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Posted in: The governments of many countries, including Japan, have said they will not make a coronavirus vaccine mandatory, but legal experts believe companies could order staff to get a vaccine, unless they have a health exemption. What's your stance on this? See in context

One year ago, thousand of people throughout the world caught a 'virus' a 'common cold' or the 'flu', and treated it with a 500 yen dose of Paracetamol. Unfortunately, some elderly persons with respiratory problems died as a result. Then along came Covid, and suddenly no one had a virus, common cold , or flu anymore. Instead they all have Covid, and unbelievably, elderly people are dying. WHY??? Elderly people never died before did they?. But, in a secret lab owned by a group of Insanely rich politicians - "Wam - Bam - Good Golly Miss Molly", they have discovered a vaccine.

And it costs 5000 yen each dose.

Next year ....Covid has gone.... those lucky vaccinated people now have a cold or the flu, elderly are still dying, but now it's from old age, and in a board room somewhere in the US, some 'much richer' politicians are discussing how to dispose of a large left over supply of Paracetamol.

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Posted in: Do you think the post-pandemic world will be awash with corporate bankruptcies and prolonged unemployment in most countries? See in context

Companies will be more profitable. Staff who were laid off will be re-employed at lower rates of pay, longer hours, and more demands. The cost of necessities, such as food, power, gas etc will rise, and mortgage rates will increase dramatically by 2020.

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