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Posted in: Japan insurance giant to replace HQ with large-scale timber high-rise See in context

That picture is not Tokio Marine’s headquarters. It’s Nisshin Fire and Marine’s HQ in Urawa, not anywhere near Tokyo Station. You should look at sources other than Wikipedia.

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If we allow Holocaust deniers the right to disseminate their interpretation of history as fact under the guise of free speech, then do we not allow the history of the Holocaust to become nothing more than an opinion?

I gather that people who argue against limiting freedom of speech, even for Holocaust deniers, are also inadvertantly demonstrating their view that the history of the Holocaust is an opinion that one has. Not fact.

What difference does it make for one to sell poison as milk to children and for another to sell lies as truth? Do we not punish the former for their despicable deeds? Should we not do the same for the latter?

I see that some have argued that those who deny the Holocaust would be ostracized from their communities, and that that alone would be punishment for their lies. That our societies have chosen right by ignoring such hate. But do we not ostracize fellons from our communities, by denying their freedoms and taking their liberties? Is stealing a loaf of bread a greater crime than denying truth?

We should not justify those that deny the truth with our most noble of freedoms. They should be treated as fraudsters and imposters, as swindlers and liars, and as CRIMINALS!

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Posted in: Controversial TV drama on orphanages goes ahead without sponsors See in context

The problem is not that the orphanages are being portrayed as terrible places but that the orphans are being portrayed as conniving and wretched.

Public perception of orphanages and foster care have always been negative, and I'm sure if the drama had simply regurgitated that age old bias but portrayed the children as angels then the orphanage and foster parents associations would have taken the whole thing in stride. Dozens of novels, drama's, movies, and even anime have depicted orphanages and orphans, all in their own way, and most have depicted orphanages negatively. Unfortunately, the depiction of the children in Ashita Mama ga Inai is disparaging.

The show is potentially harmful to children living in orphanages and foster care and puts them at further risk of becoming victims of bullying at school and society.

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