?

Does his opinion on anything mean anything at all? All the clues were there in 2016 - incestuous lust, pedophilias, racist talk, huge ego, boorish bullying, kissing up to Putin, sickening sexist talk, and more.

And since he has practically renounced his US citizenship by his treasonous acts, he has no right to say anything at all. He needs to shaddup and go away, to prison.

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Posted in: Singer R. Kelly seeks appeals court relief from 30-year prison term See in context

kaimycahlMar. 19  11:27 pm JST

Leave the sick individual in jail! He is guilty as sin, I suggest the judge adding to the 30 years.

Red Flag Number One: his first wife was 15 years old.

He had at least 10 charges at his hometown of Chicago, nine rape and one nonrape assault. 10 more in Detroit, 10 in NYC, more charges in Atlanta, intentionally giving an STD in San Francisco and more. Add those charges and make it even, keep R Kelly in the clink for life. His track record spans light-years so don't ever let him out again, not even when he's 92.

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Posted in: 'Manhunt,' about hunt for John Wilkes Booth, may make you wish you paid attention in history class See in context

MocheakeMar. 16  01:35 am JST

Knew all of that already. I have always despised that virulent racist and segregationist (Booth) and all the Confederates. It's a terrible part of American history and they were all traitors who were on the evil side and lost. A lot of their descendants still haven't gotten over that.

Their descendants became MAGA cult followers. Look at what those Klansmen, neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates, militia cruds did at Charlottenburg in 2017. Diaper Don called them 'good honest patriots'.

And it was the same trash that followed trump's screams to 'LIBERATE!' one month into the Covid lockdown. And the same trash that stormed the Capitol on J6.

Joe said that they were 'insurrectionists, terrorists, Klansmen, neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates, anti-Semites, xenophobes, militia cruds' that night. You don't need to be a genius to see that.

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Posted in: Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are officially divorced See in context

Redtail SwiftToday  10:19 am JST

Hmmm she's been out of the limelight. Career seems to have stalled. Time for a divorce.

She's got the Taylor Swift playbook and she's following it. Sacrifice family for career.

Maybe she'll go the Swiftie route and write some badmouthy diss tracks about Gomez on her next CD. Works for Swift.

Sacrifice family for career.

She's 30. Unless she gets her career 'together' soon she will pass away like so many other pop tarts, into the trash can of history. Famous 15 Minutes.

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Posted in: Freddie Mercury's home on the market for first time since 1980 minus his 'exquisite clutter' See in context

wallaceToday  12:33 pm JST

Great house in a great location.

Freddie's Dead. Has been for over 32 years yet this house still looks like it's great upkeep and condition. And the lawn is very well manicured and in great shape too.

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Posted in: Trump says he would take 'appropriate action' over Prince Harry visa question See in context

StrangerlandToday  12:41 pm JST

Trump who has been found liable for sexual assault and guilty of fraud and in the coming months will probably be found guilty of the 91 felony charges he is facing would deport someone who hasn't been convicted of any crime.

If he's found guilty, they should send him back to his country.

That depends on whether there's an expedition treaty with the United Kingdom. As for trump, he should jailed for life in America, sans US citizenship.

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Posted in: ‘Kung Fu Panda 4’ repeats at No. 1 on North American box office charts See in context

WordBrewMar. 18  09:05 am JST

Out of ideas.

The first three 'Kung Fu Pands' were charming but maybe we're milking it here.

“The American Society of Magical Negroes”

I thought that last term was considered offensive or at least outdated now. It's hardly ever used by anyone except perhaps anthropology scientists, as a scientific term only.

Another 'Ghostbusters'? The 2016 one was in name ONLY. Stop flogging these dead horses!

Once again, this isn't looking like a very good year for cinema movies. Watch them enter the DVD rental booths at your neighborhood Sunoco by midnight tonight.

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Posted in: Ex K-pop star leaves jail after five-year rape, spycam term See in context

Don't let this dirtbag get back into the entertainment business ever again.

