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Posted in: Buoys floated off Futenma replacement site in Okinawa See in context

This tired old issue always brings out the comments by folks with an agenda, bending the issue to meet their own views.

I'd still like to see a non-bias poll that shows precisely how many Okinawans are "against the bases". When I was living there it seemed like the vast majority didn't care either way, sho ga nai.

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Posted in: Japanese TV makers bet on super-HD as World Cup looms See in context

Still never understood why TVs are so expensive in Japan.

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Posted in: Sony back at top of console sales after eight years See in context

Pass, I'll take a custom built PC over any console.

PC master race :)

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

Another dead link and grasping at straws again.

If you seriously think that more unaccompanied tours and prohibiting single service members from getting married is an acceptable answer to budgetary problems then you really do have no clue. So many things the military can do to save money and you come up with this?

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

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But yes, your original analogy (jealous single guys/gals) holds no water. Maybe you yourself are jealous of people who have families on island, I don't know. But that's no reason to project your insecurities onto others ;)

I agree, there should be less of a burden on Okinawa, like I previously stated. However, removing all dependents and forbidding people from bringing their families is not the answer. Even if that did happen (it probably never will) then you'd be here on JT complaining about all the support facilities on base/post going to waste and how the GOJ wasted their money building them.

Do you know why the "old school" mentality of "no families" existed? No, it wasn't because of some absurd idea such as "you don't need/deserve a family" in the military. It is because there wasn't sufficient facilities on island to support said families. That's why there are "unaccompanied only" tours in the military. Either the area is dangerous or there aren't enough support facilities to support military members family, it's as simple as that. Okinawa has those facilities hence why military members are allowed to bring their families, pretty simple really.

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

Please show proof where having more dependants equals an increase in morale. All it does is add more complexity to the mission.. Single service members are required to clean barracks, muster and perform other activities related to mission after working hours, but married personel can quickly escape to base housing and assume a life as a civilian. The can "create" all sorts of excuses, like wife pregnancy etc to escape from physical training or field exercises. It creates an atmosphere of jealously and young servicemembers get married to escape barracks life and other duties. Most of these marriages end in divorce once the member seperates from the military. The single servicemember also quickly realizes that if they get married, they can get a number of benefits and pay increase. Other single service members of the same rank do not get even half of what the married person would, creating more immbalance. The married servicemember is seen as more mature, when in reality he/she has just manipulated the system in order to get more money and escape from duties. Then there is the issue of support for the dependant. Once a dependant arrives on island, they will want to work. There are limited opportunites for such people. Schools and stores must be provided as their kids cannot attend Japanese schools and the local food is not acceptable for them. Single servicemembers eat at mess halls, but dependants must have food flown in from the states. The logistics to support these people is enormous. As trueokinawain stated, if you joined the military just to get married or to bring your spouse along, you joined for the wrong reason.

You ask for proof but then make up the most inane example of "single service members getting jealous of married service members getting out of certain duties" and then your "most of them get divorced anyways" gem. You're really grasping at straws here. This is why I usually don't entertain the anti base types on this site. They talk a big game but at the end of the day they really have next to no clue about how the military or the people in it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shining spotlight on police copter See in context

Sounds like complete BS, how could a light affect a chopper? If the chopper was 10 meters from the guy okay, but seriously this is complete crap

Yes, because shining a light into the eyes of someone piloting/driving a machine that is airborne, weighs thousands a pounds, and is filled with flammable fuel is no big deal right? Temporarily blinding the pilot of something that large shouldn't be a crime, I can shine my flashlight at whatever I want!


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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

I'm all for lessening the burden on Okinawa and I agree (forgot who mentioned it) that some of the bases should be moved and I agree with whomever mentioned moving some to Kyushu. However, removing the dependents of service members serving over seas is not the answer. Do you want a drop in moral and a spike in crime off base? Then by all means, go ahead and ship all dependents back to the US. I guess you'd have some new crimes off base to cry about instead of the old ones that happened all those years ago.

@atrueokinawan: If you have been on island for that long then you'd already know that removing dependents would be a bad idea. So yes, you are speaking about what you have seen, not what you know, two totally different perspectives.

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

Oh that's right, I remember why every article on JT has an anti military slant, look at the audience!

Thanks for reminding me toshiko, 5petals, and a"true"okinawan.

