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Posted in: Philippines deports remaining 2 robbery suspects to Japan See in context

Yuki and Tomonobu are both staring at something - Yuki east and Tomnobu north west. They look fashionably dressed and Tomnobu's tiny pigtail is quite elegant. After flying them back home to Japan will they be put on the next one way flight to the International Space Station?

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Posted in: 40-year-old woman arrested for killing boyfriend, stashing his body in freezer See in context

She bought the commercial freezer for the purpose of storing the body of her boyfriend when she killed him after ten years of living together? By doing so she has obtained a visa to the death chamber.

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Posted in: It’s now legal to buy beer and cigarettes at self-checkout registers in Japan See in context

Japan's health will suffer, especially among its young adults and children. Japan now has to build double her present number of hospitals. And educate twice the number of nurses and doctors.

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit by Hiroshima A-bomb survivors' children See in context

The 28 children or grand children or great grand children of Hiroshima atomic bomb survivors filed damages of 100,000 Yen each ? Just $756 U.S.D. or, $1000 CAD each? And the Japanese Government has refused them this paltry sum? Can the world believe this? Is the Government of Japan which, started the war leading to the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, deaf? And cannot hear the two words the whole world is shouting at the country? SHAME ! JAPAN ! SHAME ! ...?

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Posted in: U.S. weighs deploying medium-range missiles to U.S. forces in Japan: report See in context

Japan ! You need not be worried about China.

You, Japan ! need be worried about the U.S.A.

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Posted in: Should Russian and Belarussian athletes be allowed to compete in the Olympics and other international sporting events? See in context

The only condition they should be allowed to compete is when Russia is driven out of the Crimea and all parts of Ukraine before end of 2023.

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Posted in: Should Russian and Belarussian athletes be allowed to compete in the Olympics and other international sporting events? See in context

NO! NO!! NO!!!

Russia & Belarus must not be allowed to compete in the Olympics 2024.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs deploying medium-range missiles to U.S. forces in Japan: report See in context

Action Without Insight is a Terrible Thing. (Wolfgang Goethe).

Japan must be wary of the U.S.A.

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Posted in: Noise canceling ear plugs for a perfect night's sleep See in context

Ear plugs to promote a good night's sleep?

Tell that to the marines!

Sleeplessness is often not caused by noise.

Loud music and traffic noise often can induce sound sleep.

Can ear plugs prevent emotional disturbances to promote sound sleep ?

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Posted in: Arctic blast breaks U.S. wind-chill record See in context

In Montreal the biggest city in Quebec, Canada, a 74 year old man sheltering under a bridge was discovered frozen on Friday, 3rd February. Why was the poor homeless man frozened to death when the Arctic cold snap for Friday, 3rd -26Celsius and Saturday -22Celsius was already predicted one week ago? Montreal's mayor Valerie Plante regretted the homeless man's death and vowed not to let a future death from cold in the city happen again.

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Posted in: Kishida fires aide over LGBT couple outburst See in context

Arai ! Quick ! Apologise to a same sex couple ! Find a place to live next to them ! Greet them when you meet them ! Invite them to dinner ! And PM Fumio Kinshida will give you back your job! Okay?

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Posted in: Sapporo Snow Festival begins; open to public for first time since 2020 See in context

Born in Singapore directly under the hot sun of the equator, I have loved the snow of Quebec an eastern Canadian province since the mid sixties when I settled in Canada. I have cycled out every 365 days with my pet dogs: Scherzo, Wolfgang, Doodle and Rosie to the local park where I exercised with an arms length two inch oak pole in slow motion. Last week I received a letter from Canada's capital city signed by Governor General Mary Simon wishing me a happy ninety-third birthday. It made me happy indeed.

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Posted in: Gov't considering mask-free school graduation ceremonies See in context

It's High Time to go maskless !

Japan !!

Not only in schools !!!

But Everywhere !!!!

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Posted in: Aide to Kishida says he would hate to see LGBT couple See in context

Masayoshi Arai, executive secretay to the PM says, "I feel sorry for causing any issues for the PM for he does not think like this. It is not a service for posts like mine to be saying things like this."

So, Mr Masayoshi Arai, why are you saying things like this?

You, Mr Arai also said that you would hate to see the LGBT couple.

Mr Masayoshi Arai, you will feel much much relief when you banish hate from your soul.

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Posted in: 'Setsubun' bean-throwing festival held across Japan See in context

During the Throwing Beans Festival children may throw soya beans into their nostrils and ears. Those thrown in nostrils may descend into the lungs to impede breathing and, would require major surgery to remove the bean or beans. Those thrown into ears could get lost and, eventually cause the growth of a tumour.

What is Health Japan doing about these grave dangers of the Throwing Beans Festival?

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Posted in: 'Setsubun' bean-throwing festival held across Japan See in context

Children will do all sorts of things to themselves. During the Throwing Beans Festival in Japan, have children been found to stuff their nostrils and their ears with soya beans?

