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MarshalZhao, are you normally able to decide if you'd like to pay or not for something you use?

Why do you think that you should get stuff for free?

Nothing is free. Deal with it.

Ads is just another way to pay for stuff you use. If you don't want to be exposed to ads, stop using the service (Facebook or really any other ad-supported services).

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An autonomous car can by itself:

Drive the kids to football practice and home again Drive you to and home from a party, even after drinking Fetch the in-laws for Sunday dinner sand return them home afterwords Find the way to where you want to go Park the car when you're done with it and drive the car to you when you want or med it. Drive itself to service when needed Make sure your kids doesn't crash it when they are allowed using it Return that lawn mower to your brother in law without you having to go Make money by letting other use your car when you don't need to (Uber and similar) You can work/play/sleep on longer trips You can order an autonomous car when your manual car breaks wherever you are.

And so on... This will most likely be a reality in the next five to fifteen years, with some of these options available in as little as two to three years.

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