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Stefan comments

Posted in: Argentina formally announces it won't join the BRICS alliance in Milei's latest policy shift See in context

He is a cross between Bush and Trump.

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Posted in: Hong Kong democracy advocate seeks asylum in Britain See in context

Proud of Hong Kong but wants live in the UK?

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Posted in: France heightens security for New Year’s Eve, with 90,000 police officers to be mobilized See in context

So they want to make a riot?

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Posted in: Xi urges Chinese envoys to create 'diplomatic iron army' See in context

Picture looks photoshoped .

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Posted in: Japan protests reported South Korean drill at disputed islets See in context

USA will lose its Coalition for thr war with China inu 2027 if this not sorted.

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Posted in: Kobe zoo postpones return of aging panda to China for 1 year See in context

Been to many zoos, most are animal torture a few are really good, like a few in Aussie.

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Posted in: Iran denies helping Houthis plan attacks on Israel-linked ships See in context

Absurd. Israel doesn’t target countries and civilians outside its border and declare it will Assassinate any Palestinian in any country in the world if they feel like it

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Posted in: Somber Bethlehem marks Christmas with vigil See in context

I wonder if the Zionists will demolish such places?

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Posted in: LDP faction suspected of misusing funds for polls for years See in context

What happens when you have one party democracy

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Posted in: Japan hands over air radar system to Philippines See in context

a big Thank you to Japan! Japan-Asean, the Force of Democracy, Freedom and Human Right

you do know The Philippines has one of the worst human rights, and democracy.

and who is paying this, transportation, training, maintaince.

also illegal under Article 9.

BTW, I have lived in the Philippines before so I understand a little.

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Posted in: Dogs, antennas and honey for Japan's big bear problem See in context

Humans don’t own planet Earth, just we destroy it.

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Posted in: Japan prepares for missile shipments after easing arms export restrictions See in context

Just mention NK military drills, send emergency messages to all Japanese keitais and we will be shaking and not sleeping at night.

if we try to be a weapon smuggling country, we will be a target.

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Posted in: 4 Indian soldiers killed and 3 wounded in an ambush by rebels in disputed Kashmir See in context

Solution: Kashmir becomes a country.

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Posted in: Myanmar's military should be investigated for war crimes, Amnesty International says See in context

Burmese government has Imprisoned that traitor women who allowed the Repongi genocide. So that is a good point.

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Posted in: Russia has fired 7,400 missiles, 3,700 Shahed drones in war so far, Kyiv says See in context

All at military and military linked infrastructure. Whereas Ukraine targets civilians.

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Posted in: Hungary's Orban says funds to Ukraine must not come from EU budget See in context

As usual USA wants to run away and leave others, in this case EU, to pay for their Regime change. If Ukraine joins EU, it will take 20 years of corruption to rebuild, all paid by EU.

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Posted in: Rudy Giuliani files for bankruptcy days after being ordered to pay $148 million in defamation case See in context

How can a lawyer and ex mayor have a billion dollars. Something fishy there.

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Posted in: U.N. says more than 1 in 4 people in Gaza are starving because of war See in context

Before it was Nazi Zionists, then Israelis, it seems even Jews think it is alright to starve and blow babies to little pieces. Just because you are gods chosen people (even Biden says in his heart he is a Zionist), if they are the truly elite, they should at least, respect human rights which all lesser people who are not Jewish have a right to.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire at Prague university, killing 14 people, wounding 25 See in context

Why can’t people just hit each other with sticks of celery?

oh forgot, guns are money.

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Posted in: Japan to partially lift ban on ride-hailing services from April See in context

In Japan, retirement means drive a taxi for many hours.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders 2 Japanese companies to compensate wartime Korean workers for forced labor See in context

Germany has paid, although Poland wants more. Japan should pay the money it’s spending on US weapons, then it is all fine and dandy.

love SK and JP, but this stupid last century. Japan hasn’t raped young girls and women for over 80 years.

Just make the big families, like Aso to pay and can truly be friends and neighbors. Young people generation don’t care.

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Posted in: Turkey says its warplanes have hit suspected Kurdish militant targets in northern Iraq See in context

I was shot at in Syria boarder with Iraq, so I feel sorry for the kind, friendly Kurds.

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Posted in: Ireland takes UK to European court over 'Troubles' amnesty law See in context

All of Ireland should be all of Ireland.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S., Japan launch system to track N Korean missiles in real-time See in context

Kim is a loose cannon and very difficult to deal with

I think he is a pretty solid character who cares for his people. Never been there so no first hand information, but unlike Palestine, they have help from China. They just want peace and no sanctions.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S., Japan launch system to track N Korean missiles in real-time See in context

In translation, Japan will be destroyed because USA lost the Korean War.

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Posted in: Migrant spike at U.S.-Mexico border slows trade as Washington seeks answers See in context

Seems like they are learning from Israel in Gaza.

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Posted in: Bush asked for help in 1992 Japan-U.S. summit as presidential race neared, documents show See in context

If USA nuked all of the worlds countries and all of the indigenous Indian people, would they then turn on themselves?

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Posted in: U.S. flies a bomber for joint drills with S Korea, Japan after North's long-range missile launch See in context

 “greatly shocked the US imperialists and their top class stooges, the wreckers of peace and stability, who have committed self-destructive acts all year round, obsessed with the incurable hysteria of confrontation.”

can the yanks disagree with the statement from North Korea in many countries in the whole world?

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Posted in: 2 Canadians face charges over smuggling of record stimulant amount at Haneda See in context

What kind of drugs?

now, thanks to LDP, many people will resort to drugs for escapism. Japan is a target. MDMA is quite cheap in EU, but Japan 5 times. Same as Meth.

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Posted in: Saga residents sue to halt building of GSDF Osprey garrison site See in context

Good news

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