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Posted in: Japan to keep hospital beds for severely ill; use hotels for mild coronavirus cases See in context

Rainyday - Ain't no medicine for stupid.

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party head suggests genocide to solve overpopulation See in context

Is he pitching for the recently vacant BREXIT PARTY MEP role?

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Posted in: Relatives worried mass stabber was becoming recluse See in context

Sourpuss - I hear you, but the issue isn't really about "blaming society for the actions of individuals" per se, it's that the state and media will ensure the opposite line is always prominent - that individuals like this are aberrant, irresponsible "mushokunin" - to absolve society of any blame and to discourage the need that aspects of it in need of questions. WA is to be maintained, and the population is willingly complicit.

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Posted in: Robot firefighter See in context

Looks like some kids attempt to create a fancy dress R2D2 with tin foil. I reckon it'll end up in the Fire engine museum so that people in 100 years can marvel at how we were able to cope with fires back in 2019....

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Posted in: Ghosn says he does not want to make false confession: sources See in context

It would seem that the authorities are trying to get a confession out of him (and likely also a non-disclosure plea bargain) by keeping him locked up. Japan Inc. - open for business, attractive to the world......

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

I agree with the writer. Whilst most Japanese are mortified when you explain the term "haafu" might be derogatory to the beholder, since it was never their intention, it is unessary labeling and limiting - something we all do but seems particularly popular in Japan. "Haafu? iii na". "Haafu are good looking", "haafu are popular", "haafu are born with a linguistic silver spoon in their mouths". (We are talking about Western "haafu"s of course, such is the fine art of categorizing and ranking in Japan.) These memes sound like compliments at first, but you soon realize it is a subconscious othering usually based on envy rather than praise. It also puts the stereotype above the individual - and if you buck the sterotyoe people have labeled you with in Japan, you are considered suspect. I work in an all Japanese company and some of the parents with kids the same age as mine really don't want to hear about what mine are doing - such as that relating to their English ability or perceived ideas about what they are able to do abroad since the come from an English speaking home. The assume life will be their fit my kids on a plate and completely fail to register the difficulties "haafu" kids have in their situation.

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Posted in: England looking at All Blacks clash in November See in context

Yes, because FB is the font of all knowledge. Dunno who your pommy mates are, mate, but they've probably got other entertainments to keep them going. We have them. You've got your rugby and ammusingly petty little digs, which keeps you going I guess. It's a small world, mate.

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Posted in: Japanese kindergarten teaches students pre-war ideals See in context

This is the same messed up nationalism as anywhere – bravado and projection to make up for pathological feelings of inferiority.

Just look at the contradictory statements from the staff at the nursery. First, the principle talks of instilling pride (ostensibly a positive emotion): “What we’re aiming to foster in education is patriotism or ‘Japanese-ism’, expanding Japan’s spirit all over the world.”

But then what is the purpose of this pride and how should it be manifested? The answer seems overwhelmingly to be the following:

1) “If an imperialist nation is trying to harm Japan, we need to fight against it.”

2) “Using an analogy of stopping a burglar getting into the house, - the principal’s daughter - said she teaches students it is necessary to fight against such threats to protect themselves and their families.”

3) “I teach children that the Japanese government has clearly demonstrated its will, so you also need to break silence and go forward and say you want to protect your family.”

Somebody is always out to get you, look away, don’t think too much, and fall into the comforting arms of the nationalist state (aka, Daddy).

The irony is that nationalists claim to be the “real men (and women)’ of a nation, proudly standing up to all-comers, defending their womenfolk and bringing up strong heir. But in actual fact they are weedy, lack all personal responsibility, and have a mentally disturbed approach to dealing with other people.

True patriots of Japan (or elsewhere), who want their country to be forward looking and successful, should call such ideas out for what they are.

