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Seemed to work well with the 300 people a day they said went missing after breaking quarantine a few months ago. I’m sure they all got deported and fined accordingly! Or the shoppers showing up at Duty Free counters lately buying goods clearly not quarantining! Sure 94,000 people will all abide the rules because Japan has really shown how strict they can be if you don’t! Give me a break.

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Media in japan is ridiculous they keep printing stories to actually angle the situation based on what they want you to see and be influenced by. Look at the top stories that have been printed here over the past few days it’s constantly headlines trying to make you agree that everything is ok no matter how insignificant or small the reason may be, not really printing much on what some may find interesting on the opinions of why it may be wrong to hold these game now. At least not more than a line or two.

They will ask 100 people a question 99 of them will not give them the answer they are looking for and then decide to run the story on the 1 that does or just run the survey again and again until a suitable outcome is reached.

When you watch all those food shows on TV you never hear anyone say Oh that tastes awful or horrid it’s always Oishi and Umai but sadly it’s the same regarding these Olympics and this Pandemic how many times do you see them interview someone on the street in Tokyo on NHK that says it’s insanity to hold these games now? Never!!! If they keep printing stories to tell the public more people are ok with this even if they are not they know the Japanese public eventually will be ok with it. This is not news it’s public control and persuasion.

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In other words completely unbelievable!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 351 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,022 See in context

It’s funny how it just keeps getting lower like clockwork as if there are no clusters or outbreaks anywhere in Tokyo. You could almost say it as if it was scripted and following the predetermined plan!!

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Different prefectures have different criteria as to what is considered “hospitalized with serious conditions” but if the national number is in fact 1,198 how can only 64 of those (less than 6%) be in the largest densely populated city in the country where we see everyday on tv even that people out and about keeps growing? It seems a bit statistically impossible!

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