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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

America has made it's bed, now it's got to lie in it for the next four years.

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Posted in: Honda looks to revamped Acura NSX to fire up brand See in context

I'd rather have one of the early 90s ones, looks way better.

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Posted in: Delta on long road back to normal after massive flight cancellations See in context

Almost had a misconnect on my delta flight on Monday. If I would have missed that flight I'd probably still be camped out at Narita.

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Posted in: Would you like to see a referendum held on Okinawa so that Okinawans themselves can decide whether or not they wish to host U.S. military bases? See in context

Would love to see it, doubt it would do much. Mainland Japan doesn't care about Okinawa.

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Posted in: 'Ghostbusters' backlash brings out Internet trolls See in context

Yeah, it's not about internet trolls at all. Has the author even seen the trailers for this movie? It looks horrible. Another reboot done bad in an attempt to make a quick buck. Sure there are people who are going to dislike it because of the all female cast but the film just looks downright terrible. The all female cast in an attempt to cater to a specific demographic is just the sauce on what will be a s*** sandwich of a movie.

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Posted in: Ubisoft to let game players join 'Star Trek' crew See in context

This is nothing new. Artemis Spacebridge Simulator has been around since around 2011.

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Posted in: Anti-U.S. base demonstrators march in Tokyo See in context

"Create a fresh U.S. Base" is misleading. Should be create a replacement for a base that was agreed to be moved decades ago. Hate to say it but if Henoko doesn't get built then Futenma isn't going anywhere.

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Posted in: 'I still hate the glow of the sun': Hiroshima survivors' tales See in context

If two kids hit each other, they both apologize.

spbpb: That's the thing though. Japan hasn't been very sincere with their apologies for war time atrocities committed by the Japanese during WWII. I don't think anyone is trying to down play the human toll of the atomic bombs. But Japan conveniently looks over their own role in WWII that lead to the bombs being dropped. They don't teach it in their schools and they try to remove it from their history books. Thankfully, the rest of the Asia, and the world, doesn't forget.

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

Anyone who thinks global warming is just a "theory" doesn't know what scientific theory is.

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Posted in: Kerry arrives in Japan for landmark Hiroshima visit See in context

Do you think now Japan will admit to their wartime atrocities as well? Doubt it.

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Posted in: Japan protests over alleged rape by U.S. sailor on Okinawa See in context

Another moron making life difficult for the Americans who live on island and love Okinawa. Really hate how these things get blown out of proportion when compared to the local crime rate but they are guests in the country so it's understandable. The down side is this will result in more restrictions on the people who do no wrong while on island. On the positive side, guilty or not this guy will be reamed by both the JPs and the military after the JPs are done with him

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Posted in: Voting under way in Ginowan mayoral election See in context

If you think that Okinawa becoming an independent nation from Japan is the solution to the base issues and mainland Japan treating Okinawa like a dumping ground then you're head is in the sand.

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Posted in: Okinawa countersues Japanese government over U.S. base move See in context

More useless posturing

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Posted in: Do you think the mass media brainwash or try to brainwash the masses in your country? See in context

Yes, just look at JT

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Posted in: Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo See in context

A more accurate title would read "Lonely shut-ins don't want everyone else to be as miserable as they are".

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Posted in: Japanese gov’t sues Okinawan governor in U.S. base relocation dispute See in context

OK... what if they got rid of the U.S. Marines in Okinawa and in their stead built a Japanese Base for Japanese Marines. Would they be open to that?

What do you think will happen to Futenma when the Marines move out? Do people think it will honestly close down? LOL, it will become a JASDF base in no time.

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Posted in: Which side do you think will eventually win the dispute between the central government and the Okinawan government over the planned relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station from Futenma to the See in context

There really should only be one answer and it should be the central government. Kind of a given, needs of the central government outweigh the needs of the local populace. Sucks for the locals but that's how things are and I don't see them changing unless Okinawa becomes it's own country overnight. Even if that did happen, someone else would come in and claim the island anyways.

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Posted in: 3 ways the Japanese entertainment industry keeps idol singers from dating See in context

Idol otaku are some of the worst otaku. Case in point, this article and people who vehemently defend the idol industry when it's basically a form of modern indentured servitude.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor revokes approval for relocation of U.S. air base See in context

The guy with strong ties to China doesn't want the US base at Henoko?