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Posted in: 3 things to consider before getting a pet in Japan See in context

Yes, if you want a dog or cat, I can't stress enough how important it is you get a stray or one from a shelter. The pet shop industry here is abysmal. Breeding farms with 'sows' kept constanty pregnant (and offspiring birthed be Cesarian to soles things up).) The kittens/Philippines kept in cramped conditions at the shop.... until they have passed the 'kawaii' stage at which time they are summmarily gassed en masse. But the Japanese populace is oblivious for the most part, some willfully so. You walk into any pet shop and all her her are the constant squeals of 'KAWAII!" (Never the more appropriate KAWAISO). We gaijin are supposed to be susceptible to KY ((kukiyomenai); but I would suggest thie average Japanese reaction in this situation is much more laughable than any faux pas made my Joe Bloggs straight of the boat from Gainjinland. If I you inquire about this lack of awareness, the locals either 1) Can't believe it could possibly be the case in ''animal loving' Japan (I assume this means they have seen the monkeys and stuff on Shimura Ken's show and think it all inspiring, and innocent way like a demeaning circus act that was banned in the 70s in the west.) Or 2) Tell you they'd never get a pet from a shelter because they are KITANAI.......

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Posted in: Idol singer dating bans are unnecessary, say majority of Japanese college men in survey See in context

You can say that there is sexism in western pop as well, but the fact that such bans still exist here is bizarroland. This is the 21st century, am insane? It's not even just that agencies control the private lives of young women like this, it's also the fact that even those who think it is stupid still go along with it and complicity accept its legitimacy. Where are the campaigns calling for it to stop? Where are the people you meet down the boozer who don't just say, 'hey ho, shoganai' at best. Then we get the argument that the girls sign up by their own choice. But is it a choice? If you wanna be a star, you obey. The whole culture around this is that it is the norm. its a catch 22 - it'll only be free choice if the society progresses enough for people to think this is sexist and weird, but society will only be progressive enough if it does away with such misogonist throw backs.

think they are stupid don't really question the morality or how this contributes to the 'weird japan' notion in the west

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Posted in: Japan fumes over ref's decision in 2-1 loss to UAE in World Cup qualifier See in context

So the Japanese coach and players don't 'own' the loss, and start blaming others.

Halilhodzic had about 5 minutes between the final whistle and when he shuffled on to do the TV interview. In that time he decided to question the referee rather than look to his own tactics and team.

His team and tactics might have been alright (although UAE looked comfortable and playing within themselves to me), but football's like that. Him immediately putting the blame on the ref with some quite strong criticism can only mean he is not up to the job temperamentally.

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Posted in: Wider role needed for 'womenomics' to succeed See in context

i just about spewed my weetibix all over the floor! HR training sessions empowering women? How noble and worthy these HR specialists must be, giving their time and effort for no notable monetary gain .... and all in such a worthwhile cause - the wellbeing of corporations...... HR specialists claim they are making working life better for employees but their actual purpose is to maximize the profit generating capability of each worker (or 'the unit' in HR parlance). When a unit or units are no longer cost effective according to whatever 'corporatise' formulae & criteria HR have been told to dream up, then it is HRs job to 'facilitate the smooth transition of the unit(s) into seeking separate occupational opportunities."

As for Jeff Lee and Timtak - best crawl back under the rocks you slithered out from, eh? Your presence is bringing the worlds average IQ down by a large percentage. Having said that, you do seem to know a lot about how the economy works and how women think (presumably collectively?) - I assume you are both extremely successful in your chosen disciplines - I truly envy the amount of cash and ladies you must be rolling about in.

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Posted in: Rooney retains England captaincy under Allardyce See in context

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

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Posted in: Top 5 myths about learning Japanese See in context

Learning to read kanji might be fairly straightforward (a chore, but basically a matter of memorization and time.) Learning to write it is a whole other kettle of fish which you fail to mention.

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Posted in: 10 ways in which Japanese men want to outperform their girlfriends See in context

How could anyone possibly need to outperform their wife in any aspect? You are a team of equals both working for the good of the whole (which may include kids.)

Why on earth would anyone be worried about earning less? What kind of 19th century stays anxiety are you suffering? I actually find it hilarious. Irrationality based on outmoded models of society that actually might be defermental to your marriage! I want a fulfilling job that pays the bills, if she can earn more good luck to her.

