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Posted in: Is it ever OK to compliment a co-worker's appearance on the job? See in context

To Tmarie I agree in part of what you said. Yeah if guys are talking about a woman right in front of her saying if she's ugly, that's really bad behavior and rude and should not be tolerated.

However, yeah most people have to work, and these pc policies have gone way too far. A-lot of men find women attractive, it's natural, it's called promoting the species. That is why there are men and women in world on a biological scale.

Thus creating a work environment where men can't check out women out of fear of losing their job is not only unnatural but really evil. A guy should have the right to tell a woman he is attracted to that he finds her attractive. Going against that is going against men's rights as well as women's rights. Both sexes have to adjust to the fact that were are a sexual species and find other adult people attractive. However, if a man or a woman comes up to someone more than a couple of times and the other person makes it clear they are not interested, than that person should know it is time to stop and move on to find someone else. The policies today are meant to treat not only people as equal in everyway, but to eliminate humanity all together, as if were just robots, but were not just robots were human.

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