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Stephanie Simpson Matsuzaki comments

Posted in: Crown prince diagnosed with flu See in context

I sympathize with him, but half the country has a cold or flu (or worse) so this isn't worthy of news in my opinion. Anyway お大事にしてください!

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Posted in: Teachers, police rush to quit before retirement pay cut See in context

This whole system is a damned joke! In 2011 I had to work part-time due to illness and when I returned to full-time last year, I was sent a letter from the govt. telling me I'd have to pay a years worth of pension because it hadn't been paid when I was working p.t. I went straight to the city office and said to the worker 'WHY should I have to pay this when I won't even get it back when I retire?' The worker didn't know what to say, and I know it wasn't his fault. But now I'm forking out an extra ¥15000 something yen per month which I've been paying since nov last year and will finish about August this year. Considering I get paid scrap for being....wait for it....A TEACHER (no, not an english teacher), that much money per month is a nasty kick in the face when living costs are already expensive enough and I'm still paying off medical bills. I agree with some others, WHY can't we put our retirement money into a special account to use when we are above a certain age, instead of handing it over to the corrupt excuse of a government?

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Posted in: Woman held over murder of 5-year-old daughter See in context

These idiots need to be sterilized. So selfish. It makes me sick that so many women want kids, but can't have them, and yet selfish wh***s like her kill her child for some rediculous reason! One of the reasons why Japan is going downhill.... Not enough mental health care that's ACTUALLY reliable. WAKE UP JAPAN AND HELP YOUR PEOPLE!

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Posted in: At least 5 dead in fire after Yamanashi expressway tunnel caves in See in context

I'm guessing they still haven't identified who has died or is still missing? The mother of a little girl whom I care for at daycare is from Yamanashi originally and has family who lives not too far from Fuji. I'm pretty sure they have to use this tunnel when coming to and from Tokyo. (I'm not sure though) Last Friday the little girl and her mum went to Yamanashi to stay with the grandparents and were supposed to be coming home on the day this happened. I don't know if they went by car or train...but I'm so worried about them now! I hope they weren't in that tunnel. I hope I can see the little girl when I go into work tomorrow....:'( I'll pray for those who were affected by this horrible incident. Another sign of neglect and oversight in my opinion.

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