And more importantly, how could anyone stomach a wife who was markedly intellectually inferior? Do you not get bored? Are we living in the 1950s where the women retire after dinner whilst the men don smoking jackets and discuss the affairs of state?! I actually enjoy a good debate with my wife about stuff in the news or about stuff actually affecting our lives together. I like to convince her of my argument obviously, but it's probably 50-50 over the years. But debate is not about intellectually outperforming your wife, instead it's about developing your positios and ideas through such input. This is heathy for the marriage surely?

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Posted in: Japanese men share what they can put up with in a girlfriend, but would be marriage deal-breakers See in context

Make up, house proud, affection towards babies, drinking and independent lives on social media big no-nos, boy bands & anime, passivity in front of men, bad housekeeping and substandard housework...

God, the stifling, restrictive 1950s attitudes in this country are beyond tedious now. How much longer must we keep grinning at colleagues and friends and pretend we are happy to plow through this narrow and infantile bullcoq which constitutes the bounds of serious conversation here? Yes, my wife cooks and I do the cleaning. No, I'm not 'ERAI' because of it, at least no more than my wife. Christ almighty.

Move on already, there's so much more profound stuff to get you discursive juices flowing. Honestly, you can almost feel 95% of your brain atrophying as the days go passed.

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Posted in: China says it is closing off part of South China Sea for military exercises See in context

This has been appalling behaviour by the Chinese govt., but par for the course in global power politics. I just wish Western commentators here and elsewhere would actually take a look at their own govts. actions as well. The US and UK have not have built artificial land because they havent neededl to. They have aircraft carriers and 1000+ bases around the world in 'allied' , coerced or puppet regime countries. But I'm sure America commentators on here will say it's all friendly and the local populace wants us there. I could give many examples showing this is just fantasy based wishful thinking, but check out the case of Diego Garcia for instance - A British owned Island in the Indian Ocean, leased to the Americans, covert military base, special renditions, etc, and the primary issue is the native islanders being kicked off the island with no hope of return to accomadate all these shinanegans . See the related article below (unless you adhere to the intellectually moribund "my-country-right-or-wrong" school of patriotism, then don't bother, nothing will change your non-acceptance of the reality based universe):

Someone else here has thankfully also mentioned the far from heroic and noble history of America foreign policy from Mexico, the Phillipines, South America, the banana republics, Vietnam, Iraq, and so on. In most cases, when a foregn govt refused to bend to Uncle Sam's will, regime change made in the US image was the inevitable outcome, even in democratic countries (where the elected govt was overthrown with CIA help, and replaced by the dictator General Pinochet - and we know how that turned out...... or perhaps you 'choose' not to so your 'America is noble' narrative is not disturbed.)

All these cases as well as the bases mentioned above are exactly for the same purposes as the Chinese actions. So we are rightly up in arms about their blatant and unlawful projection of state power, but we have to be consistent. They belive their bu£&@^*%, do we really have to believe ours? Is this not really all about big alpha male types - in the west or China - with one dimensional thought processes, fighting each other for status and hegemony because that's all the know how to do. The rest of us get sucked into their idiotic jingoism at our peril.

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Posted in: Iceland beats England 2-1 in shock of Euro 2016 See in context

If you are English this was not a shock. There an old English adage (probably that says 'if you don't think things could get any worse....." As soon as I saw the draw it was pretty much a forgone conclusion., made a few quid on it, might as well profit from the ineptitude. I'd advise piling into pounds in a month or so and buy up international UK stocks, it'll be a fire sale.

That said, I'd like to call out all those on here and other social media who say they hate the English and that we are a laughing stock. Way to run it in guys! You do realize there are some decent people on England who you are tarring with the same brush. By calling us all bogota and idiots you show yourself to be the same, and if by accident of birth you had been English, I wonder where you would have stood given your vitriol. My boy is two years old, loves football and his England shirt, he is a total innocent in all this, the politics and the sport. Do not dare to troll when it comes to our kids. Or are you that shameful?