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

Why does just about any article about the US military in Japan on JT, no matter what the subject, always have to bring up past offenses or have some sort of anti-base spin/mention the anti-base crowd?

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

Dependents behaving badly

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Posted in: Police make first arrest over 3-D printer guns See in context

Kind of off topic but IMO the picture for this article is typical "Japan". In the foreground we have 3D printed guns, a somewhat new and on the rise technology. In the background we have your typical low tech card board cutout with writing glued to it like your typical day time television variety show.

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy VII' concert to be held in Tokyo this summer See in context

All these pre-stories and after stories that came out for FF7 were just cash grab. Still say FF7 is the most over rated, lackluster story, shallow mellow dramatic characters that just wallow in their own depression the entire story and probably one of the most limp wristed main characters of any FF game.

How about a remake of FF6 or FF4? IMO those are the two best installments in the entire series along with Tactics.

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Posted in: No trash See in context

Yeah, thin layer of plastic over the top. That will deter someone from using it!

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Posted in: Nintendo's trailblazing Game Boy marks 25th anniversary See in context

Still have my brick gameboy and last time I checked it still worked!

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy VII' concert to be held in Tokyo this summer See in context

I've been to a similar concert in the US, one with only Final Fantasy music. It was a nice time but why limit it to only FFVII? That was one of the most overrated entries in the entire series!

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Posted in: You know you’ve been in Japan too long when… See in context

Number 2 depends entirely on where you're at in Japan. True some restaurants are going non smoking but the vast majority of izakayas and bars still allow smoking. Back home (Chicago) it's become hard to find a bar that allows smoking inside.

Number 3 always annoyed me simply because my wife insists on getting everyone gifts when we go places without realizing that the gesture is not returned when it comes to Americans.

Number 8 should read, you might be a weeabo if.......

Number 10, not strictly a Japanese thing. I'm not Japanese and I was raised that you don't wear shoes inside a home.

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Posted in: SDF show off their feminine side with calendar See in context

Most of them are a "meh" at best.

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Posted in: Warning issued over 'smartphone burns' and other dangers See in context

This just in, a flow of electrons produces heat!

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Posted in: Nago mayor pleads against U.S. air base See in context

Bertie said:

It seems there are some among us who do not wish to face facts:

You say facts but then you quote the most anti-base news outlet on the island? Again, hardly a very trusting "fact" source.

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Posted in: Nago mayor pleads against U.S. air base See in context

I stand corrected, it's 18% according to the wikipeida. However, who knows if those numbers are correct. Either way, not 20%.

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Posted in: Nago mayor pleads against U.S. air base See in context

As much as I'm against the "anti base/everything american is evil" crowd I can't help but agree with this guy. Okinawa did get the short stick when it comes to bearing the burden of the US military presence in Japan. Should some of the burden be lifted? Yes, but asking for all US military to leave Okinawa is unacceptable and unfortunately this move was agreed upon years ago. That being said, the Henoko move will happen, despite all the pleading and imaginary dugong.

Also, Bertie, I'd like to see some facts backing up your "20% of the land is base land" claims. Seen you make it on here before. IIRC, the number is closer to 13% and I believe I proved those numbers to you at one point.

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Posted in: Slippery slope See in context

While I don't care for winter anymore and prefer a warmer climate. I do miss the fun you can have in the snow.

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Posted in: Incest-themed TV anime sparks decency investigation See in context

This is what anime has boiled down to, it's sad really.

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' pay tribute to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli See in context

Cool but too bad no one watches the Simpsons anymore.

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Posted in: Twitter's Vine expands video on web See in context

Vine, Youtube for kids with ADD.

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Posted in: Attacks in Kobe, Osaka spark concerns over 'Knockout Game' See in context

Something else Japan can try to blame on those damned foreigners!

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Posted in: Amazon unveils futuristic mini-drone delivery plan See in context

Concept is cool but I wonder if they'd lose too many to Aholes messing with the drones.

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Posted in: Film critic proposes censoring latest Studio Ghibli anime for overseas release See in context

Oh no, not nudity!

Thank you Puritan value system! Where it's ok to show intense violence but something as natural as a naked body is a big no no.

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Posted in: 10 things Japan gets awesomely right See in context

Forgot Daiko taxi service.

Also, number 7 doesn't apply in Okinawa.

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