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Posted in: U.S. to send Ukraine longer-range bombs in latest turnaround See in context

Let the world hope that, after more than 25 years in power in Russia, Putin's career is now running on its last legs. And he knows it. And that is the reason why he attacked Ukraine. To prove to himself that his legs can still run. Why he has stopped taking pics of a bare-chested Vladimir riding his horse in Siberia? And why has he stopped taking pictures of immersing himself in a freezing water hole? And videos of his Black Belt victories ? And why his devoted wife divorced him years ago? Why? Let the world now hope that after more than twenty five years in power in Russia, Vladymir Putin's career is now running on its last legs.

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Posted in: Bring back dodo? Ambitious plan draws investors, critics See in context

Collossal Biosciences are going to bring back the Woolly Mammoth?

Just one? Not two? A male and a female so they can produce a third? So father, mother and kiddy woolly mammoth can become extinct a second time in a global warming world? It's better that Collossal Biosciences become extinct.

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Posted in: North Korea warns of 'overwhelming nuclear force' to counter U.S. See in context

USA dropped Fat Man on Nagasaki in 1945.

Now... North Korea will drop its FAT MAN on the USA.

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Posted in: NATO chief stresses Indo-Pacific partnership in Keio University speech See in context

Nato's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg travelling half way across the world to Japan to talk with Japanese Prime MInister Fujio Kinsashi about Taiwan and China? Nato has nothing to do with Asia. Can Nato mind its own business? China and Taiwan are not Nato's business.

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Posted in: NATO chief wants stronger ties with Japan to defend democracy See in context

Nato's Stoltenberg is trying to bag Japan into Nato's dithering into the affair of China & Taiwan. China and Taiwan are at opposite ends of the Earth away from North America and Europe. Nato has no business to poke its nose into China and Taiwan half way across the world from Nato. Taiwan and China is purely China's business. Taiwanese are 100% Chinese.

So... Japan be aware and careful not to be caught by Nato's Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg who has travelled across the world to put you into his bag against China : just because Taiwan is Japan's close neighbour, okay?

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Posted in: Toyota world's top-selling automaker for third year running See in context

Toyota and other car manufacturers in Japan and the world are proud of the number of cars they put on the world's roads and highways every day of every year since the car was invented. There nust be millions and millions and millions upon millions of old cars discarded by their owners. Do Toyota and other car manufacturers in Japan and the world think of this problem ? Bicycle owners throw used cycles in rivers and forests and wherever they think the old bikes will not be noticed. But a graveyard for old cars will require an area at least the size of the whole island of Australia.

And even the European contiment across Russia, Central Asia and Siberia to Japan. And if nothing is done, the day will come when the whole world will become one vast graveyard for cars.

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Posted in: Japan to uphold apology if South Korea settles wartime labor issue See in context

In Malaya, now Malasia, I was a child of 12 when Japanese soldiers cycled down the peninsula from Siam, now Thailand as The South East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere spread from Japan across Korea, China, the Phillipines, French Indo China, Burma and, Indonesia to Northern Australia and the Pacific island nations. I remember seeing in the market place of Teluk Anson now Teluk Intan, three decapitated heads of the town's citizens, on poles, in the sun, surrounded by bluebottle flies. To cut a long story short, I must say that Japan has much to apologise for to all the above named countries.

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Posted in: Japan remains global laggard in fight against live animal testing See in context

Japan is a global laggard... is an exquisite phrase to describe the practice of using a vast variety of animals for medical testing in Japan and in all countries of the world. Beautiful animals such as rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, guinea pigs, horses, etc.etc.are subject to a life time of suffering in these ghastly laboratories used to test them. All animals have emotions and feelings, experience happiness and sadness and feel pain just as we, the two-legged flat-footed creatures do. Are we human beings? And are human beings humane? That question remains to be answered for a very long time into the future.

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Posted in: Japanese judge ordered to pay damages over social media posts See in context

If Judge Kiighi Okaguchi is an established experienced judge, he could sue the prosecutor many more millions of yen!

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Posted in: Djokovic tops Paul to set up final clash with Tsitsipas in Australian Open See in context

The Djokovic Family and particularly Novak himself had better be more than careful about Putin's special military operation in Ukraine. If they Novak and his father are not particularly careful they should both be deported from Australia.

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Posted in: EU official says Russia shifting war focus to NATO and the West See in context

How could an important official like Stephan Sannino say that Russia will now extend the war to Nato? Does Mr Sannino not know that multiple countries are members of Nato? And to bring the war to one Nato country will bring the collective might of all Nato member countries against Russia? Putin must know that to extend his special military operation to one Nato country could be and would be suicidal for Russia.

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Posted in: Mother gets 6 1/2 years in prison over death of 3-month-old daughter See in context

When her husband refused to drive their child to hospital, she the mother, reluctantly obayed him. How could a mother be so heartless towards their very sick, very young daughter in danger of death be reluctant to allow the father of their daughter who is in danger of death to drive her to the hospital? Her reluctance proves she is also guilty of their toddler child's suffering and death.

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Posted in: Kishida to consider visiting Ukraine if right conditions are met See in context

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan, the time to consider visiting Ukraine is *now! now !! And NOW!!!

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Posted in: Two 14-year-old boys arrested for robbing jewelry store, assaulting owner See in context

The two boys are very young. They have their whole lives before them if they can be re-educated. But if no attempt is made to re-educate them, they will grow up to become hardened criminals and, if they commit murder the state will sentence them to life in prison which will cost Japan many many millions of yen.

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