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Posted in: H.I.S. cancels travel with 'beautiful girls' campaign after complaints See in context

Bullfighter. My guess is that most people who complained were fellow Japanese, are they self righteous, too? And who says the other things you cite aren't questionable either? Whilst this is hardly an issue to get an our high horses about, even you can see that this campaign was dreamt up by folks with a misogynist mindset so entrenched and dull headed that they didn't even realize it might be ridiculed at best.

Permit my use of hyperbole to make a point, but there are still a large number of primarily older men here (and abroad, yes!) who see the ideal woman and mate as being intelligent (good for your progeny), but primarily cute eye candy; a companion in the 1950s sense of 'not bothering your pretty little head about the serious stuff, let us men deal with that, God forbid you have an opinion, especially one that contradicts a man, no, you just make pleasantly supportive noises'. You have every right to hold such opinions in a free society, but no right minded person would believe they should be actively promoted, especially in a society were those in power also hold these opinions in the main. When will the still dormant power of the Japanese woman be allowed to be unleashed on the world if this continuous to be the case?

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Posted in: Japan's schools 'hateful' places for LGBT students: rights group See in context

e mention of Matsuko Deluxe in support of an argument that Japan has no real issue with homosexuality is rather hilarious but also telling. The Japanese folk I've spoken to about LGBT issues are generally not overtly bigoted, but they are woefully naive about the real lives of average joe LGBTs. If they think about it at all, they choose to believe that the image of homosexuality portrayed by TV talents such as Deluxe is what all homosexuals are like - Funny, yes, but 'KIMOI', and not really someone I'd like to be personal acquaintances with. And these opinions are openly expressed by otherwise quite reasonable, liberal minded people. Their experience and knowledge regarding LGBT is simply too stunted.

But how could it not be? Please tell me if any other LGBT images get on TV? Are there any gay role models who do not approximate Deluxe in persona? Are there any gay role models who , before they come 'out', nobody knew or suspected were gay? To be blunt, are there any LGBT persons in the media who are not there because of the stereotyped image of homosexuality they portray? Are there any 'normal' gay role models whose sexual preferences are irrelevant to their worth, like say, hair colour or number of siblings?

Nope, most folks feel it's much simpler and safer to stick to the stereotypes and sweeping categorizations. Gay = effeminate bloke in a dress who is too 'HONNE' = KIMOI. The conclusions of this HRW report is stating the bleedin' obvious. If you are an average joe LGBT at school, you ain't gonna be open about it because those around are gonna assume you are or wanna be one of the KIMOI stereotypes they see on TV. I don't know if this is a 'western' thing as some are arguing here (I'm sure Edo and before had its own such OTT effeminate characters?), or is one aspect of the bullying culture here that makes fun of the weak and vulnerable (perhaps that is also a western introduction?)

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Posted in: World's press flock to cover Leicester's fairytale See in context

As a Leicester boy and Tokyo resident for 20 years I really want Shinji to do the biz and score the goal that pushes us over the top. This is a wonderous, incredible, barely believable time for the football team and this city (note: less of the "humdrum" if you please, though I get The Smiths reference!) You can sort of imagine, maybe in a flight of fancy, some underrated team giving it a shot once in 20 years, but you never think it will be your team! I'd say it's more unlikely than Japan winning the World Cup (maybe not England though, ho, ho.) But the fat lady ain't sung yet, and one thing we pride ourselves on out of necessity in the East Midlands is pessimism. 3 points in 3 games, come on you crazy foxes! Can I get time off to go back for the parade?

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Posted in: 2 boys arrested for alleged extortion of high school students See in context

They'll go far. The Japanese Krays.

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Posted in: Plans for daycare center scrapped after residents complain of possible noise See in context

Wow, town planning in Japan? Who knew? Pachinko in beauty spots (actually, pachinko allowed anywhere - what ugly, noisy carbuncles), migraine inducing flashing neon, retina destroying lighting in shops and stations, 10 story buildings a metre apart so the lower 9 floors never get any sun. All ok. Nursey to alleviate the chronic shortage of spaces. Not so much. And as a resident of Ichikawa with a 1 year old who failed to get into a resistered facility, this really gets my goat.

