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Stephan Lawarie comments

Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

Instead of spending that much money on "piracy", that money should be used for orphanages and schools in countries that need it.

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Posted in: Europe effectively shuts its borders, stranding thousands See in context

Refugees, really????? Instead of moving to another country just because they receive money, they should fight the oppressor as many did in Europe during the Second World War (there are enough weapons around they can use). To me they are just cowards and parasites. And for those who will disagree with me, I don't talk about the woman and children...

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Posted in: Teacher slaps, headbutts 12-year-old student in Ehime See in context

In my time, at school it was usual to get slapped in the face or even being hit with a ruler or have other types of corporal punishment........when coming home, the same punishment awaited me...... Now, did it make me a bad person, I don't think so. Never the less even if I think that a slap from time to time doesn't hurt (except the student's pride), what happened here is far too much. That teacher should be suspended or even fired and in anyways prosecuted......

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Posted in: Chiba police officer found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Rest in peace Yamada San

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

I do agree that this sort of hunt should be banned. But I'm sick and tired of the the comments against Japan. Each year it's the same name that comes up : Taiji, Japan Each year the same happens, for some obscure cultural reasons, in the Faroe Islands and nobody cares. It never comes in the news, I call that hypocrisy........

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for killing brother who asked for help in committing suicide See in context

I think that the judgement was the best the tribunal could give. In the end, even if it's at his brother's request (and it probably will be) , he will have to live on with the burden of killing his brother.

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Posted in: Japan rescuers discover body on burning ferry See in context

Fire is the worst thing that can happen on a vessel (I know by experience). That officer died doing his duty, no doubt about it. My condolences to his family

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Posted in: Japanese company apologizes to U.S. POWs for WWII forced labor See in context

Still nagging about Japan and Japanese companies that have to apologize.....

According to conservative estimates, the Krupp enterprises used nearly 100,000 persons in the forced labor program, about 23,000 of which were prisoners of war.

Did KRUPP ever aplogize? NO..... and no one is talking about.

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Posted in: Only half of Mount Fuji climbers paying voluntary fee See in context

Having been diving numerous times in Bonaire (Dutch Antilles), each time we went there we had to pay a fee to help "Stinapa" preserving the nature (underwater and on the island). Every one does with pleasure, why not do the same on Fuji-San?

I climbed the Mount Fuji 40 years ago, the place was clean and the view was breathtaking......

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Posted in: More security cameras to be installed on shinkansen trains See in context

I think that the use of the cameras will be when someone will push the button, instead of running half a train, the guard will have an idea of what is happening, this what I personally think about it. Also, as some people said here, the Shinkansen is the safest way of transport in the world, so there is no need to do much about security, there are sick people all around the world and we cannot change that, and even with the tightest security you cannot avoid that sort of drama...unfortunately. To the lady who died I wish she rest in peace.

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Posted in: The gun control debate: Do you support the right of citizens to own and bear firearms? See in context

Much too complex a topic for a straight-up Yes/No answer !

No, it's not.

I know that it is not the weapon that kills, but the bearer. But if you look at the US, you will understand what I mean.

So to me it's NO.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to pay $2.55 mil to Japan whalers See in context

If we look at the full history of whaling, the japaneses hunted whales well before the Americans and some industrialized european countries. Everything was used, bones, guts, meat and so on. With the industrializaion, the US and European whalers, almost destroyed the whale populatiion, for what?.... Just for the oil (as everything else was throwed overboard). the population of Japan, grew and of course also the demand of whale meat.

and then came the "good" people telling Japan, you cannot eat whale anymore because YOU kill them all..... what an irony....

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Posted in: Do you think lowering the voting age to 18 in Japan is a good idea? See in context

I'm ok with that, but make them also "adults" as in many counties all over the world. If they are old enough to vote, they also should be considered as adults for the law.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy falls to death from hotel window See in context

R.I.P. Little angel

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Posted in: Convenience store employee injured by robber See in context

Maybe all shops should have those "anti theft balls" http://www.neatorama.com/2010/09/02/anti-theft-device-balls-of-orange-paint/

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Posted in: Drone falls onto elevated train tracks in Hokkaido See in context

At least they warned the authorities, no harm was done. Even if a train ran over, only the drone would have been destroyed. They are made of plastic and foam, so there is little chance to damage anything.

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Posted in: Body of missing 8-year-old girl found in river in Kagoshima town See in context

Rest in peace little Saki, my condoleances to her family

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Posted in: Taiwan enforces stricter controls on Japanese food imports See in context

False labelling shouldn't happen, but it is not something that only occur here in Japan. The same happened in Europe, beef meet mixed with horse meet, false labels on horse meet and the list goes on. The Taiwanese are right to refuse/destroy that food and a better control on export from the Japanese authorities should be enforced.

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Posted in: Woman, four children found dead in Aichi home See in context

I do agree with Alena, also people, please don't judge the mother with your western opinion, people here have another way of thinking. YES it is sad that it happened, yes the children should still live, but it is how some people think here.

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Posted in: Katana in Tokyo Skytree forged from meteorite See in context

Usually, handle is made by another craftsman

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy attacked by monkey in Fukuoka See in context

indeed letsberealistic, it's the human contact that made them like that, feeding them looks fun, but in the end they will become more bold and will attack people for food, the same happen in South Africa with baboons......

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Posted in: Man, mother killed in Tottori car-truck collision See in context

As usual, people know everything better than the police...........

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Posted in: Man injured by metal part falling from roller coaster See in context

In the end, after all those comments on velocity, mass and so on, which are of no concern for the man who has been hit by that object. I wish that man a fast recovery of the injury he sustained.

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Posted in: 73-yr-old woman in coma after being hit by scooter; 2 youths arrested See in context

Police said the two boys admitted hitting the woman and said they panicked and kept going.

I think this must be true, but never the less they should pass before a judge and be sentenced. Of course, it wouldn't be no use to put them in prison, but let them work with the emergency services for some times (2 or 3 months), I think they would learn their lesson.

The financial aspect is something different, I will not comment on that.

I truly hope and wish the lady will get out of her coma and will recover from it without any sequels.

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Posted in: Chinese woman dies of knife wounds, strangulation See in context

so many of the people commenting these facts should work for the police instead posting their comments here.........

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Posted in: Zoo group puzzled by exclusion from global body over dolphin hunt See in context

The killing of these Dolphins is useless, they are improper to consumption as the are at the top of the food chain and full of heavy metals.....

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Posted in: Appeals court convicts S Korean ferry captain of murder See in context

The fact that he left his vessel without concern for his passengers is a very bad decision,but of course he doesn't have to go down with his ship, He indeed has to be sentenced for that mistake, on the other hand, what about the owner of the ship, the insurance company that allowed the drastic changes? they also should be on trial.

When ships are transformed, they have to be controlled if they are still seaworthy, did that happen?

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Posted in: 9 tips for surviving Japan’s crowded trains See in context

The funny thing is that some people even manage to sleep while standing.

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