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As Kag mentioned, maybe they will really pull a Prince Harry and have a series on Netflix too. Free at last.

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Posted in: Japan to consider tighter rules on foreign owners of domestic firms: report See in context

Can leave cyber security to them. They have been doing a fantastic job so far with Line storing data outside of Japan amidst leaks of celebrities’ private Line messages, the lack of knowledge by the former Head of Cybersecurity about USB drives and PCs, a previous Cybersecurity adviser stating that Japan doesn’t have a problem as everything is on paper…

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Posted in: Man arrested over hit-and run-death of 12-year-old boy on bicycle See in context

Folks need to be taught when they renew their licenses that stopping to help can save a life. Ignoring an injury you caused should also lead to manslaughter charges.

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Posted in: On Japan's stretched frontline, doctors and nurses face long fight against coronavirus See in context

Probably time to build a hospital as the Chinese did

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