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Stefan Nilsson comments

Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

What is it with these media reports? The vast majority of people are following the social distancing recommendations. Of course there will not be full compliance. But just because a minority is not following the recommendations, it doesn't validate a headline like "Many Japanese defy...". The correct headline would be more like "Most Japanese comply with stay at home appeal". But positive (and more accurate) news is less exciting to report.

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Posted in: On Japan's stretched frontline, doctors and nurses face long fight against coronavirus See in context

Another lazy piece of journalism. They (seemingly) talk to ONE hospital and then write a sensational article about how Japan's healthcare system is collapsing - instead of actually researching the nationwide situation. So far, Japan is dealing with this pandemic very well. The system is (as expected in a global pandemic) under pressure, but it's still coping. We have less than 400 total deaths nationwide in a country of over 126 million people. You can argue about testing this and that, ICU beds here and there and so on, but the only real measure that matters is the number of deaths. Hopefully Japan will continue to cope with this in a calm and appropriate manner. There are so many people, not least foreigners living in Japan, complaining about how poorly Japan is handling this crisis. These people don't seem to look at the facts but rather get carried away with emotional outbursts based on nothing but their own biased opinions. It is also rather telling when one looks at how the home countries of these complainers are dealing with this situation compared to how Japan is doing.

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