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Posted in: Nearly one in four Japanese adults admits to crying in the office restroom: survey See in context

Weird survey. Who instigated it, who participated in it and for what purpose? That said, it is perhaps damning that the opinions expressed from those who cried for the most part lament messing up their job, causing trouble to coworkers etc rather than thinking "this job is shite", what am I doing with my life? I was never meant to be a wage slave, an hour and a half commute in, packed in on a train like cattle amongst miserable looking people like myself, 12 hours at the office where I've always gotta be careful what I say, bow to sempais (even though they are mostly f£&@wits), generally denying my own personality and existence, then the the exact reverse journey home (if I'm not forced out with colleagues who I detest), get home to a dark, silent, cold fan hi, eat a hoka hoka bento, crash out on the sofa, woken up by wifey in what seems like seconds later, and repeat the previous day. And for what? To retire back to wifey who is now a complete stranger, kids who hate my guts for my misogonist ways, spending 3 years watching the TV, wishing I could go back to work (that's how institutionalized I've become), only to then die of a heart attack due to high blood pressure. I really need to quit this wonderland.....

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Posted in: Fast-lane immigration service for VIPs to start at Narita, Kansai airports See in context

The plutocracy is now truly entrenched. Why should they have to queue like us, the underclass? They have vitally important meetings to go to and our time is obviously nowhere near as precious or vital. They are important and privileged for a reason - they run the world and they got their through grit and determination and talent, it's a meritocracy and we should thank them for their magnanimity and benevolence in their rule over us. I for one, shall be clapping them through as I stand there in the slow lane with my jet lagged 1 year old (who desperately wants feeding and changing) after a 13 hour flight in cattle class. I could just about understand it if this was reserved for govt officials or scientists working for public bodies, etc, but it won't be, at least not in the long run. Expect CEOs and CFOs of multinationals and banks to naturally feel they have a right to it - and for the politicians in in their pocket to agree. Time is money, and shareholder bottom line is a legitimate reason to fast track them. Expect Soviet era special traffic lanes for corporate VIPs being chaffered in their modern day Zills.

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Posted in: Sixth-grader’s tear-jerking essay becomes a project to help stray pets across Japan See in context

Yep, most people would never take a stray or mongrel from a shelter (most don't even know such a thing is even possible) beciaerbecause such animals are considered "kitanai" (I've heard this many times) or troublesome. Instead they to pet shops and pay 100,000 yen for a "pedigree" kitten or puppy that has spent weeks in an enclosed box with vacuous young women gawping at it and unthinkingly exclaiming "Kawaii!". These sold kittens and puppies being the lucky ones of course, after a few more weeks, the ones that remain are no longer so "Kawaii" and are thus unsellable and are thus shipped off to one of the shelters to be gassed. All of these baby animals, either the homed or gassed, procured by the pet shops from "per breeding farms" at which breeding adult females are kept constantly pregnant and runts are disposed of (a bit lie what the Martians were hoping o do to us in War of The Worlds.) "KAWAII" covers a lot of ground for such an innocent sounding word.

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Posted in: Hiroshima coach pleads for new soccer culture in Japan See in context

European teams aren't that bothered about this tournament either, it means nothing compared to the Champions League. South American teams and fans are well up for it because they have a chip on their shoulder about Europe and think winning will show they are superior. Thing is, European sides ain't really that gutted if they lose or chuffed if they win. Maybe the Hiroshima fans are actually taking a mature approach to this Tin Pot cup and giving it the respect it deserves.

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Posted in: What Chinese tourists are buying in Japan See in context

"Chinese products don’t work at all, whereas Japanese items, especially painkillers, are really effective.” Blimey, Chinese aspirin must really be bad to think this! Most westerners living in japan assume that Japanese painkillers are basically placebos.

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Posted in: 10 train faux-pas in Japan that some men are willing to let slide See in context

Only 12% find taking a stroller (push chair in my part of the world) without folding it is acceptable? I might understand 50%, but 12%?! Have these men ever looked after an infant? (The clue is is the question and survey result.)

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