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Posted in: Urawa plays in empty stadium after racist sign See in context

I tend to agree with the "nationalism" speculation because I don't consider Japanese a "race", per se. The majority of western texts identify "Japanese" as a subdivision of the Mongolian race. Some texts identify "Japanese" as an ethnicity and others identify it as a nationality. To me, the Japanese people were so homogeneous for so long that the two are nearly synonymous.

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Posted in: Urawa plays in empty stadium after racist sign See in context

S-Pulse’s American-Iranian manager Afshin Ghotbi, himself the target of racist abuse when Jubilo Iwata fans held up a banner telling him to “stop making nuclear bombs” in 2011...

"Stop making nuclear bombs" is a racist statement? While I find it inappropriate for groups to take advantage of venues and events to disrupt for the purpose of advertising their own political views(for example, the Academy Awards program), It seems there is a lot of confusion over racism vs nationality vs ethnicity vs political views. It's likely compounded by the different languages and translations. When people hold up signs regarding Obama, is that automatically racist, too? Are all the people in Okinawa racist because they don't want the U.S. there? Is every "Japanese Only" bar and club shut down by regulators?

Unfortunately "racism" has become the scapegoat of our era. Disagree with anyone's or any group's view and you will be branded a "racist" precisely because today we ARE so interrelated.

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Posted in: Okinawa OKs relocation of U.S. air base from Futenma to Nago See in context

Jeez am I tired of hearing about this. Let's just leave Okinawa. Perhaps the Okinawan politicians could extract even more money and concessions from the China or Korea, who won't wait long before moving in. If they don't care about themselves, then I - as a U.S. taxpayer and vet who spent many years defending that piece of rock - won't care about them any longer.

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Posted in: Airlines seek new rules to handle unruly travellers See in context

If you think it's bad now, wait until they OK cell phone use! People are going to become so frustrated and angry with the rude and inconsiderate loudmouths who don't understand the microphone is on millimeters from their lips. NO NEED TO YELL!

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Posted in: American serviceman falls to death from Yokosuka apartment See in context

To the Spadea family, my heartfelt condolences. Your son deserves our respect for the sacrifice and service to his own country, to Japan, and any other country enjoying freedoms guarded by the Japan-U.S. alliance in the western Pacific. I also served in Japan and loved my nine years there.

Some people feel the urge to rant and vent and jump to conclusions, never stopping to consider they are reading incomplete and often sensationalized "news". The initial report was released in Japanese language to the Japanese press, then translated and summarized for this outlet.

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Posted in: Saitama man dies after hospitals reject him 36 times See in context

This story is so sad and it hits home. In January my mother-in-law living in Yokohama was refused hospitalization for spinal injuries. She was told there are no inpatient beds in the area for the elderly dependent on public assistance. They gave her a prescription for pain medication and sent her back to her danchi apartment where she lives alone. She followed the doctors advice - and eventually became immobile. To their credit, the danchi association and neighbors did help with prepared meals, bathroom, bathing, etc. but it got to the point where it was too painful to sit upright. When we found out, my wife flew (from U.S.) in January and has remained to care for her mother. They make bi-weekly trips to the hospital for follow-up exams and more tests, but there is still no space for inpatient care.

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Posted in: The staying power of 'Gangnam Style' See in context

Many of you miss the point, take yourselves way too seriously, or are simply denying reality. The song is popular because it is fun, catchy, and different. It marks an important progression for South Korea being accepted into other cultures around the world. Just as it was once 'cool' to be Japanese, it is now 'cool' to be South Korean. Personally I think the song is MUCH better than the majority of JPOP crap these days.

And to Rowan M, I have just two words for you: "Pink Lady". LOL.

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Posted in: McDonald's staff trained to throw tracking balls at armed robbers See in context

I wonder if caloric and nutritional content of the dye is posted? Wouldn't want to see a robber get rich after suing Mickey D for making the robber fat! Probably another Michael Moore epic in the making: unsuspecting armed robbers are traumatized by an evil corporation...