Who would have thought......

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Posted in: Shark sightings continue at beaches See in context

This just in, shark sighted in the ocean, more at 11......

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Posted in: Kanna Hashimoto reminds everyone why she’s the 'once in a millennium' idol with new ads See in context

Look like your average, awkward looking JP model if you ask me.

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Posted in: Australia to deny benefits to parents refusing to vaccinate children See in context

Oh the vaccination debate always brings out the nut jobs with their "toxins and chemicals!" buzzwords. Water is a chemical compound that can kill you, guess we should all stop drinking water then huh?

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Posted in: Sulfuric acid thrown at two women in Gunma See in context

Downright disgusting and the attacker is a pathetic excuse for a person if you ask me. Sadly you can't put all the blame on him though. Japan as a whole needs to take a look at their mental health care system and do something about it.

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Posted in: Mother leaps to death with 1-year-old twin daughters See in context

Japan really needs to revamp their mental health care system.

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Posted in: Mini Honda See in context

No thanks, the front is ok but the back is hideous. How come the design of the S2000, a 16 year old car, looks better than this? Seems like most of their cars have taken on the "civic" front end while the SUVs/Vans have taken on a "odyssey" front end (in the US that is).

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Posted in: Universal Studios Japan considers new theme park in Okinawa See in context

They couldn't have a mock osprey ride, some mainland protesters would try to fly some kites and balloons in the flight path.

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Posted in: The PS4 is selling like hot cakes all over the world…except in Japan. But why? See in context

Singleplayer games aren't big sellers anymore, and Japan has yet to make a globally successful multiplayer game.

Oh I wouldn't say that. Ever hear for FFXIV? It's an MMO by square enix so it's a Japanese multiplayer game and it has over one million active subscribers last time I checked. It's also been released globally and is cross platform (PC, PS3, and PS4). Also, the previous final fantasy MMO, FFXI, had quite a large following as well for a number of years. So to say they haven't made a globally successful multiplayer game is flat out wrong.

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Posted in: Actress Ryoko Yonekura announces marriage See in context

So sweet, by fax.... the traditional way of delivering information, and less susceptible to hacking and surveillance.

Really? You do know that a fax goes over phone lines correct? Phone lines can be tapped, capturing all inbound and outbound traffic. Also, pretty much anyone with access to the facility where the fax machine is at have access to intercept a fax. Some fax machines even keep copies of faxes for later use.

My point, any form of delivering information has it's insecurities. Just because one mode makes you feel more nostalgic than another doesn't mean it's anymore more or less secure.

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Posted in: U.S. military in Okinawa eases restrictions on off-base drinking See in context

Even though the military makes up for far less crimes committed on Okinawa, everything they do will always be under the microscope. Is it fair? No, of course not. Does knee-jerk blanket punishments like curfews and restrictions solve the issue? Of course not because if they did then there wouldn't have been any incidents after the first curfew (back in 2005 for Air Force) was instated. But, that's life being stationed overseas.

Looks like a lot of people in Okinawa are under the impression that American "gun-jin" are all about drinking so much they can not longer control their actions. I have been in the American Military 10 years, and 6 of those years in Japan. The service members I know find the acts of the service members who rape, invade peoples homes, and destroy property absolutely disgusting, and indefensible, and they do not represent how most of us feel about Japan. I welcome this news. I do not think everyone should be punished because of the actions of a few who had their brain replaced with dog shit at some point in their military career. I have nothing but love and respect for Japan and their people. I will be moving back soon for work, to Okinawa this time. If I see and gun-jin acting in a disrespectful way, I will be the first to try to put an end to their misbehavior.

From my personal experience living on Okinawa, being married to an Okinawan, and constantly attending functions with the in-laws like weddings, shimi, beer fest, Oban, birthdays, holidays, etc.....I was under the impression that most Okinawans were also all about drinking so much they can no longer control their actions.

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Posted in: Gov't starts surveying seabed for Nago landfill work See in context

Incoming inflated protest participant numbers from the anti-base crowd. I guess the offer of a free trip to Okinawa isn't enticing enough to get enough naicha to attend your protests.

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