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Posted in: Convenience store manager arrested for filming up skirt of customer See in context

sakurasukiMar. 18  04:40 pm JST

Upon turning around, she noticed Maeda crouching as if he were picking something up off the floor, but she noticed he was pointing a smartphone up her skirt.

Caught red handed, that just too obvious.

Another day, another one of these incidents.

> LindsayMar. 18  05:06 pm JST

This crime is way too common in Japan. The penalties need to be more severe to deter these creeps. A mandatory year in jail would stop these creeps.

Even more when it's committed against girls. Perverts are scum.

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Posted in: Images taken deep inside melted Fukushima reactor show damage, but leave many questions unanswered See in context

Take the reactor compartment entirely and bury it in a secluded uninhabited place. That's what the US Navy does and this plant is hopeless.

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Posted in: The first 'cyberflasher' is convicted under England's new law and gets more than 5 years in prison See in context

This should be an offense punishable by law. There was a woman in my home state who sent footage from her smartphone of her raping this baby girl she was babysitting. She sent the video to her BF in an email and he turned it over to the police. She is now serving 17 years in prison and is registered as a sex offender for life.

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Posted in: Trump says he would take 'appropriate action' over Prince Harry visa question See in context

trump is a losing traitor, a convicted rapist and fraud. As such he has no say anything at all, let alone this issue.

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Posted in: Heavy fighting rages around Gaza's biggest hospital as Israel raids it for a second day See in context

Concerned CitizenToday  08:24 am JST

How can Israeli forces possibly distinguish between civilians and Hamas fighters during a raid?

This is simply indiscriminate targeting of whoever they think MIGHT be a "terrorist" regardless of innocent loss of life and limb.

While Hamas is exclusively at fault for starting this entire ugly war back in October, Nutty Yahoo is using this as leverage for his own ambitions and he's got his 'excuse' for his war crimes on Gazan civilians. And he doesn't give a ** about anyone but **himself. Gazans, Israelis, etc. - there are no winners here.

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Posted in: Biden and congressional leaders announce deal on government funding as partial shutdown looms See in context

We haven't had a government shutdown since 2019.

We didn't have a President in 2019 either. We had a dictator who doesn't know what negotiating/bargaining/compromise is. Big difference.

Joe foretold all this on his 2020 Election Night victory speech.

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Posted in: Trump asks Supreme Court to dismiss case charging him with plotting to overturn 2020 election See in context

Bob FosseToday  07:39 am JST

Why has the claim of ‘presidential immunity’ not been an issue until now? Even Nixon resigned.

Has every other President in US history had their ‘strength, authority and decisiveness’ stifled by the threat of legal action? Or is it just 45, the only President in US history to be indicted.

What a coincidence.

Nixon was a crook and was caught red handed, but he knew that he wasn't above the law and didn't pretend to be. He knew his game was up.

And he wasn't a traitor either. He didn't attempt an insurrection either. Besides, trump has thrown his stooges under the bus so why should they support him?

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Posted in: Lawmakers look to make the friendly 'shaka' Hawaii's official gesture See in context

Just like the US never bothered to make English the 'official' language, don't the Hawaii policymakers have more important things to tackle than this? Like relief from last year's fires?

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Posted in: Planet 'on the brink', with new heat records likely in 2024: U.N. See in context

1glennToday  10:34 am JST

Those whose mantra is "Drill baby, drill!" need to be consigned to the trash heap of history.

When that dumb excuse of a Gov. of Alaska said that, her followers were thinking on another definition of that. Nonetheless, just like coal mining has been dirty and destructive, so has petroleum and we need cleaner energy now. There's so many armchair generals who 'rah-rah' ed the 1991 Gulf war but when the Iraqi army blew up all those Kuwaiti oil wells, who really won? The planet Earth lost that war, we ALL did.

It's time to stop the pretense.

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Posted in: Gov't to require sex offense checks for those applying to work with children See in context

CaptDingleheimerToday  07:05 am JST

You mean child molesters are currently allowed to work with children in Japan? And this is such a low priority that it still won't take effect for a couple more years? GTFO.... WTF

Outrageous. Japan, get off your butts and catch up with the human race. This is a serious issue that's been neglected for way too long.