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Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context

People who commit suicide are not in the best state of mind; it is unlikely they consider unintended consequences of their action (such as inconveniencing others' lives or disruting the transporation system). As already mentioned, there's always the possibility their motivation to commit the act was a DESIRE to disrupt. Obvioulsy society must try to understand what drives people to such acts. All I've read here are peple jumping to conclusion based on ZERO information.

As far as having family pay damages, that's just unreasonable until it is proven family were a causal factor, knew it was going to happen, and did not act to prevent it. And what do you mean by "family"? Parents? Foster parents? Siblings? Cousins, too? How about a brother who is overseas at University? Obachan in a nursing home?

The point is, if anyone is going to be assessed fines then they must be proven "guilty" of having caused the event and/or not preventing it. Due process, with a touch of compassion.

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Posted in: Oscar gold fails to translate to cash this time See in context

Face it, the Oscars is a self-serving piece of junk foisted upon the public every year. Who cares? I don't.

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Posted in: Poll in U.S. finds support for World War II atom bombings See in context

Kelin2 said: "I believe that nations that commit entirely to peace are doing a greater service...."

Please, name some of those nations for us. In my (admittedly limited) knowledge of history, I seem to notice nations which do not defend themselves (or their allies) do not remain their own nations for very long. (Or exist only because they are protected by other nations for one reason or another - even if self-serving to the country rendering the protection.)

Are you suggesting - instead of the bombings - that an invasion of mainland Japan to end the aggression would have resulted in fewer casualties? Or should the United States simply ignored the Japanese aggression and said "We commit ourselves to peace and refuse to defend ourselves or other victims."

Contrary to your assertion, Japan has lived and prospered under U.S. protection without paying its fair share of the burden. How long would Japan survive if the U.S. committed itself entirely to peace and left the area completely?

As mentioned in this thread, some people see history in black and white, while others see shades of grey. Apparently some view it through rose-colored glasses. Pease does not mean pacificsm.

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Posted in: Ryanair chief says he's serious about pay toilets on planes See in context

There are probably laws requiring the accomodation of passengers' rights to use a restroom, otherwise airports would have been charging for it long ago.

In any case, the first time there is an medical issue after someone doesn't have a credit card, or an 'accident' that sickens other passengers (or merely exposes them to human feces), the lawsuits will begin...

What if it doesn't take YOUR particular credit card? What if it malfunctions?? So many ways for this to go wrong.

Too bad they don't fly anywhere near me; I'd love to be the first to start a class-action lawsuit.

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Posted in: McDonald's admits 1,000 people paid to join queue for Quarter Pounder debut in Osaka See in context

Didn't the article indicate McDonald's hired a marketing firm to evaluate the food and service - not that McDonald's itself hired any of the so-called 'sakura'? Strange how people twist the facts to suit their own agenda and blame the company. What's wrong with a Quarter Pounder, in moderation? I would trust a McDonald's sandwich before some of the filthy restaurant kitchens I've seen in Japan. 14,000 (not counting the suspected 'sakura') visited the store's opening - that says a lot.

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Posted in: Group seeks to scrap Google's Street View See in context

Interesting case. I used Street View to map my way to my mother-in-law's apartment from the bus stop in case of emergency. I never noticed anything I'd consider offensive, private, or sensitive. I've never been able to make out a face, address, or license plate.

When the news channels broadcast from the streets in Japan, are they subjected to the same sensitivity to privacy?

This seems so two-faced coming from a country where many TV comedy shows routinely sneak into people's homes, eavesdrop, film surreptitiously, humiliate people in public, etc. Japan is infamous for its IR cameras used to film women in public and 'upskirt' photographers...

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Posted in: Across Mideast, Arabs hail shoe-hurling journalist See in context

Let's see now... how many shoes were buried as a result of the WTC attacks? Sorry but I find myself with ZERO sympathy for hateful, blood-lusty Muslims who attack innocent people around the world as a matter of their 'peaceful religion'.

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