> LindsayToday  07:08 am JST

However, sex offenders’ databases are only prefectural. There have been a few cases of teachers barred from teaching in one prefecture because of child sex offenses and they reoffend in another prefecture while working as a teacher. This move means nothing until Japan creates a national database of child sex offenders, like other countries have had for decades.

Once a teacher commits a sex offense, the license should be revoked permanently, forever.

Coulda beenToday  07:08 am JST

Why would a sex offender have records expunged after time.

Once on, you should stay on, no ifs or buts.

Rapists don't stop at one criminal act. They should be kicked out for good, simple as that.

Like in the Hannah-Barbera cartoons: 'Get out (KICK!) and stay out!!!'.

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Posted in: Israeli strikes kill at least 29 Gazans awaiting aid, say Palestinian officials See in context

Laila KholoussiToday  09:24 am JST

Because Hamas is a terrorist group that killed and kidnapped innocent civilians, while Israel is a democratic country that puts terrorists in jail. It's called law and order.

Israel a 'terrorist state, apartheid regime', son of Israeli general says (aa.com.tr)

That's the kind of language and the exact same words that the noted antisemite Roger Waters says all the time. Hamas is scum. The Israeli PM is a corrupt bonehead. He is using this unprovoked war as leverage for his own ambitions, which is personal power and to kill Gazans, as many as he can.

But that doesn't make Israel a 'fascist' or 'apartheid' state. People who say that are using projectionism themselves. Jew-bashers talk that crap fervently all the time.

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Posted in: Director Roman Polanski sued over more allegations of sexual assault of a minor See in context

JohnMar. 14  08:18 am JST

Can we please throw this guy to the wolves?

He was Weinstein before Weinstein.

Making good films does not exam or one for being a child-sex enthusiast.

Just like Cosby. As a kid I remember him on PBS and all the comedy he did. One of his short films was shown in my 6th grade Social Studies class to tell us how idiotic all prejudices against anyone are. He was an icon to my generation and beyond. But he's also a raping and pedo monster.

Gene HennighMar. 14  11:14 am JST

If he fled to Europe it probably was because he was guilty and knew his chances were very low in a court of law. Since he has been there extradition laws that other countries have so far been his way out of US courts. He has not sought legal ways to deny the allegations and probably has some high end lawyers working for him, too. If he were in New York denying the charges he would have his day in court, but he's in Europe, where he fled from the guilty verdict. Since he's been there, he has kept more than his nose clean, if you know what I mean. Well, maybe.

Roman Polanski: ‘Everyone else fancies little girls too’ – Telegraph Blogs (archive.org)


He admits it himself and thinks 'everyone else' (whatever that is) is just as disgusting as he is. He's boasting about it!

> Fighto!Mar. 14  08:07 pm JST

Polanski is a paedo. If he was innocent of these crimes as he claims, he wouldn't have hid from justice for 50 years.

People who support Polanski endorse sex with minors - but won't admit it, of course.

Yet their sick ways come out in some manner and they can't hide it all the time. R Kelly bragged about laying with 11 y/o girls and his first marriage was to a 15 y/o. Donald Trump's incestuous lust is obvious and he often says 'the younger, the better'. Not to mention the things he said and did to those Miss Teen USA contestants.

Being a good movie actor or director or musician or anything gets you off the hook if you're a sick-o pervert or sex assaulter. Word is that Steven Seagal had similar allegations against him himself, he fled to Russia and is now a Russian citizen. He's a member of the Duma and is a lackey for Putin, constantly sassing off the U.S.A. He is a turncoat. And I liked his action movies too, a good stuntman. Now he's a runt.

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Posted in: Libyan leaders agree to form new unified government See in context

EastmanMar. 11  01:24 pm JST


Did you even travelled to Libya?I did 4 times 2006-2009.

Ask local Libyans how they feel about their life in "democracy" there now...and sure many will not have a nice words.

You were in Libya when their local trump was still in power. A boorish ass with a personality cult that stank everything up over there. You couldn't criticize the 'Great Leader' openly then.

Things have changed, they threw his mantle off. Qaddafy got his karma. It's another day over there now.

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